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Norse Gods And Goddesses

Author : Jeff A. Menges
ISBN : 0486433374
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Coloring pages depicting the feats of Odin, the father of the gods, Ægir, the much-feared master of the seas, Thor and his mighty hammer, the mischievous Loki and other mythical figures.

Nordische Mythen Und Sagen

Author : Neil Gaiman
ISBN : 9783732539963
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 60 MB
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Warum bebt die Erde? Wie entstanden Ebbe und Flut? Wie kam die Poesie in unsere Welt? Neil Gaiman erzählt die nordischen Sagen und Mythen neu, mit Witz und Sinnlichkeit, voller Zuneigung und Neugierde. Wir machen Bekanntschaft mit dem mächtigen Odin, reisen mit Thor und seinem Hammer durch die neun nordischen Welten, sind bezaubert von den Göttern und entsetzt von mancher Skrupellosigkeit. Machen Sie sich die Sagen zu eigen, erzählen Sie sie weiter, an den langen kalten Winterabenden, in den lauen Sommernächten. Nach der Lektüre werden Sie selbst die Wolken mit anderen Augen betrachten.

Die Edda

Author : Karl Joseph Simrock
ISBN : OCLC:641472034
Genre :
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Viking Myths Stories Of The Norse Gods And Goddesses

Author : Thor Ewing
ISBN : 1910075000
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39. 76 MB
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From its first beginnings in a world of primordial ice floes, the story of the Viking gods is one of continual struggle against etins and monsters, but it is a tale of humour and triumph as well as of grit and tragedy. The Norse myths are justly famous for a host of vivid characters including the wise and enigmatic Odin, the bluff strongman Thor, and the incorrigible trickster Loki. In the first major retelling for a generation, storyteller and historian Thor Ewing rediscovers the brisk vitality with which these ancient myths were told in the earliest sources. With 45 stunning b&w illustrations inspired by Viking art.

Viking Mythology

Author : Bernard Hayes
ISBN : 1980273650
Genre :
File Size : 23. 81 MB
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A bundle of 3 books about the Viking history and mythology Book 1: This book is an in-depth look at the Viking Age, and the deeds and daily lives of these ancient, sometimes mysterious people. The Vikings of Scandinavia were heroic, adventurous, and often barbaric, but there can be no debate that they were also a people with big aspirations. Viking culture is still a topic of interest today, and this offers an insight into just how enduring their legacy is. This book will discuss: Daily life during the Viking Age The cultural and societal norms of the Vikings Conquering raids, explorations, and Viking actions that spanned the globe during their golden era The conversion from paganism to Christianity of the people of Scandinavia The Vikings enduring legacy in modern time The Vikings were a people of power, brute strength, and industry. Their lasting impression cannot be ignored and deserves our appreciation. Enjoy discovering who these people really were, and how they impact us even still, centuries later. Book 2: In this book, "Norse Mythology: A Concise Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Sagas, Rituals and Beliefs of Norse Mythology the reader will be transported to the ancient customs of beliefs of the ancient Vikings of the North. This book is dedicated to exploring the Gods and Goddesses that the Norse worshiped, and within the pages you will discover: A description and explanation of the Norse mythological Gods and Goddesses, and which tribe the Gods mentioned belonged to. An introduction to the Nordic pagan belief systems, and the multifaceted ways in which their religious practices were incorporated into their daily lives. Popular Nordic sagas, a description of what sagas were, and examples of the most important sagas within the Norse culture. An explanation of the most revered Norse rituals and celebrations, and how their beliefs left their impression on religious practices that are still held by Christianity today. The Norse had many heroes of myth and legend, and you will be introduced to both stories of myth, and livings, breathing, Viking heroes that were revered. Norse Mythology is intricate, complex, and the ideals behind their mythological beliefs were often intertwined with real life events. This book will examine how both myth and fact contributed to the culture and traditions of the Norse, and how these influences and stories continue to live on throughout the centuries! Book 3: The Tale of a Viking Warrior King delves into the mystery surrounding the Viking warrior who conquered European nations and became a king in his own right. Over nine centuries after the death of this great warrior, ancient poems, songs, and sagas about him still remain today. This book considers the facts as we know them, the myths attributed to Ragnar, and the way this iconic heathen from the north continues to impact modern culture today. This book will discuss: The historical facts and suppositions surrounding this Viking of legend The Retelling of the Saga of Ragnar, and his three wives How Ragnar's sons became an integral part of the legend that Ragnar represents, and the stories that they inspired How, despite centuries of time, Ragnar and Vikings of his time helped shape ideas and common traditions that are still held onto today This book is both fact and fictional recount and is dedicated to Ragnar and his endurable, legendary status in history.

Norse Mythology

Author : Jim Ollhoff
ISBN : 9781617589027
Genre : Mythology, Norse
File Size : 40. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Learn all about the Norse gods and other topics in Norse mythology.

Viking Mythology

Author : Dan Jackson
ISBN : 1512260568
Genre :
File Size : 62. 90 MB
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This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon - Get it Now!This book is your ultimate resource on Viking Mythology and how each of these viking gods and goddesses played their roles in the Scandinavian history!!!In this book, we will begin by giving you a colorful overview of the Norse and Viking mythology. Then, we will move along to discussing about the basic things that you should know about the Norse and Viking mythology. After which, you will get acquainted with the famous gods and goddesses of the Norse and Viking mythology.If you are someone who wants to learn more about the Norse and Viking mythology, then, this book will serve as your ultimate god to knowing about the mythology and the divinities behind it. Alternatively, if you are someone who loves Norse and Viking mythology, you will still learning something new from reading this book. We've got heaps of information that will surely interest you - all of which are presented in a manner that will pique your interest continuously!In this book, you will learn the following awesome information: The basic overview of the Norse and Viking mythology! - Learn Norse and Viking mythology from the roots up! Be familiar with the different Viking religions and beliefs! Learn about the various Viking sacrifices and rituals! An in-depth overview and discussion about the nine worlds in the Norse Mythology! An introduction to the various Viking gods and goddesses! A thorough discussion about the famous gods and goddesses of the Norse mythology! Know about how the Norse and Viking mythology made an impact to the world! and much much more.... So, what are you waiting for? Be ready and start traversing back in time to the realm of the viking gods and goddesses today!!This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon - Get it Now! Tags: Viking History, mythology, Norse mythology, viking mythology, Norse myths

Norse Gods

Author : Johan Egerkrans
ISBN : 9789132198151
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 39. 94 MB
Format : PDF
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Johan Egerkrans long dreamed of illustrating the Norse mythology, and when he released Norse Gods in Swedish it was an immediate success. Egerkrans re-tells the most exciting and imaginative sagas of the Norse mythology: From the creation myth in which the first giant Ymer is hacked to pieces by Odin and his brothers, to the gods final destruction in Ragnarök. This is a gorgeously illustrated book in which gods, giants, dwarves, monsters and heroes are presented in all their glory. A book for those who already know and love these stories, as well as for those who have yet to discover Scandinavian mythology. A definitive work for readers of all ages. It is a pleasure to be enchanted by the suggestive visualizations of Angerboda, Hel, Freya, Utgarda-Loki, Mimer and Surt. Dick Harrison, Svenska Dagbladet Divine. LitteraturMagazinet


Author : Snorri Sturluson
ISBN : 3534093240
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Norse Mythology Tales Of Norse Myth Gods Goddesses Giants Rituals Viking Beliefs

Author : Kory Aumont
ISBN : 1726722333
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 58. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Before the tide of Christianity cast its influence over the greater part of the Western World, magic and tradition were rich in the lives of the Nordic people. These great men and women of lore speak to us of glorified battles, strong noble bloodlines, and honor in the face of adversity. We celebrate the incredible tales of Loki and Frigga, the mighty Thor and the all-powerful Odin. Now the annals of history have offered us the great gift of studying and understanding this magnificent culture. Readers young and old alike have the opportunity to explore this fascinating and awe-inspiring collection of religious stories and rich traditions belonging to such a complex belief system. Discover for yourself the magic and mystery in the stories of Baldur, Heimdall, and Idun. Uncover the ancient tale of the fortification of Asgard, the great kingdom of the Nordic gods, and the chilling story behind the binding of Fenrir. Even though thousands of years have passed since these cultural stories were first shared around the forges and fires of the Nordic populations, they still entrance and inspire us with the great deeds of the human race and the incredible gods who watched over them. Find your own wealth of inspiration among the tales of the great gods and goddesses once worshipped by the Vikings. Here Is What You'll Find Inside... The Vikings The Creation of the World According to Nordic Lore Norse Gods and Goddesses Jotuns (Giants) Tales of Norse Mythology And Much, Much More! Order Your Copy Today!

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