on rumors how falsehoods spread why we believe them and what can be done

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On Rumours

Author : Cass R Sunstein
ISBN : 9781846142703
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 59. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sunstein explores the human propensity for gossip and storytelling, and discusses how our fears and hopes can work against common sense. He also investigates the way that the internet can entrench our false beliefs even deeper, and how the wish to conform, our natural biases and even our basic emotions can cause us to fall for untrue accounts.

What To Believe Now

Author : David Coady
ISBN : 9781405199933
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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What can we know and what should we believe about today′s world? What to Believe Now: Applying Epistemology to Contemporary Issues applies the concerns and techniques of epistemology to a wide variety of contemporary issues. Questions about what we can know–and what we should believe–are first addressed through an explicit consideration of the practicalities of working these issues out at the dawn of the twenty–first century. Coady calls for an ′applied turn′ in epistemology, a process he likens to the applied turn that transformed the study of ethics in the early 1970s. Subjects dealt with include: Experts–how can we recognize them? And when should we trust them? Rumors–should they ever be believed? And can they, in fact, be a source of knowledge? Conspiracy theories–when, if ever, should they be believed, and can they be known to be true? The blogosphere–how does it compare with traditional media as a source of knowledge and justified belief? Timely, thought provoking, and controversial, What to Believe Now offers a wealth of insights into a branch of philosophy of growing importance–and increasing relevance–in the twenty–first century.

Dissed Trust

Author : William DeMersseman
ISBN : 9781449703660
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Distrust of government is a natural response to a controlling and out-of-control bureaucracy. The motivation for protest and reform is not animosity towards government and its legitimate functions, but a love of America and a passionate desire to pass on to the next generation the innumerable blessings of liberty. Citizens are frightened by the government’s relentless growth, unsustainable debt trajectory, culture of corruption, and encroachment of individual rights.... Critics of the tea party movement attempt to derail it with meritless claims of racism, extremism, bigotry, conspiracy, class-warfare and malice. The claims are ridiculous. Tea party participants include members of every party, social class, ethnicity, age and gender; they hold varying views on a number of issues, but share a deep appreciation for the limited, constitutional government established by America’s founders. They see Washington’s profligate spending, imperious unaccountability, and reprobate political environment as symptoms of a federal government that recognizes no limitations on its power. They feel a civic responsibility to speak out and to work toward a return to constitutional governance and sound fiscal policy. This is not a book about the tea party movement. It is a book about the political, economic and cultural upheavals fueling the movement: the insanely escalating national debt; the increasingly coercive and contemptuous political establishment; the arrogant failure of true political leadership; and the pervasive assault on the society-sustaining virtues of truth, trust, integrity, morality, freedom, and civility....


Author : Cass R. Sunstein
ISBN : 9781476726618
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Simpler government arrived four years ago. It helped put money in your pocket. It saved hours of your time. It improved your children’s diet, lengthened your life span, and benefited businesses large and small. It did so by issuing fewer regulations, by insisting on smarter regulations, and by eliminating or improving old regulations. Cass R. Sunstein, as administrator of the most powerful White House office you’ve never heard of, oversaw it and explains how it works, why government will never be the same again (thank goodness), and what must happen in the future. Cutting-edge research in behavioral economics has influenced business and politics. Long at the forefront of that research, Sunstein, for three years President Obama’s “regulatory czar” heading the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, oversaw a far-reaching restructuring of America’s regulatory state. In this highly anticipated book, Sunstein pulls back the curtain to show what was done, why Americans are better off as a result, and what the future has in store. The evidence is all around you, and more is coming soon. Simplified mortgages and student loan applications. Scorecards for colleges and universities. Improved labeling of food and energy-efficient appliances and cars. Calories printed on chain restaurant menus. Healthier food in public schools. Backed by historic executive orders ensuring transparency and accountability, simpler government can be found in new initiatives that save money and time, improve health, and lengthen lives. Simpler: The Future of Government will transform what you think government can and should accomplish.


Author : Nassim Nicholas Taleb
ISBN : 9780718197902
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22. 83 MB
Format : PDF
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the bestselling author of The Black Swan and one of the foremost thinkers of our time, reveals how to thrive in an uncertain world. Just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension, many things in life benefit from stress, disorder, volatility, and turmoil. What Taleb has identified and calls antifragile are things that not only gain from chaos but need it in order to survive and flourish. In The Black Swan, Taleb showed us that highly improbable and unpredictable events underlie almost everything about our world. Here Taleb stands uncertainty on its head, making it desirable, even necessary. The antifragile is beyond the resilient or robust. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better and better. What's more, the antifragile is immune to prediction errors and protected from adverse events. Why is the city-state better than the nation-state, why is debt bad for you, and why is what we call "efficient" not efficient at all? Why do government responses and social policies protect the strong and hurt the weak? Why should you write your resignation letter before starting on the job? How did the sinking of the Titanic save lives? The book spans innovation by trial and error, life decisions, politics, urban planning, war, personal finance, economic systems and medicine, drawing on modern street wisdom and ancient sources. Antifragile is a blueprint for living in a Black Swan world. Erudite, witty, and iconoclastic, Taleb's message is revolutionary: the antifragile, and only the antifragile, will make it. Nassim Nicholas Taleb has devoted his life to problems of uncertainty, probability, and knowledge and has led three careers around this focus, as a businessman-trader, a philosophical essayist, and an academic researcher. Although he now spends most of his time working in intense seclusion in his study, in the manner of independent scholars, he is currently Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University's Polytechnic Institute. His main subject matter is "decision making under opacity," that is, a map and a protocol on how we should live in a world we don't understand. His books Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan have been published in thirty-three languages. Taleb believes that prizes, honorary degrees, awards, and ceremonialism debase knowledge by turning it into a spectator sport.


Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039241435
Genre :
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Narrative Landmines

Author : Daniel Bernardi
ISBN : MINN:31951D032298828
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 72. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Narrative Landmines explores how rumors fit into and extend narrative systems and ideologies, particularly in the context of terrorism, counter-terrorism, and extremist insurgencies. Beyond face-to-face communication, this book also addresses the role of new and social media in the creation and spread of rumors. Its concern is to foster a more sophisticated understanding of how oral and digital cultures work alongside economic, diplomatic, and cultural factors that influence the struggles between states and non-state actors in the proverbial battle of hearts and minds. By providing fresh data from Singapore, Iraq, and Indonesia, the authors make a compelling argument for understanding rumors in these contexts as “narrative IEDs”, weapons that can aid the extremist cause.

The Publishers Weekly

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822036342608
Genre : American literature
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The New Yorker

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556041086307
Genre : Literature
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1 Mp3

Author : 홍준기
ISBN : 9788980994953
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 52. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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수능·TEPS·SAT·TOEFL·GRE 및 편입·공무원시험 독해 대비서. 인문·사회·자연과학 그리고 문화·예술 분야 관련 내용을 모두 4권으로 나눠 실었는데, 각 권마다 해당 영역에 따른 각기 다른 주제로 된 원문 100개씩 수록하여 다뤘다. 모든 영역에 따른 다방면에 걸친 다양한 주제로 된 내용을 두루 접함으로써 유연하고 균형 잡힌 사고력 발달과 함께 지적 갈증을 해소시켜 나갈 수 있다. 수능을 비롯한 토플·텝스·편입·공무원 등 영어 독해시험에서 이런 류의 원문들이 장문 독해지문으로 출제되는 경향이 많은 점을 감안, 실제 시험에 자주 나오는 문제 유형과 동일한 형식의 문제들로 구성해 놓았으므로 각종 시험에 대비한 학습을 할 수 있다. 또한 원활한 학습을 위해 매 지문(원문)의 어휘해설, 해석과 함께 중요 구문 및 각 문제별 해설도 다뤘다. 특히, 각각의 지문마다 추론 문제를 넣어 생각하는 힘과 글 속에 담긴 뜻을 정확히 파악하는 연습도 할 수 있도록 했다. 학습의 편의성, 효율성을 위하여 각 권마다 원문(지문), 문제, 어휘 및 중요 구문 해설과 정답이 포함된 원문 해석·문제 해설을 분권으로 구성하여 각각 나눠 실었다.

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