on the right of exclusion law ethics and immigration policy

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On The Right Of Exclusion Law Ethics And Immigration Policy

Author : Bas Schotel
ISBN : 9781136630187
Genre : Law
File Size : 72. 91 MB
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First Published in 2011. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Children At The Borders

Author : Jonathan Josefsson
ISBN : 9789176856024
Genre :
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[eng] In the wake of a steady flow of child migrants attempting to cross borders and states’ efforts to restrict immigration, various public controversies have arisen about the rights of asylum-seeking children. The ‘moral gap’ between the outcome of democratically enacted laws and the aim of controlling immigration, on the one hand, and public calls to protect the universal rights of asylum seeking children, on the other, have created a political challenge for Western democracies. This thesis sets out to examine two particular settings in which norms about the rights of asylum-seeking children and immigration control have been established and contested over the years: the Swedish Migration Court of Appeal and Sweden’s largest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter. It combines empirically oriented analysis with theoretical enquiry, and it brings the issue of the rights of asylumseeking children into dialogue with the contemporary political-philosophical debate about membership, rights and borders. [swe] I kölvattnet av en stadig ström av barn som migrerar över statsgränser har medial rapportering, protester och offentliga diskussioner aktualiserat frågor om asylsökande barns rättigheter. Det ”moraliska glappet” mellan tillämpningen av demokratiskt stiftade lagar i syfte att reglera invandringen,å ena sidan, och offentliga krav på att skydda universella rättigheter för asylsökande barn, å andra sidan, har växt fram som en samtida utmaning för demokratiska stater att hantera. I denna avhandling undersöks två specifika arenor där normer om asylsökande barns rättigheter och immigrationskontroll har etablerats och ifrågasatts under de senaste åren; den svenska Migrationsöverdomstolen och Sveriges största morgontidning, Dagens Nyheter. Avhandlingen kombinerar empiriska analyser med teoretiska undersökningar om asylsökande barns rättigheter i dialog med en samtida politisk filosofisk diskussion om medlemskap, rättigheter och gränser.

Justice And Authority In Immigration Law

Author : Colin Grey
ISBN : 9781782258919
Genre : Law
File Size : 37. 48 MB
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This book provides a new and powerful account of the demands of justice on immigration law and policy. Drawing principally on the work of Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant, and John Rawls, it argues that justice requires states to give priority of admission to the most disadvantaged migrants, and to grant some form of citizenship or non-oppressive status to those migrants who become integrated. It also argues that states must avoid policies of admission and exclusion that can only be implemented through unjust means. It therefore refutes the common misconception that justice places no limits on the discretion of states to control immigration.

The Chinese Must Go

Author : Beth Lew-Williams
ISBN : 9780674976016
Genre : Aliens
File Size : 44. 48 MB
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Beth Lew-Williams shows how American immigration policies incited violence against Chinese workers, and how that violence provoked new exclusionary policies. Locating the origins of the modern American "alien" in this violent era, she makes clear that the present resurgence of xenophobia builds mightily upon past fears of the "heathen Chinaman."

In Whose Name

Author : Armin von Bogdandy
ISBN : 9780191026959
Genre : Law
File Size : 54. 61 MB
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The vast majority of all international judicial decisions have been issued since 1990. This increasing activity of international courts over the past two decades is one of the most significant developments within the international law. It has repercussions on all levels of governance and has challenged received understandings of the nature and legitimacy of international courts. It was previously held that international courts are simply instruments of dispute settlement, whose activities are justified by the consent of the states that created them, and in whose name they decide. However, this understanding ignores other important judicial functions, underrates problems of legitimacy, and prevents a full assessment of how international adjudication functions, and the impact that it has demonstrably had. This book proposes a public law theory of international adjudication, which argues that international courts are multifunctional actors who exercise public authority and therefore require democratic legitimacy. It establishes this theory on the basis of three main building blocks: multifunctionality, the notion of an international public authority, and democracy. The book aims to answer the core question of the legitimacy of international adjudication: in whose name do international courts decide? It lays out the specific problem of the legitimacy of international adjudication, and reconstructs the common critiques of international courts. It develops a concept of democracy for international courts that makes it possible to constructively show how their legitimacy is derived. It argues that ultimately international courts make their decisions, even if they do not know it, in the name of the peoples and the citizens of the international community.

Debating The Ethics Of Immigration

Author : Christopher Heath Wellman
ISBN : 9780199731725
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Do states have the right to prevent potential immigrants from crossing their borders, or should people have the freedom to migrate and settle wherever they wish? Christopher Heath Wellman and Phillip Cole develop and defend opposing answers to this timely and important question. Appealing to the right to freedom of association, Wellman contends that legitimate states have broad discretion to exclude potential immigrants, even those who desperately seek to enter. Against this, Cole argues that the commitment to the moral equality of all human beings - which legitimate states can be expected to hold - means national borders must be open: equal respect requires equal access, both to territory and membership; and that the idea of open borders is less radical than it seems when we consider how many territorial and community boundaries have this open nature. In addition to engaging with each other's arguments, Wellman and Cole address a range of central questions and prominent positions on this topic. The authors therefore provide a critical overview of the major contributions to the ethics of migration, as well as developing original, provocative positions of their own.

Fremde In Unserer Mitte

Author : David Miller
ISBN : 9783518754269
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 53. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Das Thema Einwanderung wirft gewichtige gesellschaftspolitische, moralische und ethische Fragen auf, die seit einiger Zeit im Zentrum intensiver Debatten stehen. Der renommierte britische Philosoph David Miller verteidigt in seinem Buch eine Position zwischen einem starken Kosmopolitismus, der für uneingeschränkte Bewegungsfreiheit und offene Grenzen plädiert, und einem blinden Nationalismus, der oft in pauschale Ausländerfeindlichkeit und dumpfen Rassismus umschlägt. In ständiger Auseinandersetzung mit Gegenargumenten entwickelt er seinen Standpunkt, der die Rechte sowohl der Immigranten als auch der Staatsbürger berücksichtigen soll – und einen schwachen Kosmopolitismus ebenso einschließt wie das Recht von Nationalstaaten, ihre Grenzen zu kontrollieren. Ziel von Millers Ausführungen ist eine Immigrationspolitik liberaler Demokratien, die so gerecht ist wie möglich und so realistisch wie nötig. Ein beeindruckend präzise und nüchtern argumentierendes Buch, das zum Nachdenken anregt und zum Widerspruch reizt.

Suspect Families

Author : Torsten Heinemann
ISBN : 9781472424266
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Suspect Families is the first book to investigate the social, political, and ethical implications of parental testing for family reunification in immigration cases. Drawing on policy documents, legal frameworks, case study material and interviews with representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisation and immigration authorities, immigration lawyers, geneticists and applicants for family reunification, the book analyses the different political regimes and social arrangements in which DNA analysis is adopted for decision-making on family reunification in three distinct European countries: Austria, Finland and Germany. Interdisciplinary in scope, the book reconstructs the processes, institutional logic and the political and administrative practices of DNA testing from a comparative perspective, combining theoretical conceptualisation with detailed empirical work to explore the central societal, political and ethical issues raised by the use of DNA profiling in the context of immigration policy. A ground-breaking study of the role played by new technologies in migration decisions, Suspect Families will appeal to scholars of sociology, political science, science and technology studies and surveillance studies.

Immigration Justice

Author : Peter Higgins
ISBN : 9780748670277
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 71. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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What moral standards ought nation-states abide by when selecting immigration policies? Peter Higgins argues that immigration policies can only be judged by considering the inequalities that are produced by the institutions - such as gender, race and class - that constitute our social world.Higgins challenges conventional positions on immigration justice, including the view that states have a right to choose whatever immigration policies they like, or that all immigration restrictions ought to be eliminated and borders opened. Rather than suggesting one absolute solution, he argues that a unique set of immigration policies will be just for each country. He concludes with concrete recommendations for policymaking.

Migration In Political Theory

Author : Sarah Fine
ISBN : 9780191664311
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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Written by an international team of leading political and legal theory scholars whose writings have contributed to shaping the field, Migration in Political Theory presents seminal new work on the ethics of movement and membership. The volume addresses challenging and under-researched themes on the subject of migration. It debates the question of whether we ought to recognize a human right to immigrate, and whether it might be legitimate to restrict emigration. The authors critically examine criteria for selecting would-be migrants, and for acquiring citizenship. They discuss tensions between the claims of immigrants and existing residents, and tackle questions of migrant worker exploitation and responsibility for refugees. The book illustrates the importance of drawing on the tools of political theory to clarify, criticize, and challenge the current terms of the migration debate.

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