one god shared hope twenty threads shared by judaism christianity and islam

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One God Shared Hope

Author : Maggie Oman Shannon
ISBN : 9781609251529
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 76. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Writer and spiritual director Maggie Oman Shannon has long believed that we all yearn for a spiritual connection to a higher power. In One God, Shared Hope she presents twenty principles shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and provides passages from each religion's holy scriptures to illustrate their commonalties. One God, Shared Hope is organized in three sections, Concerning God, Concerning Others, and Concerning Self, within which are chapters on each of the twenty universal principles the three religions ask their adherents to live by. The principles range from "Trust in God" and "Stay Thankful" to "Honor Your Parents" to "Be a Peacemaker." Each chapter begins with a short explanation of the similarities and differences in belief and practice of each religion, followed by excerpts from the scriptures that accentuate universality. The book also includes a list of resources for further study. Taken all together the principles teach us how to live, how to connect to each other, and how to connect with God. This is a simple and simply profound book.

Prayers For Hope And Comfort

Author : Maggie Oman Shannon
ISBN : 1609250273
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 73. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a world that feels increasingly fragile, people will continue to look for new prayers and new ways to pray. While there are a number of anthologies of prayer available, no book – until now – has attempted to provide a collection that focuses specifically on prayers for a wide range of modern challenges, from the personal to the global. Prayers for Hope and Comfort covers issues facing individuals (illness, addiction); those challenged in relationships (aging parents, divorce); local communities (natural disasters, unemployment); the larger world (poverty, hunger, war); and creation itself (loss of rainforests, species extinction, global warming). Prayers for Hope and Comfort offers readers solace, comfort, and hope, drawing from the wisdom of every era, every major faith and tradition, and the important voices of those who have lived through such experiences themselves. The book contains selections from some of the world’s most profound poets and thinkers: David Whyte, Eckhart Tolle, Sister Joan Chittister, and Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as traditional prayers and verses from every time and place.

Worst Enemy Best Teacher

Author : Deidre Combs
ISBN : 1577319273
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 59. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Worst Enemy, Best Teacher presents a powerful system to identify and learn how to best approach the person or problem that plagues us most — whether it’s a neighbor, a brother-in-law, a new boss, or the factory’s fiercest competitor — Combs breaks down problems and threats into more easily understood categories, such as conflicts that threaten physical harm, emotional pain, constriction of one’s ability to be unique, and intellectual threats and how they affect one’s world view and beliefs. Hands-on exercises, parables, and real-life stories show readers how to apply the wisdom gained from studying the opponent to any challenge, whether within one’s self, with friends or family, or between companies or nations, Worst Enemy, Best Teacher offers ingenious tips and techniques for learning from the enemy and converting conflict into resolution.

The Publishers Weekly

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822031999170
Genre : American literature
File Size : 60. 25 MB
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Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
ISBN : UOM:39015054030385
Genre : American literature
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Three Faiths One God

Author : Gerald Krell
ISBN : 1598560565
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As seen on Public Television nationwide A Documentary by Gerald Krell and Meyer Odze - Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God? - Does the Lord's Prayer appear in the Koran? - Do the "five pillars" of Islam have a biblical basis? - Do Muslims believe that Jesus died on the cross? - How are Jewish law and Islamic law similar? - Was Isaac, Ishmael or Jesus God's "beloved son?" - How do Muslims view the Trinity? - How is Ramadan parallel to Yom Kippur and Lent? - Do Muslims pray differently from Jews & Christians? - Has Islam superceded Judaism and Christianity? - What stereotypes does each faith face? This ground-breaking documentary compares similarities and differences in religious beliefs and practices that Islam has with Christianity and Judaism. It also examines how people of goodwill in the Abrahamic faith communities are coming to terms with historical conflicts that impact their lives today, the crisis of the fundamentalist approach to religious pluralism, and tearing down barriers to understanding and respect. ." . . A major work whose time has come. . . .It will cause people to think in new ways." --Bishop John Chane, National Cathedral, Washington D. C. ." . . Powerfully demonstrates why interreligious dialogue is no option but rather a necessity in this post 9/11 world." --Marvin Wilson, PhD, Prof. of Biblical Studies, Gordon College ." . . .A truly accurate account of Islam's relationship with Judaism and Christianity. . ." --Daisy Kahn, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement "Excellent. . . .doesn't propose simplistic and unrealistic answers." --Rabbi Reuven Firestone Hebrew Union College, LA ." . . .An emergent symbol of hope for the peoples of the books." --Sulayman Nyang, Ph.D., Co-Director, Islam in the Public Square "It is a marvelous resource for deepening understanding about the Abrahamic faiths with congregations, schools and community groups." --Rev. Clark Lobenstine, Exec. Director, Interfaith Conference of Washington

The Way We Pray

Author : Maggie Oman Shannon
ISBN : 9781609252380
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Way We Pray is the first book to explore prayer practices from the world's many religions. Author Maggie Oman Shannon presents and celebrates fifty wonderfully diverse prayer practices, creating the perfect guide for spiritual explorers everywhere. Among the powerful and colorful rituals described in the book are walking a labyrinth, speaking affirmations, writing in a gratitude journal, displaying prayer flags, dressing in ceremonial costumes, reading sacred scriptures, listening to the resonant sounds of a prayer bowl, drawing a mandala, counting prater beads, fasting, writing haiku, and chanting. For each practice described, Maggie Oman Shannon offers historical details, meanings and interpretations, and stories and anecdotes from practicioners she interviewed. She also includes suggestions for bringing these rituals into one's existing spiritual practice.

A String And A Prayer

Author : Eleanor Wiley
ISBN : 9781609250874
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon have taken an ancient practice and made it new. A String and a Prayer recounts the history and symbolism of prayer beads, teaches basic techniques for stringing beads and a host of other objects into prayer beads, and offers a variety of prayers and rituals to use those beads on a daily basis. Beads have appeared throughout history. Prayer beads are used in the spiritual practices of cultures as diverse as the African Masai, Native Americans, Greek and Russian Orthodoxy, as well as the religious rituals of Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. But prayer is highly personal. By infusing prayer beads with personal associations, we can keep our spirituality fresh. The beads are a device to help build and rebuild meaningful ritual in our lives. With myriad ideas about what makes objects sacred and where to find sacred objects -- from the personal, perhaps beads from a grandmother's broken rosary, to the unusual, maybe seashells from far away found in a thrift store -- A String and a Prayer offers many suggestions for different ways that beads can be made and used, exploring the creative roles they can play in our relationships, ceremonies, and rituals. "You are the expert, trust yourself. Let the instructions be a guide to your own creativity," write the authors.

Crafting Calm

Author : Maggie Shannon
ISBN : 9781936740468
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 80. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As our world has become increasingly dependent on technology, and our Western societies have become woefully “Crackberried”— to use the title of a recent documentary on the emotional and social pitfalls of our too-wired ways—an intriguing phenomenon is occurring: There is an increasing amount of interest in returning to some of the simpler arts that were neglected or left behind with the onslaught of technology. Artisans and everyday crafters are finding a renewed satisfaction in making something with their own hands; some are even communicating about the inherent physical- and mental-health benefits found in handwork—and, even more than that, they are framing their handwork as meditation or spiritual practice. In today’s sophisticated and pluralistic society, people are more aware than ever that spiritual practice can be defined more expansively—and the popularity of books focusing on alternative spiritual practices demonstrate that readers are hungry for new (or ancient) ways of enhancing their inner lives. In Crafting Calm the author will explore these new forms of creative spiritual practice and the benefits they provide. The format of With Shannon's book will itself be creative, a rich “potpourri approach” that weaves together interviews, historical facts, projects for readers to do themselves, quotations, and suggested resources. Crafting Calm will serve as an inspirational resource guide to a broad assortment of spiritual practices gathered from the global arts-and-crafts communities, as well as from people who don’t consider themselves artists but who have adopted creatively expressive forms of spiritual practice. While there have been a few books published focusing on a particular form of creative spiritual practice (Skylight Paths, for example, has published books on beading as a spiritual practice; painting as a spiritual practice; and using clay as a spiritual practice), no one has yet explored the breadth of possibilities for creative spiritual practices contained in Crafting Calm.

A History Of God

Author : Karen Armstrong
ISBN : 9780307798589
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28. 92 MB
Format : PDF
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Why does God exist? How have the three dominant monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—shaped and altered the conception of God? How have these religions influenced each other? In this stunningly intelligent book, Karen Armstrong, one of Britain's foremost commentators on religious affairs, traces the history of how men and women have perceived and experienced God, from the time of Abraham to the present. The epic story begins with the Jews' gradual transformation of pagan idol worship in Babylon into true monotheism—a concept previously unknown in the world. Christianity and Islam both rose on the foundation of this revolutionary idea, but these religions refashioned 'the One God' to suit the social and political needs of their followers. From classical philosophy and medieval mysticism to the Reformation, Karen Armstrong performs the near miracle of distilling the intellectual history of monotheism into one superbly readable volume, destined to take its place as a classic. Praise for History of God “An admirable and impressive work of synthesis that will give insight and satisfaction to thousands of lay readers.”—The Washington Post Book World “A brilliantly lucid, spendidly readable book. [Karen] Armstrong has a dazzling ability: she can take a long and complex subject and reduce it to the fundamentals, without oversimplifying.”—The Sunday Times (London) “Absorbing . . . A lode of learning.”—Time “The most fascinating and learned study of the biggest wild goose chase in history—the quest for God. Karen Armstrong is a genius.”—A.N. Wilson, author of Jesus: A Life

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