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Author : Kenneth Lange
ISBN : 9781461458388
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 77. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Finite-dimensional optimization problems occur throughout the mathematical sciences. The majority of these problems cannot be solved analytically. This introduction to optimization attempts to strike a balance between presentation of mathematical theory and development of numerical algorithms. Building on students’ skills in calculus and linear algebra, the text provides a rigorous exposition without undue abstraction. Its stress on statistical applications will be especially appealing to graduate students of statistics and biostatistics. The intended audience also includes students in applied mathematics, computational biology, computer science, economics, and physics who want to see rigorous mathematics combined with real applications. In this second edition the emphasis remains on finite-dimensional optimization. New material has been added on the MM algorithm, block descent and ascent, and the calculus of variations. Convex calculus is now treated in much greater depth. Advanced topics such as the Fenchel conjugate, subdifferentials, duality, feasibility, alternating projections, projected gradient methods, exact penalty methods, and Bregman iteration will equip students with the essentials for understanding modern data mining techniques in high dimensions.

Statistical Optimization For Geometric Computation

Author : Kenichi Kanatani
ISBN : 9780486443089
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 77. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This text for graduate students discusses the mathematical foundations of statistical inference for building three-dimensional models from image and sensor data that contain noise--a task involving autonomous robots guided by video cameras and sensors. The text employs a theoretical accuracy for the optimization procedure, which maximizes the reliability of estimations based on noise data. The numerous mathematical prerequisites for developing the theories are explained systematically in separate chapters. These methods range from linear algebra, optimization, and geometry to a detailed statistical theory of geometric patterns, fitting estimates, and model selection. In addition, examples drawn from both synthetic and real data demonstrate the insufficiencies of conventional procedures and the improvements in accuracy that result from the use of optimal methods.

Evolutionary Constrained Optimization

Author : Rituparna Datta
ISBN : 9788132221845
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book makes available a self-contained collection of modern research addressing the general constrained optimization problems using evolutionary algorithms. Broadly the topics covered include constraint handling for single and multi-objective optimizations; penalty function based methodology; multi-objective based methodology; new constraint handling mechanism; hybrid methodology; scaling issues in constrained optimization; design of scalable test problems; parameter adaptation in constrained optimization; handling of integer, discrete and mix variables in addition to continuous variables; application of constraint handling techniques to real-world problems; and constrained optimization in dynamic environment. There is also a separate chapter on hybrid optimization, which is gaining lots of popularity nowadays due to its capability of bridging the gap between evolutionary and classical optimization. The material in the book is useful to researchers, novice, and experts alike. The book will also be useful for classroom teaching and future research.

Genetic Algorithm Essentials

Author : Oliver Kramer
ISBN : 9783319521565
Genre : Computers
File Size : 27. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book introduces readers to genetic algorithms (GAs) with an emphasis on making the concepts, algorithms, and applications discussed as easy to understand as possible. Further, it avoids a great deal of formalisms and thus opens the subject to a broader audience in comparison to manuscripts overloaded by notations and equations. The book is divided into three parts, the first of which provides an introduction to GAs, starting with basic concepts like evolutionary operators and continuing with an overview of strategies for tuning and controlling parameters. In turn, the second part focuses on solution space variants like multimodal, constrained, and multi-objective solution spaces. Lastly, the third part briefly introduces theoretical tools for GAs, the intersections and hybridizations with machine learning, and highlights selected promising applications.

An Introduction To Statistical Learning

Author : Gareth James
ISBN : 9781461471387
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 53. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An Introduction to Statistical Learning provides an accessible overview of the field of statistical learning, an essential toolset for making sense of the vast and complex data sets that have emerged in fields ranging from biology to finance to marketing to astrophysics in the past twenty years. This book presents some of the most important modeling and prediction techniques, along with relevant applications. Topics include linear regression, classification, resampling methods, shrinkage approaches, tree-based methods, support vector machines, clustering, and more. Color graphics and real-world examples are used to illustrate the methods presented. Since the goal of this textbook is to facilitate the use of these statistical learning techniques by practitioners in science, industry, and other fields, each chapter contains a tutorial on implementing the analyses and methods presented in R, an extremely popular open source statistical software platform. Two of the authors co-wrote The Elements of Statistical Learning (Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman, 2nd edition 2009), a popular reference book for statistics and machine learning researchers. An Introduction to Statistical Learning covers many of the same topics, but at a level accessible to a much broader audience. This book is targeted at statisticians and non-statisticians alike who wish to use cutting-edge statistical learning techniques to analyze their data. The text assumes only a previous course in linear regression and no knowledge of matrix algebra.

Continuous Optimization

Author : V. Jeyakumar
ISBN : 0387267697
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The search for the best possible performance is inherent in human nature. Individuals, enterprises and governments all seek optimal—that is, the best—possible solutions of problems that they meet. Evidently, continuous optimization plays an increasingly significant role in everyday management and technical decisions in science, engineering and commerce. The collection of 16 refereed papers in this book covers a diverse number of topics and provides a good picture of recent research in continuous optimization. The first part of the book presents substantive survey articles in a number of important topic areas of continuous optimization. Most of the papers in the second part present results on the theoretical aspects as well as numerical methods of continuous optimization. The papers in the third part are mainly concerned with applications of continuous optimization. Hence, the book will be an additional valuable source of information to faculty, students, and researchers who use continuous optimization to model and solve problems. Audience This book is intended for researchers in mathematical programming, optimization and operations research; engineers in various fields; and graduate students in applied mathematics, engineering and operations research.

Process Optimization

Author : Enrique del Castillo
ISBN : 9780387714356
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 27. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book covers several bases at once. It is useful as a textbook for a second course in experimental optimization techniques for industrial production processes. In addition, it is a superb reference volume for use by professors and graduate students in Industrial Engineering and Statistics departments. It will also be of huge interest to applied statisticians, process engineers, and quality engineers working in the electronics and biotech manufacturing industries. In all, it provides an in-depth presentation of the statistical issues that arise in optimization problems, including confidence regions on the optimal settings of a process, stopping rules in experimental optimization, and more.


Author : Jim Pitman
ISBN : UOM:39015050191603
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 48. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Preface to the Instructor This is a text for a one-quarter or one-semester course in probability, aimed at stu dents who have done a year of calculus. The book is organized so a student can learn the fundamental ideas of probability from the first three chapters without reliance on calculus. Later chapters develop these ideas further using calculus tools. The book contains more than the usual number of examples worked out in detail. It is not possible to go through all these examples in class. Rather, I suggest that you deal quickly with the main points of theory, then spend class time on problems from the exercises, or your own favorite problems. The most valuable thing for students to learn from a course like this is how to pick up a probability problem in a new setting and relate it to the standard body of theory. The more they see this happen in class, and the more they do it themselves in exercises, the better. The style of the text is deliberately informal. My experience is that students learn more from intuitive explanations, diagrams, and examples than they do from theo rems and proofs. So the emphasis is on problem solving rather than theory.


Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015058745988
Genre : Engineering design
File Size : 29. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Elements Of Statistical Learning

Author : Trevor Hastie
ISBN : 9780387216065
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 59. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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During the past decade there has been an explosion in computation and information technology. With it have come vast amounts of data in a variety of fields such as medicine, biology, finance, and marketing. The challenge of understanding these data has led to the development of new tools in the field of statistics, and spawned new areas such as data mining, machine learning, and bioinformatics. Many of these tools have common underpinnings but are often expressed with different terminology. This book describes the important ideas in these areas in a common conceptual framework. While the approach is statistical, the emphasis is on concepts rather than mathematics. Many examples are given, with a liberal use of color graphics. It should be a valuable resource for statisticians and anyone interested in data mining in science or industry. The book’s coverage is broad, from supervised learning (prediction) to unsupervised learning. The many topics include neural networks, support vector machines, classification trees and boosting---the first comprehensive treatment of this topic in any book. This major new edition features many topics not covered in the original, including graphical models, random forests, ensemble methods, least angle regression & path algorithms for the lasso, non-negative matrix factorization, and spectral clustering. There is also a chapter on methods for “wide” data (p bigger than n), including multiple testing and false discovery rates. Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, and Jerome Friedman are professors of statistics at Stanford University. They are prominent researchers in this area: Hastie and Tibshirani developed generalized additive models and wrote a popular book of that title. Hastie co-developed much of the statistical modeling software and environment in R/S-PLUS and invented principal curves and surfaces. Tibshirani proposed the lasso and is co-author of the very successful An Introduction to the Bootstrap. Friedman is the co-inventor of many data-mining tools including CART, MARS, projection pursuit and gradient boosting.

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