other people s words

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Other Peoples Words

Author : Les Raybould
ISBN : 1544212364
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A writer suffers a bout of insanity as he develops Bipolar Disorder due to over work. He confuses reality with imagination and he actually begins to live the lives of his character with terrible results.

Other People S Words

Author : Hilary McPhee
ISBN : 0330491555
Genre : Publishers and publishing
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This is the story of 15 years in which a small independent company was a seminal force in Australian publishing. From McPhee Gribble came many new writers, including Helen Garner, Tim Winton, Drusilla Modjeska, new perspectives on Australian life and history, new stories - and fleetingly, the hope that an Australian company could become a fully fledged player in the international publishing industry.

Other People S Words

Author : Victoria Purcell-Gates
ISBN : 9780674072145
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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If asked to identify which children rank lowest in relation to national educational norms, have higher school dropout and absence rates, and more commonly experience learning problems, few of us would know the answer: white, urban Appalachian children. These are the children and grandchildren of Appalachian families who migrated to northern cities in the 1950s to look for work. They make up this largely "invisible" urban group, a minority that represents a significant portion of the urban poor. Literacy researchers have rarely studied urban Appalachians, yet, as Victoria Purcell-Gates demonstrates in Other People's Words, their often severe literacy problems provide a unique perspective on literacy and the relationship between print and culture. A compelling case study details the author's work with one such family.

Swords Into Plowshares Volume One

Author : Arthur J. Laffin
ISBN : 9781608990597
Genre : Religion
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Why is nonviolent civil disobedience (divine disobedience) an imperative for bringing about disarmament? What is the connection between faith, nonviolence, and resistance? How does one prepare for nonviolent acts of resistance? How does one respond to the charges brought in court? How does one view and cope with the consequences of imprisonment? How have some people nonviolently responded to U.S. intervention in Iraq and Central America and in war-torn countries like Bosnia? What are the main tenets of U.S. nuclear and foreign policy in the post-Cold War era? What is the human cost of weapons production? What does it mean to live in a national security state? What are some of the challenges faced by people in the U.S. who are concerned about justice and peace? The primary goal of this revised edition of Swords into Plowshares is to provide some initial answers to these and related questions. Contributors to this edition include: Bob Aldridge, Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Samuel H. Day Jr., Jim and Shelly Douglass, Elizabeth McAlister, Molly Rush, and a host of other activists.

Words Of The True Peoples Palabras De Los Seres Verdaderos Anthology Of Contemporary Mexican Indigenous Language Writers Antolog A De Escritores Actuales En Lenguas Ind Genas De M Xico

Author : Carlos Montemayor
ISBN : 9780292744769
Genre : Drama
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As part of the larger, ongoing movement throughout Latin America to reclaim non-Hispanic cultural heritages and identities, indigenous writers in Mexico are reappropriating the written word in their ancestral tongues and in Spanish. As a result, the long-marginalized, innermost feelings, needs, and worldviews of Mexico's ten to twenty million indigenous peoples are now being widely revealed to the Western societies with which these peoples coexist. To contribute to this process and serve as a bridge of intercultural communication and understanding, this groundbreaking, three-volume anthology gathers works by the leading generation of writers in thirteen Mexican indigenous languages: Nahuatl, Maya, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Tojolabal, Tabasco Chontal, Purepecha, Sierra Zapoteco, Isthmus Zapoteco, Mazateco, Ñahñu, Totonaco, and Huichol. Volume Three contains plays by six Mexican indigenous writers. Their plays appear first in their native language, followed by English and Spanish translations. Montemayor and Frischmann have abundantly annotated the Spanish, English, and indigenous-language texts and added glossaries and essays that introduce the work of each playwright and discuss the role of theater within indigenous communities. These supporting materials make the anthology especially accessible and interesting for nonspecialist readers seeking a greater understanding of Mexico's indigenous peoples.

Words Not Swords

Author : Farzaneh Milani
ISBN : 9780815651604
Genre : Feminism and literature
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A woman not only needs a room of her own, as Virginia Woolf wrote, but also the freedom to leave it and return to it at will; for a room without that right becomes a prison cell. The privilege of self-directed movement, the power to pick up and go as one pleases, has not been a traditional "right" of Iranian women. This prerogative has been denied them in the name of piety, anatomy, chastity, class, safety, and even beauty. It is only during the last 160 years that the spell has been broken and Iranian women have emerged as a moderating, modernizing force. Women writers have been at the forefront of this desegregating movement and renegotiation of boundaries. Words, Not Swords explores the legacy of sex segregation and its manifestations in Iranian literature and film and in notions of beauty and the erotics of passivity. Milani expands her argument beyond Iranian culture, arguing that freedom of movement is a theme that crosses frontiers and dissolves conventional distinctions of geography, history, and religion. She makes bold connections between veiling and foot binding, between Cinderella and Barbie, between the figures of the female Gypsy and the witch. In so doing, she challenges cultural hierarchies that divert attention from key issues in the control of women across the globe.

Ways Of Thinking Of Eastern Peoples

Author : Hajime Nakamura
ISBN : 8120807642
Genre : Philosophy
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Ways of thinking of Eastern people is a comperative study of ways of thinking of major peoples of Asia. It has been widely admitted that this is the first attempt to give a survey and analysis of ways of thinking of Asians, which differ with peoples. The author has chiefly centered in pointing out features of Indian ways of thinking, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Tibetian ones. His knowledge of Asian traditions, as well as wounderful command of various languages of Asia, being combined , have made this attempt quite successful and reliable in the scholarly sense.

The Two Swords

Author : Dick Westwood
ISBN : 9781618976826
Genre : History
File Size : 55. 86 MB
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Two Swords is a sweeping overview of medieval European politics, in which author Dick Westwood highlights the events and forces that lead to the breakdown of the European cultural and political unity, which it had enjoyed under Roman rule. But a golden age of unity in Europe was not forgotten and there remained a prevailing belief, not in progress, but in the need to restore the unity, prosperity and security that had been lost. By the 10th century Europe's best minds were convinced that the Empire could be restored, and further perfected as a "Holy Roman Empire," designed by God to be ruled by the spiritual sword of the pope and a temporal sword wielded by the emperor. Together they would perfect an all-embracing Christendom, ready to await the return of Christ and his rule over the earth. But the two swords turned against each other and a united Christendom was lost. Nevertheless sentiment to restore European unity prevailed, ultimately leading to the formation of the European Union. Working for a multinational corporation and later for the Australian government as a senior diplomat, Dick Westwood has traveled, lived, and worked across much of the world. At the age of 20 he drove from London to Calcutta, via Afghanistan, and at 40 he went around the globe using surface transport. As a diplomat posted to numerous foreign assignments, Westwood has always strongly believed in acquiring a thorough understanding of the historical circumstances that have shaped the countries in which he served. Publisher's website: http: //sbpra.com/DickWestwood

Science Of Man

Author :
ISBN : HARVARD:32044041744467
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Swords Of Talera

Author : Charles Allen Gramlich
ISBN : 9781434400819
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Transported abruptly to the planet of Talera, Ruenn Maclang must slash his way through a world of alien warriors and deadly beasts to find his missing brother.

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