oxygen transport to tissue xxv volume 540 advances in experimental medicine and biology

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Oxygen Transport To Tissue Xxv

Author : Maureen S. Thorniley
ISBN : 9781475761252
Genre : Science
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The 30th scientific meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) was held at the Western Conference Centre, UMIST, Manchester, in August 2002. It was attended by some 96 delegates and accompanying persons and there were 128 presentations.

Bladder Disease

Author : Anthony Atala
ISBN : 9781441988898
Genre : Medical
File Size : 29. 49 MB
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In 1996, the National Bladder Foundation (NBF) was founded by a dedicated group of physicians and researchers propeIled by the urgent need to find better treatments for bladder disease. Committed to increasing bladder disease research and to supporting its research community, the NBF coordinates and sponsors the International Bladder Symposium (IBS) in Washington, DC. Now considered to be a premier scientific assembly, the IBS brings together international leaders in bladder disease research to present and discuss their findings. It is the only international conference where all areas of bladder disease research are exclusively covered and where bladder disease researchers are provided with a unique opportunity to share their results and theories. IBS participants contributed the research papers included in this publication in 2000 and 2001. AIl substantial areas of bladder disease research are addressed, including oncology and ceIlular biology, neurophysiology, neurogenic bladder and incontinence, immunology, inflammation and infection, muscle, matrix and obstruction, and new frontiers and therapies of the bladder. Assembled in one publication, these papers and their findings demonstrate the high scientific caliber of the dedicated researchers in this field and the potential for significant discoveries in treatment options in the next decade.

Quality Of Fresh And Processed Foods

Author : Fereidoon Shahidi
ISBN : 9781441990907
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Quality is a composite term encompassing many characteristics of foods. These include color, aroma, texture, general nutrition, shelf-life, stability, and possible presence of undesirable constituents. Obviously deterioration of quality may lead to changes in the attributes that characterize the food in its fresh or freshly processed state. In addition, quality enhancement of products may be carried out using appropriate processing techniques. Interaction of different components present with one another could have a profound effect on sensory quality of products. Meanwhile, presence of extraneous matter such as pesticides and debris may also contribute to a compromise in the quality of foods. In addition, processing often brings about changes in many attributes of food including its nutritional value. Thus, examination of process-induced changes in food products is important. In this book, a cursory account of quality attributes of fresh and processed foods is provided. The book is of interest to food scientists, nutritionists and biochemists in academia, government and industry.

Brain Death And Disorders Of Consciousness

Author : Calixto Machado
ISBN : 030648482X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 44. 92 MB
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Although some decades have passed, there are still worldwide controversies about a concept of human death on neurological grounds. There are also disagreements on the diagnostic criteria for brain death, whether clinical alone or clinical plus ancillary tests. Moreover, some scholars who were strong defenders of a brain-based standard of death are now favoring a circulatory-respiratory standard. The study of coma is extremely important because lesions of the brain are responsible for quality of life in patients or cause of death. The main goal of Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness is to provide a suitable scientific platform to discuss all topics related to human death and coma.

Advances In Systems Biology

Author : Lee K. Opresko
ISBN : 9781441988614
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 99 MB
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Recent Advances In Epilepsy Research

Author : Devin K. Binder
ISBN : 0306478609
Genre : Medical
File Size : 78. 4 MB
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Epilepsy research has entered an exciting phase as advances in molecular analysis have supplemented in vitro and in vivo electrophysiologic and phenotypic characterization. Recent Advances in Epilepsy Research sets forth a series of chapter reviews by researchers involved in these advances. This volume is a composite profile of some exciting recent investigations in select areas of enquiry. Key features: neurogenetics of seizure disorders, new developments in cellular and molecular neurobiology of seizure disorders, the role of growth factors in seizures, new advances in the roles of metabotropic glutamate receptors and GABA receptors and transporters, gap junctions, neuroimmunology of epilepsy, malformations of cortical development, neurogenesis, new animal models of epilepsy and the use of brain stimulation to treat epilepsy. This book should be of interest to a wide variety of audiences, including graduate students in neurobiology and related disciplines, neuroscientists, medical students, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and industry including pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. There are many ideas in this book that will lead ingenious innovators in academia and industry to develop new and better therapies.

Complementary And Alternative Approaches To Biomedicine

Author : Edwin Lowell Cooper
ISBN : 0306482886
Genre : Medical
File Size : 20. 93 MB
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This volume is the proceedings of an international symposium that examined the newest parameters in alternative and complementary medicine, thus covering a rapidly growing field of medicine that has strong advocates as well as strong opponents. Topics include both basic research and clinical applications, allowing the text to present high quality, peer reviewed, chapter style contributions that dispel some of the pseudoscience and myth surrounding alternative and complimentary medicine.


Author : Robert C. Roach
ISBN : 9781441989970
Genre : Medical
File Size : 86. 48 MB
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The International Hypoxia Symposium convenes biannually to bring together international experts from many fields to explore the state of the art in normal and pathophysiological responses to hypoxia. Representatives from five continents and 32 countries joined together in February 2003 for four days in the dramatic mountains of Banff, Alberta. As editors of the Proceedings of the International Hypoxia Symposia, we strive to maintain a 26 six year tradition of presenting a stimulating blend of clinical and basic science papers focused on hypoxia. Topics covered in 2003 include hibernation and hypoxia, hypoxia and fetal development and new advances in high altitude pathophysiology, oxidative stress and membrane damage, hypoxic regulation of blood flow, heat shock proteins in hypoxia, and future directions in hypoxia research. In 2003 we also had the privilege ofhonoring John W. Severinghaus as a friend, colleague, mentor and inspiration to many in the field. Tom Hornbein's personal tribute to John Severinghaus is the first chapter in this volume, followed by an entertaining update of the history of the discovery of oxygen written by John Severinghaus.

Peroxisomal Disorders And Regulation Of Genes

Author : Frank Roels
ISBN : 9781441990723
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21. 42 MB
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In most peroxisomal disorders the nervous system is severely affected which explains the clinical and community burden they represent. This is the first book to focus not only on the mutations causing these inherited illnesses, but also on mechanisms that regulate, suppress or enhance expression of genes and their products (enzymes). Indeed since the success and completion of the Human Genome Project all genes (coding DNA sequences) are known. However, of many, their function, and the role of the gene product has not been determined. An example is X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, the most frequent peroxisomal disorder. Children are born healthy, but in more than 1 out of 3, demyelination of the brain starts unpredictably and they die in a vegetative state. The gene mutated in most families has been known for 10 years; but the true role of the encoded protein, ALDp, is still speculative; and within the same family, very severe and asymptomatic clinical histories co-exist, unexplained by the mutation.


Author : Bowker Staff
ISBN : 0835216160
Genre : American literature
File Size : 23. 74 MB
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