pancho villa and black jack pershing the punitive expedition in mexico

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Pancho Villa And Black Jack Pershing

Author : James W. Hurst
ISBN : 0313350043
Genre : History
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The focus of this book is the Expedition, the Villistas, and their leader Francisco Pancho Villa. Villa's early life witnessed the advent of the typewriter, the telephone, linotype, the automobile, the Kodak camera, the first motion pictures, wireless telegraphy, the airplane, and the radio. In the days before his defeat at Columbus and the subsequent routing of his bands by the Punitive Expedition, Villa had a coterie of journalists wherever he traveled, and he went to great lengths to secure their comfort. In return they provided him with what today would be called good press, and American public opinion was shaped in a generally favorable direction. Villa instinctively realized that image was everything: it was not what you were that mattered but rather what you seemed to be that really counted. In addition to the American newspaper press, both Mexican and American photographers contributed to Villa's role as a legendary hero. A photographic record unprecedented in the annals of bandit-heroes spread the legend, and motion pictures gave an extraordinary boost to his notoriety. He is arguably the most widely recognized Mexican in America, and his picture is often found on the walls of Mexican-American restaurants. Catching Villa would prove to be difficult, and to do it, Black Jack Pershing and his force needed to rely on local intelligence. Pershing referred to his intelligence-gathering organization as the Intelligence Section, whose officers interrogated prisoners, recruited guides, interpreters, and informers, and organized a secret service of Mexican expatriates who were more than willing to provide their services against Villa. There were a number of Japanese who were employed with mixed results, and a few reliable local Mexicans were employed in the Secret Service with fairly good results. The narrative is itself a reflection of the success of the Intelligence Section in gathering information in the field and preserving what was gathered in detailed, written reports. The reports would not have been possible without the cooperation of the local population, particularly in the Guerrero district and specifically in the pueblo of Namiquipa. Both were hotbeds of Villista sentiment, and early Expedition reports stressed the hostility of the locals. Within a matter of weeks of its arrival, however, the local situation had changed radically. Local farmers were collaborating with the Americans, selling their labor and supplies to the troops and, more importantly, furnishing the invaders with military intelligence.

The Hunt For Pancho Villa

Author : Alejandro de Quesada
ISBN : 9781780960494
Genre : History
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On March 9, 1916, troops under the command of Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico and its local detachment of the US 13th Cavalry Regiment, killing 18 people and burning the town. Six days later, on orders from President Woodrow Wilson, General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing led an expeditionary force of 4,800 men into Mexico to capture Villa. What followed was a series of skirmishes, battles, and chases through the wild and uncharted Mexican countryside. While the Americans failed in their ultimate purpose of catching Villa, they did kill two of his top lieutenants. This book charts the progress of the entire enterprise, covering the dusty marches and the bitter gunfights in the streets of small border towns, analyzing the successes and failures of this unique military expedition.

The Mexican Expedition 1916 1917

Author : Julie Irene Prieto
ISBN : 1944961453
Genre : History
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On 9 March 1916, the forces of Doroteo Arango, better known as Francisco "Pancho" Villa, attacked the small border town of Columbus, New Mexico. In response to the raid, President Woodrow Wilson authorized Brig. Gen. John J. "Black Jack" Pershing to organize an expedition into Chihuahua, Mexico, in order to kill or capture Villa and those responsible for the assault. By 15 March, 4,800 Regular Army soldiers had assembled in Columbus and Camp Furlong, the Army garrison just outside of the town's center. These men fanned out into the Mexican countryside on horseback in small, highly mobile cavalry detachments-sometimes led by local guides or by the Army's Apache scouts-that could cover large swaths of sparsely populated and rough terrain. Cavalrymen employed skills and strategies developed in the preceding decades on frontier campaigns in the West and in warfare against irregular, guerrilla forces in the Philippines. The Mexican Expedition, popularly called the "Punitive Expedition," was to be one of the last operations to employ these methods of warfare and one of the first to rely extensively on trucks. It also provided a testing ground for another new technology-the airplane. During the eleven months that Pershing's expedition was in Chihuahua, U.S. troops failed to kill, capture, or even spot Pancho Villa, but the impact of the expedition reached far beyond the deserts of northern Mexico. The approximately 10,000 regulars that served in the Punitive Expedition gained experience in large, multiunit field operations at a time when small-unit actions were the norm. The Mexican Expedition, 1916-1917, by Julie Irene Prieto, examines the operation, led by General John Pershing, to search for, capture, and destroy Francisco "Pancho" Villa and his revolutionary army in northern Mexico in the year prior to the United States' entry into World War I. This campaign marked one of the final times cavalry was used on a large scale, and it was one of the first to use trucks and airplanes in the field. While Pershing's troops failed to capture Villa, both Regular Army troops and National Guardsmen stationed on the border gained valuable experience in these new technologies.

Sign Of Passage

Author : Grady McCright
ISBN : 9780595515097
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 4 MB
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Nate Hayes accompanies the Punitive Expedition under the command of General John J. (Blackjack) Pershing as United States Army troops march into Mexico searching for Pancho Villa. The President authorized the invasion of foreign soil in 1916 after the devastating raid on Columbus, New Mexico. Modern soldiers need old fashioned tracking talents that have almost disappeared. Ol' Nate Hayes was a scout for the bluecoat Army during the Indian campaigns in the late 1800's, where he knew Lieutenant Pershing, and is the best tracker still alive. Pershing calls him from retirement to support the endeavor. Nate pairs up with a young Lieutenant fresh out of West Point, George S. Patton. During the campaign, the old scout and the young lieutenant discover a black market operating within the military ranks. Obtaining proof of this internal graft turns ugly as the pair put their heads together to rid the Army of this corruption.

The General And The Jaguar

Author : Eileen Welsome
ISBN : 0803222246
Genre : History
File Size : 20. 74 MB
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Pulitzer Prize winner Welsome's gripping, panoramic story reveals a vicious surprise attack on the United States and America's hunt for the perpetrator, Pancho Villa.

Pancho Villa And The Mexican Revolution

Author : Manuel Plana
ISBN : 1566564018
Genre : History
File Size : 90. 59 MB
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Interlink's new illustrated history series seeks to explore the persistent themes of our recent past in order to prepare for the new century. Each volume offers a concise yet comprehensive analysis of a particular political, cultural or social phenomenon and is lavishly illustrated with color and b&w photographs and maps.

Border Conflict

Author : Joseph Allen Stout
ISBN : 087565200X
Genre : History
File Size : 36. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Villistas, Carrancistas and the Punitive Expedition 1915-1920.

Chasing Villa

Author : Col. Frank Tompkins
ISBN : 9780811766449
Genre : History
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On March 9, 1916 the border town of Columbus, New Mexico was attacked by forces under the command of the Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa. Eighteen Americans were killed and a number of buildings were burned to the ground before the U.S. Cavalry, inflicting heavy losses, drove Villa and his mounted band back into Mexico. Frank Tompkins, a Major in the U.S. Cavalry at the time, led the counter-attack against Villa’s mounted men on March 9th, and was with General John "Black Jack" Pershing during the subsequent year-long "Punitive Expedition" that sought to capture the elusive Villa in Mexico. The Columbus Raid and Punitive Expedition proved to be the last major campaign of the U.S. Cavalry. At the same time it presaged the more modern military techniques that would soon be employed by American forces in World War I. First published in 1934 and long out of print, "Chasing Villa" is a sound and literate record of milestone events in Western history, military history, the Mexican revolution, and the last of the horse cavalry.

A Preliminary To War The 1st Aero Squadron And The Mexican Punitive Expedition Of 1916

Author :
ISBN : 9781428910683
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Pancho Villa A Biography

Author : Alejandro Quintana Ph.D.
ISBN : 9780313380952
Genre : History
File Size : 24. 7 MB
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Providing both an analysis of the Mexican Revolution and a compelling story of the notorious Pancho Villa, this book describes this historical period from the perspective of its most iconic figure. • Provides a chronology of Villa's life linked to important revolutionary events • Includes photos of Pancho Villa in different stages of his life, some of which depict other important revolutionary leaders as well • Logically organized and clearly written to facilitate reading comprehension and research on specific topics

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