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Memory Systems

Author : Bruce Jacob
ISBN : 0080553842
Genre : Computers
File Size : 77. 2 MB
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Is your memory hierarchy stopping your microprocessor from performing at the high level it should be? Memory Systems: Cache, DRAM, Disk shows you how to resolve this problem. The book tells you everything you need to know about the logical design and operation, physical design and operation, performance characteristics and resulting design trade-offs, and the energy consumption of modern memory hierarchies. You learn how to to tackle the challenging optimization problems that result from the side-effects that can appear at any point in the entire hierarchy. As a result you will be able to design and emulate the entire memory hierarchy. Understand all levels of the system hierarchy -Xcache, DRAM, and disk. Evaluate the system-level effects of all design choices. Model performance and energy consumption for each component in the memory hierarchy.

The Evolution Of Memory Systems

Author : Kim S. Graham
ISBN : 9780199686438
Genre :
File Size : 76. 59 MB
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Current theories about human memory have been shaped by clinical observations and animal experiments. This doctrine holds that the medial temporal lobe subserves one memory system for explicit or declarative memories, while the basal ganglia subserves a separate memory system for implicit or procedural memories, including habits. Cortical areas outside the medial temporal lobe are said to function in perception, motor control, attention, or other aspects of executive function, but not in memory. 'The Evolution of Memory Systems' advances dramatically different ideas on all counts. It proposes that several memory systems arose during evolution and that they did so for the same general reason: to transcend problems and exploit opportunities encountered by specific ancestors at particular times and places in the distant past. Instead of classifying cortical areas in terms of mutually exclusive perception, executive, or memory functions, the authors show that all cortical areas contribute to memory and that they do so in their own ways-using specialized neural representations. The book also presents a proposal on the evolution of explicit memory. According to this idea, explicit (declarative) memory depends on interactions between a phylogenetically ancient navigation system and a representational system that evolved in humans to represent one's self and others. As a result, people embed representations of themselves into the events they experience and the facts they learn, which leads to the perception of participating in events and knowing facts. 'The Evolution of Memory Systems' is an important new work for students and researchers in neuroscience, psychology, and biology.

Discrete Systems With Memory

Author : Ramon Alonso-Sanz
ISBN : 9789814343633
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 32 MB
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Memory is a universal function of organized matter. What is the mathematics of memory? How does memory affect the space-time behaviour of spatially extended systems? Does memory increase complexity? This book provides answers to these questions. It focuses on the study of spatially extended systems, i.e., cellular automata and other related discrete complex systems. Thus, arrays of locally connected finite state machines, or cells, update their states simultaneously, in discrete time, by the same transition rule. The classical dynamics in these systems is Markovian: only the actual configuration is taken into account to generate the next one. Generalizing the conventional view on spatially extended discrete dynamical systems evolution by allowing cells (or nodes) to be featured by some trait state computed as a function of its own previous state-values, the transition maps of the classical systems are kept unaltered, so that the effect of memory can be easily traced. The book demonstrates that discrete dynamical systems with memory are not only priceless tools for modeling natural phenomena but unique mathematical and aesthetic objects.

Flash Memory Integration

Author : Jalil Boukhobza
ISBN : 9780081011584
Genre : Computers
File Size : 45. 54 MB
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4 zettabytes (4 billion terabytes) of data generated in 2013, 44 zettabytes predicted for 2020 and 185 zettabytes for 2025. These figures are staggering and perfectly illustrate this new era of data deluge. Data has become a major economic and social challenge. The speed of processing of these data is the weakest link in a computer system: the storage system. It is therefore crucial to optimize this operation. During the last decade, storage systems have experienced a major revolution: the advent of flash memory. Flash Memory Integration: Performance and Energy Issues contributes to a better understanding of these revolutions. The authors offer us an insight into the integration of flash memory in computer systems, their behavior in performance and in power consumption compared to traditional storage systems. The book also presents, in their entirety, various methods for measuring the performance and energy consumption of storage systems for embedded as well as desktop/server computer systems. We are invited on a journey to the memories of the future. Ideal for computer scientists, featuring low level details to concentrate on system issues Tackles flash memory aspects while spanning domains such as embedded systems and HPC Contains an exhaustive set of experimental results conducted in the Lab-STICC laboratory Provides details on methodologies to perform performance and energy measurements on flash storage systems

Art Of Memory

Author : F A Yates
ISBN : 9781136353611
Genre : History
File Size : 24. 28 MB
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Memory System Of The Brain

Author : Jean Delacour
ISBN : 9789810210212
Genre : Medical
File Size : 34. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The purpose of this book is to describe the memory system of the brain, taking into account all the levels of neural organization: molecule, cell, small network, and anatomical circuit. This synthetic approach is necessary for determining the real mechanisms among the potential ones, that is the neural bases of learning and memory in intact organisms functioning under normal conditions. For this purpose, data from molecular, cellular and behavioral neurobiology, neuropsychology, animal and human psychology, and neural modellization are comprehensively reviewed by leading specialists and brought together in an original synthesis.

Human Memory

Author : Gordon H. Bower
ISBN : 9781483264905
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Human Memory: Basic Processes provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of human memory. This book provides a general theoretical framework for human memory, information processing, and retrieval. Organized into seven chapters, this book begins with an overview of the permanent features of memory. This text then outlines several experimental findings that support a multiple-store model of memory, with emphasis on the free recall with extension made to other recall tasks. Other chapters describe the results of a number of experiments designed to test specific models that can be obtained from the overall theory. This book discusses as well the permanent, structural features of the memory system. The final chapter deals with the representation of the memory trace of an event in terms that are compatible with the multicomponent theory. This book is a valuable resource for advanced students in experimental psychology. Psychological researchers will also find this book useful.


Author : William STOKES (Teacher of Memory.)
ISBN : BL:A0019032597
Genre :
File Size : 26. 34 MB
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The Memory System

Author : Bruce Jacob
ISBN : 9781598295870
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Today, computer-system optimization, at both the hardware and software levels, must consider the details of the memory system in its analysis; failing to do so yields systems that are increasingly inefficient as those systems become more complex. This lecture seeks to introduce the reader to the most important details of the memory system; it targets both computer scientists and computer engineers in industry and in academia. Roughly speaking, computer scientists are the users of the memory system and computer engineers are the designers of the memory system. Both can benefit tremendously from a basic understanding of how the memory system really works: the computer scientist will be better equipped to create algorithms that perform well and the computer engineer will be better equipped to design systems that approach the optimal, given the resource limitations. Currently, there is consensus among architecture researchers that the memory system is "the bottleneck," and this consensus has held for over a decade. Somewhat inexplicably, most of the research in the field is still directed toward improving the CPU to better tolerate a slow memory system, as opposed to addressing the weaknesses of the memory system directly. This lecture should get the bulk of the computer science and computer engineering population up the steep part of the learning curve. Not every CS/CE researcher/developer needs to do work in the memory system, but, just as a carpenter can do his job more efficiently if he knows a little of architecture, and an architect can do his job more efficiently if he knows a little of carpentry, giving the CS/CE worlds better intuition about the memory system should help them build better systems, both software and hardware. Table of Contents: Primers / It Must Be Modeled Accurately / ...\ and It Will Change Soon

Fundamentals Of Computer Organization And Architecture

Author : Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
ISBN : 9780471478331
Genre : Computers
File Size : 47. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the first book in the two-volume set offering comprehensive coverage of the field of computer organization and architecture. This book provides complete coverage of the subjects pertaining to introductory courses in computer organization and architecture, including: * Instruction set architecture and design * Assembly language programming * Computer arithmetic * Processing unit design * Memory system design * Input-output design and organization * Pipelining design techniques * Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISCs) The authors, who share over 15 years of undergraduate and graduate level instruction in computer architecture, provide real world applications, examples of machines, case studies and practical experiences in each chapter.

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