perspectives on public space in rome from antiquity to the present day

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Perspectives On Public Space In Rome From Antiquity To The Present Day

Author : Jan Gadeyne
ISBN : 9781317081708
Genre : History
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This volume provides readers interested in urban history with a collection of essays on the evolution of public space in that paradigmatic western city which is Rome. Scholars specialized in different historical periods contributed chapters, in order to find common themes which weave their way through one of the most complex urban histories of western civilization. Divided into five chronological sections (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Contemporary) the volume opens with the issue of how public space was defined in classical Roman law and how ancient city managers organized the maintenance of these spaces, before moving on to explore how this legacy was redefined and reinterpreted during the Middle Ages. The third group of essays examines how the imposition of papal order on feuding families during the Renaissance helped introduce a new urban plan which could satisfy both functional and symbolic needs. The fourth section shows how modern Rome continued to express strong interest in the control and management of public space, the definition of which was necessarily selective in this vastly extensive city. The collection ends with an essay on the contemporary debate for revitalizing Rome's eastern periphery. Through this long-term chronological approach the volume offers a truly unique insight into the urban development of one of Europe’s most important cities, and concludes with a discuss of the challenges public space faces today after having served for so many centuries as a driving force in urban history.

Spaces In Late Antiquity

Author : Juliette Day
ISBN : 1472450167
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Introduction / Juliette Day, Raimo Hakola, Maijastina Kahlos and Ulla Tervahauta -- I. Cultural perspectives -- Meddling in the middle? : urban celebrations, ecclesiastical leaders and the Roman emperor in late antiquity / Maijastina Kahlos -- Classical culture, domestic space and imperial vision in the Cycle of Agathias / Steven D. Smith -- Monastic space : the ascetic between sacred and civil spheres in Theodoret of Cyrrhus / Andreas Westergren -- II. Theological perspectives -- Seeing Christ at the holy places / Juliette Day -- Sacred space, virginal consecration and symbolic power : a liturgical innovation and its implications in late ancient Christianity / David G. Hunter -- The city of God and the place of demons : city life and demonology in early Christianity / Joona Salminen -- Preaching, feasting and making space for a meaning / Anna-Liisa Tolonen -- III. Archaeological perspectives -- Galilean Jews and Christians in context : spaces shared and contested in the Eastern Galilee in late antiquity / Raimo Hakola -- Performing the sacred in a community building : observations from the 2010-2015 Kinneret Regional Project excavations in the Byzantine Synagogue of Horvat Kur (Galilee) / Jürgen Zangenberg -- Thrown into limekilns : the reuse of statuary and architecture in Galilee from late antiquity onwards / Rick Bonnie


Author : Rabun Taylor
ISBN : 9781316679371
Genre : Art
File Size : 39. 32 MB
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Spanning the entire history of the city of Rome from Iron Age village to modern metropolis, this is the first book to take the long view of the Eternal City as an urban organism. Three thousand years old and counting, Rome has thrived almost from the start on self-reference, supplementing the everyday concerns of urban management and planning by projecting its own past onto the city of the moment. This is a study of the urban processes by which Rome's people and leaders, both as custodians of its illustrious past and as agents of its expansive power, have shaped and conditioned its urban fabric by manipulating geography and organizing space; planning infrastructure; designing and presiding over mythmaking, ritual, and stagecraft; controlling resident and transient populations; and exploiting Rome's standing as a seat of global power and a religious capital.

Architectural Invention In Renaissance Rome

Author : Yvonne Elet
ISBN : 9781107130524
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 33. 86 MB
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A revisionist view of Renaissance architectural design as a dialectical process engaging word and image in the creation of Raphael's masterwork.


Author : Paul Zanker
ISBN : 0674689674
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Pompeii's tragedy is society's windfall: an ancient city fully preserved, its urban design and domestic styles speaking across the ages. This richly illustrated book conducts readers through the captured wonders of Pompeii, evoking at every turn the life of the city as it was 2,000 years ago. At home or in public, at work or at ease, the people of Pompeii and their world come alive in Zanker's masterly rendering. It is a provocative and original reading of material culture. 21 color illustrators. 55 halftones.

Ostia In Late Antiquity

Author : Douglas Boin
ISBN : 9781107024014
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 82 MB
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Ostia in Late Antiquity is the first book to narrate the life of Ostia Antica, Rome's ancient harbor, during the later empire.

Two Romes

Author : Lucy Grig
ISBN : 9780190241087
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 41 MB
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The city of Constantinople was named New Rome or Second Rome very soon after its foundation in AD 324; over the next two hundred years it replaced the original Rome as the greatest city of the Mediterranean. In this unified essay collection, prominent international scholars examine the changing roles and perceptions of Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity from a range of different disciplines and scholarly perspectives. The seventeen chapters cover both the comparative development and the shifting status of the two cities. Developments in politics and urbanism are considered, along with the cities' changing relationships with imperial power, the church, and each other, and their evolving representations in both texts and images. These studies present important revisionist arguments and new interpretations of significant texts and events. This comparative perspective allows the neglected subject of the relationship between the two Romes to come into focus while avoiding the teleological distortions common in much past scholarship. An introductory section sets the cities, and their comparative development, in context. Part Two looks at topography, and includes the first English translation of the Notitia of Constantinople. The following section deals with politics proper, considering the role of emperors in the two Romes and how rulers interacted with their cities. Part Four then considers the cities through the prism of literature, in particular through the distinctively late antique genre of panegyric. The fifth group of essays considers a crucial aspect shared by the two cities: their role as Christian capitals. Lastly, a provocative epilogue looks at the enduring Roman identity of the post-Heraclian Byzantine state. Thus, Two Romes not only illuminates the study of both cities but also enriches our understanding of the late Roman world in its entirety.

The Restoration Of The Roman Forum In Late Antiquity

Author : Gregor Kalas
ISBN : 9780292767423
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 42. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In The Restoration of the Roman Forum in Late Antiquity, Gregor Kalas examines architectural conservation during late antiquity period at Rome's most important civic center: the Roman Forum. During the fourth and fifth centuries CE—when emperors shifted their residences to alternate capitals and Christian practices overtook traditional beliefs—elite citizens targeted restoration campaigns so as to infuse these initiatives with political meaning. Since construction of new buildings was a right reserved for the emperor, Rome's upper echelon funded the upkeep of buildings together with sculptural displays to gain public status. Restorers linked themselves to the past through the fragmentary reuse of building materials and, as Kalas explores, proclaimed their importance through prominently inscribed statues and monuments, whose placement within the existing cityscape allowed patrons and honorees to connect themselves to the celebrated history of Rome. Building on art historical studies of spolia and exploring the Forum over an extended period of time, Kalas demonstrates the mutability of civic environments. The Restoration of the Roman Forum in Late Antiquity maps the evolution of the Forum away from singular projects composed of new materials toward an accretive and holistic design sensibility. Overturning notions of late antiquity as one of decline, Kalas demonstrates how perpetual reuse and restoration drew on Rome's venerable past to proclaim a bright future.

Housing In Late Antiquity Volume 3 2

Author : Luke Lavan
ISBN : 9789047423270
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 77. 91 MB
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This collection of papers, arising from the conference series Late Antique Archaeology, examines the housing in the late antique period, through thematic and regional syntheses, complemented by cases studies and two bibliographic essays.

Rome S Gothic Wars

Author : Michael Kulikowski
ISBN : 9781139458092
Genre : History
File Size : 84. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rome's Gothic Wars is a concise introduction to research on the Roman Empire's relations with one of the most important barbarian groups of the ancient world. The book uses archaeological and historical evidence to look not just at the course of events, but at the social and political causes of conflict between the empire and its Gothic neighbours. In eight chapters, Michael Kulikowski traces the history of Romano-Gothic relations from their earliest stage in the third century, through the development of strong Gothic politics in the early fourth century, until the entry of many Goths into the empire in 376 and the catastrophic Gothic war that followed. The book closes with a detailed look at the career of Alaric, the powerful Gothic general who sacked the city of Rome in 410.

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