pharmacokinetics in drug development advances and applications volume 3

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Pharmacokinetics In Drug Development

Author : Peter L. Bonate
ISBN : 1441979379
Genre : Medical
File Size : 24. 16 MB
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The topics chosen for this volume were selected because they are some of the current development or technological issues facing drug development project teams. They regard the practical considerations for assessment of selected special development populations. For example, they include characterization of drug disposition in pregnant subjects, for measuring arrhythmic potential, for analysis tumor growth modeling, and for disease progression modeling. Practical considerations for metabolite safety testing, transporter assessments, Phase 0 testing, and development and execution of drug interaction programs reflect current regulatory topics meant to address enhancement of both safety assessment and early decision-making during new candidate selection. Important technologies like whole body autoradiography, digital imaging and dried blood spot sample collection methods are introduced, as both have begun to take a more visible role in pharmacokinetic departments throughout the industry.

Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems In The Life Sciences

Author : Peter E. Kloeden
ISBN : 9783319030807
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 24. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Nonautonomous dynamics describes the qualitative behavior of evolutionary differential and difference equations, whose right-hand side is explicitly time dependent. Over recent years, the theory of such systems has developed into a highly active field related to, yet recognizably distinct from that of classical autonomous dynamical systems. This development was motivated by problems of applied mathematics, in particular in the life sciences where genuinely nonautonomous systems abound. The purpose of this monograph is to indicate through selected, representative examples how often nonautonomous systems occur in the life sciences and to outline the new concepts and tools from the theory of nonautonomous dynamical systems that are now available for their investigation.

3d Qsar In Drug Design

Author : Hugo Kubinyi
ISBN : 9780306468582
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 75 MB
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Significant progress has been made in the study of three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationships (3D QSAR) since the first publication by Richard Cramer in 1988 and the first volume in the series, 3D QSAR in Drug Design. Theory, Methods and Applications, published in 1993. The aim of that early book was to contribute to the understanding and the further application of CoMFA and related approaches and to facilitate the appropriate use of these methods. Since then, hundreds of papers have appeared using the quickly developing techniques of both 3D QSAR and computational sciences to study a broad variety of biological problems. Again the editor(s) felt that the time had come to solicit reviews on published and new viewpoints to document the state of the art of 3D QSAR in its broadest definition and to provide visions of where new techniques will emerge or new appli- tions may be found. The intention is not only to highlight new ideas but also to show the shortcomings, inaccuracies, and abuses of the methods. We hope this book will enable others to separate trivial from visionary approaches and me-too methodology from in- vative techniques. These concerns guided our choice of contributors. To our delight, our call for papers elicited a great many manuscripts.

Drug Discovery And Evaluation

Author : H. Gerhard Vogel
ISBN : 3540256385
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is a landmark in the continuously changing world of drugs. It is essential reading for scientists and managers in the pharmaceutical industry who are involved in drug finding, drug development and decision making in the development process.

Advances In Communications

Author : D.G. Lainiotis
ISBN : 9027711402
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 48. 41 MB
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The technical program of the Conference consisted of technical sessions that covered all-important aspects of control, informa tion processing/communications, and computers. In particular, there were numerous technical sessions covering all-important aspects of control, such as control theory, control applications, estima tion, identification, adaptive systems, linear systems, stability, cybernetics, computational methods, and simulation. The program also included many sessions on information processing/communicati ons, such as information theory, coding, signal analysis, signal processing, communication theory, satellite communications, pat tern recognition and image processing. Moreover, there were sever al sessions on computers, in particular on computer systems, com puter communication networks, and automata. Finally, the technical program included numerous sessions on important applications of systems technology, such as power, energy modeling and planning, earth resources, transportation, economics and management, and physiological systems. In view of the broad scope of the Conference technical program and the extensive coverage of many important aspects of systems theory and applications by internationally known researchers, we hope that this collection of papers will be a useful supplement to the published literature and textbooks used for research and teaching. For the success of the Conference we are indebted to a great many people and institutions, primarily to the authors of the papers, without whom the conference would not have existed, and this book would not have materialized. We are particularly indebted to the great majority of them who paid some or all of their own expenses.

Advances In Qsar Modeling

Author : Kunal Roy
ISBN : 9783319568508
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The book covers theoretical background and methodology as well as all current applications of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR). Written by an international group of recognized researchers, this edited volume discusses applications of QSAR in multiple disciplines such as chemistry, pharmacy, environmental and agricultural sciences addressing data gaps and modern regulatory requirements. Additionally, the applications of QSAR in food science and nanoscience have been included – two areas which have only recently been able to exploit this versatile tool. This timely addition to the series is aimed at graduate students, academics and industrial scientists interested in the latest advances and applications of QSAR.

Handbook Of Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Correlation

Author : Hartmut Derendorf
ISBN : 084938303X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 87. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Combining the established disciplines of pharmacokinetics (PK), the relationship between drug concentration and time, and pharmacodynamics (PD), the relationship between drug effects and concentration, this handbook examines the relevant relationship between drug effects and time. It provides a systematic overview of how PK is linked to PD, introduces the basic concepts of PK-PD modeling and presents the underlying theory behind it, and discusses the specific aspects of PK-PD modeling for various classes of drugs.

Drug Discovery And Development E Book

Author : Raymond G Hill
ISBN : 9780702053160
Genre : Medical
File Size : 68. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The modern pharmacopeia has enormous power to alleviate disease, and owes its existence almost entirely to the work of the pharmaceutical industry. This book provides an introduction to the way the industry goes about the discovery and development of new drugs. The first part gives a brief historical account from its origins in the mediaeval apothecaries’ trade, and discusses the changing understanding of what we mean by disease, and what therapy aims to achieve, as well as summarising case histories of the discovery and development of some important drugs. The second part focuses on the science and technology involved in the discovery process: the stages by which a promising new chemical entity is identified, from the starting point of a medical need and an idea for addressing it. A chapter on biopharmaceuticals, whose discovery and development tend to follow routes somewhat different from synthetic compounds, is included here, as well as accounts of patent issues that arise in the discovery phase, and a chapter on research management in this environment. The third section of the book deals with drug development: the work that has to be undertaken to turn the drug candidate that emerges from the discovery process into a product on the market. The definitive introduction to how a pharmaceutical company goes about its business of discovering and developing drugs. The second edition has a new editor: Professor Raymond Hill ● non-executive director of Addex Pharmaceuticals, Covagen and of Orexo AB ● Visiting Industrial Professor of Pharmacology in the University of Bristol ● Visiting Professor in the School of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Surrey ● Visiting Professor in Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Strathclyde ● President and Chair of the Council of the British Pharmacological Society ● member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs. New to this edition: Completely rewritten chapter on The Role of Medicinal Chemistry in the Drug Discovery Process. New topic - DMPK Optimization Strategy in drug discovery. New chapter on Scaffolds: Small globular proteins as antibody substitutes. Totally updated chapters on Intellectual Property and Marketing 50 new illustrations in full colour Features Accessible, general guide to pharmaceutical research and development. Examines the interfaces between cost and social benefit, quality control and mass production, regulatory bodies, patent management, and all interdisciplinary intersections essential to effective drug development. Written by a strong team of scientists with long experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Solid overview of all the steps from lab bench to market in an easy-to-understand way which will be accessible to non-specialists. From customer reviews of the previous edition: ‘... it will have everything you need to know on this module. Deeply referenced and, thus, deeply reliable. Highly Commended in the medicine category of the BMA 2006 medical book competition Winner of the Royal Society of Medicine Library Prize for Medical Book of the Year

Modern Pharmaceutics Two Volume Set Fifth Edition

Author : Alexander T. Florence
ISBN : 9781420065718
Genre : Medical
File Size : 32. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This new edition brings you up-to-date on the role of pharmaceutics and its future paradigms in the design of medicines. Contributions from over 30 international thought leaders cover the core disciplines of pharmaceutics and the impact of biotechnology, gene therapy, and cell therapy on current findings. Modern Pharmaceutics helps you stay current with the basic sciences, systems, applications, and advances in drug development—from materials used in formulations and dosage form design and manufacture, to testing in clinical trials. Improve research and development strategies with brand new content on: • methods of in vivo imaging of dosage forms • excipients, tablets, and aerosols—from physical chemistry to dosage form • solid state drug delivery • biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals • modern evaluation techniques for medicinal products • pharmaceutical nanotechnology • pharmaceutical physics • pediatric and geriatric medication • routes of administration • paradigms in pharmaceutical research

Drug Discovery And Development Volume 1

Author : Mukund S. Chorghade
ISBN : 9780471780090
Genre : Science
File Size : 55. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This two volume set provides a comprehensive account of the entire sequence of operations involved in discovering a drug through the actual delivery of the drug to clinicians and medical practitioners. Includes case studies of the discovery of erythromycin analogs (antibiotics), Tagamet, and Ultiva (remifentanil) Discusses the discovery of agents for the treatment and management of bacterial infections, Parkinson's disease, psoriasis, ulcers and stomach pain, atopic dermatitis, asthma, and cancer Contains chapters on combinatorial chemistry, molecular biology-based drug discovery, genomics, and chemogenomics The first volume of this set thoroughly describes conceptualizing a drug, creating a library of candidates for testing, screening those candidates for in vitro and in vivo activity, conducting and analyzing the results of clinical trials, and revising the drug as necessary.

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