philosophies of islamic education historical perspectives and emerging discourses routledge research in religion and education

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Philosophies Of Islamic Education

Author : Mujadad Zaman
ISBN : 9781317657637
Genre : Education
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The study of Islamic education has hitherto remained a tangential inquiry in the broader focus of Islamic Studies. In the wake of this neglect, a renaissance of sorts has occurred in recent years, reconfiguring the importance of Islam’s attitudes to knowledge, learning and education as paramount in the study and appreciation of Islamic civilization. Philosophies of Islamic Education, stands in tandem to this call and takes a pioneering step in establishing the importance of its study for the educationalist, academic and student alike. Broken into four sections, it deals with theological, pedagogic, institutional and contemporary issues reflecting the diverse and often competing notions and practices of Islamic education. As a unique international collaboration bringing into conversation theologians, historians, philosophers, teachers and sociologists of education Philosophies of Islamic Education intends to provide fresh means for conversing with contemporary debates in ethics, secularization theory, child psychology, multiculturalism, interfaith dialogue and moral education. In doing so, it hopes to offer an important and timely contribution to educational studies as well as give new insight for academia in terms of conceiving learning and education.

Public Theology Perspectives On Religion And Education

Author : Manfred L. Pirner
ISBN : 9780429877223
Genre : Education
File Size : 35. 68 MB
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In order to draw out the relationship between publicly-oriented Christianity and education, this book demonstrates that education is an important method and prerequisite of public theology, as well as an urgent object of public theology research’s attention. Featuring work from diverse academic disciplines—including religion education, theology, philosophy, and religious studies—this edited collection also contends with the educational challenges that come with the decline of religion on the one hand and its transformation and regained public relevance on the other. Taken together, the contributions to this volume provide a comprehensive argument for why education deserves systematic attention in the context of public theology discourse, and vice versa.

Researching Religious Education Classroom Processes And Outcomes

Author : Friedrich Schweitzer
ISBN : 9783830987192
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68. 61 MB
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The question of how research on structures and outcomes in Religious Education can be carried out successfully is of current interest in many countries. Next to the more traditional historical, analytical and, more recently, international comparative approaches, empirical research in religious education has been able to establish itself as a major approach to this field. Moreover, the contemporary discussion about comparative evaluation in schools has raised a number of questions which also refer to Religious Education. What competences can pupils acquire in this subject? Does Religious Education really support the acquisition and development of the competences aspired? Are there differences in this respect between different forms of Religious Education or between different approaches to teaching? With contributions from eight European countries, the volume brings together approaches and research experiences that try to follow this lead by offering new and empirically based perspectives for the future improvement of teaching and learning in this school subject. Whoever is interested in improving the practice of Religious Education then, will not be able to bypass the question of researching processes and outcomes - an insight which also refers to a small but growing number of studies in this field which can be identified in several countries.

Investigating Political Tolerance At Conservative Protestant Colleges And Universities

Author : George Yancey
ISBN : 9780429756931
Genre : Education
File Size : 61. 3 MB
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This book aims to investigate the level of political tolerance at conservative Protestant colleges and universities. Through innovative and methodologically sophisticated techniques, the authors test the political openness of these institutions as a proxy for their willingness to accept opinions that fall outside of those held by their religious community. The purpose of this study is to determine if there is an insular environment at conservative Protestant institutions beyond religious obligations, or if these institutions are only restrictive as it concerns those theological commitments. Drawing from five distinct sets of data, the authors demonstrate that conservative Protestant institutions of higher education exhibit more political diversity and political tolerance than other institutions of higher education, including elite ‘Research 1’ institutions.

Author : Edward Wadie Said
ISBN : 9776174213
Genre : East and West
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Author : Manfred Ullmann
ISBN : 9786035030793
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48. 64 MB
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يؤدي الطب الإسلامي في تراثنا الفكري والعملي دوراً أكبر كثيراً مما ندركه في العادة. كانت المراجع التي يقرؤها طلاب الطب في أوروبا بين عام 1200 حتى عام 1600 هي الكتب المترجمة عن الكتّاب المسلمين الذين كتبوا باللغة العربية. لا يمثل هذا الكتاب مرجعاً في تاريخ الطب الإسلامي, بل يمثل محاولة لإظهار خواصه المميزة بالتركيز على نواحٍ أساسية فيه. يظهر الكاتب كيف أدت ترجمة الكتب الطبية, أساساً من الأدب اليوناني, إلى إعادة إحياء هذا التراث في العالم الإسلامي ومن ثم أسلمته. بعد شرح وجيز لتطور الطب الإسلامي ونقله إلى أوروبا, يشرح الكتاب بعض مفاهيم الطب الإسلامي الأساسية- نظام علم وظائف الأعضاء, والأفكار السائدة فيه عن طبيعة المرض وكيفية انتقال الإنتان, وقواعده المتعلقة بالحمية واستعمال الأدوية. يشرح الفصل الأخير العلاقة بين (الطب التقليدي) والسحر والتنجيم. لقد كتب الأستاذ الجامعي أولمان من جامعة توبنجين كتاباً مليئاً بالأمور المثيرة الماتعة في قراءتها. سوف يجد الطلاب والقراء عامة هذا الكتاب كنزاً مليئاً بالمعلومات الرائعة. يتضمن الكتاب أيضاً رسوماً ماتعة مفيدة. العبيكان للنشر

Author : فرهاد دفترى
ISBN : 1855167654
Genre : Civilization, Islamic
File Size : 84. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Author : عبد الرحمن بن محمد ابن خلدون
ISBN : 9772380307
Genre : World history
File Size : 75. 50 MB
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Author :
Genre : Civilization, Modern
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Islamic Radicalism And Multicultural Politics

Author : Tahir Abbas
ISBN : 9781136959608
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 89. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The emergence of an Islamic political radicalism in Britain has been one of the most dramatic developments in post-war society. Islamic Radicalism and Multicultural Politics explores the context behind this phenomenon, focusing on post-war immigration and integration, the complex relations that exist between Britain and Islam and the true extent of social and economic inequalities that affect Muslims.

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