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Philosophy Of Education International Library Of The Philosophy Of Education Volume 14

Author : Terence W. Moore
ISBN : 9781135170677
Genre : Education
File Size : 24. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume provides an introduction to the philosophy of education, which will enable students meeting the subject for the first time to find their way among the many specialized volumes. It deals in a non-technical way with the more important issues raised in a philosophical approach to education, and gives a clear idea of the scope of the subject. After discussing different theories of the aims of education, whether mechanistic or organic, the author addresses practical issues - for example, about the curriculum, the distinction between education and indoctrination, the role of authority and discipline, and the place of religious and moral teaching. Finally he deals with some important aspects of education and the influence of different political structures on the philosophy of education.

Making Sense Of Education

Author : David Carr
ISBN : 9781134478132
Genre : Education
File Size : 67. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Making Sense of Education provides a contemporary introduction to the key issues in educational philosophy and theory. Exploring major past and present conceptions of education, teaching and learning, this book makes philosophy of education relevant to the professional practice of teachers and student teachers, as well of interest to those studying education as an academic subject. The book is divided into three parts: education, teaching and professional practice: issues concerning education, the role of the teacher, the relationship of educational theory to practice and the wider moral dimensions of pedagogy learning, knowledge and curriculum: issues concerning behaviourist and cognitive theories of learning, knowledge and meaning, curriculum aims and content and evaluation and assessment schooling, society and culture: issues of the wider social and political context of education concerning liberalism and communitarianism, justice and equality, differentiation, authority and discipline. This timely and up-to-date introduction assists all those studying and/or working in education to appreciate the main philosophical sources of and influences on present day thinking about education, teaching and learning

Education And The Education Of Teachers International Library Of The Philosophy Of Education Volume 18

Author : R.S. Peters
ISBN : 9781135170394
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 18 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of important and significant papers examines a wide range of issues. One of the author's main concerns is to clarify the meaning of 'education' and 'quality in education' - a phrase often used in public debate but seldom scrutinized. Long-standing ambiguities latent in the concept of 'liberal education' are also exposed, and Herbert Spencer's question 'What knowledge is of most worth?', vital in the light of the recent vast development of knowledge, is considered. The first section of the collection clarifies different aspects of the concept of education and to reflect upon the difficulties and dilemmas facing teachers who strive to educate their pupils as distinct from just preparing them for examinations. This section concludes with a constructive re-examination of Plato's conception of education with a view to seeing what is acceptable in it instead of just concentrating on what is manifestly unacceptable. The second section is concerned with the role of edcuational theory in the education of teachers.

Philosophical Thinking In Educational Practice

Author : Robert D. Heslep
ISBN : 027595496X
Genre : Education
File Size : 43. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Designed for those wanting to be teachers, administrators, or other educational practitioners, this work shows how the study of educational philosophy should and can be of considerable practical value. The author provides students with a method--one of questioning--and a set of principles of moral agency for assessing the purposes and decisions of educational practice. Students can see the practical value of educational philosophy through case studies which include: a school district committee's efforts to write a mission statement; a disciplinary hearing for a middle school student; a teacher's instructional evaluation; a high school committee trying to reform an occupational studies program; and an elementary school committee examining how to improve students' academic performance. Each case study contains background information and a description of the facts of the case, an identification of the central topic, a specification of the features of moral activity that appear in the case, a questioning of the case from the standpoint of the generic norms of moral agency, and recommendations on what needs to be done in the case.

The Concept Of Education International Library Of The Philosophy Of Education Volume 17

Author : R.S. Peters
ISBN : 9781135170462
Genre : Education
File Size : 71. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A series of public lectures given at the Institute of Education, University of London provides the nucleus around which this collection, originally published in 1967, is gathered. This collection provides comprehensive coverage of a complex theme which will be of interest to those involved in the fields of philosophy and education alike. Topics covered include:the logical and psychological aspects of learning, the concept of play, rule and routines, teaching and training, philosophical models of teaching.

Advance Philosophy Of Education

Author : Bharati chand
ISBN : 9781947027428
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 78. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book offers a concrete theory and practice of philosophy of education. It explores educational aspects of the Indian and western philosophy and philosophers. It can help students and teachers as well as teacher educators to analyze, reflect upon and improve their teaching practice from a philosophical point of view. It challenges students and teachers to incorporate both theory as well as practice of philosophy in their classroom teaching.

Science Teaching

Author : Michael R. Matthews
ISBN : 041590899X
Genre : Education
File Size : 33. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Acknowledgments. . . Preface. . 1. The Rapprochement Between History, Philosophy and Science Education. 1. 2. Historical Debates About the Science Curriculum. 11. . Natural Philosophy in the Curriculum. 12. . US Science Education to the 1950s. 13. . 1950s National Science Foundation Curricula. 15. . British Curricular Reform. 20. . Inquiry Learning and the Need for History and Philosophy of Science. 25. 3. Contemporary Curricular Developments. 29. . Science Literacy and the 1980s Crisis. 29. . The Responsibility of Schools. 33. . Project 2061. 35. . British National Curriculum. 45. . Science-Technology-Society Curricula. 46. 4. History of Science in the Curriculum. 49. . Reasons for History. 49. . History in US Science Curricula. 54. . History in British Science Curricula. 57. . History in Continental Science Curricula. 59. . Teaching About Air Pressure: The Contrast Between Historical and Professional Approaches. 60. . Metaphysics and Physics in the Science of Air Pressure. 64. . How to Introduce History. 70. . Opposition to History. 71. . A Defense of History. 77. 5. Philosophy in the Curriculum. 83. . Science and Philosophy. 84. . Philosophy in the Science Curriculum. 86. . Logic and Scientific Reasoning. 88. . Rationality in Science and in Science Classrooms. 93. . Ernst Mach: Philosopher, Scientist and Educator. 95. . Thought Experiments in Science. 100. . Thought Experiments and Science Education. 103. . Ethics and Science Education. 105. . Feminism and Science Education. 106. 6. History and Philosophy in the Classroom: The Case of Pendulum Motion. 109. . The Pendulum and the Science of Motion. 109. . Galileo and the Textbook. 110. . Galileo's Account of Pendulum Motion. 112. . Empirical Problems with Galileo's Account. 116. . Philosophical Problems with Galileo's Account. 118. . Post-Galileo Developments. 121. . A Comparison: Millikan and Ehrenhaft. 123. . Some Epistemological Lessons. 124. . Some Pedagogical Lessons. 131. 7. Constructivism and Science Education. 137. . What is Constructivism?. 138. . Epistemological Commitments. 139. . Ontological Commitments. 141. . Constructivist Teaching Practice. 143. . Constructivism and Inquiry Learning. 146. . Radical Constructivist Theory. 148. . Constructivism and Relativism. 158. 8. What is Science? Realism and Empiricism. 163. . Platonic Empiricism and Aristotelian Realism. 164. . Copernican and Galilean Realism and Osiander's Empiricism. 165. . Newton's Realism and Berkeley's Empiricism. 167. . Planck's Realism and Mach's Empiricism. 170. . Some Philosophical Considerations. 174. 9. Multicultural Science Education. 179. . Criticism of Science Education. 179. . The Universalist Tradition. 181. . Epistemology and Multicultural Science Education. 184. . Some Traditional Non-Western Metaphysics. 186. . What is Good Science?. 190. . History of Science and Multiculturalism. 192. . The Multiscience Thesis. 195. 10. Teacher Education. 199. . History and Philosophy of Science in Teacher Education. 200. . What Type of Course?. 202. . Teachers' Epistemology. 204. . Analogy, Metaphor and Scientific Thinking. 205. . History of Science and the Psychology of Learning. 208. . Idealizations in Science and the Learning of Science. 211. . Notes. 215. . References. 235. . Further Reading. 273. . Addresses. 275. . Index. 277.

Preface To The Philosophy Of Education International Library Of The Philosophy Of Education Volume 24

Author : John Wilson
ISBN : 9781135169985
Genre : Education
File Size : 48. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The author believes that most 'philosophy of education' until now has been little more than the promotion of particular ideologies, and that progress can be made only by a more analytical approach. He therefore outlines the nature of 'philosophy of education' and defines some of its major problems by examining key notions such as the value of education, the nature and implications of learning and what should be learned.

The Philosophy Of Primary Education Rle Edu K

Author : R F Dearden
ISBN : 9781136492648
Genre : Education
File Size : 87. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume provides a rigorous examination of theoretical concepts such as need, interest, growth, play, experience, activity and self-expression. It also makes an important contribution towards getting a closely argued educational theory. In the first part of the book the author establishes general aims and ends with suggestions as to what the curriculum ought to be. The second part is concerned with the procedures of learning and teaching appropriate to such a curriculum.

Teaching Philosophy

Author : Tziporah Kasachkoff
ISBN : 074251448X
Genre : Education
File Size : 61. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Here, two dozen distinguished philosophers share their insights and practical suggestions on a diverse range of pedagogic issues with essays on how to motivate students, constructing syllabi for particular courses, teaching particularly complex concepts, and constructing creative examinations.

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