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Physico Chemical Analysis Of Industrial Catalysts

Author : John Lynch
ISBN : 2710808374
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book describes the principal physico-chemical techniques for characterising the catalysts used in searching for new active phases, optimising the formulation and monitoring industrial production. Based on courses given at the Institut Francias du Peole for research technicians in the fields of kinetics and catalysis, this book covers useful basic theory and provides numerous examples of industrial applications. This guide is an essential companion for technicians and chemical engineers whose work requires an understanding of the fields of application, including the capabilities and the limits of today's complex characterisation techniques.Contents: Introduction. 1. Textural characterisation of catalysts. 2. Atomic absorption spectrometry. 3. Atomic emission spectroscopy. 4. X-ray fluorescence. 5. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. 6. Ion impact analysis. 7. Scanning electron microscopy. 8. Elemental analysis in the electron microprobe. 9. Transmission electron microscopy. 10. X-ray diffraction and small-angle scattering. 11. Exafs. 12. Infrared absorption spectrometry. 13. Nuclear magnetic resonance. 14. Thermal analysis methods. Index

Catalysis By Transition Metal Sulphides

Author : RAYBAUD Pascal
ISBN : 9782710809913
Genre : Science
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The main application of Transition Metal Sulphides (TMS) as solid catalysts is for production of clean fuels in petroleum refineries. The various feedstocks to be processed all contain more or less sulphur, included in highly stable heteroaromatic molecules. In order to meet the stringent specifications imposed worldwide nowadays on transportation fuels to reduce their environmental impact, catalytic hydroprocessing remains essential. In this process, sulphur is removed as H2S following the reaction between molecular hydrogen and the heteroaromatics. The reaction conditions and reaction medium composition are such that only TMS provide stable catalysts, generally supported on alumina. Both for their fundamental and applied interest, these fascinating systems are still the subject of a very significant research effort, while major advances have been made over the past 30 years, involving innovative preparation routes, sophisticated surface science experiments for characterisation, detailed kinetic and mechanistic studies, and state of the art DFT simulations giving unprecedented insight into the local structure as well as elementary steps at microscopic level. This book aims at providing a complete, comprehensive and updated survey of the field, useful for anyone involved: the student starting a research project, the academic researcher or the refinery engineer willing to deepen their knowledge on the catalytic as well as on the process aspects. 37 specialists from IFP Energies nouvelles, CNRS, or French universities have contributed, reporting a unique synthesis of the last 15 years of research. The preface written by Michèle Breysse, a well known leading scientist who devoted most of her fruitful career to this topic, puts this collective work into a meaningful historical perspective. Contents : Part 1. Fundamental Aspects: Insights from DFT calculations and experimental surface sciences. 1. Periodic trends in catalysis by sulphides. 2. Atomic scale structures of mixed lamellar sulphides. 3. Theoretical and microkinetic studies of hydrotreatment reactions. 4. Models of supported Co(Ni)MoS Catalysts. Part 2. Progress in the preparation and characterisation of industrial hydrotreating catalysts. 1. Principles involved in the preparation of hydrotreatment catalysts. 2. Progress in the preparation of new catalysts. 3. Progress in the preparation of catalysts with controlled acidity: case of aluminosilicate supports. 4. Activation and genesis of the active phase by sulfidation. 5. life cycle of an HDT catalyst. 6. Charaterisation of catalysts. Part 3. Applications to the production of clean fuels. 1. An overview of refining. 2. Deep desulphurisation of middle distillates. 3. Selective desulphurisation of catalytic cracking gasolines. 4. Hydrocracking. 5. Hydroprocessing and hydroconversion of residue fractions. 6. Hydrotreatment of vegetable oils. 7. Hydroconversion of coals. Conclusion.

The Geopolitics Of Energy

Author : Jean-Pierre Favennec
ISBN : 9782710811459
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60. 21 MB
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Rarely has the world's energy sector known such a complicated and fragile environment as that being experienced in 2011. Energy demand is increasing rapidly because of growth in the developing countries. It is largely met by fossil fuels : oil, natural gas and coal, and also by hydraulic and nuclear power. The use of all these forms of energy now gives rise to controversy. A year after the uncontrollable oil leaks from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, the consequences of the accident are still being debated. The development of shale gas, currently the source of half natural gas production in the United States, meets strong opposition in a number of European countries. Even more serious, the accident at Fukushima has put into question the future development of nuclear power, particularly in Europe but also in the USA. There is considerable criticism of the use of coal, which is the source for most of the energy needs in China and a number of developing countries, because of its emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. Even traditional biomass, whose use leads to deforestation and to respiratory diseases, and the development of hydraulic power are the subject of debate. How should one judge between these different energies ? How can decisions be taken between reducing consumption and increasing production ? What is the future for new renewable energies ? These are the issues at stake on the energy sector. This book appears just at the right time to provide clear and well documented replies to the questions that all of us, as energy users, are posing. How are the different forms of energy produced ? What does the future hold for them ? Who are the players active in the energy scene ? What are the supply constraints ? What is the impact of the strong growth in India and China on energy resources ? The book is in two parts. The first sets out the major characteristics of the energy sector. The second provides an analysis of the global energy issues region by region and details the geopolitical aspects. This work is well illustrated and accessible to all, as it does not require any specific prior knowledge. It will particularly interest readers seeking a global perspective of a sector that is fundamental both to our economy and also for our international policies.

Handbuch Der Katalyse

Author : G -M Schwab
ISBN : 3211800174
Genre :
File Size : 38. 8 MB
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Fritz Haber

Author : Dietrich Stoltzenberg
ISBN : UCAL:B4253492
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 88. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The chemist Fritz Haber (1868-1934) was a genius, albeit a controversial is pioneering work in thermodynamics led to the industrial synthesis of ; for this achievement he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1918. Haber's d activities in electrochemistry and other areas of physical chemistry sti chemical research in Germany. Together with his numerous contributions arch and his involvement in the politics of science, they exerted a form nd lasting influence on science in Germany. His burning ambition and passionate patriotism - which manifested itself xample, in his unwavering advocacy of chemical weapons - made the German itz Haber one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century ailure of his marriages with Clara Immerwahr and Charlotte Nathan is an ion of the complicated side of Fritz Haber, whose life took a tragic tur his emigration in 1933. With this book Dietrich Stoltzenberg has provided the long-awaited compr e biography of Fritz Haber. He avails himself of countless sources, some ch have never been published, to draw up a detailed and fascinating pict Fritz Haber. The book is a 'must' for historians, scientists and everybo rested in the history of early twentieth century Germany.

Handbuch Dieselmotoren

Author : Klaus Mollenhauer
ISBN : 9783662077115
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27. 81 MB
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Das Handbuch der Dieselmotoren beschreibt umfassend Arbeitsverfahren, Konstruktion und Betrieb aller Dieselmotoren-Typen. Es behandelt systematisch alle Aspekte der Dieselmotoren-Technik von den thermodynamischen Grundlagen bis zur Wartung. Schwerpunkt bei den Beispielen ausgeführter Motoren sind die mittel- und schnellaufenden sowie Hochleistungs-Triebwerke. Aber auch alle übrigen Bau- und Einsatzformen werden behandelt. Damit ist das Buch ein unverzichtbares, praxisbezogenes Nachschlagewerk für Motorenkonstrukteure, Anlageningenieure und alle Benutzer dieser gängigen mechanischen Kraftquelle. Die besten Autoren und Fachleute aus der Industrie (von BMW, MAN B&W Diesel AG, DEUTZMOTOR, Mercedes-Benz AG, Volkswagen AG u. a. großen Firmen) schreiben in diesem Handbuch.

Methanol Chemie Und Eneigierohstoff

Author : Friedrich Asinger
ISBN : 9783642707636
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52. 75 MB
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Str Mungsmechanik Nichtnewtonscher Fluide

Author : Gert Böhme
ISBN : 9783322801401
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 42 MB
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Die Grundlagen und Methoden, die zur theoretischen Modellierung und zur Analyse von Strömungsvorgängen mit nicht-newtonschen Fluiden erforderlich sind, werden in diesem Lehrbuch vorgestellt. Zunächst werden die kinematischen, die kontinuumsmechanischen und die stofflichen Grundlagen ausführlich erläutert. Die Anwendung des Basiswissens erfolgt exemplarisch anhand ausgewählter Strömungsvorgänge, die maßgeblich von den nichtlinearen Fließeigenschaften, von den Normalspannungsdifferenzen oder vom Gedächtnis der Flüssigkeiten beeinflusst werden. Dabei haben sich die Inhalte, die Schwerpunkte und die Beispiele gegenüber der ersten Auflage wesentlich geändert. Erstmalig in einem deutschsprachigen Lehrbuch werden auch die Grundzüge einer numerischen Strömungssimulation unter Berücksichtigung komplexer rheologischer Stoffmodelle behandelt.


Author : Joachim Rauch
ISBN : 3527287418
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Enzyklop Die Textilveredlung

Author : Hans-Karl Rouette
ISBN : 3871509574
Genre :
File Size : 50. 2 MB
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