plates plumes and planetary processes

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Plates Plumes And Planetary Processes

Author : Gillian R. Foulger
ISBN : 9780813724300
Genre : Science
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Presents a collection of papers discussing various hypotheses and models of planetary plumes.

Plates Vs Plumes

Author : Gillian R. Foulger
ISBN : 1444348329
Genre : Science
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Since the advent of the mantle plume hypothesis in 1971, scientists have been faced with the problem that its predictions are not confirmed by observation. For thirty years, the usual reaction has been to adapt the hypothesis in numerous ways. As a result, the multitude of current plume variants now amounts to an unfalsifiable hypothesis. In the early 21st century demand became relentless for a theory that can explain melting anomalies in a way that fits the observations naturally and is forward-predictive. From this the Plate hypothesis emerged–the exact inverse of the Plume hypothesis. The Plate hypothesis attributes melting anomalies to shallow effects directly related to plate tectonics. It rejects the hypothesis that surface volcanism is driven by convection in the deep mantle. Earth Science is currently in the midst of the kind of paradigm-challenging debate that occurs only rarely in any field. This volume comprises its first handbook. It reviews the Plate and Plume hypotheses, including a clear statement of the former. Thereafter it follows an observational approach, drawing widely from many volcanic regions in chapters on vertical motions of Earth's crust, magma volumes, time-progressions of volcanism, seismic imaging, mantle temperature and geochemistry. This text: Deals with a paradigm shift in Earth Science - some say the most important since plate tectonics Is analogous to Wegener's The Origin of Continents and Oceans Is written to be accessible to scientists and students from all specialities This book is indispensable to Earth scientists from all specialties who are interested in this new subject. It is suitable as a reference work for those teaching relevant classes, and an ideal text for advanced undergraduates and graduate students studying plate tectonics and related topics. Visit Gillian's own website at

Plates Plumes And Paradigms

Author : Gillian R. Foulger
ISBN : 9780813723884
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 13 MB
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The Lithosphere

Author : Jarod E. Anderson
ISBN : STANFORD:36105124138723
Genre : Science
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The lithosphere is the outer solid part of the earth, including the crust and uppermost mantle. The lithosphere is about 100 km thick, although its thickness is age dependent (older lithosphere is thicker).The lithosphere below the crust is brittle enough at some locations to produce earthquakes by faulting, such as within a subducted oceanic plate. This book presents leading research in the field from around the globe.

Global Geotourism Perspectives

Author : Ross Kingston Dowling
ISBN : STANFORD:36105215500054
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 42 MB
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An outstanding collection of international case studies that provide insight into and suggest best practice for issues such as conservation, risk management, education, marketing, interpretation and technology of actual and developing geotourism sites.

Volcanism And Subduction

Author : John Eichelberger
ISBN : UCSD:31822033857814
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 82 MB
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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series. The Kamchatka Peninsula and contiguous North Pacific Rim is among the most active regions in the world. Kamchatka itself contains 29 active volcanoes, 4 now in a state of semi-continuous eruption, and I has experienced 14 magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes since accurate recording began in 1962. At its heart is the uniquely acute subduction cusp where the Kamchatka and Aleutian Arcs and Emperor Seamount Chain meet. Volcanism and Subduction covers coupled magmatism and tectonics in this spectacular region, where the torn North Pacific slab dives into hot mantle. Senior Russian and American authors grapple with the dynamics of the cusp with perspectives from the west and east of it, respectively, while careful tephrostratigraphy yields a remarkably precise record of behavior of storied volcanoes such as Kliuchevskoi and Shiveluch. Towards the south, Japanese researchers elucidate subduction earthquake processes with unprecedented geodetic resolution. Looking eastward, new insights on caldera formation, monitoring, and magma ascent are presented for the Aleutians. This is one of the first books of its kind printed in the English language. Students and scientists beginning research in the region will find in this book a useful context and introduction to the region's scientific leaders. Others who wish to apply lessons learned in the North Pacific to their areas of interest will find the volume a valuable reference.

New Theory Of The Earth

Author : Don L. Anderson
ISBN : 9781139462082
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Theory of the Earth is an interdisciplinary advanced textbook on the origin, composition, and evolution of the Earth's interior: geophysics, geochemistry, dynamics, convection, mineralogy, volcanism, energetics and thermal history. This is the only book on the whole landscape of deep Earth processes which ties together all the strands of the subdisciplines. It is a complete update of Anderson's Theory of the Earth (1989). It includes many new sections and dozens of new figures and tables. As with the original book, this new edition will prove to be a stimulating textbook on advanced courses in geophysics, geochemistry, and planetary science, and supplementary textbook on a wide range of other advanced Earth science courses. It will also be an essential reference and resource for all researchers in the solid Earth sciences.

The Columbia River Flood Basalt Province

Author : Stephen P. Reidel
ISBN : 9780813724973
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 72 MB
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The Miocene Columbia River flood basalt province covers ~210,000 km2 of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and forms part of a larger volcanic region that also includes contemporaneous silicic centers in northern Nevada, the basaltic and time-transgressive rhyolitic volcanic fields of the Snake River Plain and Yellowstone plateau, and the High Lava Plains of central Oregon. The Columbia River flood basalt province is accessible and well exposed, making it one of the best-studied flood basalt provinces worldwide, and it serves as a model for understanding the stratigraphic development and petrogenesis of large igneous provinces through time. This volume details our current knowledge of the stratigraphy and physical volcanology; extent, volume, and age of the lava flows; the tectonic setting and history of the province; the petrogenesis of the lavas; and hydrogeology of the basalt aquifers.

Earth As An Evolving Planetary System

Author : Kent C. Condie
ISBN : 9780128037096
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 29 MB
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Earth as an Evolving Planetary System, Third Edition, examines the various subsystems that play a role in the evolution of the Earth, including subsystems in the crust, mantle, core, atmosphere, oceans, and life. This third edition includes 30% new material and, for the first time, includes full color images in both the print and electronic versions. Topics in the great events chapters are now included in the beginning of the book, with the addition of a new feature of breakout boxes for each event. The second half of the book now focuses on a better understanding of Earth's history by looking at the interactions of the subsystems over time. The Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, crustal and mantle evolution, the supercontinent cycle, great events in Earth history, and the Earth in comparison to other planets are also covered. Authored by a world leader in tectonics who also authored the two previous editions Presents comprehensive coverage of the Earth's history that is relevant for both students and teachers Includes important section on Comparative Planetary Evolution, not found in other textbooks All illustrations presented throughout both the print and electronic versions in full color

Journal Of Earth System Science

Author :
ISBN : CHI:089117444
Genre : Earth sciences
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