polyurethane and related foams chemistry and technology

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Polyurethane And Related Foams

Author : Kaneyoshi Ashida
ISBN : 9780203505991
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 46. 67 MB
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Polyurethane and Related Foams: Chemistry and Technology is an in-depth examination of the current preparation, processing, and applications of polyurethanes (PURs) and other polymer foams. Drawing attention to novel raw materials, alternative blowing agents, and new processing methods, the book accentuates recent innovations that meet increasingly stringent environmental and fire safety regulations as well as higher quality products. Written by Dr. Kaneyoshi Ashida, a renowned pioneer of polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams, the book details the fundamental chemistry and material properties for each category of foams. The author presents mechanisms for chemical modification and foaming reactions, emphasizing the relationship between molecular design and enhanced physical properties. The latter half of the book focuses on polyurethane foams, the largest segment of the polyisocyanate-based foam industry. It contains a fully updated description of the chemistry, raw materials, manufacturing, formulations, analyses, and testing involved in producing a wide variety of progressive applications, including building materials. This book chronicles the scientific and technological evolution of preparation and processing methods for polyisocyanate-based foams. Polyurethane and Related Foams: Chemistry and Technology offers a clear and concise guide to the technologies, methods, and best practices that help the foam industry meet higher quality, health, and environmental standards.

Chemistry And Technology Of Polyols For Polyurethanes

Author : Mihail Ionescu
ISBN : 9781910242155
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 74 MB
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Polyurethanes are one of the most dynamic groups of polymers, they find use in nearly every aspect of modern life, in applications such as furniture, bedding, seating and instrument panels for cars, shoe soles, thermoinsulation, carpet backings, packaging, adhesives, sealants, binders and as coatings.In 2004 10.6 million tons of polyurethanes were produced, in 2014 the world production was close to 20 million tons. In the last decade (2005-2015) important, worldwide developments in the area of polyols for polyurethanes were carried out, especially for polyols from renewable resources, described in detail in this second edition of the book.The main raw materials used for the production of PU are polyols and isocyanates. The first of these is the subject of this two volume handbook.Volume 1 is dedicated to polyols for elastic PU (flexible foams, elastomers and so on).Volume 2 is dedicated to polyols for rigid PU (rigid foams, wood substitute, packaging, flotation materials and so on).The book considers the raw materials used to build the PU polymeric architecture. It covers the chemistry and technology of oligo-polyol fabrication, the characteristics of the various oligo-polyol families and the effects of the oligo-polyol structure on the properties of the resulting PU. It presents the details of oligo-polyol synthesis, and explains the chemical and physico-chemical subtleties of oligo-polyol fabrication.This book links data and information concerning the chemistry and technology of oligo-polyols for PU, providing a comprehensive overview of:Basic PU chemistryKey oligo-polyol characteristicsSynthesis of the main oligo-polyol families, including: polyether polyols, filled polyether polyols, polyester polyols, polybutadiene polyols, acrylic polyols, polysiloxane polyols, aminic polyolsPolyols from renewable resourcesFlame retardant polyolsChemical recovery of polyolsRelationships between polyol structure and PU propertiesThis book will be of interest to all specialists working with polyols for the manufacture of PU and to all researchers that would like to know more about polyol chemistry.


Author : Zygmunt Wirpsza
ISBN : UOM:39015036300039
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Polymeric Foams

Author : Shau-Tarng Lee
ISBN : 0203506146
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 43. 79 MB
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This book is the inaugural volume a series entitled Polymeric Foams: Technology and Applications. Generally, thermoplastic and thermoset foams have been treated as two separate practices in industry. Polymeric Foams: Mechanisms and Materials presents the basics of foaming in general build a strong foundation to those working in both thermoplastic and thermoset foams. The book addresses scientific principles behind polymeric foaming and presents foaming chemistry and physics, resin and blowing agents, and foaming mechanisms in separate chapters, thus providing an overall and fundamental understanding of foaming for polymeric foam products and processes.

Szycher S Handbook Of Polyurethanes Second Edition

Author : Michael Szycher, Ph.D
ISBN : 9781439863138
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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A practical handbook rather than merely a chemistry reference, Szycher's Handbook of Polyurethanes, Second Edition offers an easy-to-follow compilation of crucial new information on polyurethane technology, which is irreplaceable in a wide range of applications. This new edition of a bestseller is an invaluable reference for technologists, marketers, suppliers, and academicians who require cutting-edge, commercially valuable data on the most advanced uses for polyurethane, one of the most important and complex specialty polymers. internationally recognized expert Dr. Michael Szycher updates his bestselling industry "bible" With seven entirely new chapters and five that are revised and updated, this book summarizes vital contents from U.S. patent literature—one of the most comprehensive sources of up-to-date technical information. These patents illustrate the most useful technology discovered by corporations, universities, and independent inventors. Because of the wealth of information they contain, this handbook features many full-text patents, which are carefully selected to best illustrate the complex principles involved in polyurethane chemistry and technology. Features of this landmark reference include: Hundreds of practical formulations Discussion of the polyurethane history, key terms, and commercial importance An in-depth survey of patent literature Useful stoichiometric calculations The latest "green" chemistry applications A complete assessment of medical-grade polyurethane technology Not biased toward any one supplier’s expertise, this special reference uses a simplified language and layout and provides extensive study questions after each chapter. It presents rich technical and historical descriptions of all major polyurethanes and updated sections on medical and biological applications. These features help readers better understand developmental, chemical, application, and commercial aspects of the subject.

Polyurethanes Chemistry And Technology

Author : James Henry Saunders
ISBN : UOM:39015021803914
Genre : Polyurethanes
File Size : 43. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Blowing Agents For Polyurethane Foams

Author : S. N. Singh
ISBN : 9781859573211
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 11 MB
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This review discusses the legal requirements and property specifications for blowing agents in different applications. Each type of blowing agent is described. Key environmental and physical properties are listed, together with advantages and limitations. Foams are described by types and by applications. An additional indexed section containing several hundred abstracts from the Polymer Library gives useful references for further reading.

Ullmann S Polymers And Plastics

Author : Wiley-VCH
ISBN : 9783527685950
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Your personal Ullmann's: Chemical and physical characteristics, production processes and production figures, main applications, toxicology and safety information are all to be found here in one single resource - bringing the vast knowledge of the Ullmann's Encyclopedia to the desks of industrial chemists and chemical engineers. The ULLMANN’S perspective on polymers and plastics brings reliable information on more than 1500 compounds and products straight to your desktop Carefully selected “best of” compilation of 61 topical articles from the Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry on economically important polymers provide a wealth of chemical, physical and economic data on more than 1000 different polymers and hundreds of modifications Contains a wealth of information on the production and use of all industrially relevant polymers and plastics, including organic and inorganic polymers, fibers, foams and resins Extensively updated: more than 30% of the content has been added or updated since the launch of the 7th edition of the Ullmann’s encyclopedia in 2011 and is now available in print for the first time 4 Volumes

Blowing Agents And Foaming Processes

Author :
ISBN : 1859574475
Genre : Foam rubber
File Size : 73. 15 MB
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This sixth international conference dedicated to the critical role of blowing agents in foamed plastics and rubber aimed to present an insight into the latest industrial progress and research for foam generation. The conference offered a comprehensive review of recent academic developments, results and future possibilities, foaming agents and blowing gases and foam processes such as microcellular technology, direct gassing processes and related gases.

Polyurethanes As Specialty Chemicals

Author : Timothy Thomson
ISBN : 9781420039665
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Looking beyond the traditional applications of polyurethanes (PUR), Polyurethanes as Specialty Chemicals presents a different approach to polyurethane chemistry by examining a range of new products and new research for both environmental and medical applications. This book is also the first in its field to provide useful design tools for product designers to customize the foam surface. The author examines extraction methods and biodegradability of polyurethanes for removing pollutants from air and groundwater and for sanitation/wastewater treatment. Thomson also explores the behavior of polyurethanes in a biological environment, covering a broad spectrum of applications that includes artificial organs, chelating agents for pharmaceuticals, and delivery systems for skin care products and cosmetics. The in-depth treatment of biochemical processes and cellular interaction includes tissue response, cell adhesion, 3D cell scaffolding for cell propagation, the immobilization of enzymes, and the production of proteins. Other topics of interest include agricultural applications and the use of PUR as an analytical/diagnostic system for testing toxicity without the use of animals. Destined to become indispensable in its field, Polyurethanes as Specialty Chemicals explores conventional PUR and its composites - emphasizing formulations, reticulated foams and hydrophilics - as versatile structures that can be used for specific design objectives in environmental and medical applications.

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