polyurethane shape memory polymers

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Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers

Author : W.M. Huang
ISBN : 9781439838006
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 68. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are some of the most important and valuable engineering materials developed in the last 25 years. These fascinating materials demonstrate remarkably versatile properties—including capacity for actuation and stimulus responsiveness—that are enabling technologists to develop applications used to explore everything from the outer reaches of space to the inside of the human body. Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers details the fundamentals of SMP makeup, as well as their shape-recovery features and their seemingly endless potential for use in applications ranging from the macro- to submicron scales. With an abundance of illustrations and vivid pictures to explain how SMPs and their composites work and how they can be used, this book covers: History and most recent developments in SMPs Thermomechanical properties and behavior of the polymers and their composites Modification of SMPs and novel actuation mechanisms Large-scale surface pattern generation Multi-shape memory effect Fabrication techniques Characterization of composites A must-have reference for anyone working in the materials science and engineering fields, this book outlines the properties—such as light weight, low cost, and ability to handle high strain—that make the easily processed SMPs so useful in fields including aerospace, biomedicine, and textiles. It is intended to help readers understand and apply the knowledge and techniques presented to develop new innovations that will further benefit society.

Shape Memory Polymers And Textiles

Author : Jinlian Hu
ISBN : 9781845693060
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are smart materials that, as a result of an external stimulus such as temperature, can change from a temporary deformed shape back to an original shape. SMPs are finding an increasing use in such areas as clothing where they respond dynamically to changes in heat and moisture levels, ensuring greater comfort for the wearer. Shape memory polymers and textiles provides an authoritative and comprehensive review of these important new materials and their applications. After an introductory chapter on the concept and definition of shape memory materials, the book reviews methods for synthesising, characterising and modelling SMPs. It goes on to consider the properties of particular materials such as shape memory polyurethane and environmentally-sensitive polymer gels. The book concludes by assessing potential applications such as wrinkle-free fabrics and smart fabrics providing improved protection and comfort for the wearer. Shape memory polymers and textiles is a valuable guide to R&D staff in such areas as textile apparel in developing a new generation of smart textiles and other products. Reviews the structure, synthesis and preparation of shape memory polymers Assesses methods for analysing and modelling shape memory properties An authoritative overview of particular fibres such as shape memory polyurethane (SMPU)

Shape Memory Polymers

Author : Jinlian Hu
ISBN : 9781909030336
Genre : Science
File Size : 76. 8 MB
Format : PDF
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Shape-memory polymers (SMP) are a unique branch of the smart materials family which are capable of changing shape on-demand upon exposure to external stimulus. The discovery of SMP made a significant breakthrough in the developments of novel smart materials for a variety of engineering applications, superseded the traditional materials, and also influenced the current methods of product designing. This book provides the latest advanced information of on-going research domains of SMP. This will certainly enlighten the reader to the achievements and tremendous potentials of SMP. The basic fundamentals of SMP, including shape-memory mechanisms and mechanics are described. This will aid reader to become more familiar with SMP and the basic concepts, thus guiding them in undergoing independent research in the SMP field. The book also provides the reader with associated challenges and existing application problems of SMP. This could assist the reader to focus more on these issues and further exploit their knowledge to look for innovative solutions. Future outlooks of SMP research are discussed as well. This book should prove to be extremely useful for academics, R&D managers, researcher scientists, engineers, and all others related to the SMP research.

Shape Memory Polymers For Biomedical Applications

Author : L Yahia
ISBN : 9780857097057
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 28. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are an emerging class of smart polymers which give scientists the ability to process the material into a permanent state and predefine a second temporary state which can be triggered by different stimuli. The changing chemistries of SMPs allows scientists to tailor important properties such as strength, stiffness, elasticity and expansion rate. Consequently SMPs are being increasingly used and developed for minimally invasive applications where the material can expand and develop post insertion. This book will provide readers with a comprehensive review of shape memory polymer technologies. Part 1 will discuss the fundamentals and mechanical aspects of SMPs. Chapters in part 2 will look at the range of technologies and materials available for scientific manipulation whilst the final set of chapters will review applications. Reviews the fundamentals of shape memory polymers with chapters focussing on the basic principles of the materials Comprehensive coverage of design and mechanical aspects of SMPs Expert analysis of the range of technologies and materials available for scientific manipulation

Smart Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers

Author : Manzoor Ahmad
ISBN : 3848421429
Genre :
File Size : 76. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Shape memory polymers (SMPs) possess a unique property of retaining their original shapes upon external stimulation and have been widely used in engineering, space exploration and particularly in medical devices. Polyurethane based SMPs (SMPUs) are an emerging class of this types of smart materials. This book shows methods to synthesize various polyurethane SMPUs with tailored thermomechanical and shape memory properties by uisng various polyol soft segments and combinations of diisocyanides hard segments, and presents a formula to synthsize reprocessable and recyclable SMPUs which allows recycling of end-of-life SMPU products in industrial scale and can significantly reduce the impact of polymer wastes to the worsening environments. Finally the book proposes novel SMPU based medical compression bandages for ulcer leg treatments and demonstrates their feasibility for the applications.

Self Healing Composites

Author : Guoqiang Li
ISBN : 9781118452455
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64. 58 MB
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In this book, the self-healing of composite structures with shape memory polymer as either matrix or embedded suture is systematically discussed. Self-healing has been well known in biological systems for many years: a typical example is the self-healing of human skin. Whilst a minor wound can be self-closed by blood clotting, a deep and wide cut needs external help by suturing. Inspired by this observation, this book proposes a two-step close-then-heal (CTH) scheme for healing wide-opened cracks in composite structures–by constrained shape recovery first, followed by molecular healing. It is demonstrated that the CTH scheme can heal wide-opened structural cracks repeatedly, efficiently, timely, and molecularly. It is believed that self-healing represents the next-generation technology and will become an engineering reality in the near future. The book consists of both fundamental background and practical skills for implementing the CTH scheme, with additional focus on understanding strain memory versus stress memory and healing efficiency evaluation under various fracture modes. Potential applications to civil engineering structures, including sealant for bridge decks and concrete pavements, and rutting resistant asphalt pavements, are also explored. This book will help readers to understand this emerging field, and to establish a framework for new innovation in this direction. Key features: explores potential applications of shape memory polymers in civil engineering structures, which is believed to be unique within the literature balanced testing and mathematical modeling, useful for both academic researchers and practitioners the self-healing scheme is based on physical change of polymers and is written in an easy to understand style for engineering professionals without a strong background in chemistry

Advances In Shape Memory Polymers

Author : Jinlian Hu
ISBN : 9780857098542
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Shape memory materials are immensely useful because of their capability to recover their original shapes upon exposure to an external stimulus such as heat, moisture, light or a magnetic field. This book reviews key recent research in shape memory polymers, their properties and applications. Topics include the relationship between morphological structures and shape memory properties; high performance Tg and Tm type shape memory polymers; structures of shape memory polymers with supramolecular switches; and the thermally-active and moisture-active shape memory effect of supermolecular shape memory polymers. Advances in shape memory polymers is an essential reference for polymer and textile material students, scientists, designers, engineers and manufacturers. It is also an invaluable guide for professionals in the biomedical, electronics and engineering industries. Reviews key recent research in shape-memory polymers, their properties and applications Opening chapters address the relationship between morphological structures and shape memory properties and high performance Tg and Tm type shape memory polymers Chapters cover thermally-active and moisture-active shape memory effect of supermolecular shape memory polymers, among other topics

Shape Memory Materials

Author : Arun D I
ISBN : 9781351119924
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This work addresses the basic principles, synthesis / fabrication and applications of smart materials, specifically shape memory materials. Based on origin, the mechanisms of transformations vary in different shape memory materials and are discussed in different chapters under titles of shape memory alloys, ceramics, gels and polymers. The scenario of composite formation with polymer matrix and reinforcement filler conductive materials leading to the shape morphing / changing / memorizing behavior is discussed in detail with suitable examples. The future prospects of such novel materials is included to kindle the imagination of readers that can lead to further development of smart materials.

Shape Memory Polymers And Multifunctional Composites

Author : Jinsong Leng
ISBN : 1420090208
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 41. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Admired for their extraordinary stimuli-sensitive behavior and shape-changing capabilities, shape-memory polymers (SMPs) and multifunctional composites are among the most important smart materials. They continue to be widely applied in many diverse fields to create things such as self-deployable spacecraft structures, morphing structures, SMP foams, smart textiles, and intelligent medical devices. Written by renowned authors, Shape-Memory Polymers and Multifunctional Composites is a broad overview of the systematic progress associated with this emerging class of materials. The book presents an overview of SMPs and a detailed discussion of their structural, thermo-mechanical, and electrical properties, and their applications in fields including aeronautics, astronautics, biomedicine, and the automotive industry. Covering topics ranging from synthesis procedures to ultimate applications, this is a sound instructional text that serves as a guide to smart materials and offers an in-depth exploration of multifunctional SMPs and SMP composites, outlining their important role in the materials field. In each chapter, industry experts discuss different key aspects of novel smart materials, from their properties and fabrication to the actuation approaches used to trigger shape recovery. This comprehensive analysis explores the different functions of SMPs, the fundamentals behind them, and the ways in which polymers may reshape product design in general.

Shape Memory Polymer Device Design

Author : David L. Safranski
ISBN : 9780323378086
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Shape-Memory Polymer Device Design discusses the latest shape-memory polymers and the ways they have started to transition out of the academic laboratory and into devices and commercial products. Safranski introduces the properties of shape-memory polymers and presents design principles for designing and manufacturing, providing a guide for the R&D engineer/scientist and design engineer to add the shape memory effect of polymers into their design toolbox. This is the first book to focus on applying basic science knowledge to design practical devices, introducing the concept of shape-memory polymers, the history of their use, and the range of current applications. It details the specific design principles for working with shape-memory polymers that don't often apply to mechanically inactive materials and products. Material selection is thoroughly discussed because chemical structure and thermo-mechanical properties are intrinsically linked to shape-memory performance. Further chapters discuss programming the temporary shape and recovery through a variety of activation methods with real world examples. Finally, current devices across a variety of markets are highlighted to show the breadth of possible applications. Demystifies shape-memory polymers, providing a guide to their properties and design principles Explores a range of current and emerging applications across sectors, including biomedical, aerospace/automotive, and consumer goods Places shape-memory polymers in the design toolkit of R&D scientists/engineers and design engineers Discusses material selection in-depth because chemical structure and thermo-mechanical properties are intrinsically linked to shape-memory performance

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