positive discipline in the classroom developing mutual respect cooperation and responsibility in your classroom

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Positive Discipline In The Classroom

Author : Jane Nelsen
ISBN : 9780770436582
Genre : Education
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The Acclaimed Bestseller That Can Improve Your Classroom Experience Forever! Over the years millions of parents and teachers have used the amazingly effective strategies of Positive Discipline to restore order and civility to their classrooms and homes. And in today's classroom, where teachers must compete with digital distractions for their students' attention while trying to satisfy increasingly demanding academic standards, it is more important than ever that educators be able to combat apathy, instill vital problem-solving skills, and create a climate that maximizes learning. Now you too can use the time tested Positive Discipline strategies as a foundation for fostering cooperation, problem-solving skills, and mutual respect in children. This new edition of Positive Discipline in the Classroom is updated with essential tools for the modern teacher. Imagine, instead of controlling behavior, you can be teaching; instead of confronting apathy, you will enjoy motivated, eager students! Inside, you'll learn how to: ·Create a classroom climate that enhances academic learning ·Use encouragement rather than praise and rewards ·Instill valuable social skills and positive behavior through the use of class meetings -Learn why involving students in solving problems is much more effective than punishment ·Understand the motivation behind students' behavior instead of looking for causes ·And much more! “A must for every educator. The jargon-free concepts and strategies are easy to follow and have changed my life as a principal, as well as the lives of my teachers and students.” – Bill Scott, Principal of Birney Elementary, Marietta, Georgia “This book should be standard operating procedure. I highly recommend it to anyone who seeks to teach young people!” – Robert W. Reasoner, president of the International Council for Self-Esteem “Transforms the way teachers view themselves and their students. The activities in this book show how learning shifts from head to heart, where positive change can really take route.” – Dina Emser, M.A., former elementary school principal and education consultant

Positive Discipline In The Classroom Revised 3rd Edition

Author : Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.
ISBN : 9780307803641
Genre : Education
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The Acclaimed Bestseller That Can Improve Your Classroom Experience Forever! Over the years, millions of parents have come to trust the classic Positive Discipline series for its consistent, commmonsense approach to child rearing. Hundreds of schools also use these amazingly effective strategies for restoring order and civility to today's turbulent classrooms. Now you too can use this philosophy as a foundation for fostering cooperation, problem-solving skills, and mutual respect in children. Imagine, instead of controlling behavior, you can be teaching; instead of confronting apathy, you will enjoy motivated, eager students! Inside, you'll discover how to: ·Create a classroom climate that enhances academic learning ·Use encouragement rather than praise and rewards ·Instill valuable social skills and positive behavior through the use of class meetings ·Understand the motivation behind students' behavior instead of looking for causes ·And much more! Over 1 million Positive Discipline books sold! From the Trade Paperback edition.

Transformative Classroom Management

Author : John Shindler
ISBN : 0470565500
Genre : Education
File Size : 51. 7 MB
Format : PDF
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Transformative Classroom Management The natural condition of any classroom is harmonious, satisfying, and productive, so why do so many teachers struggle with problems of apathy, hostility, anxiety, inefficiency, and resistance? In this groundbreaking book, education expert John Shindler presents a powerful model, Transformative Classroom Management (TCM), that can be implemented by any teacher to restore the natural positive feelings in his or her classroom—the love of learning, collaboration, inspiration, and giving—and create a productive learning environment in which all students can achieve. Unlike other classroom management systems that view problems as something to be "handled," TCM offers suggestions for creating optimal conditions for learning, performance, motivation, and growth. This practical book shows teachers how to abandon ineffective short-term gimmicks, bribes, and punishments and adopt the proven management practices and new habits of mind that will transform their classrooms. Praise for Transformative Classroom Management "Transformative Classroom Management is a practical resource that explains the how and why of classroom management for novice and veteran teachers. Dr. Shindler recognizes the importance of preserving the teacher's sanity while ensuring the student's development of a personal sense of responsibility and a positive self-esteem." —EILEEN MATUS, principal, South Toms River Elementary School, New Jersey "I have read many other management books by other authors, but Transformative Classroom Management has been the best so far at demystifying the invisible forces in the classroom." —WILL McELROY, 4th grade teacher, Los Angeles United School District "This book was an invaluable tool for me during my student teaching. It served as a reference book that I found myself continually drawn to while struggling to find ways to effectively manage 29 first graders. The ideas, concepts and suggestions in the book were so innovative and helpful that even my Master Teacher found herself implementing some of the ideas! A must have for all student teachers!" —CAROL GILLON, student teacher, Seattle University "Insightful and thoroughly researched, Transformative Classroom Management is an invaluable tool to help teachers, newbies and veterans alike, develop fully functional and engaged learning communities." —LISA GAMACHE RODRIGUEZ, teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

Classroom Management

Author : Paul Burden
ISBN : 9781119352891
Genre : Education
File Size : 37. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A practical guide to what can be accomplished utilizing the technical aspects of Classroom Management, this invaluable resource will not only help educators learn how to build positive classroom communities, but also outline methods for involving students in the creation of their learning environment. The Sixth Edition has been updated to include a new chapter on communication skills for teaching, incorporated classroom case studies in each chapter, and includes updates using the latest management research in several chapters.

Positive Discipline

Author : Jane Nelsen
ISBN : 0345348567
Genre : Discipline of children
File Size : 66. 21 MB
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For twenty-five years, Positive Discipline has been the gold standard reference for grown-ups working with children. Now Jane Nelsen, distinguished psychologist, educator, and mother of seven, has written a revised and expanded edition. The key to positive discipline is not punishment, she tells us, but mutual respect. Nelsen coaches parents and teachers to be both firm and kind, so that any child-from a three-year-old toddler to a rebellious teenager-can learn creative cooperation and self-discipline with no loss of dignity. Inside you'll discover how to - bridge communication gaps - defuse power struggles - avoid the dangers of praise - enforce your message of love - build on strengths, not weaknesses - hold children accountable with their self-respect intact - teach children not what to think but how to think - win cooperation at home and at school - meet the special challenge of teen misbehavior "It is not easy to improve a classic book, but Jane Nelson has done so in this revised edition. Packed with updated examples that are clear and specific, Positive Discipline shows parents exactly how to focus on solutions while being kind and firm. If you want to enrich your relationship with your children, this is the book for you." -Sal Severe, author of How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too! Millions of children have already benefited from the counsel in this wise and warmhearted book, which features dozens of true stories of positive discipline in action. Give your child the tools he or she needs for a well-adjusted life with this proven treasure trove of practical advice.

Author : هايم جينو
Genre :
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School Based Practices And Programs That Promote Safe And Drug Free Schools

Author : Patricia M. Guthrie
ISBN : 0865869510
Genre : Education
File Size : 76. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This monograph focuses on school-based practices and programs that promote safe and drug-free schools. It begins with a description of the key characteristics of schools with effective programs and provides a model for school-wide support. Necessary steps for developing an effective system of universal prevention are listed and include: (1) establish a climate of mutual respect; (2) conduct a review of all policies related to safety, instruction, and student discipline; (3) recognize feelings of staff and students and what constitutes appropriate expressions of those feelings; (4) make identifying and managing feelings an integral part of the curriculum; (5) teach the concept of responsibility for ones actions throughout the curriculum; (6) recognize and intervene when early warning signs are observed; (7) implement programs to prevent alcohol and substance abuse; (8) train staff in topics such as diversity problem-solving skills, verbal de-escalation, cooperative learning, anger control, and aggression management; (9) avoid legal vulnerability; and (10) couple security procedures with a school-wide communication system and a crisis plan. Following chapters address the academic/behavior connection, the concept of a school-wide team to address prevention and intervention, and guidelines for selecting programs. Five specific programs are described and a list of additional resources is provided. (CR)

Time For A Better Marriage

Author : Jon Carlson
ISBN : 1886230463
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 39. 98 MB
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The return of a classic! A systematic, practical model for building marriage skills, newly revised and updated. Invaluable tools to help make marriages more rewarding, effective, and satisfying by showing couples how to encourage each other, resolve conflict, communicate effectively, maintain equality in the relationship, and make better choices.

The Illustrated London News

Author :
ISBN : ONB:+Z256662907
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Intercultural Education

Author : Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (Croatia), Faculty of Education
ISBN : 9536965429
Genre :
File Size : 47. 45 MB
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Faculty of Educational Sciences has recognized the importance of education for interculturalism, and it organizes the conference entitled "Education for interculturalism" every five years, so that all participants could gain new insights about interculturalism and strengthen their intercultural competencies. Modern interculturalism, as a modern and current topic in scientific and public educational policy, appears in the 20th century in the United States as an expression of pragmatic interest for international convergence of majority and minority ethnic groups. Education must be directed to the full development of the humans and strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It must promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and further support the United Nations work on the maintenance of peace. Pedagogy as a scientific discipline has an important role in the development of intercultural society. It cannot take full responsibility for suppressing racism and promoting intercultural competencies, but it is important in facilitating the development of students' intercultural competencies, skills, attitudes, values and knowledge. Education which is aimed at only one culture is more and more undesirable and unfamiliar to today's students. It is important that the transformation of the education system, in addition to a series of plural democratic demands, pays much more attention precisely to cultural sensitivity that will meet the educational needs of every individual, and as an educational effect among young people, develop respect, appreciation and a positive attitude towards differences, education for diversity. The immediate implications of the new approaches to pedagogy are also reflected in the implementation level, national curriculum and the implementation in (school) practice: encouraging team work in the classrooms (cooperative approach), adopting European values, education for solidarity, empowering the personality and self-esteem of students, developing motivation for learning (changes in the way of work), (co)construction of the school curriculum, and towards the intercultural school community. The need for changes in traditional schools stems from the creation of a new paradigm: towards viewing life and the world from multiple directions and philosophical views, where the educational way of thinking changes as well as the structure of the school, from (pre)enhanced cognitive, towards social relations, democratic participation, the acquisition of competences, collaborative learning and solidarity. School can significantly influence, through intercultural curriculum, the formation of intercultural attitudes and preparation of students for mutual and equal relations. Therefore, the importance of indirect impacts hidden curriculum which is reflected in the organization, the social structure of students, school culture, relations between teachers and students, teaching methods, extracurricular activities of students is unquestionable. It is meetings of researchers and teachers from different backgrounds and countries, and in these conferences in the field of interculturalism that allow the exchange of educational experiences in learning and understanding of intercultural relations in different countries and have a significant, not only informative, but also educational value. The conference was very fruitful and stimulating with the conclusion that with such small steps we actually made a decisive step towards improving the position of Roma in education. Generally, investment in human capital is one of the most important foundations of the sustainable development of human beings, and their individual growth and development as well as investment in human society as a whole. Therefore, the sustaining of diversity and global exchange of goods represents one of the greatest challenges that humanity faces today, the solution of which depends largely on the principles governing the relationships between individuals in a society--what was promoted within the framework of all activities of the Project RO-ufos-luna-MI and presented in the context of scientific and professional papers of the conference. The Faculty of Education in Osijek, together with its partner, the Association of Roma Friendship Luna from Beli Manastir, has launched a project titled "The Improvement of the Position of Roma Children in Education in Baranja Region" (RO-ufos-luna-MI) in order to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of creating an intercultural atmosphere in the community. The associates on the project are the Osijek Branch Office of the Teacher Training Agency, the Dr Franjo Tudman primary school, and Cvrcak nursery school from Beli Manastir. The contracting authority is the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education. The project is cofinanced by the European Union. Papers included in this document include: (1) Intercultural Approach to Education of Members of the Roma Minority (Vesna Bedekovic); (2) Dialogue--a Tool for Overcoming Segregation (Christiane Seehausen); (3) The Possibilities of Improving the Position of Roma Children in Education (Josip Ivanovic); (4) Education for Dialogue and Coexistence in Pluralism (Antun ùndalic); (5) Opportunities for the Development of Teachers' Competences for Working with Roma Children (Vesnica Mlinarevic and Maja Brust Nemet); (6) Roma Parents and Children on Education--a Sociological Analysis "They have to finish school because the rules are strongly changing with us, too." (}eljko Boneta, Melita Pergar, and }eljka Ivkovic); (7) The Connection of the Tradition of Roma Family with the Inclusion in Life and Work of Educational Institutions (Maja Brust Nemet and Duako Kostic); (8) Attitudes of Teachers on the Roma in Education (Vesnica Mlinarevic, Ana Kurtovic, and Nikolina Svalina); (9) The Vicious Circle of the Roma Educational Progress (Svjetlana Maric, }eljko Popovic, and Irella Bogut); (10) The Bayashi Language and Identity--Commodification and Objectification Practices in Education: a Case Study (Klara Bilic Meatric); (11) Analysis of the Attitudes of Teachers and their Impact on Intercultural Education (Ivana ùstek); (12) The Textbook--a Resource for Teaching and Learning about Differences (Lidija Bakota, Andelka Peko, and Rahaela Varga); (13) The Roma Genocide, Appendix to the Civic Education Class (Hrvoje Volner); (14) The Enrichment of Future Teachers' Pre-service School Practice through Volunteer Work in the Educational System (}eljko Racki, Ranka Jindra, Matea Mikulic, and Marija Sablic); (15) Roma Music in Teaching Music Education (Amir Begic); (16) Intercultural Education of Music in the First Four Years of Grade School (Jasna ùlentic Begic); (17) A Practical Example--the Implementation of the Pilot Project of Roma Education in the Primary School "Dr. Franjo Tudman" (Melita Lesic); (18) School is oh-so-Good (Vladimir Popovic); (19) The Importance of the Half-Day Stay in Upbringing and Education of Roma (Dajana Babli); (20) Band Playing Music as a Means of Integration of Roma Nationality (Sanja Nuhanovic); and (21) Music as a Means of Education for Roma Children (Ana Popovic). [This document is presented in both English and Croatian. Individual papers contain references.].

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