powers of persuasion the inside story of british advertising 1951 2000

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Powers Of Persuasion

Author : Winston Fletcher
ISBN : 9780191551727
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42. 76 MB
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During much of the second half of the 20th century advertising in Britain led the world. Yet no history of British advertising covering this heady period has previously been published. During those years advertising increasingly came to touch upon almost every aspect of every individual's life, and reached its peak as a proportion of the Gross National Product. It boosted economic growth and peoples' affluence. But at the same time the advertising industry was frequently under siege, as politicians, pressure groups, and others constantly sought to restrain its influence - and often succeeded. For several decades the creativity of British campaigns was preeminent around the globe. But Powers of Persuasion is not just about advertisements - it is about advertising. During those years Britain was also a world leader in setting industry benchmarks - innovating the account planning discipline, setting the standard for public service advertising, launching global advertising awards festivals, introducing the best system of advertising regulation, setting up both the world's largest advertising archive and the world's most comprehensive on-line advertising research databank. These were the keystones on which British creativity was built. Simultaneously, major British advertising companies - particularly Saatchi & Saatchi and WPP - raced to the top of the global league. Powers of Persuasion tells the authoritative story of this dynamic, exhilarating era, with pen portraits of the personalities involved, anecdotes, case histories, and essential data. Written (from the inside) by one of the industry's leaders, this is a book for all interested in advertising and its role in society, business, and the media.

The Persuasion Industries

Author : Steven McKevitt
ISBN : 9780192554789
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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At the end of the twentieth century, Britain was a consumer society. Commerce, intoxicating and addictive, had almost entirely colonized modern life. People were immersed in, and ultimately defined by, promotional culture. The things they consumed had overtaken class, religion, geography, or occupation as the primary form of self-identity and self-expression. For much of the twentieth century all forms of brand communication- from political campaigning to product advertising- were based on the theory of rational appeals to rational consumers. There was only one problem with this theory: it was wrong. The Persuasion Industries: The Making of Modern Britain examines develops in marketing, advertising, public relations, and branding. It explores the role they played in the emergence of the consumer society. New ideas from fields of behavioural psychology and economics, together with internal developments such as planning, positioning, and corporate branding allowed persuasion to become the driving force within many commercial enterprises. Together these changes led to the emergence of an alternative emotional model of brand communication. A simple idea that proved so compelling it changed the world we live in.

British Film Culture In The 1970s

Author : Sue Harper
ISBN : 9780748654284
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 85. 55 MB
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This volume draws a map of British film culture in the 1970s and provides a wide-ranging history of the period.

Advertising A Very Short Introduction

Author : Winston Fletcher
ISBN : 9780199568925
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Advertising is riddled with myths and misunderstandings. It is believed to be both immensely powerful yet immensely wasteful, to increase economic prosperity and to be morally questionable. Neither its historic origins nor its modern operations are well understood. This Very Short Introduction will tell the truth about how advertising works.

Media And Popular Music

Author : Peter Mills
ISBN : 9780748664443
Genre : Music
File Size : 77. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A study of the relationships between music and contemporary media.

Get Smashed

Author : Sam Delaney
ISBN : 0340922516
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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They were young. They were making it up as they went along. They introduced the world to Smash Martians, Honeymonsters and a beer that refreshes the parts that others cannot reach. And pretty soon, they were millionaires. As one survivor put it: 'No one in the real world knew who the f*** we were. But we'd sit in the first-class departure lounge with rock stars and Hollywood actresses and we convinced ourselves we were celebrities. It probably wasn't a very healthy state of mind.' Some, including Ridley Scott, Alan Parker, David Puttnam and, of course, Charles Saatchi, became famous. Others OD'ed on sex, drugs and 30 second commercials. This was advertising as it had never been before. And has never been since. GET SMASHED is a story of ambition, obsession and excess and how the ads that began by reflecting British culture came to define it.

Media Persuasion And Propaganda

Author : Marshall Soules
ISBN : 9780748644179
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 36. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Using case studies and exercises, this innovative study guides the reader through the many varieties of persuasion and its performance, exploring the protocols of rhetoric unique to the medium, from orality and print to film and digital images.

Decoding Advertisements Advertising Work

Author : Judith Williamson
ISBN : 0714526142
Genre : Advertising
File Size : 68. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Where The Suckers Moon

Author : Randall Rothenberg
ISBN : 9780307833549
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85. 95 MB
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"For all the right reasons." "Cars that can." "What to Drive." "The perfect Car for an Imperfect World." Only one of these slogans would be chosen by Subaru of America to sell its cars in the recession year of 1991. As six advertising agencies scrambled for the account and the winner tried to churn out the Big Idea that would install Subaru in the collective national unconscious, Randall Rothenberg was there, observing every nuance of the chaos, comedy, creativity, and egotism that made up an ad campaign. One can read Rothenberg's bok as the behind-the-scenes chronicle of the brief and very troubled marriage between a beleaguered automobile company and Wieden & Kennedy, an aggressively hip ad agency whose creative director despised cars. One can read it as a history of advertising's journey from the conventionally upbeat slogan "Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways" to the supercool nineties minimalism of "Bo Knows." Either way, Where the Suckers Moon is a face-paced, insightful, and occasionally appalling look at an industry whose obsession with image has affected our entireculture.

Persuasive Advertising

Author : J. Scott Armstrong
ISBN : 9781403913432
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book translates knowledge about persuasion into evidence-based principles. Useful knowledge about persuasion has been obtained over the last 100 years from the experience of advertising experts and from empirical studies in advertising and other fields including psychology, consumer behavior, law, mass communication, politics, and propaganda. The principles in Persuasive Advertising provide understandable and easy-to-access guidance for all types of advertising. Including still media such as print and Internet, and motion media such as TV, streaming video, Internet, and radio. They also apply to other types of persuasive communications such as management reports, speeches, and press releases. Wharton School Professor J. Scott Armstrong spent over 16 years on this book. In recent years, he was assisted by Gerry Lukeman, Chairman Emeritus of Ipsos-ASI and Sandeep Patnaik, Research Director at Gallup and Robinson. Altogether, more than 80 people contributed to Persuasive Advertising by obtaining relevant studies, analyzing data, editing and reviewing, and surveying researchers to ensure that the book correctly summarizes their findings. Persuasive Advertising summarizes findings from about 3,000 empirical studies and 50 books. It also presents new findings from previously unpublished studies. . Along with the AdPrin Audit software on AdPrin.com, Persuasive Advertising enables advertisers as well as agencies to quickly and inexpensively identify ways to improve ads – or to determine which of a set of ads will be most effective. For example, it typically requires about an hour for an experienced user to obtain a persuasiveness index for a print ad along with a list of ways to improve the ad., By using these principles, advertisers can improve their creativity and effectiveness. This book is supported by the AdPrin.com site: http://advertisingprinciples.com/

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