prelude to world war iii the rise of the islamic republic and the rebirth of america

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Prelude To World War Three

Author : James Rosone
ISBN : 1523764481
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By the 2020s, America was no longer a world Superpower. The military had been cut to a barebones level, and while the U.S. was focused internally, the door opened for new powers to emerge on the world stage. In the wake of this power vacuum, China and Russia began to flex their military muscles and expand their dominance in the world. The border of India and Pakistan had long been one of the most precarious ticking time bombs waiting to explode, and when a scheme to agitate the tensions in that region is successful, it opened the door for powerful men to begin consolidating authority and start building an Islamic Caliphate. With Europe also weakened by economic decline, the United States was in serious danger from this new threat. In these hazardous times, America was in need of a leader. Henry Stein, a new kind of leader, built a new political party that is neither Republican nor Democrat to lead the charge to bring the country back from the brink. His unconventional style was just what the U.S. needed in order to deal with the changing world balance of power and a worldwide Great Depression. As conflicts near and far began to plague the planet, would President Stein be able to prevent a third world war?

Operation Red Dawn And The Siege Of Europe

Author : James Rosone
ISBN : 1539597717
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For the first time since Pearl Harbor, war has arrived on the shores of the United States. As Chinese and Russians attack the frontier of Alaska, American forces are stretched thin. With battles raging in Europe, the Islamic Republic and on their own doorstep, what will President Stein decide to do? Is there any way to salvage their war-torn nation? In the secret of the night, meetings are taking place to arrange a possible Pan Asian Alliance. Which nations will decide to join, and which will reject the offer to try to maintain their own power and status? These negotiations hold the key to the direction of this world war. Power, greed, fear, and money all coalesce to create the perfect storm...what exactly will emerge from the whirlwind? America has their own secrets: new exoskeleton designs, improvements in cyber warfare and, of course, the clandestine Operation Pegasus to establish the first permanent lunar base. Will American ingenuity be enough to change the tide of World War III? About the Authors James Rosone is a veteran of the Army National Guard and the U.S. Air Force, serving overseas as an interrogator in Iraq during the 2007 troop surge. After 10 years in the service, he became a contractor abroad and then lived for several years in Europe working for the Department of Defense. He holds several degrees, include a Master of Science in Major Programme Management from the University of Oxford. Miranda Watson is a mother of two, the wife of a former military man, and a nurse. She has lived overseas and enjoys travel and photography. In addition to her nursing education, Miranda has earned an MBA

The Years Of Rice And Salt

Author : Kim Stanley Robinson
ISBN : 0553897608
Genre : Fiction
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With the incomparable vision and breathtaking detail that brought his now-classic Mars trilogy to vivid life, bestselling author KIM STANLEY ROBINSON boldly imagines an alternate history of the last seven hundred years. In his grandest work yet, the acclaimed storyteller constructs a world vastly different from the one we know.... The Years of Rice and Salt It is the fourteenth century and one of the most apocalyptic events in human history is set to occur–the coming of the Black Death. History teaches us that a third of Europe’s population was destroyed. But what if? What if the plague killed 99 percent of the population instead? How would the world have changed? This is a look at the history that could have been–a history that stretches across centuries, a history that sees dynasties and nations rise and crumble, a history that spans horrible famine and magnificent innovation. These are the years of rice and salt. This is a universe where the first ship to reach the New World travels across the Pacific Ocean from China and colonization spreads from west to east. This is a universe where the Industrial Revolution is triggered by the world’s greatest scientific minds–in India. This is a universe where Buddhism and Islam are the most influential and practiced religions and Christianity is merely a historical footnote. Through the eyes of soldiers and kings, explorers and philosophers, slaves and scholars, Robinson renders an immensely rich tapestry. Rewriting history and probing the most profound questions as only he can, Robinson shines his extraordinary light on the place of religion, culture, power, and even love on such an Earth. From the steppes of Asia to the shores of the Western Hemisphere, from the age of Akbar to the present and beyond, here is the stunning story of the creation of a new world. From the Hardcover edition.

Battlefield Ukraine

Author : James Rosone
ISBN : 1977646174
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File Size : 20. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Resources, money, miscommunication...these are the things that start wars. "Battlefield Ukraine" explores a potential war between NATO and Russia over the fate of separatist regions in east Ukraine. While President Petrov draws his line in the sand, a new American administration is sworn in. The Russians launch a massive disinformation campaign to taint the US election and distract America as they begin to move their forces to the Ukrainian border. When Russia implements a no-fly zone over eastern Ukraine to prevent the US-backed Ukrainian government from putting down a civil war, things begin to escalate out of control. American and NATO aircraft attempt to call Petrov's bluff and fly over the no-fly zone, but they are ambushed by an overwhelming show of force. In response to this aggression, the US sends additional military units to Europe. President Petrov issues an ultimatum--the US and NATO must withdraw from Ukraine or be forcibly removed. Will the new American President back down, or will the world creep one step closer towards war? Find out in this first book of the new Red Storm Series.


Author : D. C. Alden
ISBN : 9781905237975
Genre : Great Britain
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June 2019: The minutes tick away toward six pm. As commuters stream out of central London a truck idles by the pavement in Whitehall, its cargo bay packed with powerful explosives. Chaos is about to begin. The face of Europe is about to change, moulded by a series of events that will have global repercussions far into the future.

Traitors Within

Author : James Rosone
ISBN : 197380123X
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File Size : 70. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Traitors Within" is a nerve-wracking thriller, telling the story of a man charged with the enormous responsibility of stopping terrorists from attacking the American Homeland. Agent Michael Stone is a former Delta Force operator turned CIA spy. After spending more than a decade hunting extremists across the Middle East, he was promoted to a desk job at the National Counter Terrorism Center, where he thought he would be stifled by mountains of paperwork. However, his team uncovers a known terrorist among the previously approved refugees, and as he begins to dig deeper, he discovers that this one individual was not an anomaly. Before he can determine which refugees are a part of the larger terrorist network and which ones are just innocently trying to begin new lives in America, tragedy strikes. On a calm Valentine's Day morning, ISIS team members launch a series of debilitating attacks in one of the United States' major cities, killing thousands of people and sowing seeds of fear and chaos. No one is certain who they can trust. The puppet master behind these attacks is a sinister group of men that plot acts of terrorism and political upheaval in order to reap a tremendous economic profit. Money has allowed them to increase their global influence and to buy loyalty, when needed. They have done a good job covering their tracks thus far, but will they meet their match in Agent Michael Stone? As he begins to unwind this web of secrets that spans multiple countries, will he be able to prevent further acts of terrorism in the United States? Or is it already too late?


Author : Jeffrey Eugenides
ISBN : 9780307401946
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80. 85 MB
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Spanning eight decades and chronicling the wild ride of a Greek-American family through the vicissitudes of the twentieth century, Jeffrey Eugenides’ witty, exuberant novel on one level tells a traditional story about three generations of a fantastic, absurd, lovable immigrant family -- blessed and cursed with generous doses of tragedy and high comedy. But there’s a provocative twist. Cal, the narrator -- also Callie -- is a hermaphrodite. And the explanation for this takes us spooling back in time, through a breathtaking review of the twentieth century, to 1922, when the Turks sacked Smyrna and Callie’s grandparents fled for their lives. Back to a tiny village in Asia Minor where two lovers, and one rare genetic mutation, set our narrator’s life in motion. Middlesex is a grand, utterly original fable of crossed bloodlines, the intricacies of gender, and the deep, untidy promptings of desire. It’s a brilliant exploration of divided people, divided families, divided cities and nations -- the connected halves that make up ourselves and our world. Justly acclaimed when it was released in Fall 2002, it announces the arrival of a major writer for our times. From the Hardcover edition.

World War Three 1946

Author : Harry Kellogg
ISBN : 1497358116
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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World War Three 1946 - Book One - The Red Tide - Stalin Strikes First - Illustrated, Revised and Annotated edition. An almost total re-write, including end notes that assist the reader down the path of a convincing, alternate history. An alternate history based on facts and logic. * On the border of West Germany; Stalin has 60 mechanized divisions, composed of the battle hardened veterans. * The US and Britain have demobilized their armies. * Britain is bankrupt and rationing bread. Its empire is crumbling and its colonies are in revolt. * Tens of thousands of USAAF and RAF planes have been dumped into the ocean, pushed into piles, crushed and left rotting in jungles around the world. * Gangs of deserters roam the European country side. * The US has entered a period of isolationism. * The people of Europe are starving. * The Germans are being brutally punished for their part in the war. * The Soviet Union has acquired the major secrets of every strategic weapons system that the West has developed since 1935, including the atomic bomb. They have prototypes of every major German Wonder Weapon system produced since 1943. * Greece, Italy and even France are in danger of turning Communist. * The US and Britain have large Communist parties with thousands of sympathizers * 90% of the industry in the US and Britain has been transformed from producing weapons, to consumer goods. * Europe is in chaos and Capitalism has failed in the eyes of many. These are facts, and this was the state of the world in May 1946. This alternate history proposes that this was the opportune time for Stalin to strike. This was his best chance of furthering the cause of Communism. This was his moment. The Red Tide is the first in this series of fictional books. Alternate history explores the great "what ifs" of time. This is one of those great what ifs. The ribbons of time start to unravel and diverge from ours in 1943. Slowly at first and then faster and faster until a fateful day in May 1946. The Soviets have stopped the production of the US atomic bomb by incapacitating the majority of the American program's scientists. This systematic crippling of the US atomic program convinces Stalin that the time is right to fulfill his deepest ambitions and once and for all rid Western Europe of Capitalism. We were able to obtain copies of many of the actual post war strategic plans of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Many of the strategies proposed in these works, were developed from these actual plans, and would have been in effect for much of the 1946-1948 era. What if German designed jet fighters, jet bombers, rocket powered interceptors, super tanks, undetectable submarines, guided air to air and ground to air missiles were all in the hands of Joseph Stalin. The Wasserfall and the X4 missiles will sweep the skies clear. The V2 will strike without warning. A guided V1 will unerringly strike unsuspecting targets The Seehund will make the oceans unsafe once again. The Me 262, Me 163, He 162 and the AR 234 along with the Mig 9 and Yak 15 will duel with the Meteor and Shooting Star. Over 800,000 hits on the website. These books are not written in any traditional style but is a combination of historical facts, oral histories, third person and first person accounts. I was inspired by "The Good War" An Oral History of World War Two (1984 in literature1984) by Studs Terkel and Cornelius Ryan's wonderful books "The Longest Day" and "A Bridge too Far." There is no hero or character development. The story is the story and not the characters. We hear from those who felt, saw, ran, lost and won as well as from officials and historians. The story is told using the techniques of reporters, oral historians, historians and politicians. Although told in a short stories, vignettes and in an episodic manner, the novel builds on what has gone before.

How Newark Became Newark

Author : Brad R. Tuttle
ISBN : 9780813544908
Genre : History
File Size : 85. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rebel Music

Author : Hisham Aidi
ISBN : 9780307279972
Genre : Music
File Size : 74. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this pioneering study, Hisham Aidi takes us into the musical subcultures that have emerged among Muslim youth worldwide over the last decade. He shows how music - primarily hip-hop, but also rock, reggae, Gnawa and Andalusian - has come to express a shared Muslim consciousness in face of War on Terror policies

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