principles of soil and plant water relations

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Principles Of Soil And Plant Water Relations

Author : M.B. Kirkham
ISBN : 9780124200784
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations, 2e describes the principles of water relations within soils, followed by the uptake of water and its subsequent movement throughout and from the plant body. This is presented as a progressive series of physical and biological interrelations, even though each topic is treated in detail on its own. The book also describes equipment used to measure water in the soil-plant-atmosphere system. At the end of each chapter is a biography of a scientist whose principles are discussed in the chapter. In addition to new information on the concept of celestial time, this new edition also includes new chapters on methods to determine sap flow in plants dual-probe heat-pulse technique to monitor water in the root zone. Provides the necessary understanding to address advancing problems in water availability for meeting ecological requirements at local, regional and global scales Covers plant anatomy: an essential component to understanding soil and plant water relations

Crop Water Relations

Author : Iwan Dale Teare
ISBN : UOM:39015004839521
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Explains the basic principles of the relations of water to air, soil, and plants, and details the water relations of 12 major food and fiber crops. Provides background information on each of the crops listed, and describes aspects of their growth and physiology related to water. Includes quantitative information on water usage by each crop including critical water demand periods and effects of water stress on growth and yield.

Physiological Plant Ecology Ii

Author : Otto L. Lange
ISBN : 9783642681509
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 3 MB
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O. L. LANGE, P. S. NOBEL, C. B. OSMOND, and H. ZIEGLER In the original series of the Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology, plant water relations and photosynthesis were treated separately, and the connection between phenomena was only considered in special chapters. O. STOCKER edited Vol ume III, Pjlanze und Wasser/Water Relations of Plants in 1956, and 4 years later, Volume V, Parts I and 2, Die COrAssimilation/The Assimilation of Carbon Dioxide appeared, edited by A. PIRSON. Until recently, there has also been a tendency to cover these aspects of plant physiology separately in most text books. Without doubt, this separation is justifiable. If one is specifically inter ested, for example in photosynthetic electron transport, in details of photophos phorylation, or in carbon metabolism in the Calvin cycle, it is not necessary to ask how these processes relate to the water relations of the plant. Accordingly, this separate coverage has been maintained in the New Series of the Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology. The two volumes devoted exclusively to photosynthesis are Volume 5, Photosynthesis I, edited by A. TREBST and M. AVRON, and Volume 6, Photosynthesis II, edited by M. GIBBS and E. LATZKO. When consider ing carbon assimilation and plant water relations from an ecological point of view, however, we have to recognize that this separation is arbitrary.

Acta Physiologiae Plantarum

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89098661291
Genre : Plant physiology
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Physicochemical And Environmental Plant Physiology

Author : Park S. Nobel
ISBN : 9780323137614
Genre : Science
File Size : 45. 35 MB
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This text is the successor volume to Biophysical Plant Physiology and Ecology (W.H. Freeman, 1983). The content has been extensively updated based on the growing quantity and quality of plant research, including cell growth and water relations, membrane channels, mechanisms of active transport, and the bioenergetics of chloroplasts and mitochondria. One-third of the figures are new or modified, over 190 new references are incorporated, the appendixes on constants and conversion factors have doubled the number of entries, and the solutions to problems are given for the first time. Many other changes have emanated from the best laboratory for any book, the classroom. · Covers water relations and ion transport for plant cells; diffusion, chemical potential gradients, solute movement in and out of plant cells · Covers interconnection of various energy forms; light, chlorophyll and accessory photosynthesis pigments, ATP and NADPH · Covers forms in which energy and matter enter and leave a plant; energy budget analysis, water vapor and carbon dioxide, water movement from soil to plant to atmosphere

Ecophysiology Of Northern Spruce Species

Author : Steven C. Grossnickle
ISBN : 0660179598
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 39. 90 MB
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This manual offers foresters information to help them understand the performance of spruce seedlings after being planted on a reforestation site. It was written for university students taking a regeneration silviculture class, and foresters and researchers who work with spruce species.

Principles Of Soil Plant Interrelationships

Author : Victor V. Rendig
ISBN : 0070518793
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 13 MB
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Soil Physics

Author : T. J. Marshall
ISBN : 0521457661
Genre : Science
File Size : 53. 82 MB
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Now in its third edition, this textbook gives a comprehensive account of soil physics with emphasis on field applications for students and research workers engaged in water resources studies, soil sciences, and plant sciences. The authors have added chapters on soil erosion, conservation, and the role of soil in affecting water quality to this new edition. The book gives an account of how water influences the structure and strength of soil; how plants absorb water from soils; how water from rain and irrigation enters the soil and flows through it to contribute to stream flow and flow in artificial drains; how soluble salts and chemical pollutants are transported; how soils are eroded by water and wind; and how the evaporation rate from the land surface is influenced by soil water supply, the nature of the plant cover and the evaporative power of the atmosphere. This book will be useful to students and research workers in environmental sciences, hydrology, agriculture, soil science, and civil engineering.

Water Relations Of Plants And Soils

Author : Paul J. Kramer
ISBN : 9780080924113
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 15 MB
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Water Relations of Plants and Soils, successor to the seminal 1983 book by Paul Kramer, covers the entire field of water relations using current concepts and consistent terminology. Emphasis is on the interdependence of processes, including rate of water absorption, rate of transpiration, resistance to water flow into roots, soil factors affecting water availability. New trends in the field, such as the consideration of roots (rather than leaves) as the primary sensors of water stress, are examined in detail. Key Features * Addresses the role of water in the whole range of plant activities * Describes molecular mechanisms of water action in the context of whole plants * Synthesizes recent scientific findings * Relates current concepts to agriculture and ecology * Provides a summary of methods

Biometeorology In Integrated Pest Management

Author : Jerry Hatfield
ISBN : 9780323147965
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79. 5 MB
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Biometeorology in Integrated Pest Management is a resulting book from a conference with the same title held at the University of California in 1980. This book presents integrated pest management (IPM) in different viewpoints and perspectives. It serves as a helpful exchange of ideas to strengthen the research in integrated pest management. From a biometeorological viewpoint, the microclimate of agricultural systems is introduced in this book to describe the environment in which pests live. The first few chapters in this book discuss IPM in the perspective of biometeorology. Some of the topics include crop canopies (general heat exchange and wind movement), microclimate (instrumentation, techniques, and simulation), and microclimatic stress (remote sensing). The following section of the book focuses on plant pathology. The subject areas covered in this section include radiation quality and plant diseases; management of plant pathogens; and plant canopy modification and impact on plant disease. The last section focuses on weed science. The interaction of weeds to other pests, effects of light and temperature on weed growth, and weed seed germination are some of the topics discussed in this part. This book is a good source of reference to both students and professionals in the field of biometeorology, entomology, and agriculture. Other interested parties in the research of integrated pest management will also find this book helpful in their endeavors.

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