processes and control of plant senescence developments in crop science

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Processes And Control Of Plant Senescence

Author : Y.Y. Leshem
ISBN : 9780444598462
Genre : Science
File Size : 73. 42 MB
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This monograph provides basic and empiric information underlying processes believed to be involved in the doubtless multifunctional plant senescence syndrome. While essentially assuming a `basic science' approach the authors, drawing on data obtained from many of the main laboratories and research centres involved in senescence research the world over, and also on findings of the research groups they are associated with, have described how principles of basic science have been applied to practical problems, and have outlined the partial means presently available to man for achieving plant senescence control. Moreover, information is provided on current problems in the forefront of senescence research. This approach will hopefully engender further enquiry and lead at least to partial solutions to some of the as yet unsolved problems. The book will be an asset to the book shelves of students on advanced courses in agriculture, biology and biochemistry as well as scientists and research workers, university and agricultural research station libraries and horticulturalists.

Senescence And Aging In Plants

Author : L.D. Nooden
ISBN : 9780323145954
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 86 MB
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Senescence and Aging in Plants reviews the state of knowledge in the processes involved in plant senescence and aging. The book begins by discussing the emergence of senescence as a concept; experimental analysis of senescence; and patterns of senescence. It then examines membrane deterioration during senescence; photosynthesis in relation to leaf senescence; senescence of detached plant organs; changing patterns of nucleic acid and protein synthesis during senescence; and degradative and associated assimilatory aspects of nitrogen removal. This is followed by chapters on aspects of ethylene that may impinge upon its role in promoting senescence of higher plants; the role of cytokinins in plant senescence; the promoters and retardants of senescence; and the role of calcium in plant senescence. The concept of whole plant senescence is discussed, which can be subdivided into patterns, correlative controls, cessation of vegetative growth, declining assimilatory processes, assimilate partitioning, and hormonal controls. The final chapters cover the deterioration of cellular membranes during the plant aging process and seed aging.

Plant Cell Death Processes

Author : Larry D. Nooden
ISBN : 0080492088
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 54 MB
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Programmed cell death is a common pattern of growth and development in both animals and plants. However, programmed cell death and related processes are not as generally recognized as central to plant growth. This is changing fast and is becoming more of a focus of intensive research. This edited work will bring under one cover recent reviews of programmed cell death, apoptosis and senescence. Summaries of the myriad aspects of cell death in plants Discussion of the broadest implications of these disparite results A unification of fields where there has been no cross talk Enables easy entry into diverse but related lines of research

Annual Plant Reviews Senescence Processes In Plants

Author : Susheng Gan
ISBN : 9780470994269
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 23 MB
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The scientific and economic significance of plant senescence means that much effort has been made to understand the processes involved and to devise means of manipulating them agriculturally. During the past few years there has been considerable progress in this regard, especially in the molecular, genetic and genomic aspects. Senescence has a tremendous impact on agriculture. For example, leaf senescence limits crop yield and biomass production, and contributes substantially to postharvest loss in vegetable and ornamental crops during transportation, storage and on shelves. In addition, proteins, antioxidants and other nutritional compounds are degraded during senescence. Senescing tissues also become more susceptible to pathogen infection, and some of the pathogens may produce toxins, rendering food unsafe. Mitotic senescence may also determine sizes of leaves, fruits and whole plants. This volume summarizes recent progresses in the physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and biotechnology of plant senescence. Beginning with a chapter on senescence-related terminology and our current knowledge of mitotic senescence in plants (a less well-studied area), the book focuses on post-mitotic senescence, and includes chapters addressing the senescence of leaves, flowers and fruits. Later chapters examine the development of various new biotechnologies for manipulating the senescence processes of fruit and leaves, some of which are approaching commercialization. The book is directed at researchers and professionals in plant molecular genetics, physiology and biochemistry.

Plant Biotechnology And Agriculture

Author : Arie Altman
ISBN : 9780123814661
Genre : Medical
File Size : 45. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As the oldest and largest human intervention in nature, the science of agriculture is one of the most intensely studied practices. From manipulation of plant gene structure to the use of plants for bioenergy, biotechnology interventions in plant and agricultural science have been rapidly developing over the past ten years with immense forward leaps on an annual basis. This book begins by laying the foundations for plant biotechnology by outlining the biological aspects including gene structure and expression, and the basic procedures in plant biotechnology of genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. It then focuses on a discussion of the impacts of biotechnology on plant breeding technologies and germplasm sustainability. The role of biotechnology in the improvement of agricultural traits, production of industrial products and pharmaceuticals as well as biomaterials and biomass provide a historical perspective and a look to the future. Sections addressing intellectual property rights and sociological and food safety issues round out the holistic discussion of this important topic. Includes specific emphasis on the inter-relationships between basic plant biotechnologies and applied agricultural applications, and the way they contribute to each other Provides an updated review of the major plant biotechnology procedures and techniques, their impact on novel agricultural development and crop plant improvement Takes a broad view of the topic with discussions of practices in many countries

Breeding Genetics And Biotechnology

Author : Brian Thomas
ISBN : 0123977975
Genre :
File Size : 57. 91 MB
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Crop Physiology

Author : Victor O. Sadras
ISBN : 9780124169791
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 44. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From climate change to farming systems to genetic modification of organisms, Crop Physiology, Second Edition provides a practical tool for understanding the relationships and challenges of successful cropping. With a focus on genetic improvement and agronomy, this book addresses the challenges of environmentally sound production of bulk and quality food, fodder, fiber, and energy which are of ongoing international concern. The second edition of Crop Physiology continues to provide a unique analysis of these topics while reflecting important changes and advances in the relevant science and implementation systems. Contemporary agriculture confronts the challenge of increasing demand in terms of quantitative and qualitative production targets. These targets have to be achieved against the background of soil and water scarcity, worldwide and regional shifts in the patterns of land use driven by both climate change and the need to develop crop-based sources of energy, and the environmental and social aspects of agricultural sustainability. Provides a view of crop physiology as an active source of methods, theories, ideas, and tools for application in genetic improvement and agronomy Written by leading scientists from around the world Combines environment-specific cropping systems and general principles of crop science to appeal to advanced students, and scientists in agriculture-related disciplines, from molecular sciences to natural resources management

Senescence Signalling And Control In Plants

Author : Maryam Sarwat
ISBN : 012813187X
Genre : Reference
File Size : 44. 88 MB
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Senescence Signalling and Control in Plants discusses the studies showing the importance of hormone action on developmental senescence. It shows the involvement of various signaling components (like EIN2, LOX2) and transcription factors (like oresara1 or ORE1) in controlling hormonal activity during senescence. Further, the involvement of various micro RNAs (miR164, miR319) in regulating leaf senescence are discussed. Through this book, the authors throw light on all the reverse and forward genetic approaches to reveal the role of various other phytohormones regulating plant senescence and the molecular mechanisms involved. Chapters on relevant topics are contributed by experts working in the area, making this a comprehensive treatise designed to provide an in-depth analysis on the subject matter. Throws light on the involvement of hormones (other than the well- known hormones cytokine and ethylene) in plant senescence Shows the underlying mechanisms on the hormonal actions during senescence Exhibits the involvement of microRNAs during this important plant developmental process

Ethylene In Plants

Author : Chi-Kuang Wen
ISBN : 9789401794848
Genre : Science
File Size : 38. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book focuses on recent advances in our understanding of the signal transduction pathway of ethylene, its interaction with other hormones and its roles in biological processes. It discusses at which point plants could have acquired ethylene signaling from an evolutionary perspective. Ethylene was the first gaseous hormone to be identified and triggers various responses in higher plants. Our grasp of ethylene signaling has rapidly expanded over the past two decades, due in part to the isolation of the components involved in the signal transduction pathway. The book offers a helpful guide for plant scientists and graduate students in related areas.

Vibrational Spectroscopy For Plant Varieties And Cultivars Characterization

Author :
ISBN : 9780444640499
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Vibrational Spectroscopy for Plant Varieties and Cultivars Characterization, Volume 80, provides an overview on the application of vibrational spectroscopy to characterize plant cultivars and varieties. It covers a variety of aspects, including the potential of this technique for taxonomic purposes (species and cultivars/varieties identification), how to discriminate plants according to their ages and geographic regions, how to depict soil properties through plant characteristics, etc. Currently, most of these studies are performed through somewhat laborious techniques. This book presents reliable alternatives to such techniques, while also systematizing information concerning the application of vibration spectroscopy in this context. Guides academics through the application of vibrational spectroscopy Presents a valuable source of information for plant producers

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