product stewardship life cycle analysis and the environment

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Product Stewardship

Author : Kathleen Sellers
ISBN : 9781498760355
Genre : Law
File Size : 78. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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Consider the Consequences of Bringing a Chemical to Market Product Stewardship: Life Cycle Analysis and the Environment explores the regulatory and scientific aspects of the life-cycle consequences of bringing a chemical to market. Using case studies to bring critical points to life, this multidisciplinary text explores the factors that influence our risk management decisions. It bridges the academic study of life cycle analysis and the practical concerns of those in industry who produce goods for market within the web of global product stewardship regulations and under the eye of consumers concerned with sustainability. This book: Discusses the technical tools that a product steward can use to predict the life cycle consequences of chemical manufacture and use Includes the techniques needed to characterize and predict the fate and transport of chemicals in the environment Explains the formal process of life cycle assessment, which is used to evaluate the potential effects on the environment Describes the regulation of both existing and new chemicals, using examples to illustrate the complexity of the factors that affect their regulation Provides case studies that integrate the technical and regulatory foundations of product stewardship which allows readers to explore past risk-management decisions Product Stewardship: Life Cycle Analysis and the Environment describes critical product stewardship regulations and the concept of life cycle thinking in understandable and practical terms. It examines the balance between the benefits of chemical use against the possible consequences of exposure and can assist readers in learning to predict, understand, and regulate the consequences of using a chemical substance through its life cycle.

Life Cycle Assessment Student Handbook

Author : Mary Ann Curran
ISBN : 9781119083559
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 22. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This student version of the popular bestseller, Life Cycle Assessment Handbook, is not a watered-down version of the original, but retains all of the important information and valuable lessons provided in the first book, along with helpful problems and solutions for the student learning about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). As the last several decades have seen a dramatic rise in the application of LCA in decision making, the interest in the life cycle concept as an environmental management and sustainability tool continues to grow. The LCA Student Handbook offers a look at the role that life cycle information, in the hands of companies, governments and consumers, may have in improving the environmental performance of products and technologies. It concisely and clearly presents the various aspects of LCA in order to help the reader better understand the subject. The international success of the sustainability paradigm needs the participation of many stakeholders, including citizens, corporations, academia, and NGOs. The handbook links LCA and responsible decision making and how the life cycle concept is a critical element in environmental sustainability. It covers issues such as building capacity in developing countries and emerging economies so that they are more capable of harnessing the potential in LCA for sustainable development. Governments play a very important role with the leverage they have through procurement, regulation, international treaties, tax incentives, public outreach, and other policy tools. This compilation of points to the clear trend for incorporating life cycle information into the design and development processes for products and policies, just as quality and safety concerns are now addressed throughout product design and development. The Life Cycle Assessment Student Handbook is not just for students. It is also a valuable resource for practitioners looking for a desktop reference on LCA or for any engineer, manager, or policy-maker wishing to learn about LCA.

Climate Change Research At Universities

Author : Walter Leal Filho
ISBN : 9783319582146
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This unique book provides a multidisciplinary review of current, climate-change research projects at universities around the globe, offering perspectives from all of the natural and social sciences. Numerous universities worldwide pursue state-of-the-art research on climate change, focussing on mitigation of its effects as well as human adaptation to it. However, the 2015 Paris 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (COP 21)” demonstrated that there is still much room for improvement in the role played by universities in international negotiations and decision-making on climate change. To date, few scientific meetings have provided multidisciplinary perspectives on climate change in which researchers across the natural and social sciences could come together to exchange research findings and discuss methods relating to climate change mitigation and adaption studies. As a result the published literature has also lacked a broad perspective. This book fills that gap and is of interest to all researchers and policy-makers concerned with global climate change regardless of their area of expertise.

Wood In Our Future The Role Of Life Cycle Analysis

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 0309174791
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The United States produces 25% of the world's wood output, and wood supports a major segment of the U.S. industrial base. Trees provide fiber, resins, oils, pulp, food, paper, pharmaceuticals, fuel, many products used in home construction, and numerous other products. The use of wood as a raw material must consider production efficiencies and natural resource conservation as well as efficient, profitable use of solid wood, its residues, and by-products. To better assess the use of wood as a raw material, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service asked the National Research Council's Board on Agriculture to bring together experts to review the analytical techniques used to follow the life-cycle of wood production--from tree to product--and assess the environmental impacts. This resulting book provides a base of current knowledge, identifying what data are lacking, where future efforts should be focused, and what is known about the methodologies used to assess environmental impacts. The book also focuses on national and international efforts to develop integrated environmental, economic, and energy accounting methologies.

Life Cycle Assessment And Environmental Impact Of Polymeric Products

Author : T. J. O'Neill
ISBN : 1859573649
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 41 MB
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This review describes the process of life cycle analysis in some detail. It describes the different organisations involved in researching and applying these techniques and the database resources being used to generate comparative reports. The overview explains the factors to be considered, the terminology, the organisations involved in developing these techniques and the legislation which is driving the whole process forward. The ISO standards relating to environmental management are also discussed briefly in the document. Design for the environment is covered in the report. This review is accompanied by summaries of selected papers on life cycle analysis and environmental impact from the Rapra Polymer Library database.

Achieving Environmental Stewardship In Iron And Steel Sector Through Application Of Life Cycle Assessment

Author : Mohan Yellishetty
ISBN : OCLC:920438514
Genre : Carbon dioxide
File Size : 69. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The aims of this thesis are: (1) To develop improved knowledge and understanding of material flows and life cycle assessments of the iron and steel industries and(2) suggest policy directions based on the knowledge and understandings gained. It is hoped that improved environmental performance and environmental stewardship for the iron and steel material cycles will be outcomes of the work reported here. The metrics used include materials flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA).The mining and metals sector provides materials that are essential elements in a wide range of goods and services. By virtue of their inherent qualities (including strength, chemical resistance and lustre), minerals and metals create value by meeting human needs. The mining, refining and recycling industries, which make metals available for use in human societies around the globe, are under increasing pressure to improve their environmental performance and contribute more towards sustainable development. The steel industry is a major industry which consumes huge quantities of energy. It is therefore liable to cause environmental degradation, mainly due to greenhouse gas emissions. Iron and steel are the world's most widely used material, produced in every region of the world. Today, steels are essential components of our society to the extent that they are part of every utility we use in our day-to-day life. Sustainable use of metals in general, and iron and steel in particular, requires the reduction of environmental impacts associated with the mining, refining and recycling activities that supply metals to economies around the world. By using MFA a quantitative model of current and projected iron ore and steel mass flows and to quantify the CO2 emissions resulting from iron ore and steel production was developed. This model is based on historical data extracted from various government organisations, industry associations and the annual reports of individual companies. Using LCA, the thesis has evaluated the benefits of recycling of steel to our society from environmental and economical perspectives. The quantitative metrics used to demonstrate the benefits of recycling include resource consumption, energy use and life cycle environmental emissions. A brief review is also presented of methodologies of allocation in open-loop recycling, the integration of design-for-recycling (DfR) principles into steel product manufacturing, and policies on steel recycling. In the context of LCA, a review of current characterisation methods in respect of abiotic resource depletion has been carried out. Using a case study of the steel industry, an argument is presented that abiotic resource depletion is a problem, both at a regional and global level from the 'triple bottom line' perspective.Finally, environmental stewardship issues and opportunities in the context of the minerals and metals sector are reviewed. Some industry examples and opportunities have been reported. A case study of the use of iron ore mineral wastes is presented to demonstrate how mineral industries can contribute positively to sustainable development by embracing the concepts of industrial ecology.

Life Cycle Assessment Handbook

Author : Mary Ann Curran
ISBN : 9781118528273
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The first book of its kind, the LCA Handbook will become an invaluable resource for environmentally progressive manufacturers and suppliers, product and process designers, executives and managers, and government officials who want to learn about this essential component of environmental sustainability.

Environment And The Oecd Guidelines For Multinational Enterprises Corporate Tools And Approaches

Author : OECD
ISBN : 9789264009394
Genre :
File Size : 47. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides an overview of the main tools and approaches available to enterprises wishing to put the Environment chapter of the OECD Guidelines into practice.

Greening The Supply Chain

Author : Joseph Sarkis
ISBN : 9781846282997
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book analyzes environmental supply chain management theory and practice, with contributions by a international experts. Coverage includes concepts and principles of green supply chain management; studies of practices and concerns in industries worldwide; tools for environmental supply chain design and development; and case studies of green supply chain practices. Professionals, policy makers, researchers and students will value this book for the insights it provides into a topic of growing concern.

Design For Environment Second Edition

Author : Joseph Fiksel
ISBN : 9780071776233
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 70. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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Proven methods for achieving environmental excellence while increasing profitability "If your goal is to design and develop environmentally sustainable products that also drive shareholder value, then this book is a must read." --Stuart L. Hart, S.C. Johnson Chair in Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University "A comprehensive and inspiring guide that provides a powerful case for integration of environmental principles into product development ... Essential reading for any organization putting DFE into practice." --Ken Strassner, Vice President, Global Environment, Safety, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Kimberly-Clark Corporation “Joseph Fiksel has produced a masterful book that not only powerfully argues for Design for Environment, but also provides the roadmap and real-life examples that prove the point. This book arrives not a moment too soon for a stressed planet. Industry has the opportunity to re-think how we design, produce, sell and dispose of products, and this book provides the tools and best practices to accomplish a new and improved way of doing business.” –-Jim Thomas, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, JCPenney “A must read for all practitioners of a Design for Environment approach. This book makes the most compelling case yet for taking a more integrated and holistic approach to DFE—the bottom line! Green initiatives must increase profitability to be truly sustainable, and Dr. Fiksel provides the blueprint for how global companies are enhancing profits and winning in the marketplace by designing their way to competitive advantage.” --Jim Lime, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, ConAgra Foods "At a time when many companies are wrestling with the challenges of energy and environmental management, Design for Environment provides a unique resource—a clear and comprehensive guide to the tools and best practices that are essential for any business that aspires to be sustainable. Innovation will be the key to addressing global climate change and assuring future prosperity, and this book illuminates the path forward." --Dennis Welch, Executive Vice President, Environment, Safety & Health and Facilities, American Electric Power Based on successful green strategies practiced at dozens of major corporations, Design for Environment, Second Edition, offers a business rationale for developing sustainable products and processes, as well as a comprehensive toolkit for practicing Design for Environment (DFE) in the context of product life-cycle management. Insights on how DFE can be seamlessly integrated into existing business practices are also included. This unique resource reveals how environmental innovation creates business value and helps companies to meet global energy and environmental challenges. Features in-depth case studies of DFE applications by industry leaders such as: Alcoa * American Electric Power * Caterpillar * Coca-Cola * ConAgra Foods * Dow Chemical Company * DuPont * Eli Lilly * Ford Motor Company * General Motors * Hewlett-Packard * Intel * JCPenney * Johnson & Johnson * Kimberly-Clark * McDonald's * Owens Corning * Patagonia * 3M Company * Xerox

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