promoting research integrity in a global environment

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Promoting Research Integrity In A Global Environment

Author : Tony Mayer
ISBN : 9789814340984
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The World Conferences on Research Integrity provide a forum for an international group of researchers, research administrators from funding agencies and similar bodies. The second such conference, held in Singapore in July 2010. This volume brings together a selection of presentations and key guidelines and statements emerging from the Conference.

Integrity In The Global Research Arena

Author : Steneck Nicholas H
ISBN : 9789814632409
Genre : Reference
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With a seeming increase in the number of high-profile cases of research misconduct, there is a need for promoting and upholding the principles for the responsible conduct of research. At the 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity, convened in Montréal in 2013, vital issues relating to ethics and behavior in research environments were discussed at length. This book captures the major content and discussions arising from the conference. The Montréal Conference, like the previous conferences, attracted a diverse group of delegates and speakers, including government and institutional leaders, policy makers, journal editors, officials of research funding agencies, scientists and other researchers, students and postdoctoral fellows, representatives of academic societies and academies, and those responsible for compliance and regulation, as well as many who are engaged in doing empirical research on topics related to research integrity.The aim of this book is to share the ideas emerging from the rich discussion at the conference with scholars and policymakers around the world. It covers the main topics that are today seen as vital to decision making about responsible research. The book also sets the stage for the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity, which will be held in Brazil in mid-2015.This book and the prior World Conference publication, , represent the largest ongoing global discussion of issues relating to integrity in research. It provides its readers with the opportunity to learn more about and eventually engage these issues locally or globally with colleagues.

The Power Of Research

Author : W. Jerjes
ISBN : 9789062998852
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Preface The purpose of writing this book is to clarify the proper approach to the discussion and study of research integrity and publication ethics in medical research; this will include a code of ethics for academics, as well as cover plagiarism and intellectual property rights. At present, there is a lack of robust agreement on the degree of empirical scientific evidence for specific problems that frequently undermine integrity in research, leading to research misconduct. There is also scant knowledge about publication ethics, for which publication of a definitive code is required. In addition, many instances of what may appear to be fabricated evidence or falsified data have arisen due to a lack of knowledge about best practice rather than intentional fraud. A valuable resource is needed to support and define collaboration between research scholars in this field, and to recognize the boundaries and principles involved. This book seeks to establish a firm knowledge base to address issues arising from research integrity, publication ethics, plagiarism, and protection of intellectual property. It wishes to act as an important guideline for research students for which, at present, there is a notable absence. Key individuals who will benefit the most from this book are qualified professionals involved in the field of medical research; that is, clinical researchers, research students, and scientists. The general public, who need to place complete trust in research integrity, may also be interested in further understanding a topic that is all too infrequently discussed and rarely in the public domain. Scientists are expected to occupy the high moral ground when it comes to the search for truth, especially in regard to the human body. Cases of misconduct tend to hit the headlines due to this very fact, which is why it is imperative that the target audience is as wide as possible to effect transparency on the subject. The features and contents of this book will impart a greater depth of understanding about integrity and publication ethical issues to medical research scientists prior to conducting their research, and to journal editors throughout the publication process. It will explain and define the subject with clear parameters, incorporating a code of ethics. The present book challenges the current climate of ignorance about research integrity and ethics. It will help avoid instances of misconduct, and ensuing investigations, which often arise due to ignorance. It will save time, money, and the psychological effects of accusation, reprimand, and subsequent punitive action by avoidance of wrongdoing. If a medical researcher has been found to have fabricated the results of their studies, the book will act as a valuable guideline for proposed action; the target audience will gain from a clearer definition of research integrity. It will obviate the tendency of some research scientists, even those highly experienced, to base their findings on personal experience, philosophical bias, political and media responses, and individual case studies. A valuable feature of the book will be helping research scientists to advance to the next level of understanding in the study and discussion of research integrity and publication ethics. A number of the interpretations in this book are based on special guidelines co-authored by W Jerjes and C Hopper as well as a number of au13 thors. Also, we acknowledge the support of English language specialist Sandy Eifion-Jones in improving the standard of English for the initial draft of this book. The authors

Fostering Integrity In Research

Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
ISBN : 9780309391252
Genre : Science
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The integrity of knowledge that emerges from research is based on individual and collective adherence to core values of objectivity, honesty, openness, fairness, accountability, and stewardship. Integrity in science means that the organizations in which research is conducted encourage those involved to exemplify these values in every step of the research process. Understanding the dynamics that support â€" or distort â€" practices that uphold the integrity of research by all participants ensures that the research enterprise advances knowledge. The 1992 report Responsible Science: Ensuring the Integrity of the Research Process evaluated issues related to scientific responsibility and the conduct of research. It provided a valuable service in describing and analyzing a very complicated set of issues, and has served as a crucial basis for thinking about research integrity for more than two decades. However, as experience has accumulated with various forms of research misconduct, detrimental research practices, and other forms of misconduct, as subsequent empirical research has revealed more about the nature of scientific misconduct, and because technological and social changes have altered the environment in which science is conducted, it is clear that the framework established more than two decades ago needs to be updated. Responsible Science served as a valuable benchmark to set the context for this most recent analysis and to help guide the committee’s thought process. Fostering Integrity in Research identifies best practices in research and recommends practical options for discouraging and addressing research misconduct and detrimental research practices.

Integrity In Scientific Research

Author : Board on Health Sciences Policy
ISBN : 9780309084796
Genre : Science
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"Many people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character." -- Albert Einstein Integrity in Scientific Research attempts to define and describe those elements that encourage individuals involved with scientific research to act with integrity. Recognizing the inconsistency of human behavior, it stresses the important role that research institutions play in providing an integrity--rich environment, citing the need for institutions to provide staff with training and education, policies and procedures, and tools and support systems. It identifies practices that characterize integrity in such areas as peer review and research on human subjects and weighs the strengths and limitations of self--evaluation efforts by these institutions. In addition, it details an approach to promoting integrity during the education of researchers, including how to develop an effective curriculum. Providing a framework for research and educational institutions, this important book will be essential for anyone concerned about ethics in the scientific community.

Research Management

Author : Jan Andersen
ISBN : 9780128052082
Genre : Education
File Size : 88. 28 MB
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Research Management: Europe and Beyond addresses the myriad responsibilities related to research management and administration. The book incorporates narratives from those working in the field to provide insight into the profession. The book also offers a unique perspective on the topic by incorporating global perspectives to address the growing interdisciplinary nature of research collaboration. The book outlines practical advice for those in the research management and administration profession at all levels of experience. It is also a useful tool that research institutions and research groups can use to assist in planning and streamlining their research support. Offers a deeper understanding of the research management and administrative landscape through single and collective definitions and experiences Provides an overview of the research environment and explores the international research arena Discusses some of the most complex issues in research management and administration by covering topics such as ethics, innovation, research impact, organizational structures, and processes for the project life cycle

Doing Global Science

Author : InterAcademy Partnership
ISBN : 9781400881154
Genre : Science
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This concise introductory guide explains the values that should inform the responsible conduct of scientific research in today's global setting. Featuring accessible discussions and ample real-world scenarios, Doing Global Science covers proper conduct, fraud and bias, the researcher's responsibilities to society, communication with the public, and much more. The book places special emphasis on the international and highly networked environment in which modern research is done, presenting science as an enterprise that is being transformed by globalization, interdisciplinary research projects, team science, and information technologies. Accessibly written by an InterAcademy Partnership committee comprised of leading scientists from around the world, Doing Global Science is required reading for students, practitioners, and anyone concerned about the responsible conduct of science today. Provides practical guidance and instructions for doing scientific research in today's global setting Covers everything from responsible conduct to communication with the public Features numerous real-world scenarios drawn from an array of disciplines and national contexts Focuses on issues commonly encountered in international collaborations Written by a panel of leading experts from around the world An essential guide for practicing scientists and anyone concerned about fostering research integrity

Responsible Conduct Of Research

Author : Adil E. Shamoo
ISBN : 9780199376049
Genre : Medical
File Size : 87. 61 MB
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Since the early 2000s, the field of Responsible Conduct of Research has become widely recognized as essential to scientific education, investigation, and training. At present, research institutions with public funding are expected to have some minimal training and education in RCR for their graduate students, fellows and trainees. These institutions also are expected to have a system in place for investigating and reporting misconduct in research or violations of regulations in research with human subjects, or in their applications to federal agencies for funding. Public scrutiny of the conduct of scientific researchers remains high. Media reports of misconduct scandals, biased research, violations of human research ethics rules, and moral controversies in research occur on a weekly basis. Since the 2009 publication of the 2nd edition of Shamoo and Resnik's Responsible Conduct of Research, there has been a vast expansion in the information, knowledge, methods, and diagnosis of problems related to RCR and the multitude of ethical issues of human subject protections. With the climate surrounding research conduct always shifting, developments in the field make an updated edition a necessity. All chapters have been revised and reflect the most current RCR landscape. New or further-developed topics include social responsibility and misconduct in social sciences, climate-change research, authorship, and peer review. Updates include new information on research involving human subjects or "vulnerable" biological subjects, as well as genetic research. Just like in previous editions, all chapters contain recent case studies and legal examples of various subjects.

Ensuring Research Integrity And The Ethical Management Of Data

Author : Sibinga, Cees Th. Smit
ISBN : 9781522527312
Genre : Reference
File Size : 71. 31 MB
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Data management technology is rapidly progressing, and with it comes the need for stricter rules that ensure the information being collected is handled appropriately. Ensuring Research Integrity and the Ethical Management of Data is an essential resource that examines the best approaches for providing quality research, as well as how to effectively manage that information in a reputable way. Featuring extensive research on relevant topics such as qualitative data collection, data sharing, data misinterpretation, and intellectual property, this scholarly publication is an ideal reference source for academicians, students, and researchers interested in current trends and techniques in ethical research and data management.

Scientific Integrity And Ethics In The Geosciences

Author : Linda C. Gundersen
ISBN : 9781119067788
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Science is built on trust. The assumption is that scientists will conduct their work with integrity, honesty, and a strict adherence to scientific protocols. Written by geoscientists for geoscientists, Scientific Integrity and Ethics in the Geosciences acquaints readers with the fundamental principles of scientific ethics and shows how they apply to everyday work in the classroom, laboratory, and field. Resources are provided throughout to help discuss and implement principles of scientific integrity and ethics. Volume highlights include: Examples of international and national codes and policies Exploration of the role of professional societies in scientific integrity and ethics References to scientific integrity and ethics in publications and research data Discussion of science integrity, ethics, and geoethics in education Extensive coverage of data applications Scientific Integrity and Ethics in the Geosciences is a valuable resource for students, faculty, instructors, and scientists in the geosciences and beyond. It is also useful for geoscientists working in industry, government, and policymaking. Read an interview with the editors to find out more:

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