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Author : Jeri Quinzio
ISBN : 9781780230658
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 67. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Pudding usually brings to mind flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and tapioca, but prepackaged pudding cups don’t even scratch the surface of global pudding varieties—the term can denote dishes containing candied fruits and nuts or even frugal blends of little more than flour and suet. Pudding: A Global History explains how puddings developed from their early savory, sausage-like mixtures into the sweet and sticky confections we are now familiar with, and he describes how advances in kitchen equipment have changed puddings over time. Tackling blood, bread, rice, batter, and vegetable puddings, Jeri Quinzio describes the diverse ways cooks around the world make their puddings and how versions from different countries vary—England’s rice pudding, for instance, is flavored with vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon, whereas in India it is made with nuts or raisins. In addition to investigating the history of puddings on the dining table, Quinzio also looks at the prominent place puddings have had in novels, poems, songs, and cartoons. He shows how authors and artists like Anthony Trollope, Robert Burns, and George Cruikshank have used puddings to illustrate their characters’ sorrows, joys, and even political leanings. Bursting with choice morsels about puddings past and present, this is a book for fans of blood pudding and plum pudding alike.


Author : Kathy Hunt
ISBN : 9781780238678
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 30. 9 MB
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Though tiny, the herring has played an enormous role in history. Battles have been waged over it. International economic alliances have formed over it. Major cities owe their prosperity to it. Political powers have risen and fallen with herring’s own rise and fall in population. How can this all be attributed to this unassuming little animal? In Herring: A Global History, Kathy Hunt looks at the environmental, historical, political, and culinary background of this prolific and easily caught fish. Over the centuries, herring have sustained populations in times of war and hardship, and the fish’s rich flavor, delicate texture, and nutritious meat have made it a culinary favorite. Its ease of preparation—just grill, broil, fry, pickle, salt, or smoke and serve—have won it further acclaim. Engaging and informative, the book features fifteen mouth-watering recipes. It will appeal to food lovers, history buffs, and anyone who has ever enjoyed a British kipper, German Bismarck, Dutch matjes, or Jewish chopped-herring.


Author : Lucy Long
ISBN : 9781780237800
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 23. 47 MB
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Whether drizzled into our tea or spread atop our terms of endearment, there’s one thing that is always true about honey: it is sweet. As Lucy M. Long shows in this book, while honey is definitely the natural sweetener par excellence, it has a long history in our world as much more, serving in different settings as a food, tonic, medicine, and even preservative. It features in many religions as a sacred food of the gods. In this luscious history, she traces the uses and meanings of honey in myriad cultures throughout time. Long points to a crucial fact about honey: it can be enjoyed with very little human processing, which makes it one of the most natural foods we consume. Its nutritional qualities and flavors dramatically reflect the surroundings in which it is produced, and those who produce it—bees—are some of the most important insects in the world, the chief pollinators of wild plants and domesticated crops alike. Showing how honey has figured in politics, religion, economics, and popular culture, Long also directly explores its tastiest use—in our food and drink—offering a history of its culinary place in the world, one sweetened with an assortment of delicious recipes. Lively and engaged, her account will give even the saltiest of us an insatiable sweet tooth.


Author : Damien Stone
ISBN : 9781780237954
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 61. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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Supple but crunchy, sweet but tart—with its strange construction of seeds filled with delicious garnet juice so vibrant it’s hard not think it is some otherworldly blood—no wonder the pomegranate has appealed so much to the human imagination throughout the centuries. Holding aloft this singular fruit in the light of human history, Damien Stone offers a unique look at an alluring fruit that has figured in our culinary consciousness from the gardens of the ancient world to the health-food section of supermarkets. Stone takes us back to the early polytheistic religions and the important role that pomegranates had in their rituals. From there he shows how they came to be held in high esteem in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike, examining exciting new findings that further cement their importance: for instance, many historians believe now that it was a pomegranate, not an apple, that was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Stone examines the allure that the pomegranate has had to a fascinating cast of famous figures, from ancient Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal to Tudor Queen Anne Boleyn, from Sandro Botticelli to Salvador Dalí. Drawing on text, image, and taste, Pomegranate is a cornucopia of strange and fascinating stories about a very special fruit.


Author : Judith Weinraub
ISBN : 9781780237053
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 71. 93 MB
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Light, healthy, and easily tossed together, salads have been an herbaceous staple for as long as we have eaten food. Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet—ladled over with buttermilk dressings or gently dressed in oil and vinegar—they come in an astonishing variety of forms and feature as both side and main dishes in a range of regional cuisines. In this book, Judith Weinraub celebrates the leafy life of the salad, traveling from Europe to the Americas and on to Asia to explore the crisp and nutritious delights they offer all around the world. As Weinraub shows, salads started as a simple assemblage of wild plants gathered from the hillsides, a necessary source of calories and a pleasant contrast to the gamey meats that usually comprised a meal. It was only in later centuries that their nutritional value became known, and they assumed their place as the quintessential health food. Over that time, we learned to lavish them with oils, vinegars, juices, creams, cheeses, seeds, nuts, fruits, and proteins, and we learned to give them special names: chef, cobb, and caesar, not to mention niçoise, panzanella, and tabbouleh. Appetizingly written and freshly illustrated, this book will make a perfect accompaniment to any meal—or a main course in itself.

Zwischen Den Meeren

Author : Sarah Moss
ISBN : 9783866483286
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89. 99 MB
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Nur wenige Wochen nach der Hochzeit muss ein junges Paar sich wieder trennen – für ein ganzes halbes Jahr. Tom Cavendish fährt nach Japan, um Leuchttürme zu bauen; Ally, seine Frau, bleibt in Cornwall, wo sie ihren lang gehegten Traum erfüllt und ihre erste Stelle als Ärztin antritt. Der neue Status beschert ihr ungekannte Freiheit, doch während sie sich immer tiefer in die Arbeit stürzt und Tom versucht, sich an die fremde Kultur Japans zu gewöhnen, wird die Entfernung zwischen beiden immer größer und das Fundament ihrer jungen Ehe brüchig. Mit ihrer unvergleichlichen Mischung aus psychologischer Einfühlung und intellektueller Tiefe spannt Sarah Moss einen Bogen von Cornwall bis Japan und zeigt zwei Menschen voller beruflicher Entschlossenheit und innerer Einsamkeit, verbunden durch dieselbe Sehnsucht, die Sehnsucht nach dem jeweils anderen.

On Food And Cooking Das Standardwerk Der K Chenwissenschaft

Author : Harold McGee
ISBN : 387515083X
Genre :
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Author : Katharine M. Rogers
ISBN : 9781780230627
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 62. 90 MB
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“Pork. The Other White Meat.” The well known National Pork Board slogan doesn’t begin to describe the many types of meat that fall under the umbrella of “pork.” The most versatile of meats, pork ranges from the rich, delicate succulence of a roast loin to the dry, salty assertiveness of pancetta and bacon. Since the Roman Empire, it has also been the most widely eaten meat—it formed the high point of Roman feasts and was the mainstay of the traditional working class diet in Europe and North America. Pork: A Global History follows the transition of pork from fashionable food to popular fare while also exploring the many edible parts of a pig and ways they are prepared. Katharine Rogers depicts how pork stopped being featured at aristocratic banquets and in high-end cookbooks as it became associated with the lower and middle classes. She explains how European settlers brought pork to the Americas and that barrel pork, kept submerged in a barrel of brine, was a staple of working class people in the United States. While roast suckling pig remains the most luxurious form of pork, Rogers reveals that people also use pig’s blood to make black puddings, its tail to flavor soups and stews, and its fat for frying and as a pastry shortening. Beautifully illustrated and filled with recipes from around the world, Pork will be a necessary addition to the bookshelf of any lover of bacon, sausage, and pork chops.

Sechs Getr Nke Die Die Welt Bewegten

Author : Tom Standage
ISBN : 3411160039
Genre :
File Size : 41. 17 MB
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Atlas Obscura

Author : Joshua Foer
ISBN : 9783641207113
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70. 16 MB
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Der außergewöhnlichste Reiseführer der Welt Der Atlas Obscura sieht nur auf den ersten Blick aus wie ein Reiseführer. Es ist vor allem ein Buch zum Lesen und Träumen – eine Wunderkammer voller unerwarteter, bizarrer und mysteriöser Orte, die gleichermaßen Wunderlust und Wanderlust hervorrufen. Jede einzelne Seite dieses außergewöhnlichen Buchs erweitert unseren Horizont und zeigt uns, wie wunderbar und schräg die Welt in Wirklichkeit ist. Fesselnde Texte, hunderte von fantastischen Fotos, überraschende Fakten und Karten für jede Region des Globus machen es nahezu unmöglich, nicht gleich die nächste Seite aufzuschlagen und weiterzuschmökern! Eine erstaunliche Liebeserklärung an die Welt, in der wir leben.

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