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Design For Water

Author : Heather Kinkade-Levario
ISBN : 9781550923407
Genre : Architecture
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A professional guide to collecting water -- the 21st Century oil.

Bluedrop Series Rain Water Harvesting And Utilisation

Author :
ISBN : 9789211318289
Genre :
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Rainwater Harvesting

Author : Jennie Barron
ISBN : 9280730193
Genre : Reference
File Size : 37. 82 MB
Format : PDF
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Climate change, demand for development and already deteriorating state of ecosystems produce an immediate need for innovative opportunities enabling development and human well-being without undermining ecosystem services. Rainwater harvesting creates synergies by upgrading rainfed agriculture and enhancing productive landscapes. The publication describes rainwater harvesting systems, their roles and impacts. It focuses to both negative and positive aspects of using technology and explains how we can decrease constraints and build upon benefits. It examines 29 cases of different economic activities including forestry, agriculture, watershed development and, rural and urban development.


Author : Sandra Brown
ISBN : 9780731814893
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28. 52 MB
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Ella Barron runs her Texas boarding house with the efficiency of a ship's captain and the grace of a gentlewoman. She cares for her ten-year-old son, Solly, a sweet but challenging child whose busy behavior and failure to speak elicits undesired advice from others in town. Ella's plate is full from sunup to sundown. But when a room in her boarding house opens up and the respected town doctor, Dr. Kincaid, brings Ella a new boarder--the handsome and gallant Mr. David Rainwater--Ella is immediately resistant to opening up her home to this mysterious stranger.

Ad43e Rainwater Harvesting For Domestic Use

Author :
ISBN : 9789085730538
Genre : Rainwater
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rainwater And The Millennium Development Goals

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000111376806
Genre : Water harvesting
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Rainwater Tank Systems For Urban Water Supply

Author : Ashok K. Sharma
ISBN : 9781780405353
Genre : Science
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Rainwater tank systems have been widely adopted across the world to provide a safe local source of water in underdeveloped rural areas, a substitution for mains water for non potable end uses in water stressed urban areas, as well as providing flooding control in monsoonal climates such as Korea, or combined sewer systems such as Germany. The importance of these systems in cities has grown, as water managers seek to provide a range of decentralised solutions to supply constraints of current water supply systems, whilst reducing the impact of urban development on the natural environment, and increasing resilience to the impacts of climate change. Rainwater tank systems are now often implemented under integrated urban water management (IUWM) and water sensitive urban design (WSUD) philosophies, which take a holistic view of the urban water cycle. Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply is based on a comprehensive, multi-million dollar research program that was undertaken in South East Queensland (SEQ) Australia in response to the Millennium drought when the water supply level in the regions drinking water dams dropped to 17% in July 2007 and the area came close to running out of water. In particular, the book provides insights and detailed analysis of design, modelling, implementation, operation, energy usage, economics, management, health risk, social perceptions and implications for water quality/quantity of roof water runoff. The approaches and methodologies included in Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply inform and validate research programs, and provide insights on the expected performance and potential pitfalls of the adoption of rainwater tanks systems including: actual harvested yield and resulting mains water savings, optimal sizing for rainwater storages and roof collection systems, expected water quality and implications for managing public health risks, modelling tools available for decision support, operation and management approaches of a decentralised asset at the household scale and community acceptance. The book is suitable for use at undergraduate and post graduate levels and is of particular interest to water professionals across the globe, who are involved in the strategic water planning for a town, city or a region. It is a valuable resource for developers, civil designers, water planners, architects and plumbers seeking to implement sustainable water servicing approaches for residential, industrial and commercial developments.

Rainwater Harvesting

Author : Inder Jeet
ISBN : CHI:092502250
Genre : Rain and rainfall
File Size : 27. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Indian context.

Mapping The Potential Of Rainwater Harvesting Technologies In Africa

Author : Maimbo M. Malesu
ISBN : 9789290592112
Genre : Africa
File Size : 25. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rainwater Harvesting For Agriculture In The Dry Areas

Author : Theib Y. Oweis
ISBN : 9780415621144
Genre : Nature
File Size : 31. 44 MB
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Dry areas suffer not only from limited rainfall but also ‘natural leakage’—90% of rainwater is lost directly or indirectly, and is unavailable for agriculture or domestic use. Water harvesting is a low-cost, easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly way to recover a large part of this lost water. How does water harvesting work? Which sites or areas are best suited and how can these areas be identified? How to design, build and maintain a water harvesting system tailored to local needs? How can water harvesting contribute to combating land degradation, enhancing food security and adapting to climate change? This book provides the answers. The book is based on many years of research, training and development by three of the world’s leading experts in water management and agriculture. It is authoritative, comprehensive, and easy to read, containing practical examples, many illustrations and little jargon. This volume will be of great interest to researchers, development workers, farmers, policymakers, students of the natural sciences—in fact, anyone interested in efficient, sustainable management of water resources and agriculture.

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