raspberry pi for secret agents third edition

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Raspberry Pi For Secret Agents

Author : Matthew Poole
ISBN : 9781786461667
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a secret agent toolbox with this set of exciting projects About This Book Turn your Raspberry Pi into a multi-purpose secret agent gadget for audio and video surveillance, Wi-Fi exploration, or playing pranks on your friends Detect an intruder on camera or with sensors and set off an alarm or receive messages to your phone Find out what the other computers on your network are up to and make yourself anonymous on the Internet This book has been updated for new additions to your toolkit featuring the tiny, recently released Raspberry Pi Zero board Who This Book Is For This book is for those who are new to the Raspberry Pi Zero ,Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi 3 and have some experience with the original Raspberry Pi models, and even for those budding secret agents who would like to use Pi Zero as a secret agent toolbox. No programming experience is assumed. Suitable for the novice and expert alike, each topic provides a fast and easy way to get started with exciting applications, with practical examples in every chapter. What You Will Learn Install and configure the Raspbian Jessie operating system for maximum mischief Detect an intruder with motion detection or a laser trip wire and set off an alarm Listen in to conversations from a distance over Bluetooth Distort your voice in weird and wonderful ways Track the Pi's whereabouts using GPS Connect your Pi to the mobile Internet using a 3G dongle and make yourself anonymous on the net Display secret messages and codes to fellow agents on a LED display In Detail This book is for all mischievous Raspberry Pi owners who'd like to see their computer transform into a neat spy gadget to be used in a series of practical pranks and projects. No previous skills are required to follow along, and if you're completely new to Linux, you'll pick up much of the basics for free. We'll help you set up your Raspberry Pi Zero , Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 and guide you through a number of pranks and secret agent techniques that are so inconspicuous yet high on mischief. You'll learn how to configure your operating system for maximum mischief and start exploring audio, video, or Wi-Fi techniques. We'll show you how to record, listen, or talk to people from a distance and how to set up your own phone network. Then, you'll plug in your webcam and set up a motion detector with an alarm and find out what the other computers on your Wi-Fi network are up to. Once you've mastered the techniques, we'll combine them with a battery pack and GPS for the ultimate off-road spy kit. Style and Approach This easy-to-follow guide is for budding secret agents who want to create tools for mischief, stealth, and reconnaissance. It's full of fun, practical examples and easy-to-follow recipes, guaranteeing maximum mischief for all skill levels.

Raspberry Pi For Secret Agents Second Edition

Author : Stefan Sjogelid
ISBN : 9781784391386
Genre : Computers
File Size : 27. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 392
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This book is an easy-to-follow guide with practical examples in each chapter. Suitable for the novice and expert alike, each topic provides a fast and easy way to get started with exciting applications and also guides you through setting up the Raspberry Pi as a secret agent toolbox.

Python For Secret Agents

Author : Steven F. Lott
ISBN : 9781783980437
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 466
Read : 190

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If you are a Python beginner who is looking to learn the language through interesting projects, this book is for you. A basic knowledge of programming and statistics is beneficial to get the most out of the book.

Building A Home Security System With Raspberry Pi

Author : Matthew Poole
ISBN : 9781785283062
Genre : Computers
File Size : 50. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 596
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Build your own sophisticated modular home security system using the popular Raspberry Pi board About This Book This book guides you through building a complete home security system with Raspberry Pi and helps you remotely access it from a mobile device over the Internet It covers the fundamentals of interfacing sensors and cameras with the Raspberry Pi so that you can connect it to the outside world It follows a modular approach so that you can choose the modules and features you want for your customized home security system Who This Book Is For This book is for anyone who is interested in building a modular home security system from scratch using a Raspberry Pi board, basic electronics, sensors, and simple scripts. This book is ideal for enthusiastic novice programmers, electronics hobbyists, and engineering professionals. It would be great if you have some basic soldering skills in order to build some of the interface modules. What You Will Learn Understand the concepts behind alarm systems and intrusion detection devices Connect sensors and devices to the on-board digital GPIO ports safely Monitor and control connected devices easily using Bash shell scripting Build an I/O port expander using the I2C bus and connect sensors and anti-tamper circuits Capture and store images using motion detectors and cameras Access and manage your system remotely from your mobile phone Receive intrusion alerts and images through your e-mail Build a sophisticated multi-zone alarm system In Detail The Raspberry Pi is a powerful low-cost credit-card-sized computer, which lends itself perfectly as the controller for a sophisticated home security system. Using the on-board interfaces available, the Raspberry Pi can be expanded to allow the connection of a virtually infinite number of security sensors and devices. The Raspberry Pi has the processing power and interfaces available to build a sophisticated home security system but at a fraction of the cost of commercially available systems. Building a Home Security System with Raspberry Pi starts off by showing you the Raspberry Pi and how to set up the Linux-based operating system. It then guides you through connecting switch sensors and LEDs to the native GPIO connector safely, and how to access them using simple Bash scripts. As you dive further in, you'll learn how to build an input/output expansion board using the I2C interface and power supply, allowing the connection of the large number of sensors needed for a typical home security setup. In the later chapters of the book, we'll look at more sophisticated topics such as adding cameras, remotely accessing the system using your mobile phone, receiving intrusion alerts and images by e-mail, and more. By the end of the book, you will be well-versed with the use of Raspberry Pi to power a home-based security system that sends message alerts whenever it is triggered and will be able to build a truly sophisticated and modular home security system. You will also gain a good understanding of Raspberry Pi's ecosystem and be able to write the functions required for a security system. Style and approach This easy-to-follow guide comprises a series of projects, where every chapter introduces a new concept and at the end of the book, all these concepts are brought together to create an entire home security system. This book features clear diagrams and code every step of the way.

Raspberry Pi By Example

Author : Ashwin Pajankar
ISBN : 9781785286742
Genre : Computers
File Size : 74. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 694
Read : 422

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Start building amazing projects with the Raspberry Pi right out of the box About This Book Explore the vast range of opportunities provided by Raspberry Pi and other hardware components such as a webcam, the Pi camera, and sensors Get hands-on experience with coding, networking, and hardware with the Raspberry Pi platform Learn through ample screenshots that offer a play-by-play account of how to implement Raspberry-Pi-based real-life projects Who This Book Is For What's the best way to learn how to use your Raspberry Pi? By example! If you want something exciting to do whilst getting to grips with what your Pi can offer, this is the book for you. With both simple and complex projects, you'll create a wide variety of cool toys and functions with your Raspberry Pi - all with minimal coding experience necessary. What You Will Learn Set up your Raspberry Pi and get it ready for some interesting real-life projects Work with images, videos, webcams, and the Pi camera and create amazing time-lapse videos Explore the amazing world of Minecraft Pi Get to know how to use PiGlow for GPIO programming Interface your Pi with Grove Sensors and implement IoT applications Build your own cluster with Raspberry Pi Understand the networking and network programming fundamentals In Detail Want to put your Raspberry Pi through its paces right out of the box? This tutorial guide is designed to get you learning all the tricks of the Raspberry Pi through building complete, hands-on hardware projects. Speed through the basics and then dive right in to development! Discover that you can do almost anything with your Raspberry Pi with a taste of almost everything. Get started with Pi Gaming as you learn how to set up Minecraft, and then program your own game with the help of Pygame. Turn the Pi into your own home security system with complete guidance on setting up a webcam spy camera and OpenCV computer vision for image recognition capabilities. Get to grips with GPIO programming to make a Pi-based glowing LED system, build a complete functioning motion tracker, and more. Finally, get ready to tackle projects that push your Pi to its limits. Construct a complete Internet of Things home automation system with the Raspberry Pi to control your house via Twitter; turn your Pi into a super-computer through linking multiple boards into a cluster and then add in advanced network capabilities for super speedy processing! Style and approach This step-by-step guide to building Raspberry-Pi-based projects is explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each topic is explained sequentially in the process of creating real-life projects, and detailed explanations of the basic and advanced features of various Python libraries are also included.

Raspberry Pi Media Center

Author : Sam Nazarko
ISBN : 9781782163039
Genre : Computers
File Size : 25. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 588
Read : 443

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Raspberry Pi Media Center.

Opencv For Secret Agents

Author : Joseph Howse
ISBN : 9781783287383
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 424
Read : 665

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This book is for programmers who want to expand their skills by building fun, smart, and useful systems with OpenCV. The projects are ideal in helping you to think creatively about the uses of computer vision, natural user interfaces, and ubiquitous computers (in your home, car, and hand).

Learning Banana Pi

Author : Daniel Blair
ISBN : 9781785283581
Genre : Computers
File Size : 53. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 536
Read : 992

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Banana Pi is a small but powerful ARM board that can run on multiple operating systems. Banana Pi has been adopted by tech-savvy enthusiasts and hobbyists to develop their projects. This book will take you from opening your Banana Pi's box for the first time all the way to working with hardware and code. We will explore the different configuration options and operating system choices. You'll proceed to working with Banana Pi hooked up to a breadboard and connecting hardware components such as LEDs and motors to the board. Further, you'll build an Internet radio working with an LCD display, interacting with user input, and streaming audio over the Internet. This book also acquaints you with another really popular use of Banana Pi, home servers. Finally, you'll realize the power of the robust hardware of Banana Pi by playing games on Android and Linux. By the end of this book, you should be familiar with the basics of development using Banana Pi, from installation to building basic projects.

Instant Minecraft

Author : Daniel Bates
ISBN : 9781783280643
Genre : Computers
File Size : 52. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 154
Read : 1315

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Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. A concise guide that delivers immediate results with practical recipes on how to code creatively in Minecraft: Pi Edition.This book is for everyone! No previous experience of programming, Linux, or Minecraft is required. It is great for you if you enjoy playing Minecraft and would like to be able to build more interesting things, and also if you are interested in learning computer programming. All of the recipes require a Raspberry Pi computer (and all necessary peripherals), and some are best performed with additional electronics components.

Penetration Testing With Raspberry Pi

Author : Joseph Muniz
ISBN : 9781784394127
Genre : Computers
File Size : 58. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 953
Read : 294

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If you are looking for a low budget, small form-factor remotely accessible hacking tool, then the concepts in this book are ideal for you. If you are a penetration tester who wants to save on travel costs by placing a low-cost node on a target network, you will save thousands by using the methods covered in this book. You do not have to be a skilled hacker or programmer to use this book. It will be beneficial to have some networking experience; however, it is not required to follow the concepts covered in this book.

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