regulating the web network neutrality and the fate of the open internet

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Regulating The Web

Author : Zachary Stiegler
ISBN : 9780739178683
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Although the FCC established a net neutrality policy in 2010, debate continues as to who ultimately should have authority to shape and maintain the Internet s structure. Regulating the Web brings together a diverse collection of scholars who examine multiple the net neutrality policy and surrounding debates from a variety of perspectives."

The Fallacy Of Net Neutrality

Author : Thomas W Hazlett
ISBN : 9781594035937
Genre : Law
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“There is little dispute that the Internet should continue as an open platform,” notes the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Yet, in a curious twist of logic, the agency has moved to discontinue the legal regime successfully yielding that magnificent platform. In late 2010, it imposed “network neutrality” regulations on broadband access providers, both wired and wireless. Networks cannot (a) block subscribers’ use of certain devices, applications, or services; (b) unreasonably discriminate, offering superior access for some services over others. The Commission argues that such rules are necessary, as the Internet was designed to bar “gatekeepers.” The view is faulty, both in it engineering claims and its economic conclusions. Networks routinely manage traffic and often bundle content with data transport precisely because such coordination produces superior service. When “walled gardens” emerge, including AOL in 1995, Japan’s DoCoMo iMode in 1999, or Apple’s iPhone in 2007, they often disrupt old business models, thrilling consumers, providing golden opportunities for application developers, advancing Internet growth. In some cases these gardens have dropped their walls; others remain vibrant. The “open Internet” allows consumers, investors, and innovators to choose, discovering efficiencies. The FCC has mistaken that spontaneous market process for a planned market structure, imposing new rules to “protect” what evolved without them.

Access To Broadband Networks

Author : Angele A. Gilroy
ISBN : 9781437984545
Genre :
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As congressional policymakers continue to debate telecomm. reform, a major point of contention is the question of whether action is needed to ensure unfettered access to the Internet. The move to place restrictions on the owners of the networks that compose and provide access to the Internet, to ensure equal access and non-discriminatory treatment, is referred to as ¿net neutrality.¿A major focus in the debate is concern over whether it is necessary for policymakers to take steps to ensure access to the Internet for content, services, and applications providers, as well as consumers, what these steps should be. Contents of this report: Intro.; FCC Activity; Industry Initiatives; Network Mgmt.; The Policy Debate; Congress. Activity. A print on demand report.

Internet Governance

Author : Lee A. Bygrave
ISBN : 9780191569760
Genre : Business & Economics
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The question of governance of the Internet is increasing in significance. The United Nations' World Summit on the Information Society, held in two phases in 2003 and 2005, provoked heated debate, and the resultant meetings of the Internet Governance Forum that followed this have been the subject of growing public and media interest. Yet governance of the Internet is multifaceted, complex, and far from transparent, and there has been little written about the subject which is detailed, systematic, and non-polemical. This book focuses on the issues involved in the ongoing development of Internet governance, and the challenges associated with developing and applying governance structures at a global level based on bottom-up, consensus-seeking decision-making procedures, without direct foundation in a treaty frame-work. Leading academics and practitioners studying and working in the area of Internet governance explore such issues as how the engineering of infrastructure matters, how legitimacy is gained and retained by governance organizations, and whether elements of such organizations can provide a model for other organizations to emulate. They examine the tensions inherent in Internet governance, such as government control versus digital libertarianism; commercialism versus civil society ideals; interests of developed countries versus interests of developing countries. The book will be of interest to academics, researchers, and students of Information and Communications Technology, legal aspects of ICT, and Organization Studies, as well as legal practitioners, government bodies, NGOs, and others concerned with Internet governance.

Net Neutrality

Author : The New York Times Editorial Staff
ISBN : 9781642820911
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
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In early 2018, the Federal Communications Commission issued a repeal of net neutrality rules, which mandated equal access to web content regardless of the provider, user, or platform. While many telecommunications companies expressed jubilation and pockets of the internet expressed outrage, many were left scratching their heads and wondering why net neutrality matters at all. this book answers that question, offering readers a collection of articles on the history and importance of net neutrality. Coverage includes the earliest debates over internet regulation, the enactment of a net neutrality policy under Obama, court decisions on its enforcement, and its 2018 repeal.

Net Neutrality Contributions To The Debate

Author : Jorge Pérez Martínez (Coord.)
ISBN : 9788408098928
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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After a decade of discussion on how to guarantee an open, sustainable internet and often intense debate regarding the Federal Communications Commission's 2009 public hearing on the application of the principles of net neutrality, on 21st December 2010 the various elements that comprise the solution to this now famous controversy were passed. This solution has not satisfied many people, and nearly everyone agrees that it will not end the debate and nor will it resolve the underlying structural problems. This book examines the source, development and viewpoints on this issue based on contributions from leading experts from the academic and business worlds in the USA and Europe who have been involved in the debate. This is a highly important book for understanding the various points of view on the very current and controversial issue of web neutrality.

Law Policy And The Internet

Author : Lilian Edwards
ISBN : 9781509900923
Genre : Law
File Size : 27. 83 MB
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This comprehensive textbook by the editor of Law and the Internet seeks to provide students, practitioners and businesses with an up-to-date and accessible account of the key issues in internet law and policy from a European and UK perspective. The internet has advanced in the last 20 years from an esoteric interest to a vital and unavoidable part of modern work, rest and play. As such, an account of how the internet and its users are regulated is vital for everyone concerned with the modern information society. This book also addresses the fact that internet regulation is not just a matter of law but increasingly intermixed with technology, economics and politics. Policy developments are closely analysed as an intrinsic part of modern governance. Law, Policy and the Internet focuses on two key areas: e-commerce, including the role and responsibilities of online intermediaries such as Google, Facebook and Uber; and privacy, data protection and online crime. In particular there is detailed up-to-date coverage of the crucially important General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in May 2018.

The Illusion Of Net Neutrality

Author : Bob Zelnick
ISBN : 9780817915964
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36. 3 MB
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In this riveting treatise, coauthors Bob Zelnick and Eva Zelnick sound the alarm on the debilitating effect that looming regulations, rules, and powerful interests would have on today’s regulation-free Internet. The authors lay out the imminent threats—from “network neutrality” to FCC regulations—that would rob this global, society-changing, communication powerhouse forever of its full potential.

Net Neutrality In Europe La Neutralit De L Internet En Europe

Author : Alain Strowel
ISBN : 9782802743309
Genre : Law
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La neutralité de l’Internet requiert de garantir aux usagers un accès égal à tous les services et contenus en ligne. En pratique, la gestion du trafic oblige les opérateurs à différencier certains paquets d’information circulant sur les réseaux, par exemple pour lutter contre les messages indésirables. Parfois le traitement différencié des contenus engendre des discriminations non justifiées. Ainsi, en est-il si un opérateur en place dégrade un service concurrent de téléphonie sur Internet, tel que Skype. Le droit de la concurrence permet a priori de sanctionner un tel comportement anti-concurrentiel. Mais cela suffit-il à assurer la neutralité des réseaux ? Par ailleurs, l’augmentation rapide du trafic et l’ampleur des investissements à faire dans les infrastructures du futur incitent les opérateurs à limiter les débits de base, tout en garantissant la qualité de services spécialisés, par exemple de vidéoconférence. Cette différenciation des offres a un prix. On s’éloigne du principe originel de l’Internet qui veut que toutes les communications soient traitées de la même manière. Depuis quelques années, des académiques et pionniers de l’Internet dénoncent le risque d’un Internet « à plusieurs vitesses ». Aujourd’hui, les voix des consommateurs se font entendre. Faut-il adopter une législation spécifique ? Le cadre actuel des télécommunications en Europe suffit-il pour garantir la neutralité ? Mais d’abord, comment définir la neutralité de l’Internet ? Telles sont quelques-unes des questions que cet ouvrage examine à un moment où la neutralité de l’Internet revient dans l’actualité. En juin 2013, la Commission européenne a en effet affiché sa volonté de légiférer en la matière. Le présent recueil de contributions vient donc à point nommé. This book summarizes the state of discussions regarding net neutrality in Europe. It comes at the time the European Commission intends to legislate to guarantee the right of all citizens to access the open Internet. Net neutrality is not only about how to ensure the fundamental right to receive and impart online information. The rules on the protection of consumers, by fostering transparency, also contribute to Internet neutrality and openness. Similarly competition law prohibits anti-competitive discrimination, including in Internet communications. Net neutrality thus appears at the juncture of various areas of the law. The contributions of this book compare the merits of various forms of regulation and discuss the policy dimensions of the net neutrality debate.

Network Neutrality And Internet Regulation

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D035496221
Genre : Internet
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