religion education dialogue and conflict perspectives on religious education research

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Religion Education Dialogue And Conflict

Author : Robert Jackson
ISBN : 9781317982784
Genre : Education
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Religion, Education, Dialogue and Conflict analyses the European Commission-funded REDCo project, which addressed the question of how religions might contribute to dialogue or conflict in Europe. Researchers in education from eight countries – the UK, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Russian Federation, Norway and Spain – studied how young Europeans of different religious, cultural and political backgrounds could engage in dialogue in the context of the school. Empirical studies conducted with 14-16 year old students included them offering their own perspectives and analyses of teaching and learning in both dialogue and conflict situations. Although there were some different national patterns and trends, most students wished for peaceful coexistence across differences, andbelieved this to be possible. The majority agreed that peaceful coexistence depended on knowledge about each other’s religions and worldviews, sharing common interests and doing things together. The project found that students who learn about religious diversity in school are more willing to discuss religions and beliefs with students of other backgrounds than those who do not. The international range of expert contributors to this book evaluate the results of the REDCo project, providing examples of its qualitative and quantitative studies and reflecting on the methods and theory used in the project as a whole. This book was originally published as a special issue of the British Journal of Religious Education.

Religion Education And Society

Author : Elisabeth Arweck
ISBN : 9781134918423
Genre : Education
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This volume presents findings from recent research focusing on young people and the way they relate to religion in their education and upbringing. The essays are diverse and multidisciplinary - in terms of the religions they discuss (including Christianity, Islam and Sikhism); the settings where young people reflect on religion (the classroom, youth club, peer group, families, respective religious communities and wider society); the different perspectives which relate to religious education and socialisation (the teaching of RE, the role of teachers in pupils’ lives, the way teachers’ personal lives shape their approach to teaching, school ethos and social context, and the place and rationale of RE); the contexts within which the authors work (different national settings and various academic disciplines); and the methodology used (qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method approaches). The authors make important contributions to the debate about the role of religious education in the curriculum. They demonstrate the crucially important formative influence of religious education in young people’s lives which reaches well into their adulthood, shaping religious and other identities, and attitudes towards the ‘other’ - whatever that ‘other’ may be. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Beliefs & Values.

Young People S Attitudes To Religious Diversity

Author : Elisabeth Arweck
ISBN : 9781134790463
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77. 73 MB
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Investigating the hitherto unexplored topic of how young people understand and relate to religious diversity in the social context in which they are growing up, this book makes a significant contribution to the existing body of literature on religious diversity and multiculturalism. It closes a gap in knowledge about young people’s attitudes to religious diversity, and reports data gathered across the whole of the UK as well as comparative chapters on Canada, USA and continental Europe. Reporting findings from both qualitative and quantitative research which reveal, for example, the importance of the particular social and geographical context within which young people are embedded, the volume addresses young people’s attitudes towards the range of 'world religions’ as well as non-religious stances and offers an interdisciplinary approach through the different analytical perspectives of the contributors.

Teenagers Perspectives On The Role Of Religion In Their Lives Schools And Societies A European Quantitative Study

Author : Pille Valk
ISBN : 3830971184
Genre : Education
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Religion is on the European agenda again. The secularisation paradigm has lost its explanatory power and the newly coined term ‘post-secularism’ is used to describe the realisation that in the current social transformation, religion cannot be ignored any longer. The quantitative study presented in this book is part of the research effort by the REDCo project. REDCo is the abbreviation for “Religion in Education. A contribution to Dialogue or a Factor of Conflict in Transforming Societies of European Countries”. The project brought together nine research teams from eight European countries: England, Estonia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Spain. The research involved interdisciplinary cooperation between specialists in the different academic fields of education, religious education, sociology, political science, anthropology, psychology, theology and religious studies. The book offers valuable interpretations and inspirations on the question how the students in the 14 – 16 year age group in Europe see the (ir)relevance of religions for dialogue and conflict in their daily lives, in the school environment, and in society as a whole. The young respondents of the quantitative study are clearly aware that the diversity of religious and non-religious worldviews is the reality of the European contexts they have to manage within. Most of them are convinced that religion must be addressed in schools, as it is too important as factor in social life, and for the coexistence of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds throughout Europe, to be ignored.

Dialogue And Conflict On Religion Studies Of Classroom Interaction In European Countries

Author : Ina ter Avest
ISBN : 3830972725
Genre : Education
File Size : 76. 31 MB
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Regarding teaching about religions and worldviews, there is a gap between the ambitions of educational policies and our knowledge about what really happens in the classroom. Research on classroom interaction about religion is not very far developed, either nationally or as international and as comparative research. There is a growing awareness, however, that research on pupils’ perspectives on religion in education is needed in order to develop sustainable approaches for future education, and this book is a contribution to this research. The classroom can be seen as an arena both for learning and for micro-politics. This arena is shaped, and sometimes challenged and restricted, or even curtailed, by the wider societal and political context. In this book we present studies of classroom interaction that focus on the micro-sociological level of research. The studies presented open up a rather unexplored field of international comparative research on religion in education and the role of diversity for classroom interaction, giving deeper insights into what happens in classrooms, displaying varieties of interactive patterns and relating these to their specific contexts.

Researching Religious Education Classroom Processes And Outcomes

Author : Friedrich Schweitzer
ISBN : 9783830987192
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 79. 29 MB
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The question of how research on structures and outcomes in Religious Education can be carried out successfully is of current interest in many countries. Next to the more traditional historical, analytical and, more recently, international comparative approaches, empirical research in religious education has been able to establish itself as a major approach to this field. Moreover, the contemporary discussion about comparative evaluation in schools has raised a number of questions which also refer to Religious Education. What competences can pupils acquire in this subject? Does Religious Education really support the acquisition and development of the competences aspired? Are there differences in this respect between different forms of Religious Education or between different approaches to teaching? With contributions from eight European countries, the volume brings together approaches and research experiences that try to follow this lead by offering new and empirically based perspectives for the future improvement of teaching and learning in this school subject. Whoever is interested in improving the practice of Religious Education then, will not be able to bypass the question of researching processes and outcomes - an insight which also refers to a small but growing number of studies in this field which can be identified in several countries.

Asian Interfaith Dialogue

Author : Farid Alatas (Syed.)
ISBN : UOM:39015059267750
Genre : Education
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Religious Education Research Through A Community Of Practice Action Research And The Interpretive Approach

Author : Julia Ipgrave
ISBN : 3830971583
Genre : Education
File Size : 33. 9 MB
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This book brings together a group of teachers and teacher educators who have researched their own students’ learning in schools and universities as part of the EC funded REDCo Project. Combining the methods of action and practitioner research with the key concepts of Robert Jackson’s interpretive approach, the book illustrates the collaborative research of a group of professionals working together as a community of practice. • Part one sets out the key ideas of the interpretive approach and action research. • Part two reports case studies from individual researchers’ projects carried out in diverse though related settings: different schools, teacher education and local authority teacher training. • Part three traces the ideas of the ‘interpretive approach’, ‘action research’ and ‘community of practice’ across the individual studies. • Part four connects the research with wider themes and findings from the European Commission REDCo Project on religion, education, dialogue and conflict. The book is highly relevant to the work of teachers and teacher trainers in the field of religions and education, to researchers in this field, and to all interested in action research, practitioner research and communities of practice.

Religion And Education

Author : Malini Sivasubramaniam
ISBN : 9781910744017
Genre : Education
File Size : 89. 75 MB
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Despite the increased trend towards secularisation in state schooling, issues of religion and spirituality have remained important. Increased pluralism within societies through expanding migration patterns is changing the religious and cultural contours of many countries in Europe and North America, and is creating a need for a deeper understanding of religious diversity. However, the lack of religious or spiritual education within the educational curriculum leaves a moral vacuum that can become a space to be exploited by religious extremism. More recently, religiously motivated incidences of terrorism in several parts of the world have heightened prejudicial attitudes and distrust of certain religions, in particular. These are profound concerns and there is an urgency to examine how religion, religious education and interfaith initiatives can address such misconceptions. This book is thus timely, focusing on an area that is often neglected, particularly on the role of religion in education for sustainable development. While religious organisations and faith communities have had a long history of involvement in both schooling and social service delivery in many countries, their role in reaching development goals has not always been explicitly recognised, as is evident even in the United Nations’ most recently conceptualised 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Undeniably, the integration of religious dialogue into mainstream development issues is crucial because deep cleavages resulting from the issue of minority religious rights continue to give cause for concern and conflict in many countries. This edited book explores some of these tensions and issues and draws parallels across differing geographical contexts to help enhance our collective and comparative understanding of the role of religious education and institutions in advancing the post-2015 development agenda. The contributors to this volume each demonstrate that, while religion in education can contribute to understanding and respect, it is also a space that can be contested and co-opted. Without addressing the salience of religion, however, it will not be possible to foster peace and combat discrimination and prejudice. This book will be of interest to researchers, scholars and students in the field of comparative education and development, religious studies, theology and teacher development and training. This book may also be of interest to national and international policy makers. There are also numerous faith-based organisations, as well as other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on religion and education issues that may find these case studies a useful resource.

The Problem With Interreligious Dialogue

Author : Muthuraj Swamy
ISBN : 9781474256414
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Muthuraj Swamy provides a fresh perspective on the world religions paradigm and 'interreligious dialogue'. By challenging the assumption that 'world religions' operate as essential entities separate from the lived experiences of practitioners, he shows that interreligious dialogue is in turn problematic as it is built on this very paradigm, and on the myth of religious conflict. Offering a critique of the idea of 'dialogue' as it has been advanced by its proponents such as religious leaders and theologians whose aims are to promote inter-religious conversation and understanding, the author argues that this approach is 'elitist' and that in reality, people do not make sharp distinctions between religions, nor do they separate political, economic, social and cultural beliefs and practices from their religious traditions. Case studies from villages in southern India explore how Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities interact in numerous ways that break the neat categories often used to describe each religion. Swamy argues that those who promote dialogue are ostensibly attempting to overcome the separate identities of religious practitioners through understanding, but in fact, they re-enforce them by encouraging a false sense of separation. The Problem with Interreligious Dialogue: Plurality, Conflict and Elitism in Hindu-Christian-Muslim Relations provides an innovative approach to a central issue confronting Religious Studies, combining both theory and ethnography.

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