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Author : Samuel Taylor Coleridge
ISBN : OXFORD:590246485
Genre : English drama (Tragedy)
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Remorse And Reparation

Author : Murray Cox
ISBN : 1853024511
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 90. 12 MB
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Remorse, or rather the lack of it, frequently features in banner headlines. But there is little systematic study of this important inter-disciplinary topic whose relevance has extensive social ramifications. The complex relationship between remorse, shame, guilt and attempts at reparation, are discussed in this authoritative work.

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Author : Bill Press
ISBN : 9781476792613
Genre : Political Science
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The prominent liberal syndicated radio and television host concisely explains the many ways President Obama has failed to live up to either his promises or his progressive potential, leaving Democrats disillusioned on the issues that matter most. Bill Press—a progressive champion and former chair of the California Democratic Party, a one-time co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, and the popular nationally syndicated radio and television host of The Bill Press Show—reflects back on what for many progressives has been a disappointing presidency and comes to a depressing conclusion: Obama grossly misunderstood the mandate of the enthusiastic crowds that swarmed him on the campaign trail. Instead of recognizing their burning desire for strong progressive leadership, Obama tried to be a “post-partisan” president. The tragedy of Barack Obama is that, in trying to become the great uniter, he has instead become a grave disappointment. From climate change to gun safety to, yes, even health care, Obama’s legacy on important issues falls far short of what could have been. Time and again, he let down his most impassioned supporters—the ones who used their powerful voices to vote for change—neglecting their priorities and wasting his potential by either not doing enough or, worse, repeating the errors of his predecessor. President Obama rode into office on a celebratory tide of liberal jubilation, but as his typically centrist presidency comes to a close, he leaves his supporters haunted by what might have been.

No Remorse

Author : Ian Walkley
ISBN : 9780980806601
Genre : Fiction
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His best friend's daughter has been abducted in Mexico. This is no ordinary kidnap for ransom. But then, Lee McCloud is no ordinary man. Having suffered the horror of witnessing his sister kidnapped when he was fourteen, the abduction of his goddaughter Sophia in Mexico is an opportunity for Delta Force operator McCloud to deliver some badly needed justice. Things don't go as planned, and McCloud finds himself teamed with Tally, a computer hacker in a secret organisation that raids the bank accounts of wealthy terrorists, and Scotty, a British SAS soldier. Determined to save Sophia at all costs, McCloud finds himself on a collision course with an exiled Saudi, Sheik Khalid, whose ambitions feature a key role for Sophia. mcCloud and Tally find themselves trapped in a conspiracy, hunted by enemies on both sides, and conflicted by their feelings for each other. But time is running out. With their haunted pasts catching up, McCloud and Tally need to stop a horrific plot involving Sophia that will have profound consequences for an already unstable world.


Author : Michael Proeve
ISBN : 9781317066644
Genre : Law
File Size : 85. 54 MB
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Remorse is a powerful, important and yet academically neglected emotion. This book, one of the very few extended examinations of remorse, draws on psychology, law and philosophy to present a unique interdisciplinary study of this intriguing emotion. The psychological chapters examine the fundamental nature of remorse, its interpersonal effects, and its relationship with regret, guilt and shame. A practical focus is also provided in an examination of the place of remorse in psychotherapeutic interventions with criminal offenders. The book's jurisprudential chapters explore the problem of how offender remorse is proved in court and the contentious issues concerning the effect that remorse - and its absence - should have on sentencing criminal offenders. The legal and psychological perspectives are then interwoven in a discussion of the role of remorse in restorative justice. In Remorse: Psychological and Jurisprudential Perspectives, Proeve and Tudor bring together insights of neighbouring disciplines to advance our understanding of remorse. It will be of interest to theoreticians in psychology, law and philosophy, and will be of benefit to practising psychologists and lawyers.

Showing Remorse

Author : Richard Weisman
ISBN : 9781317055082
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 37. 89 MB
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Whether or not wrongdoers show remorse and how they show remorse are matters that attract great interest both in law and in popular culture. In capital trials in the United States, it can be a question of life or death whether a jury believes that a wrongdoer showed remorse. And in wrongdoings that capture the popular imagination, public attention focuses not only on the act but on whether the perpetrator feels remorse for what they did. But who decides when remorse should be shown or not shown and whether it is genuine or not genuine? In contrast to previous academic studies on the subject, the primary focus of this work is not on whether the wrongdoer meets these expectations over how and when remorse should be shown but on how the community reacts when these expectations are met or not met. Using examples drawn from Canada, the United States, and South Africa, the author demonstrates that the showing of remorse is a site of negotiation and contention between groups who differ about when it is to be expressed and how it is to be expressed. The book illustrates these points by looking at cases about which there was conflict over whether the wrongdoer should show remorse or whether the feelings that were shown were sincere. Building on the earlier analysis, the author shows that the process of deciding when and how remorse should be expressed contributes to the moral ordering of society as a whole. This book will be of interest to those in the fields of sociology, law, law and society, and criminology.

The Half Life Of Remorse

Author : Grant Jarrett
ISBN : 9781943006151
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When two vagrants meet on the streets of Muncie, Indiana, they are both unaware that their paths crossed years before. Chic, crude and uneducated, is convinced that Sam is nothing more than a harmless lunatic, and Sam, emotionally scarred and psychologically traumatized by events long past, regards Chic as just another denizen of the street. But Chic has spent his adult life trying to purge his soul of the brutal crime he committed as a teenager―the same botched burglary that resulted in the deaths of Sam’s wife and son. Meanwhile, Sam’s daughter Claire is still unable to give up hope that her father might someday reappear. When these three lives converge, the puzzle of the past gradually falls together, but redemption commands a high price, and what is revealed will test the limits of love and challenge the human capacity for forgiveness.

Ritual Rapture And Remorse

Author : Jerri Daboo
ISBN : 3039110926
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54. 39 MB
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This book was awarded a Special Mention Citation in the 2010 competition for the 'de la Torre Bueno Prize' by The Society of Dance History Scholars. In the region of Salento in Southern Italy, the music and dance of the "pizzica" has been used in the ritual of tarantism for many centuries as a means to cure someone bitten by the "taranta" spider. This book, a historical and ethnographic study of tarantism and "pizzica," draws upon seven hundred years of writings about the ritual contributed by medical practitioners, scientists, travel writers and others. It also investigates the contemporary revival of interest in "pizzica" music and dance as part of the 'neo-tarantism' movement, where "pizzica" and the history of tarantism form a complex web of place, culture and identity for Salentines today. This is one of the first books in English to explore this fascinating ritual practice and its contemporary resurgence. It uses an interdisciplinary framework based in performance studies to ask wider questions about the experience of the body in performance, and the potential of music and dance to create a sense of personal and collective transformation and efficacy.

Compassion And Remorse

Author : Steven Tudor
ISBN : 904290920X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 52. 90 MB
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This book articulates in rich and complex ways the nature of two important moral emotions or 'ways of being' -- compassion and remorse. As an exemplar of the 'agent-centred' tradition in normative ethical theory, it is a fine piece of work, exhibiting one of the more admirable and enjoyable aspects of work in that tradition -- the ability to build bridges between a variety of philosophical traditions. Steven Tudor makes excellent use of authors in both the analytic an continental traditions, while maintaing an admirable clear style. The book elucidates in nuanced and quite sophisticated ways the various aspects of compassion and remorse, and how they are distinguishable from neighbouring and less valuable states such as pity, emphaty, guilt feelings, shame and regret. At the same time, it acknowledges and combats various criticisms of compassion and remorse as moral responses by distinguishing between distorted and undistorted forms of these states. Compassion and Remorse: Acknowledging the Suffering Other is an interesting and intelligent work of philosophy." Dr Christine Swanton, University of Auckland, New Zealand, author of Freedom: A Coherence Theory (winner of Johnsonsian Prize, 1990) "Steven Tudor's book examines two important features of moral experience, compassion and remorse, both of which deserve a central place in the contemporary revival of virtue theory. Both involve the recognition of other people's suffering, while the second also involves a personal recognition of, in some cases, responsibility for that suffering. Drawing on a number of sources -- phenomenology, theology, postmodernism, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein -- Tudor interprets these important moral responses, not as bare cognitions, but in terms of understanding, feeling and practical engagement. Following a path of clear and cogent arguments, he develops a number of moral themes so as to sketch an illuminating conception of the moral life. This is a book for the thoughtful and reflective participant in those moral debates which touch on our personal relations with, and responsibility for, each other. What it offers the reader, in the end, is a strong defence of moral universality and a common human nature." Professor Brenda Almond, University of Hull, author of Exploring Ethics: A Traveller's Tale (1998) and Vice-President of the Society for Applied Philosophy Dr Steven Tudor studied philosophy and law at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he is currently a Senior Fellow in the Department of Philosophy. He also practises law as a barrister.

Communism And The Remorse Of An Innocent Victimizer

Author : Zlatko Anguelov
ISBN : 1585441953
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 39. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Yet in the morally ambivalent world of the communism in which Anguelov grew up, everyone was both victim and victimizer. Few dissented; few intended evil. More typical were tales of compliance, complicity, and informing on friends and neighbors just as part of getting by. Whether discussing his schooldays, his marriages, or his career, Anguelov inexorably returns to his theme of compliance. In moving but understated prose, he describes his own coming to terms with the harm done by compliance and his gradual shift into a more politically active stance."--BOOK JACKET.

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