remote sensing models and methods for image processing

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Remote Sensing

Author : Robert A. Schowengerdt
ISBN : 0080480586
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Remote sensing is a technology that engages electromagnetic sensors to measure and monitor changes in the earth’s surface and atmosphere. Normally this is accomplished through the use of a satellite or aircraft. Remote Sensing, in its third edition, seamlessly connects the art and science of earth remote sensing with the latest interpretative tools and techniques of computer-aided image processing. Newly expanded and updated, this edition delivers more of the applied scientific theory and practical results that helped the previous editions earn wide acclaim and become classroom and industry standards. Dr. Schowengerdt presents an advanced unified framework and rationale that uniquely empowers the reader with the latest critical thinking skills and prerequisite knowledge needed to successfully design, develop and incorporate maintainable remote sensing solutions for real-world application. Advanced remote sensing image processing techniques such as hyperspectral image analysis, fusion of multisensor images and digital elevation model extraction from stereo imagery are discussed theoretically in terms of spectral, spatial, and geometric models. An expanded exercise section is also included at the end of each chapter allowing for the greatest level of mastery ever. Features a new lively discussion of the NASA EOS satellites, Terra and Aqua, and the commercial satellites IKONOS and Quickbird New larger format provides additional access to 32 PAGE - FULL COLOR plate insert and improved readability Additional data processing algorithms help connect and enhance the collective understanding of engineering design and remotely sensed data

Remote Sensing Models And Methods For Image Processing

Author : Robert A. Schowengerdt
ISBN : 0126289816
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 50. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is a completely updated, greatly expanded version of the previously successful volume by the author. The Second Edition includes new results and data, and discusses a unified framework and rationale for designing and evaluating image processing algorithms. Written from the viewpoint that image processing supports remote sensing science, this book describes physical models for remote sensing phenomenology and sensors and how they contribute to models for remote-sensing data. The text then presents image processing techniques and interprets them in terms of these models. Spectral, spatial, and geometric models are used to introduce advanced image processing techniques such as hyperspectral image analysis, fusion of multisensor images, and digital elevationmodel extraction from stereo imagery. The material is suited for graduate level engineering, physical and natural science courses, or practicing remote sensing scientists. Each chapter is enhanced by student exercises designed to stimulate an understanding of the material. Over 300 figuresare produced specifically for this book, and numerous tables provide a rich bibliography of the research literature.

Mathematical Models For Remote Sensing Image Processing

Author : Gabriele Moser
ISBN : 9783319663302
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 80. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book maximizes reader insights into the field of mathematical models and methods for the processing of two-dimensional remote sensing images. It presents a broad analysis of the field, encompassing passive and active sensors, hyperspectral images, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), interferometric SAR, and polarimetric SAR data. At the same time, it addresses highly topical subjects involving remote sensing data types (e.g., very high-resolution images, multiangular or multiresolution data, and satellite image time series) and analysis methodologies (e.g., probabilistic graphical models, hierarchical image representations, kernel machines, data fusion, and compressive sensing) that currently have primary importance in the field of mathematical modelling for remote sensing and image processing. Each chapter focuses on a particular type of remote sensing data and/or on a specific methodological area, presenting both a thorough analysis of the previous literature and a methodological and experimental discussion of at least two advanced mathematical methods for information extraction from remote sensing data. This organization ensures that both tutorial information and advanced subjects are covered. With each chapter being written by research scientists from (at least) two different institutions, it offers multiple professional experiences and perspectives on each subject. The book also provides expert analysis and commentary from leading remote sensing and image processing researchers, many of whom serve on the editorial boards of prestigious international journals in these fields, and are actively involved in international scientific societies. Providing the reader with a comprehensive picture of the overall advances and the current cutting-edge developments in the field of mathematical models for remote sensing image analysis, this book is ideal as both a reference resource and a textbook for graduate and doctoral students as well as for remote sensing scientists and practitioners.

Image Processing For Remote Sensing

Author : C.H. Chen
ISBN : 142006665X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Edited by leaders in the field, with contributions by a panel of experts, Image Processing for Remote Sensing explores new and unconventional mathematics methods. The coverage includes the physics and mathematical algorithms of SAR images, a comprehensive treatment of MRF-based remote sensing image classification, statistical approaches for improved classification with the remote sensing data, Wiener filter-based method, and other modern approaches and methods of image processing for remotely sensed data. Each chapter explores a technique for dealing with a specific remote sensing problem. The book offers physical insights on the steps for constructing various digital seismic images. The volume examines image modeling, statistical image classifiers, change detection, independent component analysis, vertex component analysis, image fusion for better classification. It explores unique topics such as accuracy assessment and information-theoretic measure of multiband images and many chapters emphasize issues with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. Continued development on imaging sensors creates new opportunities and challenges in image processing for remote sensing. Image Processing for Remote Sensing not only presents the most up to date developments of image processing for remote sensing but also suggests to readers the many challenging problems ahead for further study.

Quantitative Remote Sensing Of Land Surfaces

Author : Shunlin Liang
ISBN : 0471723711
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Processing the vast amounts of data on the Earth's land surfaceenvironment generated by NASA's and other international satelliteprograms is a significant challenge. Filling a gap between thetheoretical, physically-based modelling and specific applications,this in-depth study presents practical quantitative algorithms forestimating various land surface variables from remotely sensedobservations. A concise review of the basic principles of optical remote sensingas well as practical algorithms for estimating land surfacevariables quantitatively from remotely sensed observations. Emphasizes both the basic principles of optical remote sensing andpractical algorithms for estimating land surface variablesquantitatively from remotely sensed observations Presents the current physical understanding of remote sensing as asystem with a focus on radiative transfer modelling of theatmosphere, canopy, soil and snow Gathers the state of the art quantitative algorithms for sensorcalibration, atmospheric and topographic correction, estimation ofa variety of biophysical and geoph ysical variables, andfour-dimensional data assimilation

Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis

Author : John A. Richards
ISBN : 9783642880872
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Possibly the greatest change confronting the practitioner and student of remote sensing in the period since the first edition of this text appeared in 1986 has been the enormous improvement in accessibility to image processing technology. Falling hardware and software costs, combined with an increase in functionality through the development of extremely versatile user interfaces, has meant that even the user unskilled in computing now has immediate and ready access to powerful and flexible means for digital image analysis and enhancement. An understanding, at algorithmic level, of the various methods for image processing has become therefore even more important in the past few years to ensure the full capability of digital image processing is utilised. This period has also been a busy one in relation to digital data supply. Several nations have become satellite data gatherers and providers, using both optical and microwave technology. Practitioners and researchers are now faced, therefore, with the need to be able to process imagery from several sensors, together with other forms of spatial data. This has been driven, to an extent, by developments in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which, in tum, have led to the appearance of newer image processing procedures as adjuncts to more traditional approaches.

Advanced Image Processing Techniques For Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Data

Author : Pramod K. Varshney
ISBN : 3540216685
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Over the last fifty years, a large number of spaceborne and airborne sensors have been employed to gather information regarding the earth's surface and environment. As sensor technology continues to advance, remote sensing data with improved temporal, spectral, and spatial resolution is becoming more readily available. This widespread availability of enormous amounts of data has necessitated the development of efficient data processing techniques for a wide variety of applications. In particular, great strides have been made in the development of digital image processing techniques for remote sensing data. The goal has been efficient handling of vast amounts of data, fusion of data from diverse sensors, classification for image interpretation, and development of user-friendly products that allow rich visualization. This book presents some new algorithms that have been developed for high dimensional datasets, such as multispectral and hyperspectral imagery. The contents of the book are based primarily on research carried out by some members and alumni of the Sensor Fusion Laboratory at Syracuse University.

Remote Sensing Image Analysis Including The Spatial Domain

Author : Steven M. de Jong
ISBN : 1402025602
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Remote Sensing image analysis is mostly done using only spectral information on a pixel by pixel basis. Information captured in neighbouring cells, or information about patterns surrounding the pixel of interest often provides useful supplementary information. This book presents a wide range of innovative and advanced image processing methods for including spatial information, captured by neighbouring pixels in remotely sensed images, to improve image interpretation or image classification. Presented methods include different types of variogram analysis, various methods for texture quantification, smart kernel operators, pattern recognition techniques, image segmentation methods, sub-pixel methods, wavelets and advanced spectral mixture analysis techniques. Apart from explaining the working methods in detail a wide range of applications is presented covering land cover and land use mapping, environmental applications such as heavy metal pollution, urban mapping and geological applications to detect hydrocarbon seeps. The book is meant for professionals, PhD students and graduates who use remote sensing image analysis, image interpretation and image classification in their work related to disciplines such as geography, geology, botany, ecology, forestry, cartography, soil science, engineering and urban and regional planning.

Statistical Methods For Biostatistics And Related Fields

Author : Wolfgang Härdle
ISBN : 9783540326915
Genre : Medical
File Size : 46. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book covers a wide range of recent statistical methods that are of interest to scientists in biostatistics as well as in other related fields such as chemometrics, environmetrics and geophysics. The contributed papers, from internationally recognized researchers, present various statistical methodologies together with a selected scope of their main mathematical properties and their application in a real case study.

Remote Sensing Of The Cryosphere

Author : Marco Tedesco
ISBN : 9781118368862
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53. 70 MB
Format : PDF
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The cryosphere, that region of the world where water istemporarily or permanently frozen, plays a crucial role on ourplanet. Recent developments in remote sensing techniques, and theacquisition of new data sets, have resulted in significant advancesin our understanding of all components of the cryosphere and itsprocesses. This book, based on contributions from 40 leading experts,offers a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the methods,techniques and recent advances in applications of remote sensing ofthe cryosphere. Examples of the topics covered include: • snow extent, depth, grain-size and impurities • surface and subsurface melting • glaciers • accumulation over the Greenland and Antarctica icesheets • ice thickness and velocities • gravimetric measurements from space • sea, lake and river ice • frozen ground and permafrost • fieldwork activities • recent and future cryosphere-oriented missions andexperiments All figures are in color and provide an excellent visualaccompaniment to the technical and scientific aspect of thebook. Readership: Senior undergraduates, Masters and PhDStudents, PostDocs and Researchers in cryosphere science and remotesensing. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere is the significant firstvolume in the new Cryosphere Science Series. This newseries comprises volumes that are at the cutting edge of newresearch, or provide focussed interdisciplinary reviews of keyaspects of the science.

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