rock fracture and blasting theory and applications

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Rock Fracture And Blasting

Author : Zong-Xian Zhang
ISBN : 9780128027042
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Rock Fracture and Blasting: Theory and Applications provides the latest on stress waves, shock waves, and rock fracture, all necessary components that must be critically analyzed to maximize results in rock blasting. The positioning of charges and their capacity and sequencing are covered in this book, and must be carefully modeled to minimize impact in the surrounding environment. Through an explanation of these topics, author Professor Zhang’s experience in the field, and his theoretical knowledge, users will find a thorough guide that is not only up-to-date, but complete with a unique perspective on the field. Includes a rigorous exposition of Stress Waves and Shock Waves, as well as Rock Fracture and Fragmentation Provides both Empirical and Hybrid Stress Blasting Modeling tools and techniques for designing effective blast plans Offers advanced knowledge that enables users to choose better blast techniques Includes exercises for learning and training in each chapter

New Solutions For Challenges In Applications Of New Materials And Geotechnical Issues

Author : Shuying Wang
ISBN : 9783319957449
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 22 MB
Format : PDF
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This book include research studies which deal with the attempts to address new solutions for challenges in geotechnical engineering such as characterization of new materials, application of glass fibre, geotextile fabric and permeable concrete, new numerical methods for traditional problems and some other geotechnical issues that are becoming quite relevant in today's world. The book adds to the geotechnical engineering field which still bears lots of big challenges. It contributes to make the civil infrastructures more sustainable using new technologies and materials that have been proposed and applied in various fields. Papers were selected from the 5th GeoChina International Conference 2018 – Civil Infrastructures Confronting Severe Weathers and Climate Changes: From Failure to Sustainability, held on July 23 to 25, 2018 in HangZhou, China.

Energy Efficiency In The Minerals Industry

Author : Kwame Awuah-Offei
ISBN : 9783319541990
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book presents a state-of-the-art analysis of energy efficiency as applied to mining processes. From ground fragmentation to mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, experts discuss the current state of knowledge and the nagging questions that call for further research. It offers an excellent resource for all mine managers and engineers who want to improve energy efficiency to boost both production efficiency and sustainability. It will also benefit graduate students and experienced researchers looking for a comprehensive review of the current state of knowledge concerning energy efficiency in the minerals industry.

Fundamentals Of Discrete Element Methods For Rock Engineering Theory And Applications

Author : Lanru Jing
ISBN : 0080551858
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book presents some fundamental concepts behind the basic theories and tools of discrete element methods (DEM), its historical development, and its wide scope of applications in geology, geophysics and rock engineering. Unlike almost all books available on the general subject of DEM, this book includes coverage of both explicit and implicit DEM approaches, namely the Distinct Element Methods and Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA) for both rigid and deformable blocks and particle systems, and also the Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) approach for fluid flow and solute transport simulations. The latter is actually also a discrete approach of importance for rock mechanics and rock engineering. In addition, brief introductions to some alternative approaches are also provided, such as percolation theory and Cosserat micromechanics equivalence to particle systems, which often appear hand-in-hand with the DEM in the literature. Fundamentals of the particle mechanics approach using DEM for granular media is also presented. · Presents the fundamental concepts of the discrete models for fractured rocks, including constitutive models of rock fractures and rock masses for stress, deformation and fluid flow · Provides a comprehensive presentation on discrete element methods, including distinct elements, discontinuous deformation analysis, discrete fracture networks, particle mechanics and Cosserat representation of granular media · Features constitutive models of rock fractures and fracture system characterization methods detaiing their significant impacts on the performance and uncertainty of the DEM models

Rock Blasting

Author : Pijush Pal Roy
ISBN : 0415372305
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 73. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is a unique supplement to contemporary scientific literature on rock blasting technology. It encapsulates theoretical and practical aspects of drilling and blasting techniques used in both surface and subterranean excavations connected with civil as well as mining activities. Case studies are presented to illustrate correlations between theoretical calculations and empirical findings. It also summarizes the results of research carried out by the Blasting Department of the Central Mining Research Institute since its inception in the year 1970. It contains fifteen extensive chapters covering statistical methods, design parameters, rock breakage mechanism, structural damage, fragmentation, emerging techniques, surface and sub-surface blasting methodologies, safety and environmental aspects, explosive characteristics and modern initiating devices.

Geotechnical Applications For Earthquake Engineering Research Advancements

Author : Sitharam, T.G.
ISBN : 9781466609167
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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Disaster preparedness and response management is a burgeoning field of technological research, and staying abreast of the latest developments within the field is a difficult task. Geotechnical Applications for Earthquake Engineering: Research Advancements has collected chapters from experts from around the world in a variety of applications, frameworks, and methodologies, and prepared them in a form that serves as a handy reference and research guide to practitioners and academics alike. By protecting society with earthquake engineering, the latest research can make the world a safer place.

Rock Fragmentation By Blasting

Author : B. Mohanty
ISBN : 905410824X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 23. 59 MB
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This collection of symposium papers covers a wide range of topics on rock fragmentation, from carefully documented case studies to attempts, for example, at fractal representation of the fracture process itself.

Rotary Drilling And Blasting In Large Surface Mines

Author : Bhalchandra V. Gokhale
ISBN : 0203841395
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 70. 87 MB
Format : PDF
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In large surface mining operations, drilling and blasting activities constitute more than 15% of the total costs. In order to optimize performance and minimize costs, a thorough knowledge of drill and blast operations is, therefore, extremely important. In this unique reference volume, rotary blasthole drilling and surface blasting, as applied in large surface mines, are comprehensively covered. Both new and classic concepts, techniques and methodologies are presented, supported by numerous illustrations and practical data. In 26 chapters, drilling, surface blasting, rock, rock mass, machinery, tools and accessories, compressors and air flushing, computing and practice are many other relevant subjects are treated; the first 16 chapters deal with rotary blasthole drilling, and the 10 next chapters with the concepts, theory and practice of blasting. Moreover, the 14 appendices provide vital technical and commercial data, to further support the reader to design, plan, execute, and calculate blasthole drilling operations. This volume is intended for professionals and technicians in mining, exploration, geological and mechanical engineering, who are involved with the design, planning, and execution of rotary drilling and blasting operations in surface mines.

Statik Des Tunnel Und Stollenbaues

Author : H. Kastner
ISBN : 9783642521607
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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VI Bei der Verfolgung der statischen Aufgaben des Tunnel- und Stollen baues würde man pald an eine unübersteigbare Grenze gelangen, wenn man nicht auf den natur gegebenen Grundlagen, nämlich den mechanischen Eigenschaften des Gebirges, aufbauen könnte. Damit befaßt sich Kap. I des Buches, worin die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse auf diesem Gebiet geschildert werden. Aber auch die beiden folgen den Kap. II und III, wo der primäre und sekundäre Spannungszustand des Ge birges behandelt werden, gehören ihrem Wesen nach noch zu den Grundlagen, wenngleich sie schon viele Ausblicke auf die Probleme des untertägigen HohIraum baues und vor allem des Gebirgsdruckes gestatten. Die Frage der Belastung eines Tunnel-oder Stollenausbaues, also des Gebirgsdruckes im weitesten Sinn des Wortes, stellt ein besonderes Anliegen der Tiefbautechnik und des Bergbaues dar. Es ist erstaunlich, wie weit die Meinungen hierüber auseinandergingen, und es war daher angezeigt, die Entwicklung der Gebirgsdruckfrage wenigstens in groben Zügen in Kap. IV zu schildern, die zutreffenden Erkenntnisse früherer Zeiten zu verwerten und Fehlbeurteilungen, auch dann, wenn sie heute noch Anhänger besitzen, als solche zu kennzeichnen, um auf diesem Wege zu einer richtigen Deutung zu ge langen. Kritische Betrachtungen ließen sich dabei nicht vermeiden; sie sollen aber, wie übrigens auch in allen anderen Buchteilen, nur der Sache dienen. In weiterer Verfolgung der Zielsetzung des Buches werden dann die Bemessungs aufgaben im Lockergebirge in Kap. V und bei Auftreten von echtem Gebirgsdruck in Kap. VI behandelt, wobei, wie bereits erwähnt wurde, die Bestimmung der Belastung des Ausbaues im Vordergrund der Untersuchungen steht.

Porous Rock Fracture Mechanics

Author :
ISBN : 164224158X
Genre :
File Size : 49. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Porosity plays a clearly important role in geology. It controls fluid storage in aquifers, oil and gas fields and geothermal systems, and the extent and connectivity of the pore structure control fluid flow and transport through geological formations, as well as the relationship between the properties of individual minerals and the bulk properties of the rock. In order to quantify the relationships between porosity, storage, transport and rock properties, however, the pore structure must be measured and quantitatively described.Porous Rock Fracture Mechanics focuses on the fracture mechanics of porous rocks and modern simulation techniques for progressive quasi-static and dynamic fractures. The topics covered in this volume include a wide range of academic and industrial applications, including petroleum, mining, and civil engineering. The goal of this book is to summarize, in a manner the reader can use for future experimental work, many of the techniques for analyzing the porosity of rocks or other porous materials. The mechanisms pertaining to percussion drilling and blasting are investigated, with specific reference to the application of fracture mechanics. In order to gain an improved understanding of the mechanisms controlling rock fragmentation, a multidisciplinary approach is followed which includes laboratory experiments conducted in plexiglass and rock, in-situ field experiments and analytical/numerical modeling techniques.This book discusses scattering methods for porosity analysis, petrophysical approaches, and image analysis approaches. Chapters focus on advanced topics in the field of rock's fracture mechanics and address theoretical concepts, experimental characterization, numerical simulation techniques, and their applications as appropriate. The increased attention paid to experimental rock fracture mechanics has led to major contributions to the solving of geophysical problems.This book serves as an important guiding tool for petroleum, geomechanics, drilling and structural engineers, Civil Engineers, Material Scientists, R&D managers in industry and academia as well as researchers in this field find this book beneficial.

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