rocznik orientalistyczny

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Rocznik Orientalistyczny

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Genre : Asia
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Stochastic Medical Reasoning And Environmental Health Exposure

Author : George Christakos
ISBN : 9781908977519
Genre : Science
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The validity of certain critical reasoning steps carried out during or on the sidelines of the environmental science, public health survey, medical experiment, population risk assessment, or disease space–time mapping under conditions of in situ uncertainty and space–time heterogeneity, is often not given sufficient attention and may even be out of the investigator's line of thought. For example, the technical complexity of an environmental exposure experiment may overshadow the logical assumptions made when moving from one phase of the experiment to the next, or the study of population risk assessment may focus on analytical and computational matters, whereas methodological and cultural factors are neglected. This book helps health investigators structure their thinking so that they avoid logical mistakes and argument pitfalls, and also gain new insights about reality, improve their awareness of the environment and context within which one's thinking takes place. Contents:Medical Sciences in the Age of SynthesisReasoning Amidst UncertaintyThe Role of ProbabilitySpace–Time Medical Mapping and Causation ModelingLooking Ahead Readership: Practitioners and researchers in environmental and health sciences. Keywords:Space-Time;Environment;Health;Medicine;Stochastic Reasoning;Decision-MakingKey Features:This is the first book on space–time stochastic reasoning for environmental and health scientistsThis book helps practitioners to structure and organise their thinking and planning skills

Traditions Of Controversy

Author : Marcelo Dascal
ISBN : 9027218846
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Controversies may be particularly prominent in one or another culture. Yet, there is hardly any culture where they do not exist. This book assumes that the practice of controversy, along with its theorization, constitutes – in each of the cultures and disciplines where it develops – a tradition. Whether there are enough shared elements in these traditions to consider them as, fundamentally, universal or not is something that can only be determined on the basis of a rich sample of controversies and theorizations thereof belonging to different traditions. This is what this volume provides to the reader. By presenting side by side controversies from the East and from the West, from the ancient past up to the present, from different domains of scholarship and action, the reader is in a position not only to admire the widespread nature, role, and richness of the phenomenon, but also to begin to evaluate its variety as well as universality. While the editors have purposefully avoided comparative studies of traditions of controversy, in order to focus on each tradition so to speak from its practitioners' point of view, some of the chapters take a bird's eye view and exemplify how such studies can be systematically conducted. In a world that is globalizing itself at a fast pace, the awareness of the multiplicity of traditions of controversy is fundamental for ensuring both that the integration of the various perspectives is harmonious and that each one of them is granted its place in a plural universe.

Etymological Dictionary Of Egyptian

Author : Gábor Takács
ISBN : 9789047423799
Genre : Reference
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This is the third volume of the Etymological Dictionary of Egyptian. It comprises the Egyptian words with initial m-. The amount of material offered, the extensive treatment of scholarly discussions on each item, and the insights into the connections of Egyptian and the related Afro-Asiatic (Semito-Hamitic) languages, including many new lexical parallels, will make it an indispensable tool for comparative purposes and an unchallenged starting point for every linguist in the field.

Comparative Essays In Early Greek And Chinese Rational Thinking

Author : Jean-Paul Reding
ISBN : 9781351950060
Genre : History
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This collection of essays, by Reding, in the emergent field of Sino-Hellenic studies, explores the neglected inchoative strains of rational thought in ancient China and compares them to similar themes in ancient Greek thought, right at the beginnings of philosophy in both cultures. Reding develops and defends the bold hypothesis that Greek and Chinese rational thinking are one and the same phenomenon. Rather than stressing the extreme differences between these two cultures - as most other writings on these subjects - Reding looks for the parameters that have to be restored to see the similarities. Reding maintains that philosophy is like an unknown continent discovered simultaneously in both China and Greece, but from different starting-points. The book comprises seven essays moving thematically from conceptual analysis, logic and categories to epistemology and ontology, with an incursion in the field of comparative metaphorology. One of the book's main concerns is a systematic examination of the problem of linguistic relativism through many detailed examples.

History Of The Language Sciences Geschichte Der Sprachwissenschaften Histoire Des Sciences Du Langage 1 Teilband

Author : Sylvain Auroux
ISBN : 9783110194005
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Writing in English, German, or French, more than 300 authors provide a historical description of the beginnings and of the early and subsequent development of thinking about language and languages within the relevant historical context. The gradually emerging institutions concerned with the study, organisation, documentation, and distribution are considered as well as those dealing with the utilisation of language related knowledge. Special emphasis has been placed on related disciplines, such as rhetoric, the philosophy of language, cognitive psychology, logic and neurological science.

Kinship In The Altaic World

Author : Elena Vladimirovna Boĭkova
ISBN : 3447054166
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 33 MB
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From the table of contents: (38 contributions) A. Kh. Aliyeva, Evolution of the Travel Notes Genre ("Seyahatname") in Tatar Literature V. M. Alpatov, Words of Kinship in Japanese Z. Anayban, Epic Legends and Archival Materials as Sources for Historical Study of the Role of Woman in Traditional Nomadic Societies of Southern Siberia T. A. Anikeeva, Kinship in the Epic Genres of Turkish Folklore A. A. Arslanova, History of Political Relations between the Ulus of Djochi and the Uluses of the Khulaguyids I. Baski, On the Ethnic Names of the Cumans of Hungary G. F. Blagova, Relationship Terms in the Structure of Proto-Turkic Anthroponymic System E. V. Boikova, Mongolian Family in Perception of Foreigners (pre-revolutionary period) Ch. F. Carlson, Finno-Ugric and Turkic Parallel Kinship Systems P. P. Dambueva, On the Category of Voice in the Present Day Buryat Language A. V. Dybo, Indoeuropeans and Altaians through the Linguistic Reconstruction R. Finch, The Suffix /-ko/ in Japanese F. A. Ganiev, Types of Affixes in Turkic Languages M. I. Gol'man, B. Ya. Vladimirtsov about the Mongolian obok (kin) of the 11th-12th Centuries.

Karaite Judaism

Author : Meira Polliack
ISBN : 9789004294264
Genre : Reference
File Size : 66. 22 MB
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This Guide to Karaite Studies contains thirty-seven chapters which cover all the main areas of the fascinating and varied history and literature of medieval and modern Karaite Judaism. The volume reflects this rapidly growing field of Jewish Studies, as analysed by an international team of experts and taught in various universities and institutes.

The Semitic Languages

Author : Stefan Weninger
ISBN : 9783110251586
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 39. 23 MB
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The handbook The Semitic Languages offers a comprehensive reference tool for Semitic Linguistics in its broad sense. It is not restricted to comparative Grammar, although it covers also comparative aspects, including classification. By comprising a chapter on typology and sections with sociolinguistic focus and language contact, the conception of the book aims at a rather complete, unbiased description of the state of the art in Semitics. Articles on individual languages and dialects give basic facts as location, numbers of speakers, scripts, numbers of extant texts and their nature, attestation where appropriate, and salient features of the grammar and lexicon of the respective variety. The handbook is the most comprehensive treatment of the Semitic language family since many decades.

Monumental Polovtsian Statues In Eastern Europe

Author : Aneta Golebiowska-Tobiasz
ISBN : 9783110399356
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 5 MB
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The book presents a case study of analysis and conservation of the collection of Cuman sculpture of the Veliko-Anadol Forest Museum. The author provides an insight into the phenomenon of anthropomorphic sculptures, pertaining to the recent wave of Turkic nomads, from the perspective of archaeology and culture heritage conservation.

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