russia as a great power dimensions of security under putin basees routledge series on russian and east european studies

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Russia As A Great Power

Author : Jakob Hedenskog
ISBN : 9781134239153
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76. 10 MB
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After a period of relative weakness and isolation during most of the 1990s, Russia is again appearing as a major security player in world politics. This book provides a comprehensive assessment of Russia's current security situation, addressing such questions as: What kind of player is Russia in the field of security? What is the essence of its security policy? What are the sources, capabilities and priorities of its security policy? What are the prospects for the future? One important conclusion to emerge is that, while Russian foreign policy under Putin has become more pragmatic and responsive to both problems and opportunities, the growing lack of checks and balances in domestic politics makes political integration with the West difficult and gives the president great freedom in applying Russia's growing power abroad.

Freedom Of Speech In Russia

Author : Daphne Skillen
ISBN : 9781317659884
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52. 69 MB
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This book traces the life of free speech in Russia from the final years of the Soviet Union to the present. It shows how long-cherished hopes for an open society in which people would speak freely and tell truth to power fared under Gorbachev’s glasnost; how free speech was a real, if fractured, achievement of Yeltsin’s years in power; and how easy it was for Putin to reverse these newly won freedoms, imposing a ‘patrimonial’ media that sits comfortably with old autocratic and feudal traditions. The book explores why this turn seemed so inexorable and now seems so entrenched. It examines the historical legacy, and Russia’s culturally ambivalent perception of freedom, which Dostoyevsky called that ‘terrible gift’. It evaluates the allure of western consumerism and Soviet-era illusions that stunted the initial promise of freedom and democracy. The behaviour of journalists and their apparent complicity in the distortion of their profession come under scrutiny. This ambitious study covering more than 30 years of radical change looks at responses ‘from above’ and ‘from below’, and asks whether the players truly understood what was involved in the practice of free speech.

Energy Dependency Politics And Corruption In The Former Soviet Union

Author : Margarita M. Balmaceda
ISBN : 9781134072699
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 29 MB
Format : PDF
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Energy has become a major element to Russia's attempts, under Putin, to restore its influence over former Soviet territories and reaffirm itself as the dominant regional power. This book investigates how Russia has manipulated the energy of its neighbours on Russian energy supplies to achieve its foreign policy goals, focusing in particular on relations with Ukraine. This book, based on a multitude of primary Ukrainian and Russian primary sources until now not brought to the attention of Western readers, examines important events such as Russia's January 2006 suspension of gas supplies to Ukraine, and the implications for Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution', other post-Soviet states and Western Europe. However, it goes further in showing how domestic political conditions in non-Russian states may facilitate Russia's use of energy as a foreign policy weapon, investigating the local groups that often receive significant profits from allowing Russia to control energy markets and energy transit possibilities. With European countries becoming more dependent upon Russian energy, this book will be of interest not only to Russian Studies and Eastern European Studies experts, but to scholars of international relations and European politics.

Putin S Olympics

Author : Robert W. Orttung
ISBN : 9781317813170
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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President Vladimir Putin’s Olympic venture put the workings of contemporary Russia on vivid display. The Sochi Olympics were designed to symbolize Russia’s return to great power status, but subsequent aggression against Ukraine, large-scale corruption, and the doping scandal have become the true legacies of the games. The Kremlin’s style of governance through mega-projects has had deleterious consequences for the country’s development. Placing the Sochi games into the larger context of Olympic history, this book examines the political, security, business, ethnic, societal, and international ramifications of Putin’s system.

Putin As Celebrity And Cultural Icon

Author : Helena Goscilo
ISBN : 9780415528511
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Though in recent months Putin's popularity has frayed at the edges, the dearth of comparably powerful and experienced political leaders leaves no doubt that he will continue to be a key political figure. During his tenure as Russia's President and subsequently as Prime Minister, Putin transcended politics, to become the country's major cultural icon. This book examines the nature of his iconic status. It explores his public persona as glamorous hero, endowed with vision, wisdom, moral and physical strength--the man uniquely capable of restoring Russia's reputation as a global power. In analysing cultural representations of Putin, the book assesses the role of the media in constructing and disseminating this image and weighs the Russian populace's contribution to the extraordinary acclamation he enjoyed throughout the first decade of the new millennium, challenged only by a tiny minority.

Social Rights In Russia

Author : Eleanor Bindman
ISBN : 9781317553403
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Russia's human rights record, especially violations of the right to life, liberty and freedom of expression, has been the subject of much international concern. Social, or welfare, rights, on the other hand, including the right to housing, health and access to social security, have received much less attention. This book explores the changing position in Russia towards such social rights. It explores how social rights are defined in Russia and why they are contested, and discusses how increasing liberalisation and privatisation have radically changed the very extensive former communist welfare system. It considers recent initiatives by both Putin and Medvedev to re-emphasise the role of the state in providing social services, and shows how activism to secure social benefits, especially at the local level, is relatively strong. The book concludes by assessing how social rights and welfare are likely to develop in Russia in a world increasingly concerned with austerity and the transformation of citizens into 'market citizens', where attitudes towards social rights remain less than favourable.

Putin S Preventive Counter Revolution

Author : Robert Horvath
ISBN : 9780415694216
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 13 MB
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This book examines the 'preventive counter-revolution,' a programme of reforms and repression that transformed the face of Russian politics during Vladimir Putin's second term as president. Kremlin propagandists hailed this programme as a defence of national sovereignty against Western attempts to foment a 'velvet revolution' in Russia. But this book shows that the Putin regime was reacting to a real domestic threat: opposition leaders and youth activists who had begun to employ 'velvet' revolutionary methods in a campaign to harness popular grievances and to challenge Putin in the streets and at the ballot box. It traces the formulation and implementation of the regime's two-track response, which was based on a careful analysis of the lessons of the recent 'velvet' (or 'coloured') revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. The first track was repressive: the imposition of controls on NGOs, restrictions on electoral competition, and a crackdown on opposition demonstrations. The second was the mobilisation of supporters in 'patriotic' youth organisations that employed both gang violence and 'velvet' revolutionary techniques. Drawing on a wide range of Russian-language sources, including opposition activists' blogs, this book charts the end of Russia's experiment with liberal democracy and the emergence of a new type of authoritarian order.

Russland Eine Pragmatische Gro Macht

Author : Johann Zajaczkowski
ISBN : 9783838268378
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Betreibt Russland eine imperialistische Außenpolitik? Oder lässt es sich eher als pragmatische Großmacht beschreiben – und wenn ja, warum? Mit dem Zusammenbruch der UdSSR löste sich der Nexus zwischen der Identität Russlands als Nachfolgestaat der Sowjetunion und seinem außenpolitischen Verhalten. Sicher geglaubte Gewissheiten über die Rolle Russlands in der Welt gingen verloren. Das vorliegende Buch legt mithilfe eines rollentheoretischen Ansatzes den Blick auf das russische Selbstverständnis frei und geht der These nach, dass die unter Putin wiedergewonnene außenpolitische Handlungsfreiheit zur Ausgestaltung eines begrenzten, dafür aber sakrosankten Repertoires an Identitäten genutzt wird. Als empirische Grundlage dienen zwei Fallstudien: Die Kooperation mit den USA im Rahmen der Terrorismusbekämpfung nach dem 11. September 2001 sowie der russisch-georgische Krieg im August 2008. Während der enge Schulterschluss mit Washington als Abkehr vom Imperialismus-Paradigma gedeutet wurde, nährte der Fünftagekrieg in weiten Teilen des westlichen Medienbetriebes den Verdacht, dass russische Entscheidungsträger einem Imperialismus-Syndrom unterworfen sind. Die vorliegende Untersuchung verdeutlicht, dass der Schlüssel zum Verständnis Russlands in seiner Selbstverortung gegenüber dem Westen (in Gestalt der USA als relevantem Alter) liegt. Dadurch sind politische Entscheidungen wie etwa die Anerkennung des Kosovo eng mit Konzepten wie Status und Mitsprache verbunden. Solche Entscheidungen bilden aus Moskauer Sicht häufig einen negativen Referenzpunkt, auf dessen Grundlage Russland einen eigenen Rahmen angemessenen außenpolitischen Verhaltens konstruiert. Das Buch leistet einen wichtigen Beitrag zum besseren Verständnis russischer Außenpolitik. Der uneindeutige westliche Diskurs um die sogenannte Ukraine-Krise verdeutlicht die Relevanz der hier angebotenen Perspektive für eine einfühlsamere Interpretation und ein klareres Verständnis russischen außenpolitischen Verhaltens im neuen Jahrhundert.

The Decline Of Regionalism In Putin S Russia

Author : J. Paul Goode
ISBN : 9781136720734
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book reassesses the process whereby after 2000 Putin reversed the process by which in the 1990s power had shifted from Moscow to the regions. It focuses on the dynamics of regional boundaries: juridical boundaries, which defined a region's territorial extent and thereby its resources; institutional boundaries that sustained regional differences; and cultural boundaries that defined the ethnic or technocratic principles on which a region could claim legitimate existence.

Celebrity And Glamour In Contemporary Russia

Author : Helena Goscilo
ISBN : 9781136924347
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 20. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the first book to explore the phenomenon of glamour and celebrity in contemporary Russian culture, ranging across media forms, disciplinary boundaries and modes of inquiry, with particular emphasis on the media personality. The book demonstrates how the process of ‘celebrification’ in Russia coincides with the dizzying pace of social change and economic transformation, the latter enabling an unprecedented fascination with glamour and its requisite extravagance; how in the 1990s and 2000s, celebrities - such as film or television stars - moved away from their home medium to become celebrities straddling various media; and how celebrity is a symbol manipulated by the dominant culture and embraced by the masses. It examines the primacy of the visual in celebrity construction and its dominance over the verbal, alongside the interdisciplinary, cross-media, post-Soviet landscape of today’s fame culture. Taking into account both general tendencies and individual celebrities, including pop-diva Alla Pugacheva and ex-President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the book analyses the internal dynamics of the institutions involved in the production, marketing, and maintenance of celebrities, as well as the larger cultural context and the imperatives that drive Russian society’s romance with glamour and celebrity.

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