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Samsung Gear S2 For Dummies

Author : Eric Butow
ISBN : 9781119279990
Genre : Computers
File Size : 53. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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Your hands-on guide to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 look cool, it's designed to keep up with the speed of your life, giving you fast and easy access to calendar notifications, texts, and more—right on your wrist! If you're tired of fumbling through pockets and bags to get your hands on the information you need, Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 For Dummies shows you how easy it is to make the most of your new smartwatch without ever breaking a sweat. Wearable technology is taking the world by storm as more and more people in today's time-crunched culture are discovering the benefits of having quick access to their digitized lives. Packed with clear instruction and plenty of helpful tips and tricks, this down-to-earth guide covers all aspects of keeping your work and personal life organized on a Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, from set up and configuration to texting, emailing, and accessing the Internet—and beyond. Download apps on your smartphone Synch with an Android device Make sense of your watch's features and capabilities Expand your watch's potential with new software releases If the idea of getting used to new technology makes you tense, watch out! Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 For Dummies makes it easier than ever to wrap your mind around wearable technology.

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch A Guide For Beginners

Author : Philip Tranton
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 40. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Samsung released its newest piece of technology in the form of the Gear S2 line of Smart watches. The line was released to the public in October of 2015. The reviews to date launch the device for its polish, compatibility and innovation. The new Smart Watch comes equipped with a number of new features as well as features that are similar to smart watches previously released by other companies. The features included in the S2 design include a barometer, ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth connection capabilities, a one point two inch circular display, a dual-core 1GHz processor, storage of approximately five hundred and twelve megabytes and a Tizen operating system platform. Other features on the smart S2 watch include contacts, music player, maps, navigation, S Voice, email, notifications, messages and S Health apps. The purpose of this article is to highlight the facts and features of the new Smart Watch by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook For Dummies

Author : Corey Sandler
ISBN : 9781119171126
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK! Have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, but don't know where to start? Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies is your go-to guide to get up and running with this great device in no time! From powering on your device to personalizing it, this easy-to-use resource provides everything you'll need to know to start using your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. You'll start with the basics, download and shop for e-books, browse the Web, watch video, listen to music, create your own e-books, and a whole lot more! Combine the power a Samsung Android tablet with the Barnes and Noble NOOK apps, and you have access to everything you need! Find out how to adjust the lighting, change font sizes, and customize your device to be the perfect e-reader that fits all your needs. Get an overview of the Android tablet/e-book hybrid concept, along with a guide to everything your new device can do Find out how to power up your tablet, use the touchscreen technology, setup wireless access, update your software, download e-books, and more Watch video from Netflix and Hulu, listen to music, create photo slideshows, and browse the Web Personalize your NOOK with accessories and applications, share books with others, and interact with your device with the built-in microphone For those who want to learn the ins and outs of their new multi-use tablet and e-reader, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies is the place to start!

Instagram For Business For Dummies

Author : Jennifer Herman
ISBN : 9781119439844
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Leverage the power of Instagram to promote your brand Instagram is the photo- and video-sharing app used by millions across the globe. More than just a social platform for users to share their experiences with family and friends, it's become a vital tool for business owners and marketers to create visual narratives about what makes them, and their products, different from everything else that's out there. Instagram For Business For Dummies shows you how to use the app to connect with your audience in a meaningful way as you showcase your products and offer a unique insider's view of your brand. Perfect for Instagram newbies or those who want to spruce up an existing account, this book helps you set up a powerful business profile, compose successful posts, and tell your story to the world. Install the app, set up your account, and track analytics Upload your photos and videos, and expand your reach with hashtags Use Instagram Stories and live video Create paid ads to reach your target audience Instagram For Business For Dummies will help you learn to use Instagram to connect with users in a fresh and relevant way—and instantly get ahead of the competition.

Pro Ios Security And Forensics

Author : Eric Butow
ISBN : 1484237560
Genre : Computers
File Size : 20. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examine how to keep iOS devices safe in the physical world, including creating company policies for iPhones; assessing and defending against cyber vulnerabilities and attacks; working with preinstalled as well as third party tools; and strategies for keeping your data safe including backing up and screen locks. Managing and maintaining iPhones and iPads in a corporate or other business environment inherently requires strict attention to security concerns. Managers and IT professionals need to know how to create and communicate business policies for using iOS devices in the workplace, and implement security and forensics tools to manage and protect them. The iPhone and iPad are both widely used across businesses from Fortune 500 companies down to garage start-ups. All of these devices must have secure and monitorable ways to connect to the internet, store and transmit data without leaks, and even be managed in the event of a physical theft. Pro iOS Security and Forensics covers all these concerns as well as also offering tips for communicating with employees about the policies your business puts in place, why those policies are important, and how to follow them. What You'll Learn Review communicating policies and requirements for use of iPhones Keep your iPhone safe in the physical world Connect to the Internet securely Explore strategies for keeping your data safe including backing up and screen locks Who This Book Is For Managers and IT professionals working in a business environment with iPhones and iPads.

Author : Уильям Шекспир
ISBN : 9785040868834
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Author : William Gibson
ISBN : 9607002504
Genre : Conspiracies
File Size : 60. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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2016 4 Vol 66

Author : 近色文化編輯部
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 60. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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【Cover Story】奢侈品的轉型正義 義憤填膺的批評者對奢侈品代表的揮霍和墮落,嗤之以鼻,某種程度我同意,但同意的理由是,我覺得揮霍不算什麼罪大惡極,墮落也是,甚至「嗤之以鼻」這件事,我都覺得對奢侈品的描述算加分,無論你用標新立異,特立獨行,不甘寂寞,我行我素等這些「負面詞」形容,在歷史看來,其實都跟創新、冒險、先鋒、突破有關。但奢侈品何以引起這麼大的誤會,相當程度是因為玩的人不巧跟「上流」社會的人有正向關係。 其他精采的內容還有: 【人物專訪─朱志康】: 二○一六年二月,設計師朱志康飛越九千多公里,到德國法蘭克福領取German Design Award 2016 Special Mention,得獎作品「成都方所書店」,設計界的台灣之光就此誕生。 【人物專訪─孫啟能】: 孫啟能的照明設計手筆,許多地方都看得到,諸如台北晶華酒店Boble House、高雄愛河彩虹橋、台北淡水河新月橋以及二O一O年上海世界博覽會台北館。從小我們就懂得:有光的地方總是溫暖的,燈光我們能告別黑暗,而光彩拓通主持設計師孫啟能則可以說是照明魔法師。 【人物專訪─RUTH】: 現居台灣的越野馬拉松跑者Ruth Charlotte Croft在完成紐西蘭TARAWERAultra一百K的比賽,並以首度參加一百K賽事即取得亞軍的黑馬之姿出線後,個人紀錄再扳一城,除了成為Garmin運動腕表代言人,更以超前大會例屆冠軍一小時以上的優異成績,贏得CCC組法國環白朗峰一○一K極限越野馬拉松Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc:Courmayeur、Champes、Chamonix女子組冠軍。 【人物專訪─羅曉韻】: 很多人都透過電影《白日夢冒險王》認識冰島,在那個彷彿是世界盡頭的國度,一切都被逼到了極限,讓人忍不住會檢視自我,回想初衷,開始追求一些生命中原本最單純的念頭。來自對岸的攝影師羅曉韻,人們眼中的花漾少女,抱著凜冽與孤獨的念頭來到冰島,卻重新拾起了對生命的熱情。 【人物專訪─何恩禮】: 傳統書寫在廿世紀後半受到強大的挑戰,過去人們透過書寫傳遞訊息、抒發情感的傳統快速消失,在以使用正體中文而自豪的台灣,書法藝術卻日漸遠離主流文化,在西方留學的何恩禮卻毅然放下建築師的生涯回台力挽狂瀾。 Features特輯 35 奢侈品的轉型正義 86 風格事件簿 Column專欄 12 幾個小道具 謝寒冰 14 病人虐我千百回,我待病人如初戀 鄒瑋倫 18 占卜小事 菁菁夫人 20 這是家庭影音最好也最壞的時代 黃若農 People人物 37 有他 空間變得「潮」有意思 朱志康 30 光之魔術 孫啟能 32 精彩人生 是跑出來的 RUTH 100 在凜冽與孤獨下的重生 羅曉韻 106 從藍晒圖到書畫 何恩禮 Regulars生活 06 MONTHLY BULLETIN 22 電影 找伴侶不如變成動物《單身動物園》 24 衛浴裝修教戰守則 家居生活的重要起點,你抓到了嗎? 80 書摘 《改變歷史的50種機器》 82 清酒大丈夫 舌尖上的奢華 84 鏡頭看世界 永遠在挑戰極限的路上 Carsten Peter攝影特展 92 藝文提案 再次吹起復古追星熱 張雨生經典流行音樂劇 94 LEISURE TIME 歡樂的春日野餐 找樂子餐廳 96 旅遊提案|日本篇 跳脫日本一線行程 中部北陸福井縣 98 不要宅在家了! 由生活看見設計 台灣國際文化創意產業博覽會 102 旅遊提案 離城市最近的世外桃源 桃園大溪笠復威斯汀度假酒店 104 Stay in Style 藏在天府之國的絕美飯店 成都博舍 110 Gourmet News 112 The Next 116 Fun Tour 120 非要BOOK

Stuff 2015 12

Author : 史塔夫科技
Genre :
File Size : 44. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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HOT STUFF 10 Hot Four ● Microsoft Surface Book ● Pebble Time Round ● Google Android 6.0 ● HP Envy Curved All-In-One 16 Vital Stats Tesla Model X 18 Start Menu Hudway Glass 20 Best Of Bluetooth Speakers 22 Giga Pixel Space Rocks 28 Games 極地戰嚎:野蠻紀源 32 Choice 後背包 34 Icon BANG & OLUFSEN BEOLAB 90 FEATURES 38 聖誕節終極禮物指南 趕緊繫好你的安全帶,下一站:聖誕節! 71 Group Test Massive 4K TVs 時間慢慢進入冬季,這也是你超大型電視長時間共度春宵的絕佳理由。 75 Techspedition 遊戲是全球成長最快的觀眾性運動。我們深入電子競技團隊,了解如何成為專業的電競選手。 86 Stuff Meeting Room 充滿懷舊風情與藝術氛圍的寶藏巖國際藝術村,隱藏著一個Maker的專屬空間...... 90 Column Stuff On The Road 原來,每個人的心中,總有一個位置留給巴黎。 92 Column Tech Room 以製造成本控制為主的成熟穩定產業,如果沒有令人驚豔的創新能力,該怎麼獲利? 101 Group Test Smarthome Tech 為自己的小窩加購幾樣智慧感十足的小物,讓生活更自動。 105 Night Life Stuff特派員E推薦的絕世好Bar坐坐,盡情享受一場味覺與視覺交織而成的調酒饗宴! 112 Best Selection Of Spirits 冬季是品嚐雪莉桶風味單一純麥威士忌的好時機...... 64 First Test ● LG V10 ● Chromecast Audio ● Sony a7s II 70 Test Casio EX-ZR55 80 Test KEF MOU 82 Test Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro 94 Test Drive ● JAGUAR XF R-Sport 25t ● SKODA Fabia Combi 100 Test BOSCH極效感應無線吸塵器25.2V 120 TestWD My Cloud Mittor (Gen 2) 118 Long-TermTest ● Samsung Gear S2 classic 116 Versus Games 光碟機大戰 HOT NEWS 121 Hot News ● Movie ● Music ● Gadgets 126 Information 130 Next Big Thing 永續電力

Durchf Hrung Eines Vergleichenden Usability Tests Der Interaktionsprinzipien Von Drei Wearables

Author : Jan Müller
ISBN : OCLC:969715069
Genre :
File Size : 22. 50 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 806
Read : 458

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Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit wird ein Usability Test der Interaktionsprinzipien an drei Wearables durchgeführt. In diesem Test wird untersucht, welches der Geräte die intuitivste Steuerung hat und mit welchem Gerät die Interaktionen am schnellsten durchzuführen sind. Die Maße hierfür sind Effektivität und Effizienz in der Aufgabenerledigung. Die Testgegenstände sind das Sony Smartband SWR 12, die Garmin Vivosmart HR und die Samsung Gear S2 Classic. Der Usability Test wird mit sieben Testpersonen durchgeführt. In einer dafür vorgesehenen Testumgebung werden diese Testpersonen die zu evaluierenden Wearables bedienen und ausgewählte Aufgaben durchführen. Die Probanden werden durch eigens für den Test erstellte Fragebögen die Testgeräte bewerten. Die Ergebnisse der Aufgabenerledigung und der Fragebögen werden detailliert ausgewertet und graphisch veranschaulicht. Die persönlichen Wertungen der Testpersonen werden zusammengefasst und bewertet und ein Ranking anhand der Aussagen aus den Fragebögen erstellt.

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