satans daughter the true story of natasha cornett

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Satan S Daughter The True Story Of Natasha Cornett

Author : Trish Samuelson
ISBN : 1522950400
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File Size : 58. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"I hate, therefore I am," - Natasha Cornett Natasha Cornett grew up in a poor rural area in Kentucky, raised by a single mother. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she began demonstrating anti-social behavior and dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Charismatic and well-spoken, the Goth-inspired Cornett assembled a gang of like-minded outcasts to go on a killing spree which shocked the Deep South.

Lesbian Vampire Killer

Author : Trish Samuelson
ISBN : 1523328940
Genre :
File Size : 84. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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Tracey Wigginton made headlines as the "Lesbian Vampire Killer" when she and a group of friends attacked and killed forty-seven year old Edward Baldock in a brutal murder that left him nearly decapitated. The case drew headlines because of the brutality of the murder and the mindset of the killer. Wigginton was a feared butch lesbian who captured bats, drank blood and believed herself to be a vampire.

The Scarred Heart

Author : Helen Smith
ISBN : 0615112234
Genre : Juvenile delinquency
File Size : 71. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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The Migration Conference 2017 Programme And Abstracts Book

Author : Ibrahim Sirkeci
ISBN : 9781910781685
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File Size : 69. 40 MB
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The Migration Conference 2017 hosted by Harokopio University, Athens from 23 to 26 August. The 5th conference in our series, the 2017 Conference was probably the largest scholarly gathering on migration with a global scope. Human mobility, border management, integration and security, diversity and minorities as well as spatial patterns, identity and economic implications have dominated the public agenda and gave an extra impetus for the study of movers and non-movers over the last decade or so. Throughout the program of the Migration Conference you will find various key thematic areas are covered in about 400 presentations by about 400 colleagues coming from all around the world from Australia to Canada, China to Mexico, South Africa to Finland. We are also proud to bring you opportunities to meet with some of the leading scholars in the field. Our line of keynote speakers include Saskia Sassen, Oded Stark, Giuseppe Sciortino, Neli Esipova, and Yuksel Pazarkaya.

Nightmare On Main Street

Author : Mark Edmundson
ISBN : 0674624637
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 81. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In an assessment of American culture on the eve of the millennium, Mark Edmundson asks why we're determined to be haunted, courting the Gothic at every turn - and, at the same time, committed to escape through any new scheme for ready-made transcendence. Nightmare on Main Street depicts a culture suffused in the Gothic, not just in novels and films but even in the nonfictive realms of politics and academic theories, TV news and talk shows, various therapies, and discourses on AIDS and the environment. What, Edmundson asks, does the ascendancy of the Gothic in the 1990s tell us about our own day? And what of another trend, seemingly unrelated - the widespread belief that re-creating oneself is as easy as making a wish? Looking at the world according to Forrest Gump, Edmundson shows how this parallel culture actually works reciprocally with the Gothic.

Lady Cannibal

Author : Natalie Marshall
ISBN : 1523842431
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File Size : 71. 26 MB
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Katherine Mary Knight was born to shed blood. Born October 24th, 1955, she has the distinction of being the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole when she murdered her de facto husband John Charles Thomas Price, born 6 January 1955, in Aberdeen, New South Wales, Australia. The murder itself is not necessarily the stuff of horror films or nightmares with extreme heinousness even though Knight did, in fact, stab Price 37 times. Knight's subsequent defilement of Price's body following the murder was extremely atrocious and, as such, was the fundamental reason she received a life without parole sentence. So heinous, in fact that her file is marked "never to be released."

Girl Strangler

Author :
ISBN : 1522917586
Genre :
File Size : 32. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Most female serial killers use poison or a gun to dispose of their victims. Dana Sue Gray was one of the few who was a "hands on" killer, strangling numerous elderly women in the Southern California area in the early 1990s. But what led her to go on this murderous rampage that one police detective described as "the most brutal crimes I've ever seen"? Dana was a compulsive "shopping addict" who would steal her victims credit cards and speed off to the nearest shopping mall to indulge in her habit. A lifelong thrill-seeker and horror movie fan, Dana would succumb to her base impulses and become arguably the most violent female serial killer in modern times.

Burn Judy Burn

Author : Bette Nunn
ISBN : IND:30000001663339
Genre : Criminals
File Size : 70. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Mysterious Death Of Elisa Lam

Author : Christina Barrett
ISBN : 1530784247
Genre :
File Size : 67. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Elisa had made a habit of calling her parents every day and the 29th and 30th were no exception. That was also the day she moved in and was quickly drummed out by the other tenants because she made them "uncomfortable." Her eviction from the shared room to her own private room must have been difficult for a young woman already full of insecurities, neuroses, and esteem issues. January 31, 2013 Elisa Lam's parents, for the first time on Elisa' "West Coast Tour, didn't receive a call from her daughter. This was the day that she was scheduled to check out from the hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Lam knew her daughter well enough to know there was a problem. They contacted the LAPD and reported her missing (contrary to popular belief the federal government doesn't allow local law enforcement to issue "waiting periods" before accepting a missing person report. By the next day her parents flew to Los Angeles to assist with the search.

Husband Killer Shari Tobyne

Author : Ana Benson
ISBN : 1546997199
Genre :
File Size : 31. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When it comes to female killers, the most common type of crime is mariticide or murdering their husbands. There are many motivations behind taking someone's life but killing a person so close to you is often fueled by passion, financial gain, jealousy, or betrayal. The case of Shari Tobyne is the perfect example of a woman scorned. Her husband of thirty-five years wanted to divorce her due to the financial problems she caused by mishandling the couple's finances. So one day before he was set to leave their rented house and move on, Shari snapped. She simply couldn't allow him to leave after so many years they spend together. Shari continued to live her life normally, but Arizona police started uncovering body parts from counties surrounding the city of Phoenix and they couldn't determine the exact identity of the deceased man. Worried Tobyne children alerted the law enforcement that their father was missing and this is where the story started to unravel. It will soon be discovered that a loving mother and a grandmother murdered her husband in cold blood because leaving him was simply not an option.

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