selected philosophical papers by ludwig edelstein volume 1 routledge library editions ancient philosophy

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Selected Philosophical Papers By Ludwig Edelstein

Author : Leonardo Tarán
ISBN : 9781315522203
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 76. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ludwig Edelstein (1902-1965) is well-known for his work on the history of anceint medicine and ancient philosophy, and to both of these areas he made contributions of primary importance. This collection, originally published in 1987, makes avaialable Edelstein’s main papers to scholars and students, and includes papers from 1931-1965.

A Companion To Ayn Rand

Author : Allan Gotthelf
ISBN : 9781118324912
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 70. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first volume to offer a comprehensive scholarly treatment of Rand’s entire corpus (including her novels, her philosophical essays, and her analysis of the events of her times), this Companion provides vital orientation and context for scholars and educated readers grappling with a controversial and understudied thinker whose enduring influence on American (and world) culture is increasingly recognized. The first publication to provide an in-depth scholarly treatment ranging over the whole of Rand’s corpus Provides informed contextual analysis for scholars in a variety of disciplines Presents original research on unpublished material and drafts from the Rand archives in California Features insightful and fair-minded interpretations of Rand’s controversial positions

Studies In Presocratic Philosophy Volume 1

Author : David Furley
ISBN : 9781315511511
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 50. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Collected in this volume are some of the most important articles published on the philosophy of the Greeks before Socrates. They cover: The nature of Presocratic thought The sources of our knowledge of the Presocratics The earliest philosophers up to Heraclitus

Studies In Presocratic Philosophy Volume 2

Author : David Furley
ISBN : 9781315511436
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 77. 81 MB
Format : PDF
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The articles in this volume deal with the four major philosophical positions of the presocratic period: The arguments of Parmenides and Zeno against earlier or contemporary pluralist theories The three pluralist responses of Empedocles, Anaxagoras and the early Atomists.

Virtue And Knowledge

Author : William J. Prior
ISBN : 9781315522036
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 27. 65 MB
Format : PDF
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Originally published in 1991, this book focuses on the concept of virtue, and in particular on the virtue of wisdom or knowledge, as it is found in the epic poems of Homer, some tragedies of Sophocles, selected writings of Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoic and Epicurean philosophers. The key questions discussed are the nature of the virtues, their relation to each other, and the relation between the virtues and happiness or well-being. This book provides the background and interpretative framework to make classical works on Ethics, such as Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, accessible to readers with no training in the classics.

Hellenistic Philosophy Of Mind

Author : Julia E. Annas
ISBN : 0520912004
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 71. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hellenistic Philosophy of Mind is an elegant survey of Stoic and Epicurean ideas about the soul—an introduction to two ancient schools whose belief in the soul's physicality offer compelling parallels to modern approaches in the philosophy of mind. Annas incorporates recent thinking on Hellenistic philosophy of mind so lucidly and authoritatively that specialists and nonspecialists alike will find her book rewarding. In part, the Hellenistic epoch was a "scientific" period that broke with tradition in ways that have an affinity with the modern shift from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the present day. Hellenistic philosophy of the soul, Annas argues, is in fact a philosophy of mind, especially in the treatment of such topics as perception, thought, and action.

Scientific Knowledge And Its Social Problems

Author :
ISBN : 1412833787
Genre : Education
File Size : 56. 48 MB
Format : PDF
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Science is continually confronted by new and difficult social and ethical problems. Some of these problems have arisen from the transformation of the academic science of the prewar period into the industrialized science of the present. Traditional theories of science are now widely recognized as obsolete. In Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems (originally published in 1971), Jerome R. Ravetz analyzes the work of science as the creation and investigation of problems. He demonstrates the role of choice and value judgment, and the inevitability of error, in scientific research. Ravetz's new introductory essay is a masterful statement of how our understanding of science has evolved over the last two decades.

Science And Politics In The Ancient World

Author : Benjamin Farrington
ISBN : 9781315511351
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book, originally published in 1965, discusses the political implication of the spread of science in antiquity. It reveals how the real Greek spirit of scientific research was crushed by Plato and Aristotle, long thought-of as searchers for truth. Historian such as Polybius and Livey and the poets Pinder and Virgil are seen in a new light when set against this background of social struggle.

A Companion To The Classical Tradition

Author : Craig W. Kallendorf
ISBN : 9781444334166
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Examining the profusion of ways in which the arts, culture, and thought of Greece and Rome have been transmitted, interpreted, adapted and used, A Companion to Classical Receptions explores the impact of this phenomenon on both ancient and later societies. Provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of classical reception - the interpretation of classical art, culture, and thought in later centuries, and the fastest growing area in classics Brings together 34 essays by an international group of contributors focused on ancient and modern reception concepts and practices Combines close readings of key receptions with wider contextualization and discussion Explores the impact of Greek and Roman culture worldwide, including crucial new areas in Arabic literature, South African drama, the history of photography, and contemporary ethics"

Science Incarnate

Author : Christopher Lawrence
ISBN : 0226470121
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 52. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Does truth have anything to do with the belly? What difference does it make to the pursuit of knowledge whether Einstein rode a bicycle, Russell was randy, or Darwin was flatulent? Focusing on the 17th century to the present, SCIENCE INCARNATE explores how intellectuals sought to establish the value and authority of their ideas through public displays of their private ways of life. 54 photos.

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