semi riemannian geometry with applications to relativity pure and applied mathematics

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Semi Riemannian Geometry With Applications To Relativity

Author : Barrett O'Neill
ISBN : 0080570577
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 79 MB
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This book is an exposition of semi-Riemannian geometry (also called pseudo-Riemannian geometry)--the study of a smooth manifold furnished with a metric tensor of arbitrary signature. The principal special cases are Riemannian geometry, where the metric is positive definite, and Lorentz geometry. For many years these two geometries have developed almost independently: Riemannian geometry reformulated in coordinate-free fashion and directed toward global problems, Lorentz geometry in classical tensor notation devoted to general relativity. More recently, this divergence has been reversed as physicists, turning increasingly toward invariant methods, have produced results of compelling mathematical interest.

Eigenvalues In Riemannian Geometry

Author : Isaac Chavel
ISBN : 0080874347
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 74. 63 MB
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The basic goals of the book are: (i) to introduce the subject to those interested in discovering it, (ii) to coherently present a number of basic techniques and results, currently used in the subject, to those working in it, and (iii) to present some of the results that are attractive in their own right, and which lend themselves to a presentation not overburdened with technical machinery.

Pure And Applied Mathematics

Author : Barrett O'Neill
ISBN : 0125267401
Genre : Calculus of tensors
File Size : 58. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Geometry Of Kerr Black Holes

Author : Barrett O'Neill
ISBN : 9780486783116
Genre : Science
File Size : 85. 69 MB
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Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of mathematics as well as for physicists, this unique monograph and self-contained treatment constitutes an introduction to modern techniques in differential geometry. 1995 edition.

Curvature In Mathematics And Physics

Author : Shlomo Sternberg
ISBN : 9780486292717
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 62. 93 MB
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Expert treatment introduces semi-Riemannian geometry and its principal physical application, Einstein's theory of general relativity, using the Cartan exterior calculus as a principal tool. Prerequisites include linear algebra and advanced calculus. 2012 edition.

Geometric Control Theory And Sub Riemannian Geometry

Author : Gianna Stefani
ISBN : 9783319021324
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 77. 16 MB
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Honoring Andrei Agrachev's 60th birthday, this volume presents recent advances in the interaction between Geometric Control Theory and sub-Riemannian geometry. On the one hand, Geometric Control Theory used the differential geometric and Lie algebraic language for studying controllability, motion planning, stabilizability and optimality for control systems. The geometric approach turned out to be fruitful in applications to robotics, vision modeling, mathematical physics etc. On the other hand, Riemannian geometry and its generalizations, such as sub-Riemannian, Finslerian geometry etc., have been actively adopting methods developed in the scope of geometric control. Application of these methods has led to important results regarding geometry of sub-Riemannian spaces, regularity of sub-Riemannian distances, properties of the group of diffeomorphisms of sub-Riemannian manifolds, local geometry and equivalence of distributions and sub-Riemannian structures, regularity of the Hausdorff volume, etc.


Author : Anadi Jiban Das
ISBN : 9780387694696
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 33 MB
Format : PDF
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Here is a modern introduction to the theory of tensor algebra and tensor analysis. It discusses tensor algebra and introduces differential manifold. Coverage also details tensor analysis, differential forms, connection forms, and curvature tensor. In addition, the book investigates Riemannian and pseudo-Riemannian manifolds in great detail. Throughout, examples and problems are furnished from the theory of relativity and continuum mechanics.

Geometry Of Manifolds

Author : Richard L. Bishop
ISBN : 9780821829233
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 33. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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First published in 1964, this book served as a text on differential geometry to several generations of graduate students all over the world. The first half of the book (Chapters 1-6) presents basics of the theory of manifolds, vector bundles, differential forms, and Lie groups, with a special emphasis on the theory of linear and affine connections. The second half of the book (Chapters 7-11) is devoted to Riemannian geometry. Following the definition and main properties of Riemannian manifolds, the authors discuss the theory of geodesics, complete Riemannian manifolds, and curvature. Next, they introduce the theory of immersion of manifolds and the second fundamental form. The concluding Chapter 11 contains more complicated results on which much of the research in Riemannian geometry is based: the Morse index theorem, Synge's theorem on closed geodesics, Rauch's comparision theorem, and Bishop's volume-comparision theorem. Clear, concise writing as well as many exercises and examples make this classic an excellent text for a first-year graduate course on differential geometry.

Geometry Rigidity And Group Actions

Author : Robert J Zimmer
ISBN : 9780226237893
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 78. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The study of group actions is more than a hundred years old but remains to this day a vibrant and widely studied topic in a variety of mathematic fields. A central development in the last fifty years is the phenomenon of rigidity, whereby one can classify actions of certain groups, such as lattices in semi-simple Lie groups. This provides a way to classify all possible symmetries of important spaces and all spaces admitting given symmetries. Paradigmatic results can be found in the seminal work of George Mostow, Gergory Margulis, and Robert J. Zimmer, among others. The papers in Geometry, Rigidity, and Group Actions explore the role of group actions and rigidity in several areas of mathematics, including ergodic theory, dynamics, geometry, topology, and the algebraic properties of representation varieties. In some cases, the dynamics of the possible group actions are the principal focus of inquiry. In other cases, the dynamics of group actions are a tool for proving theorems about algebra, geometry, or topology. This volume contains surveys of some of the main directions in the field, as well as research articles on topics of current interest.

Differential Geometry And Integrable Systems

Author : Martin A. Guest
ISBN : 9780821829387
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 69. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ideas and techniques from the theory of integrable systems are playing an increasingly important role in geometry. Thanks to the development of tools from Lie theory, algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, and topology, classical problems are investigated more systematically. New problems are also arising in mathematical physics. A major international conference was held at the University of Tokyo in July 2000. It brought together scientists in all of the areas influenced by integrable systems. This book is the first of three collections of expository and research articles. This volume focuses on differential geometry. It is remarkable that many classical objects in surface theory and submanifold theory are described as integrable systems. Having such a description generally reveals previously unnoticed symmetries and can lead to surprisingly explicit solutions.Surfaces of constant curvature in Euclidean space, harmonic maps from surfaces to symmetric spaces, and analogous structures on higher-dimensional manifolds are some of the examples that have broadened the horizons of differential geometry, bringing a rich supply of concrete examples into the theory of integrable systems. Many of the articles in this volume are written by prominent researchers and will serve as introductions to the topics. It is intended for graduate students and researchers interested in integrable systems and their relations to differential geometry, topology, algebraic geometry, and physics. The second volume from this conference, also available from the 'AMS', is ""Integrable Systems, Topology, and Physics, Volume 309"" in the ""Contemporary Mathematics"" series. The forthcoming third volume will be published by the Mathematical Society of Japan and will be available outside of Japan from the 'AMS' in the ""Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics"" series.

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