shipsheds of the ancient mediterranean

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Shipsheds Of The Ancient Mediterranean

Author : David Blackman
ISBN : 9781107001336
Genre : History
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This is the first detailed and comprehensive study of the shipshed complexes which housed the great navies of the Greco-Roman world, including Athens and Carthage. These complexes represented some of the largest and most expensive building projects of antiquity, and the volume provides a comprehensive survey of the archaeological and literary evidence. It explains how the buildings were carefully designed to keep warships dry and out of reach of shipworm, whilst enabling them to be launched quickly, easily and safely when required. It also serves as a handbook for archaeologists who may excavate such buildings, which are often difficult to identify and interpret. The analytical chapters are complemented by a full and detailed catalogue of known sheds, with plans for all the major sites specially drawn for easy comparison. The book thus provides an indispensable guide for all those interested in these buildings and in the maritime infrastructure of the ancient world.

Gro Bootshaus Zentrum Und Herrschaft

Author : Oliver Grimm
ISBN : 9783110202847
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 42 MB
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Boathouses, built for the protective storage of watercraft, have a centuries old tradition that is archaeologically proven. Used in great numbers in Scandinavia and the North Atlantic even today, boathouses of lengths up to 40 m were widely used between the 1st and 15th century, especially in Norway. They are great focal points in the discussion of naval history, as well as prime indicators of the centres of power along the coastline.

Fremde In Der Hellenistischen Polis Rhodos

Author : Benedikt Boyxen
ISBN : 9783110572681
Genre : History
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Migration und Mobilität können als prägende Merkmale der Epoche des Hellenismus bezeichnet werden. Die Forschung zur hellenistischen Polis hat sich in jüngerer Zeit besonders diesen Phänomenen gewidmet und den Blick auf die Formen der Vernetzungen verschiedener Poleis gerichtet. Demgegenüber wurde bislang nicht systematisch untersucht, welche sozialen Auswirkungen diese neuen Rahmenbedingungen auf die Bürgerschaft einer Polis hatten und wie sich das räumliche Neben- oder Miteinander von Bürgern und Nichtbürgern gestaltete. Rhodos bietet in dieser Hinsicht ein besonders instruktives Fallbeispiel. Begünstigt durch die Lage an den zentralen Handelsrouten gelang der Polis in dieser Zeit der Aufstieg zu einer bedeutenden See- und Handelsmacht und war gerade deshalb für zahlreiche Fremde attraktiv. Der günstige, vornehmlich epigraphische Quellenbefund erlaubt es, die soziale Stellung der Fremden hier genauer zu betrachten. Ausgehend von dem rechtlichen Status der Nichtbürger ist es das Ziel dieser Studie, verschiedene Gruppen von Nichtbürgern zu unterscheiden, die Formen der Interaktion der Fremden mit den Polisbürgern in den Blick zu nehmen und nach Möglichkeiten sozialer Mobilität zu fragen. Dabei werden detailliert die zentralen Lebensbereiche der Polisbewohner betrachtet, um konkrete Inklusions- und Exklusionsbereiche auszumachen.

Seapower States

Author : Andrew Lambert
ISBN : 9780300230048
Genre : Business & Economics
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One of the most eminent historians of our age investigates the extraordinary success of five small maritime states Andrew Lambert, author of The Challenge: Britain Against America in the Naval War of 1812--winner of the prestigious Anderson Medal--turns his attention to Athens, Carthage, Venice, the Dutch Republic, and Britain, examining how their identities as "seapowers" informed their actions and enabled them to achieve success disproportionate to their size. Lambert demonstrates how creating maritime identities made these states more dynamic, open, and inclusive than their lumbering continental rivals. Only when they forgot this aspect of their identity did these nations begin to decline. Recognizing that the United States and China are modern naval powers--rather than seapowers--is essential to understanding current affairs, as well as the long-term trends in world history. This volume is a highly original "big think" analysis of five states whose success--and eventual failure--is a subject of enduring interest, by a scholar at the top of his game.

Triumphs In The Age Of Civil War

Author : Carsten Hjort Lange
ISBN : 9781474267854
Genre : History
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Many of the wars of the Late Republic were largely civil conflicts. There was, therefore, a tension between the traditional expectation that triumphs should be celebrated for victories over foreign enemies and the need of the great commanders to give full expression to their prestige and charisma, and to legitimize their power. Triumphs in the Age of Civil War rethinks the nature and the character of the phenomenon of civil war during the Late Republic. At the same time it focuses on a key feature of the Roman socio-political order, the triumph, and argues that a commander could in practice expect to triumph after a civil war victory if it could also be represented as being over a foreign enemy, even if the principal opponent was clearly Roman. Significantly, the civil aspect of the war did not have to be denied. Carsten Hjort Lange provides the first study to consider the Roman triumph during the age of civil war, and argues that the idea of civil war as "normal" reflects the way civil war permeated the politics and society of the Late Roman Republic.

The Age Of Titans

Author : William M. Murray
ISBN : 9780199912780
Genre : History
File Size : 88. 44 MB
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While we know a great deal about naval strategies in the classical Greek and later Roman periods, our understanding of the period in between--the Hellenistic Age--has never been as complete. However, thanks to new physical evidence discovered in the past half-century and the construction of Olympias, a full-scale working model of an Athenian trieres (trireme) by the Hellenic Navy during the 1980s, we now have new insights into the evolution of naval warfare following the death of Alexander the Great. In what has been described as an ancient naval arms race, the successors of Alexander produced the largest warships of antiquity, some as long as 400 feet carrying as many as 4000 rowers and 3000 marines. Vast, impressive, and elaborate, these warships "of larger form"--as described by Livy--were built not just to simply convey power but to secure specific strategic objectives. When these particular factors disappeared, this "Macedonian" model of naval power also faded away--that is, until Cleopatra and Mark Antony made one brief, extravagant attempt to reestablish it, an endeavor Octavian put an end to once and for all at the battle of Actium. Representing the fruits of more than thirty years of research, The Age of Titans provides the most vibrant account to date of Hellenistic naval warfare.

Topographie Von Athen

Author : Walther Judeich
ISBN : 9783846070253
Genre : History
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Nachdruck des Originals von 1905.

Ricoveri Per Navi Militari Nei Porti Del Mediterraneo Antico E Medievale

Author : David J. Blackman
ISBN : 9788872285657
Genre : Social Science
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Proceedings Of The Danish Institute At Athens V

Author : Erik Hallagher
ISBN : 8772887257
Genre : History
File Size : 22. 86 MB
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Contents: Domestic Space in the Geometric Cyclades; Archaeological field work in ancient Kalydon; The Zea Habour Project 2001-06; A fresh approach to the problems of the Parthenon Frieze; The cult and political background of the Knidian Aphrodite; Sight, object, space. The notion of landscape in antiquity as a functional or an aesthetic category.

Griechische St Dteanlagen

Author : Armin von Gerkan
ISBN : 9783111502212
Genre : Art
File Size : 47. 71 MB
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