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Silent Lives How High A Price

Author : Sara L. Boesser
ISBN : 9781461626817
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is a valuable resource that combines autobiographical sources, personal interviews, and questions for reflection to explore issues relevant to everyone's sexual orientation and gender status, be they heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or intersexual. Its readily accessible format assists individuals, study groups, civic groups, spiritual groups, or congregations create an open forum for the discussion of sexuality. It is helpful for personal journaling and sharing with relatives and friends, and is also very useful as a college text, therapy supplement, and as a catalyst for group discussions regarding gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues; gay rights; the coming-out process; and gay marriage.

The Silent Life Of Things

Author : Daniela Rogobete
ISBN : 9781443886680
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 59. 36 MB
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The ever-growing interest in the analysis of materiality has found its expression in many studies of objects and objecthood, of things and “thingness”. Combining cultural, phenomenological, semiotic, and philosophical approaches, this collection of eleven essays proposes a journey into “the silent life of things”, into those aspects of materiality that are not immediately visible and require both increased attention and a sense of intuition. It focuses on the subtle changes that materiality operates upon our subjectivity and upon our status as producers, users, possessors, negotiators and manipulators of objects, and analyses the ways in which materiality is constantly redefined by consumerism and the strategies it adopts in order to resist commodification. In the process, the collection explores different ways of deciphering what materiality, in its reliable concreteness or its “magical materialism”, tries to tell us: all the silent stories that “things” accumulate while circulating among people, societies and cultures; the narratives they weave when amassed, collected, archived or transformed into cultural commodities; the secrets they reveal when witnessing the gradual commodification of their owners – of their bodies, lives and souls. The Silent Life of Things: Representing and Reading Commodified Objecthood establishes a new paradigm for reading and interpreting commodified materiality, and its participation in the establishment of a new aesthetics of consumerism.

Silent Memories Traumatic Lives

Author : Lesa Melnyczuk
ISBN : 9781925040029
Genre : History
File Size : 64. 9 MB
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Silent Memories — Traumatic Lives is a quest for understanding, an attempt to make sense of the very emotional history of the Ukrainian post-war migrants to Western Australia. Ukrainian migrants arrived in Australia by ship between 1947 and 1951, from the Displaced Persons camps of Europe, survivors of the worst of the Soviet regime’s atrocities, including genocidal famine, and only recently released from forced unpaid labour under the German Nazi regime. The testimonies of Ukrainian famine survivors included in this book reflect the findings of similar studies carried out in Ukrainian communities throughout the world. This work adds to mounting evidence of the genocidal nature of the Ukrainian famine of 1932–1933 and the lasting effects it has had on survivors.

China S Silent Army

Author : Heriberto Araújo
ISBN : 9781846145407
Genre : History
File Size : 54. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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China's Silent Army is a revealing and gripping piece of investigative journalism into the unknown extent of China's global power, from China-based reporters Juan Pablo Cardenal and Heriberto Araújo This book stems from the remarkable, determined work of these two China-based journalists who, frustrated by the facile, pro-business commentary of so much writing on China and the evasions of Beijing's official pronouncements, took a drastic decision: to see for themselves just how rapidly China is spreading its influence around the world. Many thousands of miles and twenty-five countries later, China's Silent Army is the result: an unprecedented attempt to meet the many Chinese who, through hard work, ingenuity and ruthless business practices are rapidly moving much of the world into Beijing's orbit. From Peruvian mines to Siberian forests, from Sudanese dams to Burmese jade mines - everywhere China's 'silent army' is working to redirect enormous resources. China's Silent Army allows the reader to come face-to-face with extraordinary individuals working on China's behalf, often in truly terrible conditions, to create what amounts to a new, informal empire. Reviews: 'Powerful ... brilliant ... The book cuts to the political core' Michael Sheridan, Sunday Times 'Lively and humane ... [China's Silent Army] offers essential information for all who wish to learn how the global reach of China Inc is transforming the lives of everyone on this planet' Frank Dikötter, Literary Review 'Excellent macro-economic insights ... but ultimately the human stories are what make it so compelling ... It ought to be required reading' Prospect '[Cardenal and Araújo's] research is prodigious and the facts they unearth startling ... the Chinese should reflect on the questions the book raises. To put it mildly, there appears to be a case to answer' Evening Standard 'Engaging and sympathetic ... Fascinating and vivid' Spectator About the authors: Juan Pablo Cardenal has been reporting from and about China and the Asia-Pacific region since 2003, first, as the Shanghai correspondent for Spain's daily El Mundo and, later, in Singapore and Beijing for Spain's leading economic daily El Economista. Heriberto Araújo arrived to Beijing in early 2007 and has focused in social and economic issues related to China and Asia. He initially worked for the AFP agency, as the Spanish correspondent in Beijing, and then started his career as a freelance, working for several French (M6, France 24, RFI) and Spanish (Notimex, Capital) media. They have jointly published related articles in Foreign Policy, El País, The South China Morning Post, Radio France International (RFI) and in leading Japanese weekly Shukan Bunshun.

Things I Ve Been Silent About

Author : Azar Nafisi
ISBN : 9781409067085
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 69. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Azar Nafisi, author of the international bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran, now gives us a stunning personal story of growing up in Iran, memories of her life lived in thrall to a powerful and complex mother, against the background of a country's political revolution.A girl's pain over family secrets; a young woman's discovery of the power of sensuality in literature; the price a family pays for freedom in a country beset by political upheaval - these and other threads are woven together in this beautiful memoir. Nafisi's intelligent and complicated mother, disappointed in her dreams of leading an important and romantic life, created mesmerising fictions about herself, her family, and her past.But her daughter soon learned that these narratives of triumph hid as much as they revealed.Nafisi's father escaped into narratives of another kind, enchanting his children with classic tales like the Shahnameh, the Persian Book of Kings.When her father began to see other women, young Azar began to keep his secrets from her mother.Nafisi's complicity in these childhood dramas ultimately led her to resist remaining silent about other personal - as well as political, cultural, and social - injustices. Reaching back in time to reflect on other generations in the Nafisi family, Things I've Been Silent About is also a powerful historical portrait of a family that spans the many periods of change leading up to the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79.It is, finally, a deeply personal reflection on women's choices, and how Azar Nafisi found the inspiration for a different kind of life.This unforgettable portrait of a woman, a family, and a troubled homeland is a stunning book that readers will embrace, a new triumph from an author who is a modern master of the memoir.

Black Men On Race Gender And Sexuality

Author : Devon Carbado
ISBN : 9780814715529
Genre : Law
File Size : 90. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The image of the West looms large in the American imagination. Yet the history of American Jewry and particularly of American Jewish women—has been heavily weighted toward the East. Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail rectifies this omission as the first full book to trace the history and contributions of Jewish women in the American West. In many ways, the Jewish experience in the West was distinct. Given the still-forming social landscape, beginning with the 1848 Gold Rush, Jews were able to integrate more fully into local communities than they had in the East. Jewish women in the West took advantage of the unsettled nature of the region to “open new doors” for themselves in the public sphere in ways often not yet possible elsewhere in the country. Women were crucial to the survival of early communities, and made distinct contributions not only in shaping Jewish communal life but outside the Jewish community as well. Western Jewish women's level of involvement at the vanguard of social welfare and progressive reform, commerce, politics, and higher education and the professions is striking given their relatively small numbers. This engaging work—full of stories from the memoirs and records of Jewish pioneer women—illuminates the pivotal role these women played in settling America's Western frontier.

The Silent Takeover

Author : Noreena Hertz
ISBN : 9781446494639
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The way we are governed is changing; so is our economy. Government has less and less power to influence how we live our lives, while the private sector has more power than ever to control what we do and what we think. Yet the business pages of the newspapers still come as a supplement, while the activities of governments dominate the front pages and the headlines. To understand the new world in which we are living, we need to learn to challenge long-held assumptions about the nature of power in society; The Silent Takeover is an essential guide to that new understanding as we progress through the 21st century: a time in which we can no longer rely on politicians - of whatever stripe - to meet our needs; a time in which business, rather than political parties, offers the way forward; a time in which we can make more of an impact through our pockets than we have ever done through the ballot box. In the wake of an economic recession, Hertz's eye-opening book reveals much about early 21st century politics and its effects on society.

Silent Spring

Author : Rachel Carson
ISBN : 0618249060
Genre : Nature
File Size : 52. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discusses the reckless annihilation of fish and birds by the use of pesticides and warns of the possible genetic effects on humans.

Silent Assassins Of The Soul

Author : Clifford D. Tate, Sr.
ISBN : 9781623096724
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Has the secrecy of your internet porn riddled your mind with guilt? Are you ashamed of whom you have become? If you could stop, would you? Have you alienated yourself from family and friends because of shame? In “Silent Assassins of the Soul”, I, former pornography addict and now Born Again Christian, Clifford D. Tate, Sr. detail how I was enslaved by pornography and masturbation and how I met the Lord Jesus Christ and was forgiven and restored back to GOD’s original design for man. I detail for you (through Scripture) how GOD originally designed man to function sexually and tell you who and what our enemies are in this fight and battle for our mind.

Silent Terror

Author : Helena Cowan
ISBN : 9781425172077
Genre : Abused wives
File Size : 38. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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Silent Terror can help us realize with faith there is hope. One can overcome the hardships in life without drugs, alcohol, or suicide.

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