slave culture nationalist theory and the foundations of black america

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Slave Culture

Author : Sterling Stuckey
ISBN : 9780199356010
Genre : History
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Twenty-five years after its original publication, Oxford has released a new edition of Sterling Stuckey's ground-breaking study, Slave Culture. A leading cultural historian and authority on slavery, Stuckey explains how different African peoples interacted on the plantations of the South to achieve a common culture. He argues that at the time of emancipation, slaves still remained essentially African in culture, a conclusion that has had profound implications for theories of black liberation and race relations in America. Drawing evidence from the anthropology and art history of Central and West African cultural traditions and exploring the folklore of the American slave, Stuckey reveals an intrinsic Pan-African impulse that contributed to the formation of the black ethos in slavery. He presents fascinating profiles of such nineteenth-century figures as David Walker, Henry Highland Garnet, and Frederick Douglass, as well as detailed examinations into the lives and careers of W.E.B. Du Bois and Paul Robeson in this century. The second edition, which includes a Foreword by historian John Stauffer, will reintroduce Stuckey's masterpiece to a wider audience. Stukey provides a new introduction that looks at the life of the book and the impact it has had on the field of African-American scholarship, as well as how the field has changed in the 25 years since its original publication.

Slave Culture

Author : Sterling Stuckey
ISBN : 9780199931675
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An updated edition of the highly acclaimed contribution to African-American scholarship, Slave Culture considers how various African peoples interacted on the plantations of the South to achieve a common culture, tracing of the roots of black nationalist feelings in America over several centuries.

Slave Culture Nationalist Theory And The Foundations Of Black America

Author : Sterling Stuckey Professor of History Northwestern University
ISBN : 9780198021247
Genre : History
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How were blacks in American slavery formed, out of a multiplicity of African ethnic peoples, into a single people? In this major study of Afro-American culture, Sterling Stuckey, a leading thinker on black nationalism for the past twenty years, explains how different African peoples interacted during the nineteenth century to achieve a common culture. He finds that, at the time of emancipation, slaves were still overwhelmingly African in culture, a conclusion with profound implications for theories of black liberation and for the future of race relations in America. By examining anthropological evidence about Central and West African cultural traditions--Bakongo, Ibo, Dahomean, Mendi and others--and exploring the folklore of the American slave, Stuckey has arrived at an important new cross-cultural analysis of the Pan-African impulse among slaves that contributed to the formation of a black ethos. He establishes, for example, the centrality of an ancient African ritual--the Ring Shout or Circle Dance--to the black American religious and artistic experience. Black nationalist theories, the author points out, are those most in tune with the implication of an African presence in America during and since slavery. Casting a fresh new light on these ideas, Stuckey provides us with fascinating profiles of such nineteenth century figures as David Walker, Henry Highland Garnet, and Frederick Douglas. He then considers in detail the lives and careers of W. E. B. Dubois and Paul Robeson in this century, describing their ambition that blacks in American society, while struggling to end racism, take on roles that truly reflected their African heritage. These concepts of black liberation, Stuckey suggests, are far more relevant to the intrinsic values of black people than integrationist thought on race relations. But in a final revelation he concludes that, with the exception of Paul Robeson, the ironic tendency of black nationalists has been to underestimate the depths of African culture in black Americans and the sophistication of the slave community they arose from.

Going Through The Storm

Author : Sterling Stuckey
ISBN : 9780195086041
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 58. 69 MB
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(Not enough room in Review field) "In this marvelous collection of essays by one of the gifted American historians of our time Sterling Stuckey brings together his ripe knowledge of the rich interplay of history, anthropology, folklore, musicology, and literature in our understanding of the African American experience. Stuckey is relentless in his pursuit of the African connection and of the central importance of Afrcian American culture in American life andhistory. Going through the Storm is one of those books that will have to be taken seriosly by students of American culture for years to come."--Otey M. Scruggs, Syracuse University "Going through the Storm is a work of intellectual breadth and compelling insight....SterlingStuckey, with remarkable brilliance and insight, cuts through the centuries of obfuscation to rescue intact the black aesthetic which informs the common culture of black and white America in significant ways. Going Through the Storm renders all apologies for African art in any of its forms, obsolete, and all questions of its pervasiveness superfluous. The history of the African American aesthetic has finally been placed in its proper perspective as a significant component of Americancultural history."--C. Eric Lincoln, Duke University "Written with elegance, imagination, passion, commitment, and a profound understanding of art and history, Going through the Storm is a compelling, multi-disciplinary study of major importance. Underscoring the "revolutionary ethic atthe heart of song," Professor Stuckey demonstrates with brilliant insight and poignant sensitivity the ways in which African American culture (language, music, dance, folklore, poetry, and fiction) functions in interpreting the past, affirming Black humanity, and resisting forms of oppression. With an intimate knowledge of African artistic traditions and of the sacred and secular art forms of Negro slaves, Stuckey reconstructs the aesthetic and spiritual history of Blacks through exciting andexacting research on the achievements of artists and intellectuals such as Frederick Douglass, Sterling Brown, W.E.B. Du Bois, Paul Robeson, and Bernice Johnson Reagon."--Miriam DeCosta-Willis, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Rituals Of Resistance

Author : Jason R. Young
ISBN : 9780807137192
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 71 MB
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In Rituals of Resistance Jason R. Young explores the religious and ritual practices that linked West-Central Africa with the Lowcountry region of Georgia and South Carolina during the era of slavery. The choice of these two sites mirrors the historical trajectory of the transatlantic slave trade which, for centuries, transplanted Kongolese captives to the Lowcountry through the ports of Charleston and Savannah. Analyzing the historical exigencies of slavery and the slave trade that sent not only men and women but also cultural meanings, signs, symbols, and patterns across the Atlantic, Young argues that religion operated as a central form of resistance against slavery and the ideological underpinnings that supported it. Through a series of comparative chapters on Christianity, ritual medicine, burial practices, and transmigration, Young details the manner in which Kongolese people, along with their contemporaries and their progeny who were enslaved in the Americas, utilized religious practices to resist the savagery of the slave trade and slavery itself. When slaves acted outside accepted parameters -- in transmigration, spirit possession, ritual internment, and conjure -- Young explains, they attacked not only the condition of being a slave, but also the systems of modernity and scientific rationalism that supported slavery. In effect, he argues, slave spirituality played a crucial role in the resocialization of the slave body and behavior away from the oppressions and brutalities of the master class. Young's work expands traditional scholarship on slavery to include both the extensive work done by African historians and current interdisciplinary debates in cultural studies, anthropology, and literature. Drawing on a wide range of primary sources from both American and African archives, including slave autobiography, folktales, and material culture, Rituals of Resistance offers readers a nuanced understanding of the cultural and religious connections that linked blacks in Africa with their enslaved contemporaries in the Americas. Moreover, Young's groundbreaking work gestures toward broader themes and connections, using the case of the Kongo and the Lowcountry to articulate the development of a much larger African Atlantic space that connected peoples, cultures, languages, and lives on and across the ocean's waters.

Black Identity And Black Protest In The Antebellum North

Author : Patrick Rael
ISBN : 0807875031
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48. 33 MB
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Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Martin Delany--these figures stand out in the annals of black protest for their vital antislavery efforts. But what of the rest of their generation, the thousands of other free blacks in the North? Patrick Rael explores the tradition of protest and sense of racial identity forged by both famous and lesser-known black leaders in antebellum America and illuminates the ideas that united these activists across a wide array of divisions. In so doing, he reveals the roots of the arguments that still resound in the struggle for justice today. Mining sources that include newspapers and pamphlets of the black national press, speeches and sermons, slave narratives and personal memoirs, Rael recovers the voices of an extraordinary range of black leaders in the first half of the nineteenth century. He traces how these activists constructed a black American identity through their participation in the discourse of the public sphere and how this identity in turn informed their critiques of a nation predicated on freedom but devoted to white supremacy. His analysis explains how their place in the industrializing, urbanizing antebellum North offered black leaders a unique opportunity to smooth over class and other tensions among themselves and successfully galvanize the race against slavery.

Black Culture And Black Consciousness

Author : the late Lawrence W. Levine
ISBN : 9780199763474
Genre : History
File Size : 58. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Black Culture and Black Consciousness first appeared thirty years ago, it marked a revolution in our understanding of African American history. Contrary to prevailing ideas at the time, which held that African culture disappeared quickly under slavery and that black Americans had little group pride, history, or cohesiveness, Levine uncovered a cultural treasure trove, illuminating a rich and complex African American oral tradition, including songs, proverbs, jokes, folktales, and long narrative poems called toasts--work that dated from before and after emancipation. The fact that these ideas and sources seem so commonplace now is in large part due this book and the scholarship that followed in its wake. A landmark work that was part of the "cultural turn" in American history, Black Culture and Black Consciousness profoundly influenced an entire generation of historians and continues to be read and taught. For this anniversary reissue, Levine wrote a new preface reflecting on the writing of the book and its place within intellectual trends in African American and American cultural history.

To Awaken My Afflicted Brethren

Author : Peter P. Hinks
ISBN : 0271042745
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Martin R Delany

Author : Martin Robison Delany
ISBN : 080785431X
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 87. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the first comprehensive collection of writings by Martin Delany, one of the nineteenth century's most influential African American leaders. Levine presents nearly 100 documents, two-thirds of which have not been reprinted since their initial publications.

Fighting For Us

Author : Scot Brown
ISBN : 9780814798775
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is the story of the influential black nationalist organization--the Us Organization--and its leader Maulana Karenga, the man who invented Kwanza.

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