sleep monsters and superheroes empowering children through creative dreamplay empowering children through creative dreamplay

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Sleep Monsters And Superheroes Empowering Children Through Creative Dreamplay

Author : Clare R. Johnson
ISBN : 9781440842672
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 46. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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World-renowned contributors across several disciplines reveal how dreams can aid and empower children in daily life. • Addresses how video games and today's news media can affect children's sleep/dreams and how trauma can trigger PTSD-like nightmares • Details how children's dreams reflect their emotional and physical development • Includes vignettes/case studies of children's nightmares from countries around the world, including a heavily war-torn country • Explains what may trigger nightmares for children and how "monster" dreams can be guided to become "superhero" dreams • Describes how children can interact with dreams by becoming lucid and by engaging in creative dreamplay

Dream Therapy

Author : Clare Johnson
ISBN : 9781409169468
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 27. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How to dream your way to health and happiness. Dreams can have a powerful effect on our waking life - we've all woken happy and refreshed from a particularly pleasing dream, or scared and sad because of a vivid nightmare. In this practical how-to guide, Dr Clare Johnson shows how we can learn from and guide our dreams in order to lead healthier, happier, more mindful and fulfilling lives. She takes us step-by step through understanding the language of dreams, waking up in our dreams, and finally transforming our dreams to improve our waking life. Each chapter is packed with helpful tips, cutting-edge scientific findings, and fascinating examples of how people have used their dreams to improve their lives and increase mindfulness. This includes a woman who quit smoking after seeing a 'black lung x-ray' in a dream; a young offender who changed his ways after he dreamed of feeling safe and loved; and a woman who confronted her fear of death in a lucid dream and overcame it.

Building Continuing Bonds For Grieving And Bereaved Children

Author : Brenda Mallon
ISBN : 9781784504656
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 62. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The period following the death of a friend or loved one can be tumultuous for anyone, but can be especially difficult for children, with lasting effects if the loss is not acknowledged or supported. This book emphasises the importance of listening to children and helping them to create positive bonds that can sustain them as they go through their lives. It provides practical, creative approaches to support children in their time of bereavement and to those whose loved one is dying. By recognising feelings of pain, anger, and confusion through open and positive discussions, a child is able to build emotional resilience and create enduring memories of the person they have lost. The author explains the importance of developing continuing bonds between children and loved ones in times of bereavement and offers practical ways in which these bonds may be nurtured through creative activities, memory making, and personal storytelling.

Llewellyn S Complete Book Of Lucid Dreaming

Author : Clare R. Johnson
ISBN : 9780738752211
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 66. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Wake Up in Your Dreams and Live a Happier, More Lucid Life A lucid dream is a dream in which you become aware that you’re dreaming. It’s a powerful opportunity to solve problems, create new possibilities, take charge of your own healing, and explore the depths of reality. This book provides a range of practical techniques and activities to help you bring the creativity and super-conscious awareness of lucid dreaming into your life. Join international expert Clare R. Johnson as she shares the most up-to-date lucid dreaming techniques on how to get and stay lucid, guide dreams, resolve nightmares, deepen creativity, and integrate dream wisdom into everyday life. Drawing on cutting-edge science and psychology, this book is packed with inspiring stories of life-changing lucid dreams and fascinating insights into topics such as the ethics of dream sex, how to interact with lucid dream figures, and the nature of consciousness. Whether you’re a person who barely remembers your dreams or a lifelong lucid dreamer, this in-depth guide is the perfect next step as you cultivate the power of lucid dreaming. Praise: “Dr. Clare Johnson has energetically led the way in revealing the limitless practical and spiritual potential of lucid dreaming, so far-reaching it can change the world. Her clearly-written book is destined to become essential reading for all those interested in lucid dreaming. It points out the essential phenomena of lucid dreaming, and then amazes us by opening its extraordinary major vistas to us, that reveal the true glory and limitless potential of our inner universe. This is a significant book.”—Dr. Keith Hearne, the scientist who provided the world’s first proof of lucid dreaming in 1975, and inventor of the world’s first Dream Machine “Dr. Clare Johnson’s lucid dreaming guide stretches further and digs deeper than anything I have read. Her book is comprehensive, authoritative, and reader-friendly. A lucid dreamer herself, Dr. Johnson provides ways in which dreamers can use lucid dreaming for self-development, for enhancing creativity, for treating nightmares, and for healing themselves and their loved ones.”—Stanley Krippner, PhD, professor of psychology at Saybrook University and co-editor of Working with Dreams and PTSD Nightmares “A gift for lucid dreamers and would-be lucid dreamers everywhere, Dr. Johnson has written a powerful how-to resource book that is also inspirational. Highly recommended!”—Patricia Garfield, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Creative Dreaming “What a splendid book! Whether you are new to lucid dreaming or have been working with dreams and writing about them for over thirty years, as I have, you will find a rich source of fascinating information here. I felt I was being carried along by an expert storyteller because the book is so easy to read, though it deals with complex aspects of lucid dreaming—neuroscience, dream mentors, creativity, spirituality, telepathy and so much more.”—Brenda Mallon, psychotherapist and author of Dreams, Counselling, and Healing “What particularly caught my eye as a sleep medicine doctor is how lucid dreaming can benefit nightmares and various other sleep disturbances, including the parasomnias . . . Dr. Johnson has clearly established herself to be the ultimate guide to lucid dreaming. This is a magnificent book!”—Carlos H. Schenck, MD, sleep disorders expert and author of Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems, and the Solutions “Dr. Clare Johnson’s book is thorough, covers the current research, includes deep, mature understanding of human psyches, and is so artfully written that it opens closed minds with the utmost logic and grace . . . I applaud Dr. Johnson’s depth of experience with lucidity and her extraordinary ability to place a vast spectrum of experiences in the context of a well-lived life.”—Dr. Gayle Delaney, founding president of IASD and author of All About Dreams “Dr. Clare Johnson has given us one of the most intelligent and useful books about lucid dreaming that I know. Founded on her own lifelong practice, with the armature of wide-ranging research, it is packed with practical exercises that will help you to wake up and dream.”—Robert Moss, bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreaming, and Dreaming the Soul Back Home “In this book, Dr. Clare Johnson describes how to initiate lucid dreams and how to prolong and control them. She addresses everything from how to interact with dream characters to enhancing creativity with lucid trance states to how to talk to your children about lucidity. Johnson also addresses specialized topics . . . Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming is filled with spot-on advice.”—Deirdre Barrett, PhD, Harvard psychologist and author of The Committee of Sleep “An unprecedented accomplishment [by] a master lucid dreamer . . . This work provides a broad review of the history of lucid dreaming, a summary of the leading-edge research in the area, and—most importantly—an eminently useful, user-friendly manual for readers willing to experiment with lucid dream induction and stabilization strategies.”—Scott Sparrow, EdD, psychotherapist and author of Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light “The book you are holding in your hand is quite extraordinary . . . It opens the way to profound development and greater emotional, intellectual, and spiritual maturity. Dr. Clare Johnson’s book is a wonderful, intelligent summation of much that is currently known and understood about lucid dreaming, as well as offering some keen observations about its possible future evolution. I believe it belongs on the bookshelves of all serious dreamers and dream workers!”—Rev. Jeremy Taylor, co-founder and past president of the IASD and author of Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill "Dr. Clare Johnson takes us on a tour through the fascinating and sometimes strange world of lucid dreaming. The book is a treasure trove of suggestions for inducing and enhancing lucid dreams, replete with many first-person reports and generously seasoned with results from scientific research and the history of lucid dreaming. Dr. Clare Johnson is uniquely qualified to take us on this tour, drawing from her academic research on lucid dreams, her experience as a writer of fiction, and her own experience as a lucid dreamer. This book comes as close to being a comprehensive overview of the field as one can imagine. Overall, this is an impressively creative and thoroughly charming discussion of lucidity, both in sleep and in wakefulness. It's an inspiring read—and also a fun one."—Dr. Jennifer Windt, lecturer in philosophy and author of Dreaming


Author : Andreas Okopenko
ISBN : UOM:39015046878610
Genre : Dream interpretation
File Size : 40. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 193
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Sthetik Des Comic

Author : Michael Hein
ISBN : STANFORD:36105029750044
Genre : Comic books, strips, etc
File Size : 30. 65 MB
Format : PDF
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Twilight Hunter

Author : Kait Ballenger
ISBN : 9783956493478
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41. 57 MB
Format : PDF
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Übersinnliche Jäger, die das Böse verfolgen und dabei ihr Schicksal finden: Spektakulärer Auftakt der Execution-Underground-Serie von Kait Ballenger! Ein Werwolf tötet auf bestialische Weise unschuldige Frauen: Jace McCannon von der Execution Underground will ihn finden und zur Strecke bringen! Die Jagd führt ihn in die dunklen Straßen von Rochester, wo er einen Werwolf stellt - der sich Sekunden später in eine aufregend schöne Frau mit goldenen Augen verwandelt: Frankie Amato, Anführerin des Lykanerrudels und damit seine Todfeindin. Nackt und wehrlos steht sie vor ihm, und obwohl Jace sich selbst dafür verachtet, erwacht sein eigenes Wolfsblut, das er lange verdrängt hat: Es will diese Frau. Doch ausgerechnet die unbezähmbare Leidenschaft zwischen ihnen lenkt die Bestie in ihre Richtung. Denn das Böse ist mehr mit Jace verbunden, als er jemals ahnen konnte.

Aretha Franklin

Author : Mark Bego
ISBN : 9783841901507
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Aus ihrem Privatleben hat die 20-fache Grammy-Gewinnerin Aretha Franklin immer ein Geheimnis gemacht. Bestsellerautor Mark Bego gelingt es trotzdem, ein ebenso faszinierendes wie privates Porträt der Queen of Soul zu zeichnen. Das Buch handelt von ihren musikalischen Erfolgen, den Männern ihres Lebens, dem lebenlangen Kampf gegen Esssucht und Übergewicht, ihrer Flugangst und ihren Fehden mit anderen Stars. Sämtliche Originialalben werden detailliert und kenntnisreich beschrieben und die Musik in den Kontext der jeweiligen Zeit gesetzt. Ein Buch, das jeden Musik- und Soulfan begeistern wird.

Biotechnologie In Cartoons

Author : Reinhard Renneberg
ISBN : 9783827421784
Genre : Nature
File Size : 37. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Märchenhaft und bildend zugleich: Das weltweit allererste Biotechnologie-Buch im lustigen lockeren Cartoon-Stil! Die Story: Eine Sternschnuppe fällt auf die Erde in das Königreich Makronesien. Als König Richard VIII. den Sternenstaub unter dem Super-Mikroskop untersucht, entdeckt er ein nanoskopisch kleines intelligentes Wesen in einem Mikro-Raumschiff ... Professor Nanoroo ist vom Planeten Nano zur Erde gekommen, um die menschliche Biotechnologie zu verstehen. Neugierig kommuniziert er mit den Menschen, fragt allen ein Loch in den Bauch. Nanoroo begegnet brotbackenden und bierbrauenden Hefen; krank- und gesundmachenden Bakterien; Pilzen, die Medikamente gegen Bakterien produzieren. Er erlebt viele Abenteuer, unter anderem rettet er des Königs Bruder vor dem Herzinfarkt, misst den Zuckerspiegel Richards und die Fitness von Rennpferden, sieht Pflanzen bei der Raupenabwehr und kostet vitaminreichen Goldenen Reis. Die wissenschaftlichen Hintergründe der Cartoons werden jeweils sachlich kurz in Boxen erklärt. Wenn Nanoroo am glücklichen Ende von der Erde abfliegt mit dem Versprechen wiederzukommen, haben junge und alte Cartoon-Fans bereits stillvergnügt und spielend die Grundlagen der Biotechnologie begriffen.

Out Of Body

Author : William Buhlman
ISBN : 3453701631
Genre :
File Size : 63. 77 MB
Format : PDF
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