social science and historical perspectives

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Social Science And Historical Perspectives

Author : Jack David Eller
ISBN : 9781317198253
Genre : Social Science
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This accessible book introduces the story of ‘social science’, with coverage of history, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and geography. Key questions include: How and why did the social sciences originate and differentiate? How are they related to older traditions that have defined Western civilization? What is the unique perspective or ‘way of knowing’ of each social science? What are the challenges—and alternatives—to the social sciences as they stand in the twenty-first century? Eller explains the origin, evolution, methods, and the main figures, literature, concepts, and theories in each discipline. The chapters also feature a range of contemporary examples, with consideration given to how the disciplines address present-day issues.

Historical Perspectives On Erkl Ren And Verstehen

Author : Uljana Feest
ISBN : 9048135400
Genre : Science
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twentieth-century literature about the distinction between explanation and und- standing)? Second, can we do justice to a particular writer’s notion of that category by taking at face value what he writes about his own motivation for adopting it? In response to both types of questions, there is by now a consensus amongst many historians of science and of philosophy that (a) intellectual history – like other kinds of history – has to be careful not to uncritically adopt actors’ categories, and (b) more generally, even the actors’ own thinking about a particular issue has to be contextualized vis-à-vis their other intellectual commitments and interests, as well as the complex conditions that make the totality of their commitments possible. Such conditions include cognitive as well as practical, institutional, and cultural factors. The articles in this volume respond to these challenges in several ways. For example, one author (Christopher Pincock) seeks to read some of the nineteen- century philosophical writings about Erklären and Verstehen as standing for a more fundamental problem, which he terms the problem of the “unity of experience”.

Moral Panics Social Fears And The Media

Author : Siân Nicholas
ISBN : 9781136731617
Genre : Social Science
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The media have always played a central role in organising the way ideas flow through societies. But what happens when those ideas are disruptive to normal social relations? Bringing together work by scholars in history, media and cultural studies and sociology, this collection explores this role in more depth and with more attention paid to the complexities behind conventional analyses. Attention is paid to morality and regulation; empire and film; the role of women; authoritarianism; wartime and fears of treachery; and fears of cultural contamination. The book begins with essays that contextualise the theoretical and historiographical issues of the relationship between social fears, moral panics and the media. The second section provides case studies which illustrate the ways in which the media has participated in, or been seen as the source of, the creation of threats to society. Finally, the third section then shows how historical research calls into question simple assumptions about the relationship between the media and social disruption.

Scientific Controversies

Author : Peter Machamer
ISBN : 0195353161
Genre : Science
File Size : 44. 83 MB
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Traditionally it has been thought that scientific controversies can always be resolved on the basis of empirical data. Recently, however, social constructionists have claimed that the outcome of scientific debates is strongly influenced by non-evidential factors such as the rhetorical prowess and professional clout of the participants. This volume of previously unpublished essays by well-known philosophers of science presents historical studies and philosophical analyses that undermine the plausibility of an extreme social constructionist perspective while also indicating the need for a richer and more realistic account of scientific rationality.

Historical Perspectives On Social Identities

Author : Alyson Brown
ISBN : 184718894X
Genre : History
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This collection of work on the theme of identities was the result of a conference held in the spring of 2005 at Edge Hill under the auspices of The Centre for Liverpool and Merseyside Studies. Whilst a significant proportion of the research focused on Liverpool and the North West, the theme of identities was sufficiently broad to entice scholars from diverse and varied fields. This collection, therefore, reflects the range of work presented and discussed at the conference and the multi-layered and multi-facetted nature of identity. Contributors to this edited collection examined the concept of identity in Britain through a range of historical perspectives, concerning themselves primarily with the later modern period. They reflect the extent to which nineteenth and twentieth century British social, cultural and political change has given rise to pluralist, fragmented and fractured identities and highlight the extent to which class, gender, religious and institutional frameworks have shifted continually. This publication will therefore be of interest to those working in diverse fields but who share an interest in the importance of identity as a decisive cultural, social, economic and political determinant. Questions of identity have centred a good deal of debate in the social sciences, especially since the reception of Foucault's work in the English-speaking world in the last couple of decades. This has often taken a theoretical form. Attempts to link theory with analytical practice have been strongest in the field that might be characterised as the 'politics of identity'. At any rate this has provided an important instance of theoretical and practical conflict. Herethe focus of the debate has been around questions of gender, nation, language, economy, security and race. It has tried toto clarify crucial divisions in the analysis of identity as between explanatory and constitutive models, and between positivist and post-positivist procedures. For the most part these intense and extensive concerns have passed by largely unnoticed among historians practising in Britain in the well-found but conventional idioms of political and social history. What this conference volume seeks to do is to help redress thedeficit, to domesticate some of the theoretical and polemical exchanges around 'identity' into a world of practical,yet conceptually aware historical work. This is a difficult but surely worthwhile task: to broach various imaginaries of identity, issues of identitarian politics, and questions of identity formation on a series of relatively familiar historical contexts. Of course, no selection of subjects for practical research in this way can be exhaustive. The group of essays offered here is sufficiently wide, and occasionally gratifyingly unexpected, at least to begin the job, to stimulate others and, most importantly, to interject theoretical concern into historial fields sometimes lacking it. Ten essays are included, together with the editor's introduction. The pieces are bound together by a common strategy not a shared empirical territory. They range from studies of gendered identity formation, to regional identities formed around seaside resorts, to empirical questions of class and capitalism and their identitarian politics, to historical analysis of mourning, and on to language, nationality, deafness, motherhood and their inflection in identity in past time. This well-edited combination of shared conceptual purpose and variety of empirical form seems to me to work well. The book will be widely used in a variety of historical fields, not least in those which have been the most resistant to recenttheoretical innovations in the social sciences. Keith Nield Editor SOCIAL HISTORY 'This is a fascinating and wide-ranging collection of essays linked by the over-riding theme of identity. While primarily historical in their focus, the essays will be of interest to more than just historians. They raise a variety of interesting conceptual and theoretical issues, from, for instance, the significance of the staymaker in the formation of eighteenth-century female identity, to the relationship between regional identity and late-nineteenth and early twentieth century Lancashire seaside resorts.' Sam Davies, Professor of History, School of Social Science, Liverpool John Moores University

Medicine And Medical Policies In India

Author : Poonam Bala
ISBN : 0739113224
Genre : History
File Size : 20. 74 MB
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Poonam Bala tenaciously follows the developmental trajectory of medical pluralism in India with a keen eye to the dynamic social production of health and healing systems as social systems, practices, and technologies of power.

The Natural Sciences And The Social Sciences

Author : Robert S. Cohen
ISBN : 9789401733915
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 87 MB
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Natural Sciences and the Social Sciences contains a series of explorations of the different ways in which the social sciences have interacted with the natural sciences. Usually, such interactions are considered to go only `one way': from the natural to the social sciences. But there are several important essays in this volume which show how developments in the social sciences have affected the natural sciences - even the `hard' science of physics. Other essays deal with various types of interaction since the Scientific Revolution. In his general introductory chapter, Cohen sets some general themes concerning analogies and homologies and the use of metaphors, drawing specific examples from the use of concepts of physics by marginalist economists and of developments in the life sciences by organismic sociologists. The remaining chapters, which explore the different ways in which the social sciences and the natural sciences have actually interacted, are written by leaders in the field of history of science, drawn from a wide range of countries and disciplines. The book will be of great interest to all historians of science, philosophers interested in questions of methodology, economists and sociologists, and all social scientists concerned with the history of their subject and its foundations.

European Nations And Nationalism

Author : Louk Hagendoorn
ISBN : 9781351938471
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48. 9 MB
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This rich source book informs its reader in a comparative perspective about the political and social-economic past and present of fifteen Western, Central and Eastern European countries. This includes the economic and social aspects of the development of the nation state, descriptions of the current political structures and institutions, an account of the types of ethnic composition of the populations, definitions of citizenship and a background to the existing political parties and preferences. The countries involved are: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, France, Spain and Italy. The authors are scholars in the fields of nationalism and ethnic conflict and they were invited to write their country chapters along the lines of a common format, paying special attention to the notion of state and nation building processes, citizenship definitions and minority issues. This book is a comprehensive reference guide for students and scholars in the fields of social sciences, European studies, history and other related disciplines and generally to those who are interested in the past and present of any one of the large number of countries described.

Science And Technology From Global And Historical Perspectives

Author : Bahattin Karagözoğlu
ISBN : 9783319528908
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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This book provides science and technology ethos to a literate person. It starts with a rather detailed treatment of basic concepts in human values, educational status and domains of education, development of science and technology and their contributions to the welfare of society. It describes ways and means of scientific progresses and technological advancements with their historical perspectives including scientific viewpoints of contributing scientists and technologists. The technical, social, and cultural dimensions are surveyed in relation to acquisition and application of science, and advantages and hindrances of technological developments. Science and Technology is currently taught as a college course in many universities with the intention to introduce topics from a global historical perspective so that the reader shall stretch his/her vision by mapping the past to the future. The book can also serve as a primary reference for such courses.

The Language Of Newspapers

Author : Martin Conboy
ISBN : 9781441126061
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 26. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book charts the connections between the language of journalism in England and its social impact on audiences and social and political debates from the first emergence of periodical publications in the seventeeth century to the present day. It extends work done on the language of the media to include an historical perspective, adding to wider contemporary debates about the social impact of the media. It draws upon the field of historical pragmatics, while retaining a concentration on the development of a particular form of media language, the newspaper, and its role in refracting and contributing to social developments. Dialogue is created between sociolinguistics and journalism studies. It is ideally suited to advanced students in these areas and in linguistics and media studies in general.

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