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Sociological Ambivalence And Other Essays

Author : Robert King Merton
ISBN : 9780029211205
Genre : Social Science
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Robert K Merton Contemp

Author : Robert King Merton
ISBN : 141283340X
Genre : Social Science
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This volume offers scholars of sociology and allied areas the fruits of an international conference on the contributions of the eminent Robert K. Merton. The assessment, as good in content as well as in participants, took place in Amalfi. Italy, with the participation of Merton himself and under the auspices of the Italian Sociology Association.

On Social Structure And Science

Author : Robert K. Merton
ISBN : 0226520714
Genre : Science
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Robert K. Merton is unarguably one of the most influential sociologists of his time. A figure whose wide-ranging theoretical and methodological contributions have become fundamental to the field, Merton is best known for introducing such concepts and procedures as unanticipated consequences, self-fulfilling prophecies, focused group interviews, middle-range theory, opportunity structure, and analytic paradigms. This definitive compilation encompasses the breadth and brilliance of his works, from the earliest to the most recent. Merton's foundational writings on social structure and process, on the sociology of science and knowledge, and on the discipline and trajectory of sociology itself are all powerfully represented, as are his autobiographical insights in a fascinating coda. Anchored by Piotr Sztompka's contextualizing introduction, Merton's vast oeuvre emerges as a dynamic and profoundly coherent system of thought, a constant source of vitality and renewal for present and future sociology.

Sociological Theory Values And Sociocultural Change

Author : Edward A. Tiryakian
ISBN : 9781412851503
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65. 96 MB
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"Originally published in 1963 by The Free Press of Glencoe."

Creating A Dialectical Social Science

Author : I.I. Mitroff
ISBN : 9789400984691
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 28. 31 MB
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The depth, intensity, and long-standing nature of the disagreements between differing schools of social thought renders more critical than ever the treatment of dialectical reasoning and its relationship to the social sciences. The nature of these disagreements are deeply rooted in fundamentally differing beliefs regarding, among many things: (1) the nature of man, (2) the role of theory versus data in constructing social theories, (3) the place and function of values versus facts in inquiry, etc. It has become more and more apparent that such fundamental differences cannot be resolved by surface appeals to rationality or to consensus. Such for it is precisely the definitions of appeals are doomed to failure 'rationality' and 'consensus' that are at odds. That is, different schools not only have different definitions of rationality and consensus but different notions regarding their place and function within a total system of inquiry. A dialectical treatment of conflicts is called for because such conflicts demand a method which is capable of recognizing first of all how deep they lie. Secondly, a method is demanded which is capable of appreciating that the various sides of the conflict fundamentally depend on one another for their very existence; they depend, in other words, on one another not 'in spite of' their opposition but precisely 'because of' it.

Family Ties And Aging

Author : Ingrid Arnet Connidis
ISBN : 9781412959575
Genre : Family & Relationships
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This advanced textbook covers issues of family ties and aging broadly, the goal being to provide an integrated and thorough representation of what we know from the current research. Whereas books on families and aging have traditionally focused on ties to a spouse and to children and grandchildren, Family Ties & Aging is more extensive and more reflective of contemporary society. The text includes groups and relationships that typically receive short shrift, exploring such neglected populations as single, divorced, and childless older people and their family relationships, as well as sibling relationships among the elderly, live-in partnerships not formalized by marriage, and the kinds of family ties forged by gay and lesbian persons over the life course. The book weaves the vast range of information we now have about the many facets of family relationships and aging into a critical, comprehensive, and integrated whole.

Social Control And Multiple Discovery In Science

Author : Susan E. Cozzens
ISBN : 0887069355
Genre : Medical
File Size : 32. 7 MB
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Recognition for accomplishment is a major institutional reward in the scientific community, thus regulating disputes over credit for discovery, can be viewed as an important problem in social control. Cozzens examines a well-known dispute one that took place with the discovery of the opiate receptor in neuropharmacological research. The issues Cozzens discusses priority disputes, social control, and norms and morals are important throughout the sciences; they are crucial factors in the lives of scientists, the functioning of scientific communities, and the day-to-day operations of scientific organizations."

Klansville U S A

Author : David Cunningham
ISBN : 9780199911080
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63. 21 MB
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In the 1960s, on the heels of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision and in the midst of the growing Civil Rights Movement, Ku Klux Klan activity boomed, reaching an intensity not seen since the 1920s, when the KKK boasted over 4 million members. Most surprisingly, the state with the largest Klan membership-more than the rest of the South combined-was North Carolina, a supposed bastion of southern-style progressivism. Klansville, U.S.A. is the first substantial history of the civil rights-era KKK's astounding rise and fall, focusing on the under-explored case of the United Klans of America (UKA) in North Carolina. Why the UKA flourished in the Tar Heel state presents a fascinating puzzle and a window into the complex appeal of the Klan as a whole. Drawing on a range of new archival sources and interviews with Klan members, including state and national leaders, the book uncovers the complex logic of KKK activity. David Cunningham demonstrates that the Klan organized most successfully where whites perceived civil rights reforms to be a significant threat to their status, where mainstream outlets for segregationist resistance were lacking, and where the policing of the Klan's activities was lax. Moreover, by connecting the Klan to the more mainstream segregationist and anti-communist groups across the South, Cunningham provides valuable insight into southern conservatism, its resistance to civil rights, and the region's subsequent dramatic shift to the Republican Party. Klansville, U.S.A. illuminates a period of Klan history that has been largely ignored, shedding new light on organized racism and on how political extremism can intersect with mainstream institutions and ideals.

Whose Keeper

Author : Alan Wolfe
ISBN : 0520074262
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 52. 60 MB
Format : PDF
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Criticizes pure economic or political approaches to social problems, and argues for the establishment of civil responsibilities

Spotlights On Contemporary Family Life Familyplatform Families In Europe Vol 2

Author : Linden Farrer
ISBN : 9781447516606
Genre :
File Size : 77. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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