some true adventures in the life of hugh glass a hunter and trapper on the missouri river 1857

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The Revenant Some Incidents In The Life Of Hugh Glass A Hunter Of The Missouri River

Author : Philip St. George Cooke
ISBN : 9781329848801
Genre : History
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American pirate, frontiersman, fur trapper, fur trader, hunter, and explorer Hugh Glass (c. 1780 - 1833) once made his way crawling and stumbling 200 miles to Fort Kiowa, in South Dakota, after being abandoned without supplies or weapons by fellow explorers and fur traders during General Ashley's expedition of 1823. 'The Revenant - Some Incidents in the Life of Hugh Glass, a Hunter of the Missouri River' by Philip St. George Cooke is the key historical document supporting the Glass story. It is backed up by two other eye-witness accounts included here - 'Hugh Glass and the Grizzly Bear' by Rufus B. Sage (From 'Rocky Mountain life; or, Startling scenes and perilous adventures in the far West, during an expedition of three years' by Rufus B. Sage, published in 1857) and 'Glass and the Bear' by George Ruxton (From 'Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains by George Ruxton, ' published in 1847).

The Saga Of Hugh Glass

Author : John Myers Myers
ISBN : 0803258348
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Before his most fabulous adventure (celebrated by John G. Neihardt in The Song of Hugh Glass and by Frederick Manfred in Lord Grizzly), Hugh Glass was captured by the buccaneer Jean Lafitte and turned pirate himself until his first chance to escape. Soon he fell prisoner to the Pawnees and lived for four years as one of them before he managed to make his way to St. Louis. Next he joined a group of trappers to open up the fur-rich, Indian-held territory of the Upper Missouri River. Then unfolds the legend of a man who survived under impossible conditions: robbed and left to die by his comrades, he struggled alone, unarmed, and almost mortally wounded through two thousand miles of wilderness.

Here Lies Hugh Glass

Author : Jon T. Coleman
ISBN : 9781429952958
Genre : History
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In the summer of 1823, a grizzly bear mauled Hugh Glass. The animal ripped the trapper up, carving huge hunks from his body. Glass's fellows rushed to his aid and slew the bear, but Glass's injuries mocked their first aid. The expedition leader arranged for his funeral: two men would stay behind to bury the corpse when it finally stopped gurgling; the rest would move on. Alone in Indian country, the caretakers quickly lost their nerve. They fled, taking Glass's gun, knife, and ammunition with them. But Glass wouldn't die. He began crawling toward Fort Kiowa, hundreds of miles to the east, and as his speed picked up, so did his ire. The bastards who took his gear and left him to rot were going to pay. Here Lies Hugh Glass springs from this legend. The acclaimed historian Jon T. Coleman delves into the accounts left by Glass's contemporaries and the mythologizers who used his story to advance their literary and filmmaking careers. A spectacle of grit in the face of overwhelming odds, Glass sold copy and tickets. But he did much more. Through him, the grievances and frustrations of hired hunters in the early American West and the natural world they traversed and explored bled into the narrative of the nation. A marginal player who nonetheless sheds light on the terrifying drama of life on the frontier, Glass endures as a consummate survivor and a complex example of American manhood. Here Lies Hugh Glass, a vivid, often humorous portrait of a young nation and its growing pains, is a Western history like no other.

Scenes And Adventures In The Army Or Romance Of Military Life By P St G Cooke

Author : Philip St. George Cooke
ISBN : MINN:319510024602445
Genre : Black Hawk War, 1832
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My Sixty Years On The Plains

Author : William Thomas Hamilton
ISBN : HARVARD:32044036509321
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The Song Of Hugh Glass

Author : John G. Neihardt
ISBN : 1438425627
Genre : Poetry
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Epic poem about fur traders in the American West

Jim Bridger The Grand Old Man Of The Rockies

Author : Grace Hebard
ISBN : 1535481161
Genre :
File Size : 40. 12 MB
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Jim Bridger, "The Grand Old Man of the Rockies" is a biography of one of the most famous frontiersman who ever lived.

Four Years In The Rockies

Author : James B. Marsh
ISBN : 1535504609
Genre :
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Isaac P. Rose (1815-1899) was a Rocky Mountain trapper and mountain man. No novel was ever written depicting more thrilling encounters with Indians or hair-breadth escapes than were experienced by Isaac Rose and his companions. These are fully recounted in a volume entitled, "Four Years in the Rockies," the authorship of which is accredited to James B. Marsh. It is a work full of interest for all readers. He was nineteen years old when he left his plough and, in company with a companion, Joe Lewis, he made his way to Pittsburg. The boys had cherished the hope of securing employment as stage drivers but, as they found no opening in that direction, they accepted berths at $15 per month as deck hands on a steamboat that was then loading for St. Louis. When they reached the latter city, Rose found employment as a hack driver in a livery stable, and Lewis a job of attending to the horses. Here the boys became acquainted with a number of "Rocky Mountain Boys," as they were called, and became fascinated with their stories of mountain life, of fights with bear and adventures in buffalo, elk and deer hunting, together with skirmishes with the Indians. Soon after this he joined a company formed by Nathaniel Wyeth, which started from Independence for the Rocky Mountains, with an outfit worth $100,000, sixty men and 200 horses and mules heavily loaded with goods. At the Gallatin River Isaac Rose and his party were joined by some trappers belonging to the American Fur Company, one of whom was Kit Carson. For years this noted trapper and Mr. Rose were closely associated in their adventurous life. Later, Mr. Rose became so expert a trapper himself that he won a prize of $300 as a trapper of beaver. In 1836 he had a thrilling experience with Indians, which almost caused the loss of his arm. The author writes: "The hunters and trappers of the far west, at the time when the incidents I am about to relate occurred, were a brave, hardy and adventurous set of men, and they had peculiarities in their characters that cannot be found in any other people. From the time they leave civilization they-metaphorically speaking-carry their lives in their hands. An enemy may be concealed in every thicket or looked for behind every rock. They have not only the wild and savage beasts to contend with, but the still more wily and savage Indian, and their life is one continual round of watchfulness and excitement. Their character is a compound of two extremes- recklessness and caution-and isolation from the world makes them at all times self-reliant. In moments of the greatest peril, or under the most trying circumstances, they never lose their presence of mind, but are ready to take advantage of any incident that may occur to benefit themselves or foil their enemies. "As, in the course of this narrative, we may have occasion to describe some of the trappers who were comrades of Mr. Rose, and who took part in many of his adventures, I wish my readers to be fully aware of the character of these men, and that their camp stories are not all idle boasting. A more hardy, fearless, improvident set of men can nowhere else be found."

Journal Of A Fur Trading Expedition On The Upper Missouri

Author : John C. Luttig
ISBN : HARVARD:32044013663505
Genre : Fur trade
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Hugh Glass

Author : James D. McLaird
ISBN : 0985290536
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The most famous grizzly-bear attack in the history of the American West took place in 1823 and left Glass struggling for life. Setting out on a journey of revenge and forgiveness, he eventually crawled 200 miles across the plains back to civilization. The story of Hugh Glass has provided fertile ground for articles, books and film, but the real man remains much of a mystery. McLaird, a historian, traces the few existing threads of Glass's life and delves into the role of popular history in making a legend. He also looks at the grizzly bear itself, examining popular sentiments towards the creature that led to its near-extinction. "Had it not been for a chance encounter with a grizzly bear along the Grand River in what is now northwestern South Dakota," says McLaird, "Hugh Glass would barely warrant a passing note in fur-trade history. That fact made researching him a challenge." "Hugh Glass: Grizzly Survivor" is the latest addition to the South Dakota Biography Series.

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