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South American Primates

Author : Paul A. Garber
ISBN : 9780387787053
Genre : Science
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This will be the first time a volume will be compiled focusing on South American monkeys as models to address and test critical issues in the study of nonhuman primates. In addition, the volume will serve an important compliment to the book on Mesoamerican primates recently published in the series under the DIPR book series. The book will be of interest to a broad range of scientists in various disciplines, ranging from primatology, to animal behavior, animal ecology, conservation biology, veterinary science, animal husbandry, anthropology, and natural resource management. Moreover, although the volume will highlight South American primates, chapters will not simply review particular taxa or topics. Rather the focus of each chapter is to examine the nature and range of primate responses to changes in their ecological and social environments, and to use data on South American monkeys to address critical theoretical questions in the study of primate behavior, ecology, and conservation. Thus, we anticipate that the volume will be widely read by a broad range of students and researchers interested in prosimians, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, apes, humans, as well as animal behavior and tropical biology.

A Conservation Strategy For Threatened Central And South American Primates

Author : International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Cambridge (GB). Conservation Monitoring Centre
ISBN : OCLC:80528711
Genre :
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Primates Of The World

Author : Jean-Jacques Petter
ISBN : 9780691156958
Genre : Nature
File Size : 28. 28 MB
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Discusses primate evolution, behavior, and classification, and provides detailed information and illustrations, arranged geographically, on every family and nearly three hundred species.

Primate Adaptation And Evolution

Author : John G. Fleagle
ISBN : 9780123786333
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 11 MB
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Primate Adaptation and Evolution, Third Edition, is a thorough revision of the text of choice for courses in primate evolution. The book retains its grounding in the extant primate groups as the best way to understand the fossil trail and the evolution of these modern forms. However, this coverage is now streamlined, making reference to the many new and excellent books on living primate ecology and adaptation - a field that has burgeoned since the first edition of Primate Adaptation and Evolution. By drawing out the key features of the extant families and referring to more detailed texts, the author sets the scene and also creates space for a thorough updating of the exciting developments in primate palaeontology - and the reconstruction through early hominid species - of our own human origins. This updated version covers recent developments in primate paleontology and the latest taxonomy, and includes over 200 new illustrations and revised evolutionary trees. This text is ideal for undergraduate and post-graduate students studying the evolution and functional ecology of primates and early fossil hominids. Long-awaited revision of the standard student text on primate evolution Full coverage of newly discovered fossils and the latest taxonomy Over 200 new illustrations and revised evolutionary trees

Report On The Colombian And Peruvian Primate Censusing Studies

Author :
ISBN : NAP:16890
Genre : Animal populations
File Size : 20. 12 MB
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Fossil Primates

Author : Susan Cachel
ISBN : 9781107005303
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 34 MB
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A unique reconstruction of the paleobiology of fossil non-human primates and their key role in inferring evolutionary processes on earth.

Evolutionary History Of The Primates

Author : Frederick S. Szalay
ISBN : 9781483289250
Genre : Nature
File Size : 53. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Evolutionary History of the Primates presents a documentation and analysis of the fossil record and evolutionary history of the primates to facilitate the understanding of the genealogy, adaptations, dispersal, and taxonomy of the order. The book consists of 13 chapters; each chapter is devoted to a specific genera or higher taxa of primates. The chapters contain available information on the morphology, relationships, and adaptations of primate groups. The book clarifies discussed points or documents interpretations, and it indicates the type of fossil material available for each taxon. The text will be valuable to many researchers and students who need a source of data and interpretations about fossil primates.

Primate Comparative Anatomy

Author : Daniel L. Gebo
ISBN : 9781421414898
Genre : Medical
File Size : 89. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Why do orangutan arms closely resemble human arms? What is the advantage to primates of having long limbs? Why do primates have forward-facing eyes? Answers to questions such as these are usually revealed by comparative studies of primate anatomy. In this heavily illustrated, up-to-date textbook, primate anatomist Daniel L. Gebo provides straightforward explanations of primate anatomy that move logically through the body plan and across species. Including only what is essential in relation to soft tissues, the book relies primarily on bony structures to explain the functions and diversity of anatomy among living primates. Ideal for college and graduate courses, Gebo’s book will also appeal to researchers in the fields of mammalogy, primatology, anthropology, and paleontology. Included in this book are discussions of: • Phylogeny• Adaptation• Body size• The wet- and dry-nosed primates• Bone biology• Musculoskeletal mechanics• Strepsirhine and haplorhine heads• Primate teeth and diets• Necks, backs, and tails• The pelvis and reproduction• Locomotion• Forelimbs and hindlimbs• Hands and feet• Grasping toes

Conservation Planning For Non Human Primates In Colombia South America

Author : Claudia I. Castillo Ayala
ISBN : OCLC:971055030
Genre : Primates
File Size : 43. 30 MB
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Primates play an important role in the maintenance and functioning of tropical ecosystems. However, habitat loss due to land use conversion threatens the persistence of primates worldwide. Colombia has a diverse fauna of primates with 12% of its terrestrial territory protected under the country's national natural park system. However, threats remain, even within protected areas, with important habitats for threatened species remaining underrepresented or unprotected. Indeed, ~53% of species and subspecies of primates are imperiled in Colombia. Here I examined conservation planning for primates in Colombia to identify conservation gaps in and prioritize new sites for protection. First, I developed environmental niche models for 39 primate taxa predicting suitable habitat for each species in Colombia. Second, I used the Zonation conservation planning software to rank conservation priorities within primary and secondary forest across Colombia. I identified thirty-seven potential conservation sites using targets of 17, 22 and 27% terrestrial protection. Irreplaceability and vulnerability ranking of these conservation sites facilitated assessments of socio-economic threats from mining and illicit crops. Conservation gaps and areas of high vulnerability were most common to the Andes region.

Horned Armadillos And Rafting Monkeys

Author : Darin A. Croft
ISBN : 9780253020949
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 28 MB
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South America is home to some of the most distinctive mammals on Earth—giant armadillos, tiny anteaters, the world’s largest rodent, and its smallest deer. But the continent once supported a variety of other equally intriguing mammals that have no close living relatives: armored mammals with tail clubs, saber-toothed marsupials, and even a swimming sloth. We know of the existence of these peculiar species thanks to South America’s rich fossil record, which provides many glimpses of prehistoric mammals and the ecosystems in which they lived. Organized as a "walk through time" and featuring species from 15 important fossil sites, this book is the most extensive and richly illustrated volume devoted exclusively to the Cenozoic mammals of South America. The text is supported by 75 life reconstructions of extinct species in their native habitats, as well as photographs of fossil specimens and the sites highlighted in the book. An annotated bibliography is included for those interested in delving into the scientific literature.

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