sparc architecture assembly language programming and c 2nd edition

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Sparc Architecture Assembly Language Programming And C

Author : Richard P. Paul
ISBN : 0138768897
Genre : Assembler language (Computer program language)
File Size : 47. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An introduction to computer architecture for the SPARC reduced instruction set architecture, this text aims to teach users how to evaluate compilers, data structures and control structures in order to write efficient programs in a high-level language.

Assembly Language And Computer Architecture Using C And Java

Author : Anthony J. Dos Reis
ISBN : 0534405274
Genre : Computers
File Size : 27. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The objective of this book is to make it possible (and even easy) for students to master both assembly language and the fundamentals of architecture in a single semester. Integrating coverage of software and hardware throughout, the book uses H1- a simple, horizontally microprogrammed computer- as a unifying theme. Like all simple models, H1 has flaws, but this book puts these flaws to good use. In particular, in addition to showing students how H1 works and what is wrong with it, the book shows students how to fix it (which they then proceed to do). Students learn best by doing, and this book supplies much to do with various examples and projects to facilitate learning. For example, students not only use assemblers and linkers, they also write their own. Students study and use instruction sets to implement their own. The result is a book that is easy to read, engaging, and substantial.

Hacking 2nd Edition

Author : Jon Erickson
ISBN : 9781593271442
File Size : 27. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An introduction to hacking describes the techniques of computer hacking, covering such topics as stack-based overflows, format string exploits, network security, cryptographic attacks, and shellcode.

Hacking The Art Of Exploitation 2nd Edition

Author : Jon Erickson
ISBN : 9781593273385
Genre : Computers
File Size : 72. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Hacking is the art of creative problem solving, whether that means finding an unconventional solution to a difficult problem or exploiting holes in sloppy programming. Many people call themselves hackers, but few have the strong technical foundation needed to really push the envelope. Rather than merely showing how to run existing exploits, author Jon Erickson explains how arcane hacking techniques actually work. To share the art and science of hacking in a way that is accessible to everyone, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition introduces the fundamentals of C programming from a hacker's perspective. The included LiveCD provides a complete Linux programming and debugging environment—all without modifying your current operating system. Use it to follow along with the book's examples as you fill gaps in your knowledge and explore hacking techniques on your own. Get your hands dirty debugging code, overflowing buffers, hijacking network communications, bypassing protections, exploiting cryptographic weaknesses, and perhaps even inventing new exploits. This book will teach you how to: – Program computers using C, assembly language, and shell scripts – Corrupt system memory to run arbitrary code using buffer overflows and format strings – Inspect processor registers and system memory with a debugger to gain a real understanding of what is happening – Outsmart common security measures like nonexecutable stacks and intrusion detection systems – Gain access to a remote server using port-binding or connect-back shellcode, and alter a server's logging behavior to hide your presence – Redirect network traffic, conceal open ports, and hijack TCP connections – Crack encrypted wireless traffic using the FMS attack, and speed up brute-force attacks using a password probability matrix Hackers are always pushing the boundaries, investigating the unknown, and evolving their art. Even if you don't already know how to program, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition will give you a complete picture of programming, machine architecture, network communications, and existing hacking techniques. Combine this knowledge with the included Linux environment, and all you need is your own creativity.

Linkers And Loaders

Author : John R. Levine
ISBN : 1558604960
Genre : Computers
File Size : 76. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whatever your programming language, whatever your platform, you probably tap into linker and loader functions all the time. But do you know how to use them to their greatest possible advantage? Only now, with the publication of Linkers & Loaders, is there an authoritative book devoted entirely to these deep-seated compile-time and run-time processes. The book begins with a detailed and comparative account of linking and loading that illustrates the differences among various compilers and operating systems. On top of this foundation, the author presents clear practical advice to help you create faster, cleaner code. You'll learn to avoid the pitfalls associated with Windows DLLs, take advantage of the space-saving, performance-improving techniques supported by many modern linkers, make the best use of the UNIX ELF library scheme, and much more. If you're serious about programming, you'll devour this unique guide to one of the field's least understood topics. Linkers & Loaders is also an ideal supplementary text for compiler and operating systems courses. *Includes a linker construction project written in Perl, with project files available for download. *Covers dynamic linking in Windows, UNIX, Linux, BeOS, and other operating systems. *Explains the Java linking model and how it figures in network applets and extensible Java code. *Helps you write more elegant and effective code, and build applications that compile, load, and run more efficiently.

Computer Organization And Assembly Language Programming

Author : James L. Peterson
ISBN : 9781483268590
Genre : Reference
File Size : 51. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming deals with lower level computer programming-machine or assembly language, and how these are used in the typical computer system. The book explains the operations of the computer at the machine language level. The text reviews basic computer operations, organization, and deals primarily with the MIX computer system. The book describes assembly language programming techniques, such as defining appropriate data structures, determining the information for input or output, and the flow of control within the program. The text explains basic I/O programming concepts, technique of interrupts, and an overlapped I/O. The text also describes the use of subroutines to reduce the number of codes that are repetitively written for the program. An assembler can translate a program from assembly language into a loader code for loading into the computer's memory for execution. A loader can be of several types such as absolute, relocatable, or a variation of the other two types. A linkage editor links various small segments into one large segment with an output format similar to an input format for easier program handling. The book also describes the use of other programming languages which can offer to the programmer the power of an assembly language by his using the syntax of a higher-level language. The book is intended as a textbook for a second course in computer programming, following the recommendations of the ACM Curriculum 68 for Course B2 "Computers and Programming.

Abstract Computing Machines

Author : Werner Kluge
ISBN : 9783540273592
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51. 98 MB
Format : PDF
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The book emphasizes the design of full-fledged, fully normalizing lambda calculus machinery, as opposed to the just weakly normalizing machines.

Computer Systems Design And Architecture 2 E

Author : Heuring
ISBN : 8177584839
Genre : Computer architecture
File Size : 52. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 182
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The Essentials Of Computer Organization And Architecture

Author : Linda Null
ISBN : 0763737690
Genre : Computers
File Size : 57. 83 MB
Format : PDF
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Computer Architecture/Software Engineering

A Retargetable C Compiler

Author : Christopher W. Fraser
ISBN : 0805316701
Genre : Computers
File Size : 74. 2 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 246
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Examining the implementation of lcc, a production-quality, research-oriented retargetable compiler, designed at AT&T Bell Laboratories for the ANSI C programming language, this book is designed for professionals who seek a detailed examination of a real-world compiler. A thorough and accurate picture of the lcc compiler is provided, and a line-by-line explanation of the code demonstrates how the compiler is built. The accompanying disk holds the full source code for the lcc compiler, the three back ends and the code-generator.

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