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Stormy Cove

Author : Bernadette Calonego
ISBN : 1503935841
Genre :
File Size : 50. 55 MB
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As a globe-trotting freelance photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lori Finning has seen just about everything. But when she lands an assignment on the barren, snow-swept island of Newfoundland, she finds herself in harsh and unfamiliar territory. During the long, dreary winters in the isolated fishing community of Stormy Cove, gossiping is the primary pastime. So Lori is surprised when she learns of a crime the locals have spent twenty years "not" talking about: the strange, unsolved murder of a teenage girl. As she delves deeper into the village s past, she ll discover dark family secrets, unexplained crimes, and an undeniable attraction to Noah, a taciturn local fisherman who just might hold all the answers."

Flying High Pacific Cove 2

Author : Stormy Glenn
ISBN : 9781682950746
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60. 85 MB
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[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn Menage ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] When Joseph and Samuel Lake spot their mate while running through the woods, they know they can't leave without him. They have been looking for him their entire lives, but convincing the gorgeous man that they want him was turning out to be a lot harder than finding him. Matthew Brooks knows he isn't the world's best catch. He's a little more plump than he'd like and has a very boring life as a paralegal. Finding two men that seem interested in him at the same time thrusts him firmly into fantasy land. When someone starts coming after Matt, getting him to Pacific Cove seems like the safest idea, but to do that, they will have to explain to the man about bear shifters and mates and all that entails...and that might cause them to lose their mate faster than an assassin's bullet. Note: This book contains double anal penetration. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Stormy Challenge

Author : Jayne Ann Krentz
ISBN : 9781426849084
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Leya Brandon didn't know what—if anything—she could believe of all Court Tremayne told her. He'd already lied about his name. And while she thought her heart wasn't at risk, she'd clearly underestimated his all-consuming desire to win her for his own. Little did she know that Court had no intention of stopping. Not until he'd left her hungering for his lean strength, shivering at his gaze and aching for the fulfillment only he could give…

Even The Land Cries

Author : Lainey May
ISBN : 9781452524931
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Set against the backdrop of Australia in the 1860s—a vast and beautiful land that protects more secrets than it gives up—the displaced peoples of two nations were thrown together in a fierce struggle to exist in an isolated, inhospitable landscape. Caught between the harsh climate, nature, and the darkest sides of man, life in the wild remoteness of south eastern, West Australia was not for the weak of heart. Inspired by historical events from Australia’s wild history in the long ago, Even the Land Cries! takes readers inside the rugged land and the strong, resilient people who sought to tame it. Jared Ryan, a bold and spirited young man of twenty, sets out to find and claim his far-flung property with his younger brother Liam at his side. Together, the brothers must call upon their raw courage to survive amidst innumerable dangers to open up farming land. Their plans are complicated by the many characters who also called this beautiful but wild land their home; heroes, heroines, and scoundrels. They’re all brought together, against a diabolical backdrop of lust, treachery, and anarchy that would change each of their lives forever. Bigotry, lies, disgrace, outrage, treason, betrayal, and forbidden love will either motivate these young souls into forces for good or for evil, which in turn will impact the land. If they can survive the many challenges this harsh new life demands of them, they just may come to love the land as their own.

44 Cranberry Point

Author : Debbie Macomber
ISBN : 9781459254855
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 96 MB
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Olivia Lockhart-Griffin Cedar Cove, Washington Dear Reader, Jack and I are just back from our honeymoon, and I'm eager to catch up with my friends Bob and Peggy Beldon, who run the Thyme and Tide bed-and-breakfast at 44 Cranberry Point. It's a popular place but (needless to say!) things haven't been the same since a man died there. Turns out his name was Max Russell, and Bob had known him briefly in Vietnam. Nobody has any idea why he showed up or—most important of all—who killed him. Because it now appears that he was poisoned. I sure hope, especially for Bob and Peggy's sake, that somebody figures it out soon! Not that they're providing the only news in Cedar Cove these days. Romance seems to be everywhere among my family and friends. I'm pleased to report that Grace Sherman has more than her share of interested men. Her daughter Maryellen is getting married to Jon Bowman. And my mother, Charlotte, seems to have a man in her life, too. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet…. There's lots of other gossip I could tell you. Join me at Peggy's place for a cup of tea and one of her fabulous blueberry muffins and we'll talk. Olivia

Inferno Pacific Cove 1

Author : Stormy Glenn
ISBN : 9781632596833
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66. 65 MB
Format : PDF
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[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn Menage ManLove Collection Erotic Alternative Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA] Danny O'Shay grew up knowing he never really fit in. His family avoids him. He falls so much that the staff at the local hospital know him by first name. And he can't get a date to save his life. Enter handsome fire fighters, Ben and Abe Lake, two men that bring every fantasy Danny ever had to life. Except Ben and Abe seeme to have some business deal with Danny's father that involves a ton of money and the assumption that Danny has a clue. He doesn't. When Ben and Abe start talking about fated mates, shifters, and a family legacy that goes back decades, Danny is pretty sure they belong in an insane asylum. But as he gets to know the handsome twins, he begins to wonder if being crazy is that bad. Being alone again seems worse. After someone starts trying to take Danny out of the picture permanently, he has to trust that Ben and Abe are trustworthy and not in on the plot to kill him, because they might be the only thing to keep his life from going up in flames. Note: This book contains double anal penetration. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Under Dark Waters

Author : Bernadette Calonego
ISBN : 1477828524
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Driven by lingering pain and grief, historian Sonya Werner leaves her home in Switzerland to travel across the world. Officially, she's tracking down the German author Else Seel, who had left Berlin in the 1920s to marry a Canadian trapper and homestead in the wild woods of British Columbia. But the real reason for her trip is much more difficult to face: three years before, her husband took off to this part of the world on one of his usual mountain-climbing adventures, and never returned. Only after the police brought her word of his death—and the mysterious circumstances in which they found him—did Sonya discover the simultaneous disappearance of her beautiful best friend, Odette, and the possibility that her husband had been lying to her all along. Now, haunted by sorrow and jealousy, Sonya sets out on a dangerous mission to discover the truth, and to try to put back together the pieces of her broken heart.

From Our Doorsteps

Author : Rick Morse
ISBN : 9780827210455
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From Our Doorsteps helps congregations see that their context of ministry is no longer within their church's four walls, but the world around. This book enables a congregation to look at ministry opportunities in their community through new lenses of understanding. By looking at the changes in culture towards congregations and with the tools to interpret their community, congregations will see new ways in which they can begin engaging others in a vital faith community. From Our Doorsteps ends with a specific format by which church leaders can develop a ministry plan, and gain its adoption by the congregation so it can succeed in a transformational process of redevelopment that makes sense for the context.


Author : Ananda Braxton-Smith
ISBN : 9781458715173
Genre :
File Size : 47. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'life doesn't just grow you up and leave you there; it keeps beating you into different shapes, like the cliffs.''the people of Carrick have been whispering behind Neen's back for most of her life; ever since her father drowned and her mother disappeared.The townspeople say her mother was a merrow who has returned to her real home in the ocean. Neen wonders if perhaps the villagers are right. But if her mother is a merrow then what does this make Neen?This pitiless summer all the talk will end in trouble.All Neen wants is the truth.

The Hermaphroditic Contortionist

Author : D. L. Mangles
ISBN : 9781524685362
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The genre of this literary work may be too easily described as an adventure novel, but it would be more accurate to categorize it as a philosophical adventure. The main character is seeking redemption for a past mistake and also trying to find a lost premise that was omitted from our Constitution. Not only do I challenge the prevailing jurisprudence of victimless crimes, but I also redefine the role of our government, as I believe our founding fathers thought it should be. For those who wish an end to our Leviathan bureaucracy, an end to political action groups or lobbyists, and an end to the search for a just tax, this is the book for you to read. The main character has been called upon to repay an old debt of honor. While he readily acquiesces, repaying this marker plunges him into his friends world of smuggling marijuana.

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