strategies for adaption to sea level rise

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Adaptation To Climate Change And Sea Level Rise

Author : Sebastian Weissenberger
ISBN : 9789401798884
Genre : Science
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The book provides a concise and interdisciplinary outlook on the impacts of climate change on coastal areas and how coastal communities adapt to them. The first chapter analyses how sea level rise, changing ocean conditions, or increased climate variability and the socio-environmental context of the coastal zone leads to vulnerable communities. The second chapter addresses adaptation strategies and tools, and gives some examples of their application around the world. The third chapter describes participative action research projects undertaken in New Brunswick and how this community based approach has enabled communities to increase their climate resilience.

Adapting To Sea Level Rise In The Coastal Zone

Author : Chad J. McGuire
ISBN : 9781351577502
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 86. 45 MB
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For as long as humans have been inhabiting coastal areas and recording what occurs in their environments, coastal zones have been defined through dynamic interactions. And this is further underlined by a more recent development: observed sea level rise. In a thorough but not overly technical approach, Adapting to Sea Level Rise in the Coastal Zone: Law and Policy Considerations provides a legal-policy framework for facing the challenges of sea level rise. The book includes an analysis of sea level rise adaptation strategies that examines the legal impacts of coastal land use decisions based on the current interpretation of private property rights in relation to public control over those rights. The author discusses the science behind sea level rise and highlights policy complexities and options. He then presents an overview of related legalities, and bringing it all together, applies the principles offered in the book, concluding with strategies and solutions and a perspective on the future. If we accept the premise that sea level rise is occurring and will continue for the foreseeable future, then we must begin to consider policy responses to this risk in coastal regions. Part of any pragmatic policy response must include a review of the options available to public institutions when developing and implementing rational adaptation policies. This book offers practical legal/policy approaches to sea level rise adaptation that promotes sound planning in the face of climate change and rising seas.

Climate Change Adaptation In Practice

Author : Philipp Schmidt-Thome
ISBN : 9781118474679
Genre : Science
File Size : 53. 58 MB
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Climate change adaptation is increasingly recognized as complementary part to climate change mitigation. Climate change affects sea level, the extent of flood prone areas and precipitation patterns among many others. To adapt to these changes, the tasks of municipalities and cities are to implement policies and strategies for changes in land use and coastal management as part of their future development. It is of vital importance to address the uncertainties of climate change scenarios when proposing adaptation measures that are socially viable and economically reasonable. The decision making process, promoted here, is based on scientific excellence as well on an integrated communication process. This book provides a comprehensive overview of key elements required for effective analysis and assessment of climate change impacts, economic cost-benefit analysis, communication processes and creation and transfer of knowledge, governance issues and implementation of related policies. It describes the results achieved by the BaltCICA ( project whose contributors come from the scientific and public administration communities. The regional cooperation has led to the implementation of climate change adaptation in several case studies. The BaltCICA project developed concepts, methodologies and tools for climate change adaptation that can be translated across other global regions. Scientists and students working on the development of climate change and adaptation strategies; public administrators in the related fields on local, regional and state level including environment, water management, civil defense; as well as professionals working with adaptation technologies, including engineering, technological solutions, urban planning agencies and construction, will value this innovative book.

Adaptation Strategies For Sea Level Rise

Author : Yehan Xu
ISBN : OCLC:974373152
Genre :
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Doing a sea level rise study for Cedar Key. The author joined studio in 2012 Spring semester, which was the first studio focused on that project. Additionally, Dr. Frank - the co-chair of this thesis - conducted another studio on that same study in the 2013 Spring semester. This thesis work was conducted independently of the above studios. The author has included in this work a comparison of findings and recommendation as another opportunity to highlight options to deal with the challenges of sea level rise.

Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation Strategies For Coastal Communities

Author : Walter Leal Filho
ISBN : 9783319707037
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 52 MB
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This book presents a comprehensive overview of research and projects regarding climate change adaptation in coastal areas, providing government and nongovernment bodies with a sound basis to promote climate change adaptation efforts.According to the 5th Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), coastal zones are highly vulnerable to climate change, and climate-driven impacts may be further exacerbated by other human-induced pressures. Apart from sea-level rise, which poses a threat to both human well-being and property, extreme events such as cyclones and storm surges lead not only to significant damage to property and infrastructure, but also to salt water intrusion, groundwater salinisation, and intensified soil erosion, among many other problems. There are also numerous negative impacts on the natural environment and biodiversity, including damage to important wetlands and habitats that safeguard the overall ecological balance, and consequently the provision of ecosystem services and goods on which the livelihoods of millions of people depend. As such, there is a need for a better understanding of how climate change affects coastal areas and communities, and for the identification of processes, methods and tools that can help the countries and communities in coastal areas to adapt and become more resilient. It is against this background that this book has been produced. It includes papers written by scholars, social movements, practitioners and members of governmental agencies, pursuing research and/or executing climate change projects in coastal areas and working with coastal communities. Focusing on “managing climate change in coastal regions”, it showcases valuable lessons learned from research and field projects and presents best practices to foster climate change adaptation in coastal areas and communities, which can be implemented elsewhere.

Step 1

Author : A. Hope Gunn
ISBN : OCLC:855310280
Genre :
File Size : 75. 65 MB
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Adaptation -- Climate Change -- Sea Level Rise -- Prince Edward Island.

Sea Level Rise And Coastal Infrastructure

Author : Bilal M. Ayyub
ISBN : 0784412006
Genre : Nature
File Size : 73. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sponsored by the Council on Disaster Risk Management Sea Level Rise and Coastal Infrastructure: Prediction, Risks, and Solutions analyzes the challenges posed by rising sea levels and climate change. Scientists estimate that global sea levels could rise by as much as 20 feet in this century, directly affecting about 100 million people worldwide. Although the problems stemming from higher sea levels are formidable, immediate actions can be identified and executed to lessen the impact of rising waters on coastal infrastructure and communities. Using a risk analysis and management framework, each chapter in this volume focuses on a facet of sea level rise, examining its associated risks and assessing its socioeconomic impact. From this information, appropriate long-term measures and mitigation strategies can be developed. Chapters consider such questions as: How can we model the impact of rising sea levels and increasingly intense tropical storms on coastal infrastructure? What strategies can be phased in to improve new construction? How can existing infrastructure best be targeted for retrofitting? How can risk models be designed to accommodate regional socioeconomic considerations? Engineers, scientists, and policymakers concerned with planning, design, and construction of coastal infrastructure will find this compact assessment useful, relevant, and thought-provoking.

A Companion To Theoretical Econometrics

Author : Badi H. Baltagi
ISBN : 9780470998304
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20. 59 MB
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A Companion to Theoretical Econometrics provides a comprehensive reference to the basics of econometrics. This companion focuses on the foundations of the field and at the same time integrates popular topics often encountered by practitioners. The chapters are written by international experts and provide up-to-date research in areas not usually covered by standard econometric texts. Focuses on the foundations of econometrics. Integrates real-world topics encountered by professionals and practitioners. Draws on up-to-date research in areas not covered by standard econometrics texts. Organized to provide clear, accessible information and point to further readings.

Satellite Based Mitigation And Adaptation Scenarios For Sea Level Rise In The Lower Niger Delta

Author : Zahrah Naankwat Musa
ISBN : 9780429884115
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 5 MB
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The Niger delta with its gentle slope and low elevation is extremely sensitive to effects of climate change. Its adaptive capacity is the second lowest in terms of socio-economic development in Nigeria. Quantitative studies on developing measures for coastal planning and management in the lower Niger delta have been limited by data availability and inaccessibility of parts of the delta. The use of satellite data can help bridge the data gap by providing ancillary data (imagery, elevation, altimetry etc.) that can be used to quantify the effects of SLR in the Niger delta. This thesis uses satellite data as the main source for hydrodynamic modelling and GIS analysis. Until recently such data might not have the accuracy and precision of directly measured data. However recent innovative approaches have enabled better exploitation of satellite data to overcome these limitations and produce adequate results to assess the impact of SLR on the Niger delta in an integrated way that will lead to practical recommendations for adaptation. Using projected global eustatic SLR values in combination with land subsidence, this thesis estimated SLR levels for the Niger delta and its effect on inundation areas and flood extent. The results indicate that the Niger delta is very vulnerable to inundation and that even minimal SLR will affect flooding in the lower Niger delta since the area continues to subside. A new coastal vulnerability index was developed in this thesis by evaluating physical, social and human influence indicators of exposure, susceptibility and resilience. The results show that parts of the Niger delta are highly vulnerable to SLR and need adequate mitigation/adaptation measures to protect them. It is recommended that sustainable local resilience practices already being used in parts of the Niger delta should be included in adaptation planning.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies In Agriculture And Allied Sectors

Author : Rao, GSLHV Prasad
ISBN : 9789386347473
Genre :
File Size : 78. 40 MB
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Weather related disasters like occurrence of floods, droughts, heat wave and cold waves is not uncommon across the Country. It is true world over. Increase in sea surface temperature and sea level has potential impact on monsoon uncertainties, water resources, shift in coastal population and marine products. Vulnerability to extreme weather events is higher than vulnerability to changing average climatic conditions. The society linked sectors like agriculture, biodiversity, fisheries, forestry, water resources, human and animal health and infrastructure are the worst sufferers in the event of weather uncertainties. As a result it is realized that food security is under threat due to global warming. The book deals with climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in agriculture, horticulture, plantation crops in the humid tropics, livestock, fisheries, forestry, water resources and biodiversity. The invited and research papers, included in the book, provide clues for developing adaptation and mitigation strategies in coping up with the expected climate change in future. Although global foodgrains production is likely to increase in tune with rising population and demand in ensuing decades, it may suffer unless new approaches to adapt crop plants to climate change are adopted. Therefore, “Research and education policy in climate change adaptation and mitigation is the need of the hour to address the climate issues in various sectors as the frequency of occurrence of floods and droughts, cold and heat waves are likely to increase under projected climate change scenarios and a threat to food security.

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