strategies for adaption to sea level rise

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Adapting To Sea Level Rise In The Coastal Zone

Author : Chad J. McGuire
ISBN : 9781351577502
Genre : Political Science
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For as long as humans have been inhabiting coastal areas and recording what occurs in their environments, coastal zones have been defined through dynamic interactions. And this is further underlined by a more recent development: observed sea level rise. In a thorough but not overly technical approach, Adapting to Sea Level Rise in the Coastal Zone: Law and Policy Considerations provides a legal-policy framework for facing the challenges of sea level rise. The book includes an analysis of sea level rise adaptation strategies that examines the legal impacts of coastal land use decisions based on the current interpretation of private property rights in relation to public control over those rights. The author discusses the science behind sea level rise and highlights policy complexities and options. He then presents an overview of related legalities, and bringing it all together, applies the principles offered in the book, concluding with strategies and solutions and a perspective on the future. If we accept the premise that sea level rise is occurring and will continue for the foreseeable future, then we must begin to consider policy responses to this risk in coastal regions. Part of any pragmatic policy response must include a review of the options available to public institutions when developing and implementing rational adaptation policies. This book offers practical legal/policy approaches to sea level rise adaptation that promotes sound planning in the face of climate change and rising seas.

Adaptation To Climate Change And Sea Level Rise

Author : Sebastian Weissenberger
ISBN : 9789401798884
Genre : Science
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The book provides a concise and interdisciplinary outlook on the impacts of climate change on coastal areas and how coastal communities adapt to them. The first chapter analyses how sea level rise, changing ocean conditions, or increased climate variability and the socio-environmental context of the coastal zone leads to vulnerable communities. The second chapter addresses adaptation strategies and tools, and gives some examples of their application around the world. The third chapter describes participative action research projects undertaken in New Brunswick and how this community based approach has enabled communities to increase their climate resilience.

Integrated Natural And Built Environment Strategies For Adapting To Sea Level Rise

Author : Rong Zeng
ISBN : OCLC:908645727
Genre :
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Global climate change is happening. The resulting rising sea levels particularly put coastal communities at high risk and threaten the long-term sustainability of both the natural and built environments. Coastal habitats, which are significant connections between the land and water, especially for rural coastal communities, are expected to gradually migrate inland in response to sea level rise. However, human interventions such as buildings, roads, and hard shoreline protection structures will potentially impede this process, therefore becoming a critical factor in habitat loss in the future. Given this consideration, adaptation strategies for sea level rise need to be planned ahead in order to balance the tradeoffs between the linked social and ecological systems. This thesis focuses on exploring integrated adaptation strategies to address sea level rise impacts for both the natural and built environments. Two primary research questions were generated: (1) How to enhance the social-ecological resilience of a community in coping with climate change and sea level rise? (2) What are sustainable adaptation strategies for both the natural and built environments in long-term planning? The methodology of this thesis is developed and composed of three parts: first, comprehensive analysis of five case studies to identify the proposed adaptation strategies for different coastal communities and the extent to which an integrated approach was incorporated into each; second, developing an evaluation framework to assess the sustainability of a variety of strategies and the performance of the integrated strategies; third, designing adaptation strategies for the thesis study area Yankeetown-Inglis, Florida, in order to examine the application of integrated strategies.

Climate Change Adaptation In Practice

Author : Philipp Schmidt-Thome
ISBN : 9781118474679
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 54 MB
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Climate change adaptation is increasingly recognized as complementary part to climate change mitigation. Climate change affects sea level, the extent of flood prone areas and precipitation patterns among many others. To adapt to these changes, the tasks of municipalities and cities are to implement policies and strategies for changes in land use and coastal management as part of their future development. It is of vital importance to address the uncertainties of climate change scenarios when proposing adaptation measures that are socially viable and economically reasonable. The decision making process, promoted here, is based on scientific excellence as well on an integrated communication process. This book provides a comprehensive overview of key elements required for effective analysis and assessment of climate change impacts, economic cost-benefit analysis, communication processes and creation and transfer of knowledge, governance issues and implementation of related policies. It describes the results achieved by the BaltCICA ( project whose contributors come from the scientific and public administration communities. The regional cooperation has led to the implementation of climate change adaptation in several case studies. The BaltCICA project developed concepts, methodologies and tools for climate change adaptation that can be translated across other global regions. Scientists and students working on the development of climate change and adaptation strategies; public administrators in the related fields on local, regional and state level including environment, water management, civil defense; as well as professionals working with adaptation technologies, including engineering, technological solutions, urban planning agencies and construction, will value this innovative book.

Coastal Sensitivity To Sea Level Rise

Author : James G. Titus
ISBN : 0160830869
Genre :
File Size : 28. 18 MB
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Building Safer Cities

Author : Alcira Kreimer
ISBN : 0821354973
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22. 77 MB
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Vulnerability to disaster impacts is an increasingly important aspect of urban development, and a number of ongoing trends have the potential to cause even more severe and broader disaster impacts, including increased environmental degradation, the impacts of climate change, population growth in cities, and the effects of globalisation. The effects of disasters are particularly severe in developing countries, causing problems for economic and social development, inflicting massive casualties, and leading to the diversion of funds from development to emergency relief and recovery. This publication contains a number of background papers prepared for a World Bank conference on disaster risk management, held in Washington in December 2002. The papers discuss a number of case studies and papers which consider disaster risk reduction strategies designed to enable local communities and authorities in developing countries to be better prepared to protect their lives, homes, livelihoods and assets in an emergency situation.

Strategies For Adaption To Sea Level Rise

Author :
ISBN : UVA:35007000484323
Genre : Climatic changes
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Adapting To Climate Change

Author : Joel B. Smith
ISBN : 9781461384717
Genre : Science
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Global climate change is one of the most important environmental issues facing the world today. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) acknowledges the potential for global climate change to have major effects on the world economy. The work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Cli mate Change (lPCC) is focused on evaluating the scientific data on climate change and analyzing the potential responses to it. One of the primary issues in the global climate change debate is how to adapt to any change that might occur. The process ofidentifying adaptation measures and evaluating their effectiveness is the focus of this book. In dealing with climate change adaptation, the sequence of events in conduct ing these types of analyses can be generalized as follows: • Develop scenarios for the possible range of climate change, • Assess the vulnerability of various sectors of the national economy and infrastructure to climate change, and • Identify and evaluate measures in each sector to adapt to the climate change It is this third step that is the subject of this book. In presenting this material, Chapter 1 gives an overview of the concept of climate change adaptation and the general principles guiding the conduct of analyses in this area. Chapters 2-7 give the results of evaluating climate change adaptation options in the agriculture, water resources, coastal resources, forest and ecosystems, fisheries, and human settlements sectors.

Assessing The Costs Of Adaptation To Climate Change

Author : Martin L. Parry
ISBN : 9781843697459
Genre : Climatic changes
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Climate Change Vulnerability And Adaptation In Asia And The Pacific

Author : Lin Erda
ISBN : 9789401710534
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 47 MB
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PREFACE ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xi L. AMADORE, W. C. BOLHOFER, R. V. CRUZ, R. B. FEIR, C. A. FREYSINGER, S. GUILL, K. F. JALAL, A IGLESIAS, A. JOSE, S. LEATHERMAN, S. LENHART, S. MUKHER JEE, J. B. SMITH, and J. WISNIEWSKII Climate Change Vulnerability and Adap tion in Asia and the Pacific: Workshop Summary 1-12 A. IGLESIAS, LlN ERDA, and C. ROSENZWEIG I Climate Change in Asia: A Review of the Vulnerability and Adaption of Crop Production 13-27 I. AMIEN, P. REJEKININGRUM, A. PRAMUDIA, and E. SUSANTII Effects of Interannual Climate Variability and Climate Change on Rice Yield in Java, Indonesia 29-39 R. D. BUAN, AR. MAGLlNAO, P. P. EVANGELISTA, and B. G. PAJUELAS I Vulnerability of Rice and Corn to Climate Change in the Philippines 41-51 Z. KARIM, S. G. HUSSAIN, and M. AHMED I Assessing Impacts of Climatic Variations on Foodgrain Production in Bangladesh 53-62 LlN ERDA I Agricultural Vulnerability and Adaptation to Global Warming in China 63-73 WANG JINGHUA and LlN ERDA I The Impacts of Potential Climate Change and Climate Variability on Simulated Maize Production in China 75-85 M. A. WIJERATNE I Vulnerability of Sri Lanka Tea Production to Global Climate Change 87-94 B. BOLORTSETSEG and G. TUVAANSUREN I The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Pasture and Cattle Production in Mongolia 95-105 K. BOONPRAGOB and J. SANTISIRISOMBOON I Modeling Potential Changes of Forest Area in Thailand under Climate Change 107-117 K. 1. KOBAK, I. YE. TURCHINOVICH, N. YU. KONDRASHEVA, E. -D. SCHULZE, W.

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