struggle in a time of crisis

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Struggle In A Time Of Crisis

Author : Nicolas Pons-Vignon
ISBN : 0745336167
Genre : Business & Economics
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It is becoming increasingly clear for those who care to see it, that class struggle is at the core of the crisis which started in 2007. The victory of neoliberalism is closely related to two decades of successful attacks on trade unions, in particular in the west. Progressive research is more than ever needed in order to inform and energise anti-neoliberal struggles.Struggle in a Time of Crisis is a truly global collection of essays by an array of contributors from the Global Labour Column. Its goal is to provide insights into the dynamics of neoliberalism and its persistence - it will stimulate debates about the continued impact of the crisis, focusing on labour as both a victim and a crucial social force which can push for an alternative. Examples of the subjects it covers include the Indonesian Sportswear Industry, Chinese construction companies in Africa, mining in South Africa, job quality in Europe, globalised 'T-shirt economics' and the marketisation and securitisation of UK international aid, amongst many others.The Global Labour Column, managed by the Corporate Strategy and Industrial Development research programme at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, is part of the Global Labour University.

The Sociology Of Knowledge In A Time Of Crisis

Author : Onofrio Romano
ISBN : 9781317962496
Genre : Social Science
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The speed of social dynamics has overtaken the speed of thought. Adopting a dialectical perspective towards reality, social theory has always detected faults in the dominant social pattern, foreseeing crises and outlining in advance the features of new social models. Thought has always moved faster than reality and its ruling models, ensuring a dynamic equilibrium during modernity. Despite any dramatic social crisis, theory has always provided exit routes. The tragedy of current crisis lies in the fact that its social implications are exasperated by the absence of alternative views. This book identifies the causes of this mismatch between thought and reality, and illustrates a way out.

England S Time Of Crisis From Shakespeare To Milton

Author : David Morse
ISBN : 9781349097708
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 48. 35 MB
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Many events of the divided society from Elizabeth I to Charles I were taken as an unmistakable sign that the world was entering its last days. This text shows how pervasive was this pessimistic mood and how powerfully it affected English writing from Shakespeare to Milton.

American Democracy In Time Of Crisis

Author :
Genre : Democracy
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A Struggle For Holy Ground

Author : C. Michael Weldon
ISBN : 0814621554
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63. 35 MB
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The consolidation and closure of parishes across the United States has become a fact of contemporary Catholic life. Responding to such an event is often traumatic. How do lay leaders allow their parish to heal when an approved ritual format does not exist? Through the voice of experience and local diocesan offices, Michal Weldon, OFM, has created a guide to the reconciliation process and the rites of parish closures in A Struggle for Holy Ground. Composed of thirty-five interviews conducted from participants in the 1990 consolidation of ten parishes in Chicago's Englewood and participants in the 1995 San Francisco consolidation after the 1989 earthquake, A Struggle for Holy Ground offers a study for any parish leader to use as a reference when facing such a conflicted issue. This work explores the roles of ritual and pastoral care and proposes a series of new rites: group reconciliation, atonement, lament, leave-taking, memorial, and inauguration, based on the personal experience of those involved in parish restructurings. Chapters include: The Best We Could Do with Church? Demographics, Finances, and Culture, Traditions of Reconciliation: Conflict, Communion, and Sacred Remembering, The Negotiation of Crisis: Forgiveness, Trauma, and Sacred Space, Remembering in a Different Kind of Way: Grief, Lament, and Healing, Towards New Rituals of Reconciliation at the Closure of Sacred Space. Michal Weldon, O.F.M., D.Min., of Francis and Clare's Friary, Franklin, Wisconsin, is also an instructor at Sacred Heart School of Theology, Hales Corners, Wisconsin.

What Could He Be Thinking

Author : Michael Gurian
ISBN : 9781429974691
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 42. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Having studied how boys and girls develop differently, Michael Gurian turns his attention to adult men in this entertaining, informative, and groundbreaking book on the male brain. Following two decades of neurobiological research, What Could He Be Thinking? answers the questions women and the world are asking about husbands, fathers, boyfriends, and coworkers. Mixing neurobiology with Gurian's very readable writing style, anecdotes from everyday life, and a new vision of the male psyche, the book will satisfy the tremendous curiosity women and our culture have about the roots of male behavior. Women know intuitively that men are different from them. What women are now just coming to realize is that the men they are married to, having sex with, working with, parenting with, and trying to fathom, act and think in very male ways, not only because they are socialized to do so, but because they are built to - neurobiologically. The new field of brain science has revealed wonderful secrets about a man's mind. In this book, women who are eager to understand the men in their lives can discover the new brain science in an entertaining way, as they get answers to the prime question every woman asks at some time in her life: What could he be thinking? The book provides fascinating information about the male brain, male habits, male tendencies and the nuances of men's' actions and thoughts. It is a provocative, exciting vision into the minds of men.

The Great Power Struggle For Africa The Crisis In Mali

Author : Fouad Farhaoui
ISBN : 9786054030835
Genre :
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The crisis is an outgrowth of the colonial period which had strained and eventually torn the social fabrics of the region. French colonial policies regarding education, administration, an economics had contributed to a competitive and divisive atmosphere. Now, Mali suffers from widespread ethnic separatism. The socialist regime of newly-indepenent Mali failed to reconcile the alienated communities of the northern regions. The peoples of the south, too, were dissatisfied with their oppressive government–something which deepend the young country’s political crisis. This environment produced the so-called “Tuareg rebellion”. The fierce clashes in the early stages of the rebellion and the drought in Mali’s northern regions led to massive migrations of Tuaregs to neighbouring countries. Changes in the regional environment in the 1990s brought new dimensions to the crisis. The Algerian Civil War, the end to the war in Afghanistan, and the Libyan embargo precipitated the spread of terrorism, trafficking, the drug trade, and cross-border criminal networks. Collectively, these phenomena created a new constellation of power in northern Mali. The international economic crisis and the developments known as the “Arab Spring”, along with shifting geo-strategic dynamics in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, have pushed Africa into an arena for international disputes and rivalries. Mali has been one of the foremost countries to be affected. Transformations at the global level have pressured most governments to defend their traditional interests. Some powers, in contrast, have been scanning for openings and opportunities in the weaknesses of others. BRICS have thus managed to emerge as new powers on the African continent traditionally dominated by France, the U.K., and to a lesser extent, the U.S.

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